'So-called' radicals misuing Islam, says OIC

The OIC spans four continents, counts 57 countries as members and claims to be the voice of the “moderate and peaceful majority” of Muslims. (That’s also a lie.)

isis-syria-army-beheadTony Abbott Calls Hizb ut-Tahrir ‘Un-Islamic’ for Not Condemning IS Beheadings

There is no end to this….

It can’t be Islam; it must be our “addiction to oil.”

No shiite.

Harvard Students Proclaim America to Be Greater Threat to World Peace Than ISIS

Harvard is our most elite university. It is where the nomenklatura receives its official indoctrination. Those who attend Harvard today will be ruling us tomorrow. This means we are in very deep trouble… (Moonbattery)

quote-Barack-Obama-we-are-not-at-war-against-islam-102894_7-570x300Obama’s Success Story: “Death to America, Death to Israel, a Curse on the Jews and Victory to Islam.”

“You will see your bodies scattered and your heads flying,”


The Death-Wish of Islam-Denial

Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov and illustrator Luke Kruse have joined forces to depict the taboo truths about the Unholy Alliance between the Left and Islam. …


The fear of offending Muslims by speaking the truth is endemic in the mainstream British political class, and has been so for decades. We cannot afford politically correct evasions….

UK Environmentalist: Don’t Bomb ISIS, Bomb Israel

Environmentalism is nothing but a fig leaf for genocidal lunatics…

Boko Haram ‘Islamic’ only in name: Experts

These “experts” are Islamic da’awa gigolos who engage in taqiyya:

Officially known as “the Congregation of the People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad,” Boko Haram claims to be fighting Islamic jihad by attacking security formations and burning places of worship – mostly churches – in Nigeria’s north.State Department endorses handbook calling jihad “noble”State Department endorses handbook calling jihad “noble”


“Do not refer to terrorists as ‘jihadis,’” the manual states. “This only emboldens them and gives them a legitimate status in the eyes of the vulnerable. Terrorism is not jihad. Jihad is a noble concept in Islam.” Here again we see the utterly false assumption that Muslims look to non-Muslims for their legitimacy. There is [/Comments  ]Continue Reading »