They chop women's heads off too….

Those Canberra retards who declared solidarity with oppressed Muslim women should be sent to Iraq to promote the liberating freedom sack over there….
Thanks to Barenaked Islam:
KOBANE: ISIS beheads 3 Kurdish female fighters as one blows herself up taking several ISIS fighters with her

A Syrian Kurd woman, member of The People’s Protection Units (Yekîneyên Parastina Gel – YPG)  who was fighting for her family has been beheaded by takfiri terrorist of ISIS in Kobane.

Shia Post  According to reports, takfiri killer who shared his photo with head of a YPG’s fighter has been sent to hell by YPG.

syrian-woman-600x330The reported advance came despite intense air raids by the US-led coalition on ISIS positions around the strategic town. Kurdish media outlets said coalition warplanes targeted the ISIS militants on the southern side of Mishte Nur and in the nearby village of Halanj as well as Mazraa Dawud, a few kilometers east of Kobani along the Turkish border.
The nearly three-week intense battle for the strategic town of Kobani has forced about 200,000 of people to take refuge in Turkey. The ISIS controls large areas of Syria’s east and north. The group sent its militants into Iraq in June, seizing large parts of land straddling the border between Syria and Iraq. They have carried out heinous crimes in the two countries, including mass executions and beheadings of people.

Kurdish female fighter who was a mother-of-two launches suicide attack to slow Islamic State advance in desperate battle for Kobane.

UK Daily Mail  A Kurdish woman fighting Islamic State militants carried out a suicide bomb attack to slow their advance on a besieged Syrian town, it was claimed today. Deilar Kanj Khamis, known by the nom de guerre Arin Mirkan, blew herself up at an IS position east of the border town, killing ten jihadists.

Deilar Kanj Khamis, known bas Arin Mirkan

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  1. Rather than blow themselves up and take out ten, it would be better to stay alive and take out twenty, even if it takes a little longer. Sure, go out fighting if you have to, but I will never understand suicide bombing, no matter what side you are on. Life is more precious than that, and should be fought for.

  2. These women are amazing. They do not have the weaponry they need.. Australians and others have armed other fighters but these women are considered terrorists by the US etc because of their long standing battle for their own region in Turkey , therefore no one is arming them.. What did the Turks do to help them ? Nothing. Amazing women fighting for humanity.
    The bravest of the brave!!

  3. I believe that the world will live in peace once Satanic Islam is banned in the world. Once Islam is “ERADICATED”, the whole world will live in peace. Islam is the worst ideology that was brought to the world by a pedophile sex-maniac called Mohammad. With Islam the world will be turned back to the Dark Ages. Eliminate Islam to save the world from the teachings of Satan Mohammad. (Julianne (Noora) Scasny)–(

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