The 'radicals' have the numbers, and they believe in their cause…

So do the ‘moderates’, they just don’t show it quite so openly.


The Muslim Plan for Australia and Then the World

Like others have done before him, Ismail Al-Wahwah makes clear that Islam is a totalitarian ideology that its proponents intend to inflict on every human being everywhere in the world. The spokesmaniac for Hizb ut-Tahrir in Australia holds forth:

Maybe there are Muslims who disagree with him. But if so, they don’t have much influence. People like Al-Wahwah take Islam seriously. Those who don’t have been marginalized.

True, these people are savages and probably due to inbreeding appear not to be very bright. But they have numbers, and they believe in their cause. In the long run, that gives them the advantage over a West that apologizes for its own existence. That our “leaders” won’t even acknowledge Islam as a threat gives them an overwhelming advantage.