The invasion in full force. Are the Europeans mad?

France is braced for a 9/11-style attack or missile strike on a passenger jet as Islamist terror threat grows

So what do they do?  They prepare for “civil unrest”. Gotta keep the Muslim hatin’ rubes in check!


  • Security forces are preparing for civil unrest after a series of terror attacks
  • France’s equivalent of MI5 warns of a possible atrocity on the scale of 9/11 
  • Another source claims passenger jet could be targeted by anti-tank missile
  • The army has made plans to wrest back control of jihadi breeding grounds

Daily Mail— French intelligence fears Islamist ‘missile strike on airliner’ or 9/11-style attack

Airlines told to expect ‘French 9/11’ as Hollande warns of more Islamist violence
Army prepares for civil unrest as Islamist threat grows amid fears of September 11-style attack or missile strike on passenger airliner
Iraqi priest: “There’s no such thing as moderate Islam…ISIS represents Islam one hundred percent”
Fr. Douglas al-Bazi’s coreligionists in the West, and their leaders among the U.S. Catholic bishops, would be supremely embarrassed if they heard him talking this…

Number of migrants entering Britain breaks all records in blow to David Cameron

The true scale of the immigration crisis facing this country was laid bare tonight as damning figures revealed net migration had surged to a record 330,000 – a rise of 40 per cent in one year. It is a humiliating blow to David Cameron after his ‘no ifs, no buts’ pledge to reduce the number to ‘tens of thousands’. Incredibly, today’s figures do not include illegal immigrants in the UK, estimated to number 1.1 million. Pictured: Migrants climb in the back of a lorry on the A16 leading to the Channel Tunnel in Calais; and a family creep under a barbed wire fence near at the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Fair Suck Of The Sav, Mate.'s photo.
Train attack shows impossibility of tracking all Islamic militants

“To give you an idea of the scale of the challenge, in the past two years we’ve charged more people with terrorism offences than in the 30 years before that,”

PARIS (AFP) – The thwarted attack by a gunman on a high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris has underlined the difficulty faced by intelligence services…
‘Terrible smell of death’ and dripping blood led police to bodies of FIFTY migrants who suffocated after people smugglers abandoned a chicken meat truck on Austrian motorway

Truck on Austrian motorway found to contain bodies of FIFTY migrants

As many as 50 refugees were found dead in a parked lorry in eastern Austria on Thursday, the country’s Interior Ministry has confirmed. The truck, which had Hungarian licence plates, had been abandoned on the side of the A4 motorway near the eastern town of Parndorf several days ago. Forensics teams at the scene (left and right) found many of the bodies were in a severe state of decomposition.

Building an Islamic State in America, One Church at a Time
Churches fall, mosques rise.

EURABIA: governments are planning to take your property to make it available to “refugees”

Thanks to Marina Marsal

Soyons prêts à accueillir des migrants  dans nos foyers, de gré ou de force…  La submersion actuelle de l’Europe n’est pas un fantasme, n’en déplaise a…    RESISTANCEREPUBLICAINE.EU

Excellent article. Here is the google translation:

Europe: your government is  planning to take your property to make it available to “refugees”

Let us be ready to welcome migrants in our homes, willingly or by force …
 The current flood of Europe is not a fantasy, not in deference to experts from TV sets, but a very dangerous reality.

Overwhelmed by the unprecedented influx of migrants, Western governments, the orders of the good Samaritans of the EU, no longer know how to manage the humanitarian disaster looming. So they cater to people to help them and appeal to their good heart, before proceeding to the next step, imposed by force of law the reception of migrants, by requisitioning of their property unoccupied. And if that was not enough, given the interrupted flow, they will lay citizens to welcome them into their home … while relegating the owners in the cellars, in order to accommodate these poor dignity “refugees”?

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Don’t be an extremist, or else

The increasingly  ridiculous Theresa May  fantasises about “Islamist extremism, but also neo-Nazi extremism.”

You barely hear a thing about neo Nazism.

And YES, they are complete idiots too. All 20 of them.

