Arabs blaming Jews for the weather

Palestinian “experts” are saying that the amount of Israeli air raids and the resulting tiny particles that went into the air will affect the weather in much of the region, including Gaza, the West Bank, the “occupied territories” (meaning Israel,) West and South Jordan and parts of the Sinai.
kassam-tugay-qassam-fighters146597UNRWA’s educational vision includes “upholding human values and religious tolerance.”

UNRWA site, quoting hadith, says Jews are dirty

UNRWA has now removed practically all of its websites associated with Gaza schools, after the Elder exposed their extremism, Jew-hatred and lies.

They removed the sites stealthily, without any public statement. There has been no apology for their lies and propaganda, no explanation on how they were discovered to be teaching lessons that are entirely opposing the UN’s and UNRWA’s own published ideals and standards. They even removed their website dedicated to teaching human rights to Gaza children rather than fix the problem.

How often does he have to say this, before the American government decides to read him the riot act, and articles about kicking Turkey out of NATO appear everywhere, and begin to be taken seriously by the big shots?  Story here.

Oh noes! Bleeding Hearts Meltdown:

Rohingya baby born in Australia denied refugee statusFile Photo

Court denies 11-month-old “Rohingya Muslim” boy residence despite Australian birth

A court in Australia has ruled that a Muslim Rohingya baby born in a Brisbane hospital does not have the right to refugee status, local media reported Wednesday.–World Bulletin/News Desk