Your Health in Allah’s Hands…

1406242001-shiite-muslims-commemorate-the-day-of-ashura-in-nabatieh-lebanon_5354739Nurses and health care providers are 99% of the time working hard to look after their patients by providing the best care possible to everyone. To add to the workload, here is a 41 page handbook full of instructions on how to care for Muslim patients. Another example of the special treatment afforded to and demanded by special people. (On a tip from the Q-Society)

Mohammedan Settlement in Denmark
It is a very great financial strain for Danish society, and a large part of this immigration serves no useful purpose. It is motivated by political correctness in the chattering classes.Translated by Bing
Sweden’s Tolerance Is Tested By Tide Of Syrian Immigrants

Muslims turned back by the Australian navy were filmed yelling ‘fuck Australia, remember 9/11′

Their true intentions soon came to surface. A group of Muslims attempting to invade Australia illegally by boat but turned back by the Australian navy and were sent away in their crappy boat and were filmed yelling “fuck Australia, remember 9/11.” This is the attitude of all these Muslims coming into Western nations. … Continue reading →


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    • If a patient is in a coma, it is preferred that the patient be turned to face Mecca (in Western Australia, west-northwest), with the right shoulder also being towards Mecca. It is common for Muslims to recite the Qur’an or prayers in front of the patient or in a room close by.

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