Anything but reality in what was once great Britain:

No picking and choosing which ‘extremism’ will be tackled – all must be fought without distinction – shut up and live in subjection, or be branded as an ‘extremist’!

That means standing up against racism and homophobia, against all hate crimes, against Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, just as much as it means tackling the threat from terrorism in all its forms. …

May said: “In the not-too-distant future we will be launching an anti-extremism, counter-extremism strategy as a Government. That will be looking across the board at all forms of extremism – yes, Islamist extremism, but also neo-Nazi extremism.”

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The Mohammedan invasion of Europe: now a deluge!

Thanks to the Q-Society

It is noteworthy that the overland migrants, mostly Arabs, do not seek refuge in the Arab world, including the mega-rich Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar, and are not welcomed there. For the Syrian Christians this is understandable, but they constitute only a minority of the current human deluge (and getting rid of them is what the Muslim majority wants anyway). Those taking the sea route are overwhelmingly Muslim

By:Srdja Trifkovic | August 24, 2015

The Italian navy rescued 3,000 “migrants” aboard more than a dozen boats in the Mediterranean on Saturday. Like hundreds of thousands of others before them, they were taken to Europe for de facto permanent settlement. At the same time, any semblance of border control along the southeastern land route has collapsed. Thousands of migrants stormed across Macedonia’s border also on Saturday, overwhelming security forces who threw stun grenades and used batons in a futile bid to stem their flow. So much for Macedonia declaring a state of emergency on August 20 and announcing that it was sealing its borders.

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Muhammad Was a Pig

Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog

Israeli police arrested a fourth person for calling Mohammed a pig. Avia Morris, the first person arrested described being taunted with cries of “Allahu Akbar”  and “Kill the Jews” along with signs of support for ISIS. But it only became a legal matter when the twenty-year-old woman retorted, “Mohammed is a pig.”

Calling for the death of infidels isn’t a crime. Insulting Mohammed is.

Avia got off lucky. When a young woman named Tatiana Soskin drew Mohammed as a pig scrawling in a Koran, the Clinton administration was more outraged by this than by the World Trade Center bombing.

Its spokesman said that it gave “great thought to this… at the very highest levels of our government.”

It denounced the “outrageous, crude and sick portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed” and claimed, “This woman is either sick or she is evil… she deserves to be put on trial for these outrageous attacks on Islam.”

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Ex Stasi Operative Merkel Dumps On Germans Who Oppose Islamisation

For those who don’t know it: Angela Merkel, German chancellor, is known to be former Stasi operative ‘Erika’, trained in counter propaganda, sabotage and subversion. It might be of interest, that , like her, the German President Joachim Gauck,  is also a trustee of the former Kommunist satellite state GDR.
Merkel slams ‘vile’ violent protests against refugees Mohammedan invaders
Merkel slams 'vile' violent protests against refugees

Merkel’s spokesman says it’s shameful to see citizens joining the protests to support far-right sentiment

World Bulletin / News Desk

German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned “vile” violent demonstrations against refugees at the weekend, her spokesman said Monday, amid criticism she has failed to forcefully address anti-migrant sentiment.

After clashes erupted in eastern Germany over two nights between police and far-right thugs protesting the opening of a new centre for refugees, Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said Berlin would not stand for hostility against the newcomers.

“The chancellor and the entire government condemn the violent rampages and the aggressively xenophobic atmosphere in the strongest terms,” Seibert told reporters, using his strongest language to date to address a wave of anti-refugee violence in Germany.

“It is vile how right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis try to spread their hollow, hateful messages. Those who act like the aggressors of Heidenau place themselves far outside the law.”

Seibert called it “shameful” to see citizens, even families with children, joining the protests “to back this horrific sentiment”.

Germany is a “compassionate” country and will not allow refugees “to be met here by hateful slogans or alcohol-fuelled loud mouths”.

He said all asylum-seekers, regardless of whether their claims would ultimately be approved, deserved to be treated with “dignity and respect”.

Merkel, who is to hold talks with French President Francois Hollande on the refugee issue later Monday, faced growing calls over the weekend to speak out on aggression against refugees following the clashes in Heidenau on Friday and Saturday night.

