“Milwaukee Resident”, Mickey Mouse Jihad & Covering Up For Mohammedan Savages

Italy should hang its head in shame. Compliance with Sharia Law. They are selling their soul to the Devil.

When in Muslim countries, non-Muslims should conform their behavior to Muslim sensibilities. When in non-Muslim countries, non-Muslims should conform their behavior to Islamic sensibilities. That is the dictum that Western authorities increasingly follow.

“Italy covers up naked statues and bans wine for visit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani,” by Umberto Bacchi, International Business Times, January 25, 2016: (JW)


A lunch between the French and Iranian presidents in Paris was scrapped today because France refused to remove wine from the menu.

Iran’s President Hassan RouhaSee More

France refuses to removealcohol during lunch with Iran president
Iranian President Hassan (pictured) was due to dine with Francois Hollande at a Paris restaurant but France believed that making the lunch ‘Iran friendly’ went…DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
That’s the way, France! Claw back your dignity one defiant act at a time..unlike that coward in Italy who thought it prudent to sell out his own culture for the purpose of appeasement.
“Milwaukee Resident”

“I am telling you, if this hit is executed, it will be known all over the world. . . . Sure, all over the world, all the Mujahedeen will be talking and they will be proud of us. . . such operations will increase in America, when they hear about it. The people will be terrorised….”

MILWAUKEE — A 23-year-old Milwaukee resident charged with illegally possessing machine guns planned a massacre at a Masonic temple in the city, federal officials say.

Samy Mohamed Hamzeh was arrested after buying two automatic weapons and a silencer from undercover agents, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Wisconsin said in a statement.

Man Held At Disneyland Paris With Two Handguns

A (Musel-)man armed with two hand guns and carrying a Koran has been arrested at a hotel in Disneyland Paris, according to reports on Thursday. The man had at least two firearms and a copy of the Koran, as well as ammunition, according to several reports in the French media.

Now don’t get any ideas, not that this has anything to do with Islam:

Swedish Police Chief Prefers Muslim Assassins

WE  posted the article of the refugee worker who got stabbed to death by a 15 year old refugee she was trying to befriend and be welcoming to him.

Now the police chief is siding with the muslim kid.

What is it going to take for us Europeans to stamp this shit out for good?

Outrage as police chief shows sympathy for migrant who ‘killed’ refugee centre worker
OUTRAGE has been sparked after the Swedish police chief showed sympathy for a migrant accused of stabbing a young woman to death at a refugee centre.

Anne Aly, Islamo Agitprop, Labor Candidate For WA

Anne Aly is an Islamo agitprop. She is an expert in subversion, in obfuscation and deflection, otherwise known as taqiyya. Her single purpose in life is to prevent scrutiny of Islam, to prevent the kafirs from taking a closer look at the text and tenets of the Islamic belief system, and accuse unbelievers of ‘othering’ Muslims. Her main concerns are that non-muslims could wizen up to the Islamic game plan and to actually prevent the further Islamisation of Oz.

Labor names counter-terrorism expert as candidate for WA seat of Cowan
Counter-terrorism expert Anne Aly is named as Labor’s Cowan candidate for the upcoming election.–ABC.NET.AU
Kangaroo Jihad
The first thing any “counter terrorism expert” would have to do is to get rid of the politically correct BS that obscures and obstructs any clear understanding of the jihad doctrine. Anne Aly could start with this young man, who clearly takes his religion seriously and is determined to “strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers”…..
A MELBOURNE teenager allegedly discussed packing a kangaroo with explosives, painting it with an Islamic State symbol and setting it loose on police officers.
Again, it is extremely galling that the journallie insists on calling this dangerous soldier of allah a “MELBOURNE teenager”. He is no such thing. If a rat is born in a stables it doesn’t make it a horse.

Good Dhimmi!

Cardinal welcomes Muslim conference’s declaration on religious minorities

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the retired archbishop of Washington, was present in Marrakesh and welcomed the declaration.

The obviously senile cardinal has a history of cocksuckery:

“Catholic Cardinal McCarrick Embraces Islam,”(just a reminder how deluded and how dangerous these fools are.)


