Those who preach tolerance toward Islam are the very same people who have no idea what Sharia is!


… choose your weapon Abbott!


As the US takes five Arab States on bombing missions into Syria, the prize of being the first to commit an Islamic atrocity on innocent Australians is exciting Muslims everywhere energised by the success of the Islamic State so far, and the craven weakness of our politicians.

images-1It’s just a matter of time, and we all know it, except those in a position to prevent it.

While our Muslim citizens will be busy raping 72 virgins in heaven, under Allah’s supervision, we will be trying to identify body parts.

The US attack on Syria is a pivotal point in a widening Islamic war. Arab States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia would never have condoned US intervention unless they themselves felt threatened by an out-of-control Islamic State. And the UAR, Jordan, Turkey and Bahrain will never agree to troops on the ground with or without the US leading the way. So that leaves the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zea… no, forget I said that.

shariadfgsObama has discounted the possibility of ‘boots on the ground’ but he can shorten this war to a few weeks if he changes his mind… and fair dinkum, he must change his mind, he absolutely must.

Bombs might soften up this vermin but only ground troops can clean them out. And the greatest army in the world is champing on the bit to do just that with integrated and effective US air support. Forget retraining the Iraqis.

You can bet that the first Tomahawk missile fired into Syria’s Raqqa is landing on ISIS’s media centre. The oil supply route will be cut, and their communications centres will be destroyed, but the vermin will remain.

Australia is now officially at war with a proclaimed Islamic State and Abbott had better get serious about the enemies within our own back yard. They will attack with a vengeance not before seen.

Once Islamic State is defeated, our home-grown radical Muslims will disappear back into the community to await another Islamic uprising, so it’s critical that this war be a short one and not lasting the years that Abbott suggests.

As Jacqui Lambie says, although she doesn’t understand it, Sharia law is the very basis of Islam and it must be eradicated. Stupid conservative politicians are claiming Sharia law will never come to Australia.

Well, I’ve got news for you, fellas, Sharia law is already here with three of our four major banks having already installed Sharia banking and Halal certification (Islamic food tax) already adding billions to our food costs.

World wide this extortion racket is adding $1.2 trillion to we infidels’ food bills and we sit here wondering where they get all their money from?

The UK has already installed a Sharia judicial system operated out of Sharia sanctioned courts.

Those who preach tolerance toward Islam are the very same people who have no idea what Sharia is! 

This war is akin to 100 conjoined chess games with major players like Russia, Iran, Syria and the US vying for supremacy.

Russia is supporting Assad who is the sworn enemy of the US who was supporting ISIS, which was attacking Syria and is now attacking Shia Iraq while Shia Iran is itching to fill the vacuum but can’t because Iran is the sworn enemy of the US which is arming the Kurds who are the enemy of the Sunnis and the Turks, who are NATO members, but hate the Kurds who hate ISIS.

Now Turkey doesn’t know who the hell to hate while our dodgy ally Egypt is hiding under a rock somewhere.

This is what happens when we join the US and get involved in middle-east tribal conflicts. 

But what must happen and soon, within weeks, as the US runs out of targets to bomb in northern Syria, ground troops must be deployed to stop the collateral damage, finish off ISIS and stop the humanitarian crisis of a million refugees streaming into Jordan and Turkey.

Damn the mid-term elections, Obama must bite the bullet before it bites us. Bombs can degrade but only troops can destroy and we at least owe that to the 4,000 dead who fought for Iraq’s freedom.

And Abbott has to stop being the nice guy and get serious with the Islamic threat in our own suburbs before heads start rolling.

4 thoughts on “Those who preach tolerance toward Islam are the very same people who have no idea what Sharia is!”

  1. Why should our troops be used to fight a war where the Shia cowards who had the upper hand threw down their weapons and ran.

    Why should our troops die or be put in harms way only to be spat upon once the jobs done. Like what happened in Iraq and soon to be Afghanistan?

    Why should our troops go and fight to liberate an Islamic Republic, (Iraq), who see us as lowly dogs anyway?

    What has going into Afghanistan and Iraq achieved? Two Islamic Republics that hate our guts and everything that represents us.

    We’ve got the air assets, hit the arseholes from the air and let the Arabs find their balls to do the rest of the job. The only people I’m in favor of helping in that desperate situation is the Kurds, at least they got the intestinal fortitude to fight unlike the other cowards.

    Besides we got enough mongrel muslims here to deal with and when the crap hits the fan, which it will then the fun will start.

  2. The Kurds do appear to be less bad, but one has to wonder whether the new proposed Kurdistan would turn out any different from the other Middle East Islamic paradises-on-Earth. The only hope for the rest of the Muslims is to renounce their primitive and barbaric beliefs and embrace modernity…our domestic Leftists would become patriots before that eventuates!

  3. The Kurds were ostracized by most Muslims because originally they were all Yazidi, they have to some extent converted for the same reason the Hindus in India, the Buddhist in Afghanistan, the Christians in the middle east and eastern Europe – the list is endless – the reason being hundreds of years of unrelenting pressure and persecution. So there is some hope for the Kurds.

    As far boots on the ground with the finest army in the world, that is a pipe dream. A pipe dream is long as we are bound by the Geneva conventions and they are bound by the Koran. When we can say ” if that’s how you want to play, that’s the way we’ll play” boots on the ground will trample this mob underfoot in no time.

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