The liberating freedom sack

From the ‘dumber-than-dirt’ department:

Kuffar Love

Ten non-Muslim women, wearing hijabs and carrying flowers, have touched Canberra’s Islamic community with their simple message of love and solidarity. … More love and solidarity at Canberra Times thanks to Mullah, pbuh….

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With love: Rebecca Bull, Kirrily Burnett, Eliza Spencer, Annabelle Lee, Gemma White and Hannah Dungan wore hijabs and gave out flowers at a Islamic service on weekend at a Muslim service.

With love: Rebecca Bull, Kirrily Burnett, Eliza Spencer, Annabelle Lee, Gemma White and Hannah Dungan wore hijabs and gave out flowers at a Islamic service on weekend at a Muslim service. Photo: Jay Cronan 

The niqab makes me feel liberated, and no law will stop me from wearing it

“When we meet, I choose what you see. You deal with my mind and personality. I wasn’t forced to wear the niqab, and forcing me to take it off would be oppression.”–Semaa Abdulwali

Who do you believe? Reality or your lying eyes?

A woman wears the Niqab at Lakemba mosque during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.
A woman wears the Niqab at Lakemba mosque during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. Photograph: Michele Mossop/Getty Images

In Islamistan it is highly unlikely to meet a thing like that. A niqabee has no choice. And if she takes that niqab off, she would very likely be beaten to death by her owner. That’s oppression. But this retard would have you believe that keeping our society free from Mohammedan misogyny is oppression, go figure…..

But this is the kind of “freedom” the Guardian promotes: you are supposed to ignore the tens of thousands who have been murdererd  for not wearing  the freedom sack. You are supposed to believe you have ‘no right to tell women what to wear’, and you are expected  to believe a deranged female who’s only worth half of a man. A mad female who babbles stupidly about a freedom that doesn’t exist in Islam, where a woman has no choice.

I’ve always been the sort of person who loved to experiment, but I never expected that wearing the niqab would be something I’d try.

I felt conflicted before I began to wear it a few months ago. I am aware of the negative perceptions of the niqab, and thought it could change my life drastically. Would it be hard at university, where I study medical science? The majority of the students aren’t Muslim. I wondered whether I would have to be out of sight, out of mind, most of the time.

Would wearing the niqab disconnect me from the world? I hadn’t seen that in other women who wear the niqab or burqa, but considered the worst-case scenario. As it turned out, my fears were misplaced. It’s so much easier than I had thought, and didn’t change my life at all.

Respect and honour don’t come from being like others, or following what others follow – that’s why I put the niqab on. It’s my way of expressing obedience to my lord; it’s a command that I adhere to, through which I find my honour. It is not a garment of oppression, it is a garment that represents a timeless modesty that does not conform to society.

I was not forced to wear the niqab. In fact, my parents aren’t the biggest fans of my decision. In the months before making my decision I spent a lot of time with women who inspired me; they never asked me or pushed me towards putting it on, they were simply the most enjoyable company to have.

Nor is it oppressive. I feel liberated by the fact that I choose what you see. We pass judgement on how a person looks before we know them. When you deal with me, you deal with my mind, my personality, my emotions and what I have to offer as a person – and that’s it.

Tony Abbott and Jacqui Lambie say that any restriction on the burqa or niqab is a matter for national security. I completely understand, but their claims are ignorant: in fact it is is part of sharia law that we must uncover our faces for identification. When I went to get a parking permit at my university, I asked if I needed to show my face.

Banning the niqab or burqa would take away my right to live in the way that fits me. That restricts my freedom and puts me in a position where I must be especially cautious of my surroundings. Violence and abuseagainst Muslim women has increased as a result of the fear-mongering on this issue.

No matter what law is passed on the niqab, it will not stop me from wearing it. I don’t want to be controlled and told what I can and can not wear: that is oppression.

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  1. From the ‘dumber-than-dirt’ department:


    and “From the ‘Assistors/Enablers of ISALM’ department:

    and “From the ‘Traitors/Seditionists against Australia’ department:

    1. Eliza Spencer,
    2. Kathryn Arnold,
    3. Fron Garrett,
    4. Bec Bull,
    5. Annabelle Lee,
    6. Radia Fattah,
    7. Hannah Dungan,
    8. Kirrily Burnett,
    9. Talitha Wilson,
    10. Gemma White and
    11. Tegan Howarth

    All observed publicly welcoming the Invading Muhammadans into Australia and helping to celebrate ISLAM’s Eid al-Adha (A Muhammadan Killing Spree).
    How suicidal is that !

    Arab Muslims believe they are descendants of Abraham’s son Ishmael, while Jews and Christians believe they descended from Isaac—Abraham’s other son, who was favored by God in the story of the Bible.
    Muslims also believe their deity told Abraham to sacrifice Ishmael, not Isaac, as a test of his faith. They even celebrate Abraham’s obedience—and Ishmael’s willingness to be sacrificed for the sake of Allah—each year by sacrificing livestock on Eid al-Adha. (In fact, the throats of hundreds of goats are slit in Muslim enclaves across America during their annual festival.)
    This is no minor theological point. The Bible says God chose to establish his covenant with Abraham and Sarah’s son Isaac, instead of Ishmael, the son of the slave girl Hagar. In fact, Godbanished Ishmael—described in the Bible as “a wild donkey of a man” whose “hand will be against everyone” — to the desert.
    Here’s another fundamental difference: Unlike the God of the Bible, Allah does not recognize Jews as his chosen people.

    How and Why do Muslims end up becoming Unrepentant Murderers who glorify death?
    To answer this question we need to know what happens in every Muslim home in Australia (and in fact all across the globe):
    Before the Eid-ul-Zuha festival, every Muslim father brings home a baby goat (kid) and tells his child to play with that kid. As days pass, the child grows fond of the goat-kid for some days and when the day of Eid-ul-Zuha comes when the child is shocked to see that his pet goat is slaughtered in front of his entire gleeful and cheering family. The child feels guilty, he cries and asks for his friend (the goat-kid) to be spared. But when the goat is slaughtered in spite of this, and the child is told that this is part of Muslim tradition – the child is bewildered.
    After one year round the same time, the same ritual is repeated. Now the child is one year older, but he still has the innocence to play with a pet and grow fond of the pet. When the day arrives, the goat is again slaughtered, and the child is reminded of this being a hoary tradition. The child still feels guilty, but his guilt is now numbed by the words that repeatedly fall on his ears, that this is a qurbani (a sacrifice) and that it is our holy duty to kill.
    A year after that the child is again asked to play with a goat and on the day of the feast of Eid-ul-Zuha, he is asked to hold the dagger and help out in slaughtering the goat. The child gradually grows hard-hearted and now starts enjoying this ritual of killing the goat – A Muslim is made!

    Never have Eleven more suicidal – Twats – been observed serving ISLAM AND !

  2. The burka is an insult to all men.

    It says that I’m not good enough and can’t control myself to witness this persons presence. What a load of utter garbage.

    It’s a security and community issue as well.

    Our secular community cannot tolerate people hiding their identity in public. The whores of islam need to show their faces, the gutless pigs.

  3. It’s a security , community issue as well as a social issue.

    Wearing one may be “freedom” but it is anti social.

    How do you converse with a person wearing one, on a social ( apart from family and friends) level in public or in a work enviroment.

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