Why, suffering Muslims, of course:

Muslims suffer unfair judgement and threats despite condemning violent extremism

 Andrew Carswell  serves up  sparkling dishes and a story to divert attention from muslim murder and mayhem, and finds  the true victims are… muslims!  At The Daily Telegraph thanks to Mullah, pbuh


Protest organiser, Hizb ut-Tahrir, is a Sunni Muslim organisation and those who attended the event included its Australian head, Sheik Ismail Al-Wahwah, who has in the past called for Australia to become an Islamic state ruled by sharia law.

DID the protesters who called police “pigs” and “dogs” in the aftermath of Australia’s biggest anti-terror operation really represent the wider Muslim community? –NEWS.COM.AU
 John Kerry, like Obama, went out of his way to defend Islam by saying that ISIS does not represent Islam: “So I wouldn’t compound the crime by calling them a state whatsoever… They’re the enemy of Islam.”
Hussein Obama has been funding and enabling the “rebels” otherwise known as ISIS/ISIL/IS for well over two years. He is a Muslim (by the law of allah) and his school registration and he said in his book that he would stand with the Muslims against others…the annihilation of Christians in Iraq and Syria make that statement true.
A licence to kill?
Am I the only one sickened by the mad frenzy by which our rulers cook up new laws, when the laws on the book are not enforced?

HATE preachers who incite terrorism face jail and ASIO agents will ­retain powers to kill suspects in self-defence under new anti-terror laws.

Attorney-General George Brandis said hate preachers were being put on notice and those “who preach terror will face the consequences”.

Iran can cure all our ills:
  1.  Putting an end to the Israeli occupation of the Arab lands, genocide against the people of Gaza by the Israeli regime is a good rallying cause for extremist groups such as ISIL.
  2. Countering Islamophobia, which lumps together and bashes violent extremists and true Muslims, thus directly lending credence to the extremists’ message.” …
In other news:
How (not) to cure Ebola:

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  1. Sheikey Wahwah threatened the Jews of Australia on one video in Lakemba a few weeks back and the authorities and Zionist Federation of Australia to whom i emailed did nothing. Sec 18c is a load of BS. When this war comes I guess we cant rely on them.

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