NY Hatchet Jihad, Nothing to Do With Islam….

NYC hatchet jihadi: “Which is better, to sit around and do nothing, or to Jihad fisabeelallah!”

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New York Axe Jihadi Oct 23 2014 by vlad43

Douglas Murray and Anjem Choudary: Returning Jihadis

Here’s more on the hatchet job in NYC


How come we know so much after the fact when beforehand its all about “profiling?”


Obama, the Virtuoso Manager  by 

Why criticism of the president’s “incompetence” is wrong.


The return of the classical assassin:

PhotoZoom-Pro-5ScreenSnapz005Primitive and stupid:

Canadian rock star Torquil Campbell blames “fascist” PM Harper for Ottawa jihad attack

Torquil Campbell should move south to El Ay. He would fit right in with Kristen Stewart and Neil Young and all the other star-studded idiots. In any case, this is how the Left thinks: with an unconscious colonialist paternalism, they assume that Muslims could never be acting for reasons of their own. They are merely […] Continue Reading »


5 thoughts on “NY Hatchet Jihad, Nothing to Do With Islam….”

  1. All such attacks were predictable, as we are at war with Islam. That is how Muslims all over the world see it. That’s how are strategists also planned it. It is why, despite all evidence to the contrary, all leaders in the Western world state that Islam is the RoP. No exceptions. All leaders agreeing on such any policy cannot be just coincidence.

    The West has never been satisfied with a mere military victory. 9/11 was a big mistake for Islam. All they had to do was be patient, and they could have sharia in 50 years. But they were not. And besides, genuine Islamic victory can only be achieved with the sacrifice of Jihadi blood. So here we are.

    Its planned, and it will carry on for at least 50 years, as GWB let slip in an unguarded moment.

  2. Civilized cops, military and civilians all over the Earth simply must reinvent themselves into warriors. We cannot let these vermin pick us off one or two at a time. If, at this moment, your minds and bodies do not know what to do to defend yourselves and prevail in a similar situation, then you are part of the problem. The enhanced awareness and skills you’ll develop in martial arts, will make a jihadist like this guy laughable. Start training, now.

  3. Notice in the other video that none of the cops are doing an outward looking perimeter. They’re all focused on the injured officer. How many other jihadist Muslim vermin were there? Not having a perimeter in this situation will get you killed.

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