Critics also took to social media using the Twitter hashtags #Merkelschweigt (Silent Merkel) and #Merkelsagtwas (Merkel, say something).

Merkel’s vice chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, visited Heidenau on Monday and said Germany should not cede “a single millimetre to this right-wing radical mob”.

Germany is bracing for a record influx of up to 800,000 asylum-seekers this year and has registered more than 200 attacks against shelters housing or due to house refugees since January.

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the demonstrators in Heidenau did not represent mainstream German opinion.

“Germany today is a country that is open to the world and — even in light of the most recent events in Saxony, I stand by it — a tolerant, culturally rich, diverse country,” he told a gathering of German ambassadors.

This is the final jihad

Expert: Too Many Terrorists Now for Europe to Track 
Expert: Too Many Terrorists Now for Europe to Track ByPamela Geller on August 23, 2015 Eurabia: Dhimmitude Eurabian emigration 00 Comments The devout…| Pamela Geller
The devout Muslim who opened fire on a Paris train was known to security agencies and linked to an Islamic terrorist group. Despite a history of jihad-terror activity, the savage was free to slaughter and maim in the cause of Islam. The gunman overpowered on a Paris-bound train had ties to radical Islam and was under surveillance in three countries, reports say. (here) Experts now warn that intel agencies are overwhelmed by the number of Muslim terrorists in Europe. And yet hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants continue to flood their border. Last week, non-Muslims in an IKEA in Sweden were beheaded by a Muslim asylum seeker.

According to an expert, Europe now has too many terrorists to track. Australia has stopped many hundreds heading to the Middle East. How many are there here? Will the political class do anything about it?
Please help us to inform more Australians about the true nature of Islam. Support Q Society with a donation, sign up to their newsletter or register as supporter and as always: share this information and spread the word.

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This is  not a “Refugee Crisis”- this is the final jihad. This is a full blown Mohammedan invasion, sanctioned by the EUSSR, backed by the OIC and the UN:
Once again: these are not refugees and they are not asylum seekers:
These are Mohammedan migrants, who migrate in the way of allah. They are performing al hijra, migration to conquer infidel lands for Islam.
7,000 refugees cross Macedonia, threaten Europe’s “soul”
7,000 refugees cross Macedonia, threaten Europe's

More than 7,000 refugees have crossed into western Europe on Sunday with Italy’s foreign minister claiming the refugee wave will rip apart the selfish European union.

World Bulletin / News Desk

Thousands of migrants, mostly Syrian refugees, travelled through Macedonia and Serbia on Sunday towards western Europe, as Italy’s foreign minister said the escalating crisis threatened the bloc’s “soul”.

More than 7,000 men, woman and children crossed into southern Serbia from Macedonia overnight Saturday to Sunday alone, the UN’s refugee agency (UNHCR) said, with many more still expected to arrive.

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Britain doesn’t have a heart problem. Britain has a Muslim problem!

Is Britain hardening its heart against Muslims?
British public opinion has never really turned against Muslims. According to Pew’s 2014 Global Attitudes survey, 26 per cent of us have ‘unfavourable’ attitudes towards Muslims in this country; compare… Read more–WWW.SPECTATOR.CO.UK
The Jihadist Infiltration of the British Government

Some years ago, the British people were startled to recognise that their country had become one of the main hubs of the international jihad. Even the Pakistani government complained through diplomatic channels that its own citizens were being radicalised by Muslims from Britain! Now yet more incidents stage in national self-awareness is dawning about the effect of the Muslim presence in our midst. It is no longer simply the case that jihadists are operating from inside the country; they are now operating from inside the government.

Recent newspaper reports revealed that Baroness Warsi (sic), the supposed emblem of Muslim modernity, is involved in a business partnership with Abid Hussain, one of the leading members of Hizb ut-Tahrir. It emerged today that Hussain is also her husband’s second cousin.

