From diversity to defeat

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From diversity to defeat

Soldiers have just been given a like it or lump it pay deal that sees their real wages cut and leave entitlements stripped. The blokes who send them off to war, however, have received pay increases of more than 140% the average Digger’s wage over the last two decades.

That’s pretty insulting at the best times.

But we are not living in the best of times. Our military personnel are off on the other side of the world trying to contain the Islamic State. And they’ve been off doing similar things since 2001.

And the soldiers have done their jobs well.

They haven’t lost a battle. They’ve achieved their missions. They’ve fought bravely.

But the wars have failed.

And if the wars have failed even though the soldiers have done their part, the blame must fall on the dudes who designed the strategy. That’s the dudes at the top: the politicians and the generals …


Despite Ban, Transsexuals Already Serving Openly in U.S. Military


The idea of the ‘lone-wolf’ is as absurd as the nonsense about the mythical ‘moderate Muslim’. Behind every Islamic terrorist is the mosque, his coreligionists, his imam and the teachings of Koran, sira and hadith. Nicky Reilly didn’t just get the idea to blow up the loo of a restaurant one day; he was carefully groomed.

Perhaps we should call them ‘Islamikazes’, although we are clearly   witnessing a revival of the historical assassins

 Jerry Gordon asks Professor Raphael Israeli

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Sometimes you wonder if America surrendered after 9/11

Call it trickle-down Islamophilia:

obamaslander-1-1Moonbattery presents:

Marine Vet Banned From Daughter’s School for Objecting to Pro-Muslim Indoctrination

You had better not object to the pro-Islamic brainwashing that takes place in public schools. You might get banned from setting foot on campus:

A Maryland father who asked that his daughter be excused from learning about Islam in her world history class now finds himself under a no-trespass order that prevents him from setting foot on the girl’s public school campus.

The events leading to the no-trespass order occurred at La Plata High School in La Plata, Md., a small town about 30 miles southeast of Washington, D.C., SoMDNews reports, a website for three local newspapers.

The dad is Kevin Wood, a former corporal and eight-year veteran in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Wood was initially upset because he did not want his daughter, a high school junior, to participate in instruction about Islam.

It is easy to see why, considering the obsequious and insidious nature of this instruction, which apparently consists of whitewashing the barbaric cult in the interests of political correctness and comparing it favorably to its historic nemesis, Western Civilization.

He called the school district office last week, first speaking to an administrativeassistant and eventually speaking to La Plata High vice principal Shannon Morris.

A school district spokeswoman, Katie O’Malley-Simpson, said Wood threatened to cause problems at the school during his conversation with Morris. O’Malley-Simpson provided no specific information about any threats the former Marine made. …

Wood denies making any threats.

To educrats, being a thought criminal is threatening enough.

His version of the conversation is that he explained in no uncertain terms that he does “not believe in” Islam and wants his daughter removed from class while other students study the Muslim religion. …

Wood is also frustrated that his daughter’s world history teacher would dedicate taxpayer-funded class time to Islam while giving short shrift — or just no shrift — to Christianity.

Our ruling class doesn’t like Christianity, therefore acknowledging its central role in Western history would violate the mythical wall between church and state. Our ruling class does like Islam, so propagandizing on its behalf is an integral part of teaching Middle Eastern history.

Obama Islam
Call it trickle-down Islamophilia.

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Mohammedan savages call Judaism "source of terrorism" while calling for terror against Jews

Thanks to the Elder

Hamas newspaper Felesteen has another of a series of articles by Professor Saleh Alrqub attacking Judaism (see previous post about him.)

In this edition, Alrqub says that Judaism provides a religious basis for violence and terrorism, which prompts Jews to murder, destruction and brutality.

At the same time, Felesteen has another articlequoting the Palestinian Islamist leader Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi calling for a “second Al Aqsa intifada” terror spree to stop Jews from walking around a holy site.

Even though there have been hundreds of articles in the Arab press about every time a Jew takes a quiet stroll on the Temple Mount, Tamimi said that the Muslim world has ignored the danger and must mount a new uprising against Israel.

Tamimi even called on Christians to rise up against Israel during his 10-minute tirade in front of the Pope.

It is apparently impossible for an Islamic cleric to be too extreme to lose his followers. But if one would say anything conciliatory about Jews or Israel, that would mark the immediate end of his career.

In other news:

Who’s chickensh*t? Netanyahu was in Israeli special forces. Obama was in the “choom” gang.

Calls for a ban on the offensively loud ‘Muslim Calls to Prayer’ across Israel

makeitstopA member of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahi’s coalition is formulating legislation to put strict limits on the Islamic call to prayer, known as the Athan, being blasted from mosques in Jerusalem and across Israel. The legislation, that is likely to attract accusations of religious intolerance from Israel’s Muslim minority, claims the prayer calls generate, “intolerable noise” that disrupts citizens’ sleep. (BNI)

The hysterical Muslim reactions to Jews visiting and praying on the Temple Mount is based purely on hatred of Jews

Fatah celebrates “hero” who shot Glick

Fatah posters  are celebrating the “martyrdom” of the “hero” who shot Yehuda Glick. The Elder has more:

It is very clear that the terrorist is considered as if he was doing exactly what Fatah leaders and PA president Mahmoud Abbas instructed his people on October 17, when he said that Palestinians must “defend” Al Aqsa “by all means.”

A Fatah group released a statement:

“Of the believers are men true to their covenant with Allah; Some died and some of them waiting for the same path.”
We proudly mourn hero martyr. Shahid in Jerusalem son of Palestine. And the son of FatahMoataz Ibrahim Hijazi

(As usual, the posters don’t depict the Al Aqsa Mosque but the Dome of the Rock. Most Muslims do not know the difference, which is strange if it is the “third holiest spot in Islam.”)

