Vehicle Jihad in Jerusalem

About the terrorist attack on pedestrians in Jerusalem today:

The driver of the car is confirmed as a member of Hamas. The grandfather of the 3 month old who was murdered had this to say: The car sped up, hit baby stroller, sent infant flying 10-20 meters, hit head on pavement, suffered cranial bleeding - Lori Lowenthal Marcus

Arutz 7 IsraelNationalNews are properly reporting. They’re the only ones as far as I can see. Stuff the centre and the left. They’re so invested in their stupid, delusional dreams of a mythical peace, they’ll sweep all the nasty details away.– John Thomas

 How did the AP decide to report it?

Little Baby Murdered And The Associated Press Goes Full Evil


The AP need to be kicked out of Israel. (Israellycool)

Jerusalem Terrorist Attack: 3-Month-Old Child Killed

This evening in Jerusalem, a terrorist rammed his car into a crowd of people waiting at the Ammunition Hill station of Jerusalem’s Light Rail, killing a 3-month-old American girl, and wounding 8 other people.

This is the reality:


Kerry and Obama will blame Israel for this murder of the infant and demand that Israel release more terrorists as an act of good faith.

A Hamas spokesman openly welcomed news of a terror attack in Jerusalem by one of its terrorists.
‘They went to pray at the Kotel and a terrorist ran over their baby,’ cries grandfather of baby girl murdered in Jerusalem terror attack. –ISRAELNATIONALNEWS.COM

Netanyahu: Jerusalem terror attack is ‘work of Abbas’ partners’

Good question by Hugh Fitzgerald:

The latest attempt at mass murder using a car took place in Jerusalem, where eight Israelis were deliberatey run down by a young male Muslim, a member of Hamas. A baby was killed, the others wounded. This comes a week or two after a Muslim commandeered a truck; other cases in Israel involved tractors.

In the United States, where so many of our taxidrivers are Muslims, who knows what a suicide-driver could do, if willing to die himself, not only to a crowd, but to his passengers. But dare anyone discuss this, at all? So many find it preferable to pretend it hasn’t happened — it has — or that it won’t happen — it will — or that, in any case, they wail, “but we just can’t do that.” Lots of things that were once unthinkable can be done in wartime, even if that wartime is permanent (for there is no end to Jihad) to protect yourself.

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  1. What the Israelis should do? Try and then execute the Jew-hating Muslim murderer who, I would be prepared to bet, saw that baby stroller with the baby in it and drove straight at it as his preferred target.

    Then: build a new (or renewed) suburb or housing development, for *Jews*, in the suburbs of the Jerusalem Old City, and **name it after the murdered baby**. “Gan Chaya” – Chaya’s Garden. Sounds good to me.

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