The “Asylum” Racket Bleeds Germany Dry

Supplying Mohammedan invaders could cost Germany 10 billion Euros in 2015

Italian navy rescues more than 4000 migrants in Mediterranean

Who will save the EUro-dhimmies from these “migrants?” Complicit European governments  are now arranging the pickup of Mohammedan invaders from the coast of Libya:

Valentina Za for the Sydney Moonbat Herald

Milan: The Italian navy organised the rescue of about 4400 migrants in waters off the Libyan coast on Saturday, prompted by requests for help received from nearly two dozen boats, in one of the biggest multinational operations so far.

Italy’s coast guard said in a statement on Sunday that it had coordinated rescue efforts involving numerous vessels, including a Norwegian and an Irish ship as part of the European Union’s Triton rescue mission.

In this photo provided by the Italian Navy, migrants are approached by an Italian Navy dinghy in the Mediterranean sea on Saturday.In this photo provided by the Italian Navy, migrants are approached by an Italian Navy dinghy in the Mediterranean sea on Saturday. Photo: Italian Navy

Europe is struggling to cope with a record influx of refugees as migrants flee war in Middle Eastern countries such as Syria.

The migrants were travelling aboard inflatable dinghies and overcrowded boats, the coast guard said.

The Mediterranean has become the world’s most deadly crossing point for migrants. More than 2300 people have died this year in attempts to reach Europe by boat, according to the International Organisation for Migration. Many are seeking alternative routes to Western Europe.

The Italian coast guard said Saturday that by early afternoon it was coordinating rescues from four fishing boats, crowded with migrants, and from 14 smaller motorised rubber dinghies.The Italian coast guard said Saturday that by early afternoon it was coordinating rescues from four fishing boats, crowded with migrants, and from 14 smaller motorised rubber dinghies. Photo: Italian Navy

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Germans: Yes, We’d Like More Migrants Please!

Absurdistan .  But it clearly shows the corruption of what Germans call “Luegenpresse”, the lying media. Flooding the country with Mohammedans is government policy, engineered by former Stasi operative Angela Merkel, (codename IM ‘Erika’). Merkel was trained in sabotage and counter propaganda. Just like in Obamerica, people seem to be asleep at the helm:


A remarkable 86 per cent of citizens think Germany is a “country of immigrants”, and a clear majority want more refugees to come, according to a new social attitudes survey.

The so-called political barometer, commissioned by Der Tagespiegel, reveals the scale of popular support for Angela Merkel’s government policy of opening the borders of Germany to all. The nation is already the largest importer of human beings in Europe, and despite overwhelmed public services and rising violence around immigrant communitiesmany Germans want more.

The survey is well timed, having come just days after the federal government made the shock announcement they were revising their immigrant estimates for 2015, as significantly more people flooded into the country than expected. That 60 per cent of Germans thought the country could take more asylum seekers as the official estimate for the year rose from 450,000 to 800,000 shows the strength of conviction.

The results may come as a surprise to some though, as opposition and support for the mass immigration agenda appears to be divided less by social class or education, but by locality. East German states like Saxony and cities like Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden are emerging as the least open to immigration and this political barometer bears out these perceptions.

The research found those in East Germany were most likely to oppose the idea of taking more asylum seekers, with roughly half saying there were already too many. Easterners were also more likely to think that Germany didn’t need to import more humans to ensure the nation remained viable.

Germans are not merely satisfied with themselves taking more on, either – there is a clear desire within the country to ensure the rest of Europe does as well. Interior minister Thomas de Maiziere said this week that Britain and other European countries had to take more foreigners and “become more aware of their responsibilities”.

In any case, the immigration agenda does seem to be working for its creators in Berlin. Like many Western nations, the German birthrate has been in free-fall for decades. This has been in part because of the sexual revolution of the mid late 20th century and the easy availability of contraception and abortions, as well as changing lifestyles forcing women out to work.

For the past decade, the German birthrate has actually been lower than the mortality rate – meaning that without migrants the German population would have been falling, threatening its productivity and ability to compete globally. Yet the enormous scale of human importation has bucked this trend, artificially inflating German population figures – but now it is leading to organic growth.

As the newcomers outbreed their native neighbours, the German birthrate is growing for the first time in years, and the country is celebrating the highest number of children born in a decade, reports