SMH scribbler smears Australian Liberty Alliance as “far-right” bogeyman


Michael Bachelard from the Sydney Moonbat Herald throws dirt at the Australian Liberty Alliance:

New Aussie anti-Islamic party guns for 20 per cent of the vote

Australia officially now has a political party modelled on the far-right wing movements in Europe and dedicated to the idea that Islam is a “totalitarian ideology with global aspirations”.

Everyone who opposes the Islamic expansion project is instantly smeared as “far-right”. ALA is not “far-right”, it is a party of concerned Australians from all walks of life. (SY)

The Australian Liberty Alliance gained approval from the Australian Electoral Commission on Wednesday for registration as a party, having signed up well over the required 500 members and attracted no objections.

Its national secretary, Ralf Schumann, confirmed that controversial anti-Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders planned to launch the party on October 20.

Geert Wilders is not “anti-Muslim”. If anything, he is anti-Islam. He is arguably the most popular politician in Europe today who leads the Netherlands strongest party, the PVV, Party for Freedom.

Mr Schumann told sympathisers this week that the party faced “a strong headwind and … some nasty windshears”, but reminded supporters that “so did like-minded parties with similar policies in Europe”.

“And see where they are a few years later: In the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Austria, France and Italy – they are supported by millions, already poll in the 20 per cent bracket, win seats and slowly return common sense and Western principles to their parliaments.”

That’s a fact, Mr Bachelard. Deal with it.

Mr Schumann refused an interview about the party, which is the political offshoot of the “Islam-critical” Q Society. But Q Society national president Debbie Robinson, who is also a director of the ALA, told Fairfax Media that Islam was “a dangerous ideology that’s definitely not compatible with Western culture and society”.

“There is no moderate version of Islam … there may be people who don’t follow it to the letter, but there is no moderate version, so it’s dangerous. It’s dangerous for our society.”

In Q Society emails, Ms Robinson has said the Australian Liberty Alliance intends to “rebuild the lucky country”.

An ALA director and Q Society national president Debbie Robinson.An ALA director and Q Society national president Debbie Robinson. Photo: supplied

The party’s manifesto says “Our Australia stands for individual liberty, small government, Western values built on Judaeo-Christian and Humanistic foundations, social fairness and an integrated multi-ethnic society”.

It outlines a number of policy positions including “smarter, smaller government”, and “integration over separation” when it comes to multiculturalism.

Islam, the manifesto says, “uses the religious element as a means to project itself onto non-Islamic societies … No other religious ideology in our time has both the doctrinal aspiration as well as the economic and demographic muscle to impose itself globally”.

“Core policy” was that “all attempts to impose Islam’s theocracy and sharia law on our liberal society must be stopped by democratic means, before the demographic, economic and socio-political realities make a peaceful solution impossible”.

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How the well funded enemies of civilisation deal with so-called “pockets of resistance…”

Terror group CAIR suing Florida gun shop owner for banning jihadis in wake of Chattanooga
Terror group CAIR suing Florida gun shop owner for banning jihadis in wake of Chattanooga ByPamela Geller on August 1, 2015 GUNS: The Right to Defend…PAMELAGELLER.COM
BUSTED: Refugee advocates told to REPORT local people who oppose resettlements to the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER for PUBLIC…SHAMING as “racists” and “anti-Muslim” “bigots”
Government contractor tells refugee advocates to report foes of resettlement to SPLC for public shaming as “anti-Muslim” “bigots”

Robert Spencer

This is what we have in America today: not a genuine public debate, but public shaming of those whose opinions are deemed unacceptable by an extraordinarily well-funded hate group — one that ironically uses the “hate group” charge as one of its principal weapons.

“The refugee resettlement industry, which includes legions of immigrant-rights advocates, lawyers and community organizing groups funded by George Soros, the Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford foundations, among others, churned out a document in 2013 on how to deal with so-called ‘pockets of resistance.’ The document, authored by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, one of the nine government contractors doing resettlement work, advised refugee advocates to research the backgrounds of local people who oppose resettlements and turn them over to the Southern Poverty Law Center for public shaming as ‘racists’ and ‘anti-Muslim’ bigots.”

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Why Muslim Rapists Prefer Blondes: A History

The Muslim penchant to target “white” women for sexual exploitation—an epidemic currently plaguing Europe, especially Britain and Scandinavia—is as old as Islam itself, and even traces back to Muhammad.

Much literary evidence attests to this in the context of Islam’s early predations on Byzantium (for centuries, Christendom’s easternmost bulwark against the jihad).  According to Ahmad M. H. Shboul (author of “Byzantium and the Arabs: The Image of the Byzantines as Mirrored in Arabic Literature”) Christian Byzantium was the “classic example of the house of war,” or Dar al-Harb—that is, the quintessential realm that needs to be conquered by jihad.  Moreover, Byzantium was seen “as a symbol of military and political power and as a society of great abundance.”

The similarities between pre-modern Islamic views of Byzantium and modern Islamic views of the West—powerful, affluent, desirable, and the greatest of all infidels—should be evident.  But they do not end here.  To the medieval Muslim mind, Byzantium was further representative of “white people”—fair haired/eyed Christians, or, as they were known in Arabic, Banu al-Asfar, “children of yellow” (reference to blonde hair).

Continues Shboul:

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