The Madness of Hanan Ashrawi

The Islamo-Christian Hanan Ashrawi says allowing Jews to visit Temple Mount is a “declaration of war against Islam”

“Islamo-Christian” means she has to prove to her Muslim overlords that she is a genocidal lunatic just like they are. She is truly assimilated.


From the Elder of Ziyon

That “moderate” Palestinian Hanan Ashrawi, member of the Executive Committee of the PLO,  says that Israel has declared a religious war on Islam.


Because, as I reported yesterday, Israel’s tourism minister is floating the idea of reducing long lines for non-Muslims to enter the Temple Mount by allowing them to use a second gate (out of 11).

Yes, allowing Jews to peacefully stroll around the Temple Mount unmolested by hordes of screaming, threatening Muslims is a declaration of war on Islam.

Ashrawi said that this plan “will eliminate the prospects for peace and finally drag the entire region toward disastrous confrontations.”

She further described it as a “serious escalation,” and added that the plan was a naked insult to the feelings of Muslims all over the world, calling on the Muslim states “to hold Israel accountable and to stop its aggression on the Islamic and Christian sanctities in Jerusalem and all the occupied Palestinian territories.”

Ashrawi is a Christian.

So, which is more peaceful: allowing people of all religions to have equal access to holy places, or inciting hundreds of millions of Arabs to war?

The sad fact is that most of the world cannot answer that simple question correctly.

More madness here:

Ashrawi’s Miftah organization is a racist pro Jihadist terrorist organization thanks to Elder exposing them.

Ashrawi’s Miftah promoted blood libels against Jews, saying Jews drink the blood of Christians to make Matzah.

Ashrawi’s Miftah also glorified Palestinian female homicide bombers who have murdered defenseless Israeli civilians in restaurants.

Ashrawi’s Miftah promotes blood libel of Jews
March 28, 2013

Hanan Ashrawi’s Miftah NGO also praises female terrorist
March 29, 2013

Unfortunately some of the most murderous Pali terrorists and their sympathizers were/are Christians. Partial list:

George Habash (PFLP)

Nayef Hawatmeh (DFLP)

Wadie Haddad (PFLP)

Ghassan Kanafani (PFLP)

Azmi Bishara (Balad)

Basel Ghattas (Balad)

Suha Arafat

Edward Said

Hilarion Capucci

Sabri Jiryis (PLO)

Hanan Ashrawi (PLO)

Khalil Beidas (father of Pali antisemitism)

Anton Shammas

Most of the Arab members of the Israeli commie party, which is vehemently anti-Israel

2 thoughts on “The Madness of Hanan Ashrawi”

  1. Its strange, that despite Christians fleeing Pali territories in fear for their lives, this woman continues to be a mouthpiece for Jihadis

    Its some kind of syndrome.

  2. DP111 – to understand that syndrome, if you have not already read Mark Durie’s “The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom”, then you *must*. Because it goes a long way toward explaining people like Ashrawi, and all the others like her.

    She comes from a community that has been – very violently and sadistically – “conditioned” to deny what Muslims are doing to them, and to flatter, praise, serve and generally carry water for the Muslims. Further, I think throughout the centuries of dhimmitude many dhimmi Christians “projected” their anger and resentment away from the Muslims – who were and are their *real* oppressors and abusers – onto their – in fact equally-oppressed-by-Muslims – dhimmi Jewish neighbours (Islam often profited mightily from playing one dhimmi community against another, feeding existing resentments and stymying all attempts at rapprochement).

    And then…the Jews of Israel seized their moment, created their sovereign state, smashed the concept of the dhimma to bits, and have been defending themselves as free people for sixty-plus years.

    At a deep level, someone like Ashrawi probably bitterly resents the fact that the Jews of Israel have liberated themselves from – the dhimma that still binds (and cripples the souls of) so many Middle Eastern Christians. She probably bitterly resents the brave ones like Fr Gabriel Naddaf and Brigitte Gabriel who have broken with the dhimma and *stopped* flattering and fawning on and carrying water the Muslims – and who have at the same time learned to like and respect the Jews of Israel, and (in the case of Fr Naddaf and those sensible people who are listening to him) have thrown in their lot with those Jews.
    Why would Ashrawi be outraged by Fr Naddaf, and oppose him? FEAR. Down through the centuries, if even one dhimmi “broke ranks” and defied the Muslim masters, *all the other* dhimmis would be ferociously punished by the Muslims.

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