Palestinians’ number one enemy, Yehuda Glick, shot

From JPost:

Rabbi Yehuda Glick, spokesman for the Joint Committee of Temple Organizations – is in serious condition after being shot in front of the capital’s Menachem Begin Heritage Center Wednesday night.

According to police, the shooting took place at approximately 10:30 p.m. outside the memorial center, located near the Old City, by a suspect riding a motor bike who fled the scene.

Glick, who has a long history of advocating for Jewish prayer rights at the Temple Mount, spoke Wednesday evening at the Begin Center alongside MKs Eliyahu Ben-Dahan, Moshe Feiglin and Miri Regev at an event titled “Israel Returns to the Temple Mount.”

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"Why do you act as though the entire world needs democracy?"

School for jihadism

The tiny unrepresentative minority is ensuring the next generation will be less tiny.

Yes. In Australia, children promise to die fighting to end democracy in Australia, replacing it with a Caliphate ruled by Islamic Sharia law.–Andrew Bolt


Stroll Lakemba late one evening at your own risk. Stroll China Town and you’ll be met with big smiles.

There can be no integration with the infidel. Muslims have no intention to embrace our culture, it’s wrong and alien to them. They believe they will soon rule the world and all who stand in their way must be beheaded. Not a good start to assimilation. 

Democracy is for ‘infidels’ Islamic State recruiter tells media

But seriously, the real problem is “Islamophobia”

A recruiter for the Islamic State militant group has described democracy as for “infidels” and asserted that a “real Muslim” is interested only in “what Islam says”, in a rare interview with a German publication.

A 30-year-old man identified as Abu Sattar told Germany’s Der Spiegel online: “Democracy is a hegemonic tool of the West and contrary to Islam. Why do you act as though the entire world needs democracy?”

But not to worry, our learned professors know best:

Mat Hardy, Geelong-based lecturer in Middle East Studies at Deakin University, said democracy is incompatible with the beliefs of Muslim extremists – but by no means do they hold mainstream views on the world.

Fury over council's decision not to name Woolwich memorial after Lee Rigby in case it offends Islamic savages

What a disgrace! The depravity of the British establishment is breathtaking. They hobnob with Mohammedans and proudly display their brown noses while denying the victims of jihad the honour of a memorial. People who sink that low deserve to be named and shamed, and the time  can’t come soon enough  when the table is turned on them.

  • Greenwich Council decided not to name memorial after murdered fusilier 
  • Site will be dedicated to ‘all servicemen and women in Woolwich’ instead 
  • Move comes amid fears a Lee Rigby memorial will offend Islamist extremists  

A council has decided not to name a memorial at the site of Lee Rigby’s death after the murdered fusilier for fear it may offend Islamic fanatics.

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Close all Canadian mosques temporarily, ex-Quebec politician says

It would be better to close them permanently and encourage all Mohammedans to pack up and leave:

MONTREAL — The Quebec politician who once helped to draft an immigrant code of conduct says all Canadian mosques should be shut down for 90 days after jihadists killed two soldiers on home soil.

“These people all went through mosques,” former Herouxville, Que., councillor Andre Drouin told QMI Agency’s sister French television station, TVA. “So maybe there’s something wrong with mosques. You don’t have to be a genius to think that.”

Damage control with taqiyya:

“As Canadians we are looking to live in peace with other Canadians,” Salam El-Mousawi told QMI. “We don’t want events to be related to any (one) community so that it won’t cause some tensions between the different ethnicities and the different religious backgrounds.”

But Mohammedans will never be Canadians, they will always be Muslims and wage jihad to turn Canada into Canuckistan.  And their presence endangers everyone.

On Patrol With Aceh's Sharia Police

 Dateline gets a rare glimpse into life under sharia law in Indonesia – on patrol with police in Aceh as they hand out harsh punishments to anyone breaking Islamic law.

Patrick Abboud/SBS ONE (thanks to Marie)

The police chief of the Indonesian province of Aceh wants to see people beaten and even killed… not by criminals, but by his officers enforcing sharia law.

Patrick Abboud gets unprecedented access to follow Captain Ibrahim Latif and his notorious sharia police as they go out on patrol.

A policewoman from Aceh tells Patrick, “Women who wear tight clothes are inviting bad things to happen to them, such as rape. Actually, crime happens because we invite it.”

Women are caned in public for breaking Islamic dress code and men for gambling or drinking alcohol – and punishments are set to get even worse.

Captain Latif tells Patrick, “The usual punishment for adultery is that they are buried in the ground on the road. The man is buried up to his waist at a crossroads and whoever passes by has to throw a stone at him until he dies. A married woman would be buried to the neck and be stoned until she dies.”

It’s an unforgiving enforcement of this Islamic version of law, which has been gradually implemented since Aceh gained autonomy in 2001.

“I have a responsibility to God. It’s my job to encourage good and prevent wrong,” Captain Latif tells Patrick.

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"Brothers, we will change the world to suit Islam… The Muslims living in Australia are also engaging in this struggle…”

Not to worry, its just a ‘tiny minority of excremists’, go back to sleep:

Mr Morrison said the video is “not reflective of the broader Islamic community of Australia”.

“This is a cult which exists in a very small section of Australian society and it’s a cult that we need to weed out,” he said.

Six-year-old ‘soldier for Khilafa’: kids radicalised in shocking video

Bryan Seymour

A Muslim Youth Group is under investigation after a disturbing video of children as young as six years old calling for an end to Australian democracy was unearthed by 7News.

In the vision, children as young as six years old call for violent action against non-Muslims and to reject Australia and its values.

Video reveals shocking radicalisation of Australian Muslim children

Shocking? Are you shocked? I’m not.

A terror risk expert says it’s brainwashing, aimed at creating violent extremists.

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