Allowing Muslim immigrants into Canada was a horrendous mistake….

Paradoxical Effects and Unintended Consequences

Posted on October 25, 2014 by Baron Bodissey (GoV)

After two uniformed Canadian soldiers were killed this past week in separate jihad attacks in Montreal and Ottawa, Rear Admiral John Newton, the commander of Canada’s Maritime Forces Atlantic, advised soldiers under his command to avoid wearing their uniforms in public. His directive took the form of an urgent recommendation, and not an actual order, but was nonetheless quite disturbing — so appalling, in fact, that I had to resort to satire as a means of dealing with it.

Similar orders/recommendations have been issued by military authorities in other Western countries, including Australia, Britain, and the Netherlands. Uniformed members of these countries’ armed services are now at risk within their own borders, but rather than confront this emergency head-on and recognize it for what it is, they have chosen the cowardly route instead. They have asked soldiers to conceal their identities, as if they were guerilla forces behind enemy lines.

Admiral Newton’s directive will have the paradoxical effect of making all Canadian citizens less safe.

Why do I say this?

Mujahideen within infidel countries who support the Islamic State have been instructed specifically to target soldiers and police, whom they regard as servants of a blasphemous, illegitimate state, and therefore deserving of special murderous attention. If soldiers are no longer identifiable by their uniforms, a jihadi must needs resort to targeting civilians indiscriminately, in hopes of murdering a soldier or two in the process. Pedestrians who happen to be in the vicinity of a military barracks would perhaps be more vulnerable than those elsewhere, but everyone would be at risk.

In any case, since the Islamic State does not recognize the existence of actual civilians among the infidels of Dar al-Harb — all of whom are enemies of Allah — it also recommends targeting pedestrians at random. If a uniform happens to be around, yes, kill him first. But all infidels are fair game.

Making all Canadians marginally less safe is an unintended consequence of policies that purportedly serve to protect citizens from harm. Like so many politically correct responses to the Islamic threat, the Canadian government’s actions serve to bolster the ruling elites’ collective self-image of tolerant, non-racist inclusiveness rather than the actual well-being of Canadian citizens.

The Harper government’s responses may seem irrational — even insane — but they aren’t, not really. Once you accept the underlying premises of Politically Correct Multiculturalism, that is. After that, the rest follows.

The real “root cause” of terrorist attacks on Canadian soil cannot possibly be addressed, because it would require an acknowledgement that the mass importation of Muslim immigrants into Canada was a horrendous mistake. It would also mean admitting that mosques are not houses of worship, but rather incubators of sedition. As Turkish Prime Minister (now President) Recep Tayyip Erdogan famously said, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

Could anyone say it more clearly?

But the PC/MC regime must at all costs avoid revealing such facts. Admitting the truth would bring the entire multiculti Potemkin edifice crashing down, exposing the tawdry, useless reality behind all the lies.

Instead, Canada will have more restrictions on internet speech, more spying, and more monitoring of citizens for “extremist tendencies”. We can expect that each new violent incident involving culture-enrichers will be handled with kid gloves, of course. But the hammer of the law will strike with full force against anyone who dares to point out all the things I have mentioned here. As we have seen in Britain and many other places, laws against “hate speech” will be disproportionately invoked and enforced against those who discuss the awful truth that the Multicult is attempting to paper over.

That’s the whole point of the exercise — to protect the stability of the existing political structure at all costs.

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Once the flimsy Multicultural scrim is pushed aside, revealing the dingy essence behind it, other pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place. The actions of our political leaders have all those unintended consequences because their ostensible purpose is a sham.

For example:

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2 thoughts on “Allowing Muslim immigrants into Canada was a horrendous mistake….”

  1. Allowing Muslims into the West was greatest blunder in the history of the West. No other blunder compares with this one in scope, and the potential to destroy our civilisation.

    If the warriors of Charles Martell, Jan Sobieski, Vlad Tepes, Price Eugene ,and the countless Serbs who died to defend the West, came back, they would as a first step, take their swords to the traitors within.

  2. This “Radicalization” nonsense is nothing but an attempt to pretend

    See, everyone knows that:

    NOT ALL Germans were NAZIS;
    NOT ALL Italians are MAFIOSIS;
    NOT ALL Whites are HELL’S ANGELS;
    NOT ALL Arabs are MUSLIMS.

    …but… BUT:

    ALL Mafiosis ARE MAFIOSIS;
    ALL Hell’s Angels ARE HELL’S ANGELS;

    …and … AND:


    People try to conflate the two categories used above: nationality/ethnicity/”RACE,” with CRIME-CREED MEMBERSHIP. That’s so they can call everyone who won’t “Go Along” (with these criminal lies) “To Get Along” (with these lying criminals,) hatefully bigotted “RACISTS!”

    The pretense du jour seems to be to try to find some fake sub-categories of “muslms” (i.e: “Radical” versus “Moderate” ones) to “prove” that



    But of course the only “real difference” between “Radical” and “Moderate” muslims, is:

    “Radical” muslims want to murder us (simply for not being muslims)!
    “Moderate” muslims want “radical” muslims to murder us (ditto)!

    Bottom line:

    There are no “moderate” muslims, simply because there is no “moderate” islam!


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