This "nothing to do with Islam" idiocy cannot go on…

But it does:

Australia: Police raid Islamic bookstore, two Muslims face terror charges; official says, “This has got nothing to do with Islam”

Of course it doesn’t. Probably Omar Succarieh and the other Muslim arrested in this raid on an Islamic bookstore got all fired up to commit terrorist acts by reading about the French Revolution. Or maybe they were enraged by the illegal Zionist occupation of Kuraby and Baronia Heights. A politically correct Keystone Kop like Neil [Robert Spencer, JW]Continue Reading »

Guardian: Don’t look to the Qur’an to understand the Islamic State – look to the French revolution and European Christianity


The anxiousness of Western non-Muslims Leftards to establish that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam continues, with ever more farfetched explanations of how they came about. Kevin McDonald, a professor of sociology and head of the department of criminology and sociology at Middlesex University, is not the first to ascribe the evils of […]Continue Reading »

Kerry: Islamic State’s “hateful ideology has nothing do with Islam”

Nothing, not even Islam has anything to do with… Islam. Stop the world, I wanna get off:

“ISIL claims to be fighting on behalf of Islam but the fact is that its hateful ideology has nothing do with Islam.” How did this happen? How did the misunderstanding of Islam become so widespread that now misunderstanders of Islam govern a territory the size of a nation?  […] Continue Reading »

Jordanian politician: Islamic State’s “doctrine stems from the Qur’an and Sunnah”… “There is no such thing as ‘ISIS ideology’ — it’s Islam”Jordanian politician: Islamic State’s “doctrine stems from the Qur’an and Sunnah”… “There is no such thing as ‘ISIS ideology’ — it’s Islam”

Wherever Muhammad Bayoudh Al-Tamimi is located, he should expect a knock on his door, and Barack Obama, David Cameron, Philip Hammond, Yvette Cooper, Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Rev. Professor David Thomas, and a host of other non-Muslims to walk in and explain to him that he is misunderstanding Islam, and that the Islamic State has nothing [ / Comments]Continue Reading »

3 thoughts on “This "nothing to do with Islam" idiocy cannot go on…”

  1. This foolishness and blatant lying will end kne of two ways. Morons like this idiot can get out of the way or they can stay where they are and the inevitable consequence will be as it has been in every civilisation Islam has ‘come to’ I.e useful idiots like this AFP Assistant Commisioner either lose their lying heads or join up so as to be part of the winning team. Either way once Australia is under Sharia law courtesy of fools like this then the lies will cease as Muslims are quite open about their agenda under sharia.

  2. This “nothing to do with Islam” idiocy cannot go on…

    The poor moderate Muslim will agree that “nothing to do with Islam” has nothing to do with Islam etc. And so we go down the sink hole in ever decreasing circles.

  3. We always have to hear the real truth from non-taqqiyya Muslims like Anjem Choudary, Omar Bakri or this man, Muhammad Bayoudh Al-Tamimi for instance. Or IS, Boko Haram, Al-Shabab, and the likes.

    And still our politicians will peddle the same denialist drivel over and over again, simply because they can’t bear the thought of it being actually true and they can’t genuinely consider the consequences this is inevitably going to have !

    For too long, ever since the Second World War came to a close, the West has been trying to build an internationalist set of standards with regards to human rights, predicated on the illusory notion that sooner or later, the whole world would be eagerly emulating this ideal. We have been made to believe this for decades. A pseudo-intellectual idiot like Francis Fukuyama for instance was the main subscriber to such a view, not all that long ago.

    And yet, in 2014, this illusion is crumbling to bits as we speak ! We have been proven wrong, plain and simple !

    Makes me think of Bruce S. Thornton’s piece in FrontpageMag: Western Arrogance and Decline

    “Yet we Westerners have a vice peculiar to ourselves–thinking the rest of the world is just like us and wants what we want because we are the destination towards which historical progress is inexorably moving. Because the rest of the world does imitate us in certain respects, desires our technologies, even enjoys our popular culture, we think that they have the same attitudes we have toward religion, or social relations, or violence, or the supremacy of ideals like peace, tolerance, cooperation, openness, equality and the like. This arrogant assumption lies behind the whole edifice of international law, and the diplomatic processes and institutions that administer it, that we think can provide global order, peace, and prosperity.”

