Three infidel females abducted in Rotherham

Tim Blair:

More than 1400 cases of girls and young women being abducted and sexually abused in Rotherham over 16 years – and it is still happening:

(Musel-)man in court over child abduction in Rotherham

A man is due at court today charged with child abduction in Rotherham – following the disappearance of three girls from the town.


Vejuhadin Ghorbani, aged 37, from the Clifton area of Rotherham, was arrested on Sunday – shortly after the three girls returned home.

They were reported missing at 10.20pm on Saturday, leading to a massive police search for the trio.

Ghorbani has also been charged with causing or inciting a child under 16 to engage in sexual activity.

Two of the girls in this case are just 11 years old. The third is 13. At this point, all vulnerable people in Rotherham should be evacuated and the town then walled off. The children’s charity Barnardo’s might also require isolation.


Police leave has been cancelled after the English Defence League announced a demonstration in Rotherham on Saturday will be ‘the biggest’ in years.