Hijra On Steroids

Muslims riot in Greece 
Riots erupt on Lesbos as 200 refugees throw stones at police
The clashes erupted as EU officials visiting Greece promised more help to countries on the frontline of a refugee crisis that has seen hundreds of people, many fleeing…  DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
German Girls Must Cover Arms and Legs to Appease Syrian “Refugees” 
So many nonwhite invaders from the Middle East have entered Germany over the past few months that a school headmaster in Bavaria has been forced to ask…– The New Observer
Clashes in several European cities as Mideast refugee crisis erupts
Clashes broke out between police and some 1,000 migrants attempting to storm a ferry on the Aegean island of Lesbos Friday, and 500 migrants broke through a… FOXNEWS.COM
Fighting-age Muslim men dominate “refugee” flow to Europe 
The ‘Invasion of Europe’ continues today… If one judges by the photos, it sure looks like young men are the problem in the flood of supposed refugees from… – Dr. Rich Swier
Reba Rolfe's photo.

The free world is not just being swamped by refugee’s
It is a HIJRAH, an islamic systematic stealth invasion of our country’s to bring us into the fold of Islam….

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From Eritrea to Wonthaggi to Victorian Father of the Year
Abubeker Mohamed migrated to Australia from his home country of Eritrea in 1996. Wonthaggi in West Gippsland became home for Abubeker, his wife Suad and their…  ABC.NET.AU

Meet Mr Abubeker Mohamed – Victoria’s ‘Father of the Year’

Who could possibly be a more inspiring example for fathers in Australia in the spring of 2015? What could possibly be more revealing of the true agenda the current socio-political leadership has in store for us?


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The Hijrah Into Europe

“Refugees” colonise a continent.

If you don’t accept the brave new world that is sure to bring more jihad and more Sharia to Europe, you’re a Nazi and a racist. Meanwhile, no one is bothering even to ask, much less answer, one central question: why is it incumbent upon Europe have to absorb all these refugees? Why not Saudi Arabia or the other Muslim countries that are oil-rich and have plenty of space? The answer is unspoken because non-Muslim authorities refuse to believe it and Muslims don’t want it stated or known: these refugees have to go to Europe because this is a hijrah.

This is also Europe’s death knell.  (Robert Spencer)

When we see pictures of the refugees in the media, the TV only shows pictures of the ones with children, as they are the only ones that will be filmed. Every time the media is trying to take pictures of the young men, they turn their heads away.

The mass immigration that we believe are families with children, it is not. Mass immigration consist of young men, it is what it is.

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A journalist who has been in Macedonia and Serbia to follow the flow of migrants to Europe, tells the truth.
Tancredo: European Colonization, Not Refugee Resettlement – 
The  soldiers of allah  come to lay waste to Europe. Those who aid and abet this invasion are committing high treason:
In the mushrooming “refugee crisis” in Europe, there is a big dog that is not barking.–Breitbart
Dead Baby Jihad

…works like clockwork:


And the reality:
#Refugees taken in by:
#SaudiArabia: 0
#Qatar: 0
#Kuwait: 0
#Emirates: 0
#Bahrain: 0

Let´s make it absolutely clear that what we fight against is terror, not islam

Did I say stupidity is the basic building block of the universe? I did.

Here, from the fever swamp of the United Nations on International terrorism:

Asset.aspxJan Hammacek, the president of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic.

…this scourge has developed on an unprecedented scale. I am convinced we can effectively face it only by not repeating mistakes of the past. Therefore let´s make it absolutely clear not only in words, but especially in deeds, that what we fight against is terror, not islam.

That islamophobia is as abhorrent and dangerous as racism and antisemitism and is to be suppressed by all legal means. That we all perceive islam as a shining diamond in the crown of mankind, along with other religions, cultures and civilizations.

Thank you for your attention.

“Refugee” Invasion is European Suicide

Islamic State Terrorists Caught Crossing Into Europe Posing As Refugees
“Refugee” Invasion is European Suicide
American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor explains how African boat people exploit the humanitarianism of Europeans. –YOUTUBE.COM
Hungary: Refugee influx prompts police to shut down Budapest main station

A few Vlad Tepes links:

Migrants with tickets denied access to Budapest train station

Hungary makes laws to control the massive amount of immigration

Islamic State Terrorists Caught Crossing Into Europe Posing As Refugees


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“Children? They are from them…”


The followers of the meshugga prophet pretender will tell you that “Muhammad never killed anyone”. Reality is, Muhammad  played a bit loose with the lives of women and children during his slave raids.

As recorded in both Bukhari and Sahih Muslim:

It is reported on the authority of Sa’b b. Jaththama that the Prophet of Allah (may peace be upon him), when asked about the women and children of the polytheists being killed during the night raid, said: “They are from them. (Sahih Muslim 4322, see also Bukhari 52:256)

There is more, from the Religion of Peace


Sudanese Cleric Al-Jazouli: In Islam, “Killing [Infidel] Women And Children Is Permitted”; “The Prophet Muhammad Said That It Is A Duty To Fight And Target America”

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered by Sudanese cleric Muhammad Al-Jazouli, which was posted on the Internet on June 20, 2014:

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