We don't have a strategy yet!

BwS8wPRIAAAlh3W.jpg-largeThey marched against Israel. Why not against the Islamic State?

Andrew Bolt

It is about the only frank and sane paragraph in the entire piece, but comes like rain after a drought from the Sydney Morning Herald’s Paul McGeough:

A professor of journalism at the American University in Dubai, Bahrani wanted to know why – if Muslims in London, Paris and elsewhere were marching in protest at Israel’s war on Gaza – they were not protesting against the Islamic State massacres of Yazidis, Christians and their fellow Muslims in Iraq and Syria.

Of course, since McGeough is the author, excuses are made, the West criticised and Islam declared innocent of a charge barely spelled out. Yet that one paragraph stays as a reproach – and a warning.

10603718_295321160653076_2918750632851508113_nIt is more than six years since the then Archbishop of Canterbury gave what history will surely understand to be one of the most destructive speeches in modern Britain. The contents of Rowan Williams’s 2008 speech talked of allowing a place for competing religious demands, including sharia law, in a multi-faith society. The next day he clarified matters. In an interview with the BBC, he said there would “inevitably” be a place for sharia law in Britain and that (more importantly) the idea of there being “one law for all” in a country such as Britain seemed to him “dangerous.”

It has become increasingly plain that there are areas of our country in which different rules apply. Here are places where religion and ethnicity and the fear of accusations of “racism” and Islamophobia” trump everything — including…
Why Boko Haram’s leader refers to Allah while taunting the mothers of the girls he kidnapped.

One thought on “We don't have a strategy yet!”

  1. “Writing in The Washington Post, she argues that Muslims know that the conduct of Islamic State is not Islam, but, collectively, Muslims face a problem because much of the non-Muslim world does not understand that.” quotes McGeough.

    Spoke like a true Muslim she did!

    As usual with Muslim apologists speaking to a western audience she has reversed the situation.

    Muslims know that the conduct is pure Islam and thanks to George Bush, Obama, Cameron, Abbott and all the other western ‘leaders’ and media people who know next to nothing about Islam, and do not want to, most westerners falsely have the impression that when Muslims behead and bomb it has nothing to do with Islam.

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