Australia: "we don’t need these wankers coming around and telling us they’re going to blow us up…"

‘Fair and balanced’- the Muslim Legal Network pontificates:

Whether they are anti-Muslim terrorists who threaten to blow up mosques and behead Australian Muslims or pro-ISIS terrorists threatening to behead Australians, they must be informed of their rights and afforded due process so that these serious allegation are proven in a court of law and not a court of the prosecutors’ opinion.

Bolt today, slightly off balance:

Let’s see raids on anti-Muslim terrorists, too

Just for “balance?”  Good grief. And since when is Islam a race?

It is time for some high-profile raids on the racists trying to terrorise Muslims here:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 5.17.08 pm
DEATH threats against the ­nation’s leading Islamic cleric and threats to bomb Sydney’s two biggest mosques are included in a letter signed by ultra-right-wing racist group the Australian Defence League.

Gee, a ‘terror attack’ with a name and fingerprint attached?

This is as dodgy as it gets. I don’t think the ADL guys are that stupid. Muslims are famous for false flag operations, and this one looks just like sheik Hilali’s break’n enter con-job in his own mosque.

“Show a victims face so you can take over” is very much part of the Mohammedan game plan. And its not as if it never happened before:

The letter, signed “A. D. L, Australian Defence League”, threatens “Australia” will fight “Islam”, “Terror for terror … bomb for bomb”. It includes the words “Lakemba Mosque”, “Auburn Mosque” and chief Muslim leader “Grand Mufti”, with the capitalised word “BOOM” written below each.

The owner of prominent Muslim clothing store Boutique Nour al Houda in Greenacre, in Sydney’s southwest, said he received the letter about a month ago and reported it to police.

After becoming the target for racially motivated abuse in recent weeks, the store owner — who wanted to be known only as Sal — has removed a collection of large flags, including some displaying the Islamic creed praising Moham­med, the national flags of several Middle Eastern countries and the Australian flag.

“We have a business to run, we don’t need these wankers coming around and telling us they’re going to blow us up, so we took them all down,” Sal said. “Now we are suffering … we live in Australia, one of the best countries in the world, and now we are the targets.”

A message must be sent.

Not. Lets not jump to conclusions. Not on obviously false evidence .

One thought on “Australia: "we don’t need these wankers coming around and telling us they’re going to blow us up…"”

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