    “Blinded by our arrogant assumption that we are the vanguard of the future, we ignore those values and beliefs that contradict our own, or patronizingly explain them away as the consequence of ignorance, superstition, poverty, or the machinations of malignant elites and psychopathic dictators.”

    “The whole “war on terror” has, under both parties, been compromised by the failure to understand historical Islam in its own terms, particularly its doctrine of violent jihad against the infidel.”

    “Assured of our superior knowledge and morality, we presume to explain to millions of Muslims that they don’t understand their own religion.”

    “Having reduced our faith to a life-style choice and comforting holiday traditions, we Westerners cannot imagine a religion whose believers take its commands seriously, and see the world as the arena of a long spiritual struggle they are destined to win.”

    “Hence we are vulnerable to the ruthless and the fanatic, since in every conflict we prefer to bring a diplomat to a gunfight.

    “So here we are, still living off that enormous capital amassed by our ancestors, and doing nothing to restore it. But those cultural and moral resources are dwindling by the day, and outside the West brutal rivals are watching and waiting, exploiting our arrogant delusions and manipulating our bankrupt ideals like “diplomatic engagement” in order to achieve their aims.”

    Complacency is what makes Westerners totally oblivious to the reality that people will act according to the collective doctrine they adhere to. We simply won’t admit what’s going on beneath our noses ! And let’s face it: Islam is a militant totalitarian doctrine with adherents ready to fight everywhere and at any time. And all the while, we have lost the will to safeguard our achievements by force and this will turn out to be necessary at some stage ! And rather sooner than later !

    How many diplomats will we be sending to a gunfight before our attitude will start changing and reality starts kicking in ?

    The whole denial mechanism today is simply related to our fear of things not having panned out like we had imagined decades ago: the world is de facto NOT developing like we had envisioned back then, and the consequences have to be denied for the sake of soothing every one’s mind.

    That’s why our leaders and the MSM are trying their hardest to skew reality itself: “IS has nothing to do with Islam”, “There is such a thing as moderate Islam”, “Most muslims in the West are ‘moderates’”, “Terrorist groups don’t understand true Islam, they misunderstand it.”, “What IS is doing doesn’t resemble a coherent doctrine in any way.”, and the like.

    Taking things a bit further, the scope of denial has widened to negating the damning consequences of muslim immigration in Western societies: Sharia courts in the West, muslim pedophile rape gangs, Mutawwin enforcers patrolling the streets of London to “command what’s right and forbid what’s wrong”,…etc. All of this evidence pointing to Islam being incompatible with the way we live has to be denied, parallel to the rejection of what’s happening abroad. (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria,…etc.) That is, until reality starts playing up to the point where it forces itself upon us every day, and the horrors become plain for all of us to see !

    In our minds, the very realization that the world has not changed according to our plans makes it equally horrendous to contemplate what the future will hold for the West, because we can neither expect that muslims in our own midst have changed for the better.

    The minorities of Iraq and Syria (or elsewhere in muslim-dominated countries) are simply not allowed to loom large in our minds, because we have been told time and time again, that muslims are victims of socio-economic deprivation, racism or oppression. Which has been the largest part of the politically correct eulogizing of muslim ‘virtue’. What’s happening over there (and in the rest of the world) clearly demonstrates that muslims are, first and foremost, the worst of PERPETRATORS, rather than genuine victims. Again, a notion too horrendous to contemplate, so it has to be denied, because the truth is too inconvenient with regards to the damning consequences on our own turf in the West ! To openly admit that such a thing is true, will disassemble the very foundations of PC MC in the 21st century. And that’s why politicians will never admit to it !

    And that’s why Nigerian, Egyptian, Syrian or Iraqi Christians (or other non-muslim minorities) don’t seem to exist in the mainstream media today. Keep them well out of sight, or the PC myths will start falling apart at the seams. The mass media’s credibility is at stake ! And although they’ve already lost it altogether, they are still trying to do the utmost to regain it by lying through their teeth. Our leaders have egg on their faces, and they know it !

    This is all about damage control to them, but there is nothing to control anymore, things have been getting out of hand for decades under the auspices of PC, and now we are forced into repairing the damage our leaders have done.

    And still they’re dragging their heels !

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