“It is truly a great document, one that will influence our times and our history,” the prelate said, according to a Catholic News Service report. “It is a document that our world has been waiting for and a tribute to the Muslim scholars who prepared it,” he added. “As one of the People of the Book, I thank you for this document and I thank the Lord God who has provided his followers the courage to prepare this document.”  (More grovelling and dhimmi gratitude here)

The dhimmi is obliged not to mention Allah or His Apostle. Jews, Christians, and Majins must pay the jizya and on payment must hang their head while the official takes hold of his beard and hits him on the protuberant bone beneath his ear. Their houses may not be higher than the Muslims’. The dhimmi may not ride a horse or mule; he may ride a donkey only if the saddle is of wood. He may not walk on the good part of the road and must wear an identifying patch, even women. Dhimmis must hold their tongue……

Al-Ghazali (1058-1111)
(The most celebrated scholar in the history of Islamic thought)

[The dhimmi] is commanded to put his soul, good fortune and desires to death. Above all he should kill the love of life, leadership and honor. [The dhimmi] is to invert the longings of his soul, he is to load it down more heavily than it can bear until it is completely submissive. Thereafter nothing will be unbearable for him. He will be indifferent to subjugation or might. Poverty and wealth will be the same to him; praise and insult will be the same; preventing and yielding will be the same; lost and found will be the same. Then, when all things are the same, it [the soul] will be submissive and yield willingly what it should give. [Tafsir ibn ‘Ajibah. Commentary on Q9:29. Ahmad ibn Muhammad Ibn `Ajibah]

World champion of grovelling dhimmies:

“We, the Arab Christians, always defend Islam and our Muslim brothers – no one defends Islam like the Arab Christians do.”

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Sweden: army prepares for war as police flee mob of Muslim ‘migrants’

Sweden to expel 80,000 “migrants”

Europe migrant crisis: Sweden to expel 80,000 asylum seekers

Europe doesn’t have a “migrant crisis”, Europe has a  problem with the global jihad, in the form of a Muslim invasion. These 80.000  “asylum seekers”  are not gone yet, and thousands more are coming every day. Its too little too late.

Sweden, which is home to 9.8 million people, is one of the European Union countries that has taken in the largest number of refugees in relation to its population. Sweden accepted more than 160,000 asylum seekers last year.

But the number of migrant arrivals has dropped dramatically since Sweden enacted systematic photo ID checks on travellers on January 4.  See More

Sweden to expel 80,000 migrants
Sweden intends to expel up to 80,000 migrants who arrived in 2015 and whose application for asylum has been rejected, Interior Minister Anders Ygeman said today.

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Australia: Defence spends $640k on sex changes

Remind me again: what’s the military for?

We also have a “lack of skill on trans issues”, according to  RAAF reservist Group Captain McGregor, who writes for gay and lesbian journal, the Star Observer, as the nation went back to work after Australia Day celebrations.

Defence spends $640k on sex changes

Transgender senior military officer Cate McGregor: “Abbott deserves more credit for acceptance”

TAXPAYERS spent $648,000 over 30 months for sex change and breast enhancement procedures for serving members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

This included 13 cases of gender dysphoria (gender identity disorder) including 10 from male to female and 15 breast enhancements between November 2012 and April this year.

The bill does not include pharmaceuticals issued by Defence.

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) led the way with six members undergoing gender identity treatment and eight breast enhancements.

Next was Army with five gender cases and four breast procedures and finally the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) with just two and three respectively.

The circumstances leading to the various surgical procedures is not known.

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ADF-linked website for Muslim members calls for overthrow of Australian government

ADF-linked website for Muslim members calls for overthrow of our government, says we are at war with Islam and its followers

We are not just queering the military, we are also seeing rapid Islamisation:

The Defence publication “Guide to Religion and Belief in the ADF” provides a link for Muslim members  and their commanders to assist serving Muslim members in the practice of their faith – http://islam.iinet.net.au/channel/learn.html

The QandA section is here https://islamqa.info/en/

On 6 February 2015 that website published this Islamic ruling:

 98134 – Concept of democracy in Islam Published Date: 2015-02-06 

“What is the ruling on promoting democracy”?

Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajid:

“Democracy is a system that is contrary to Islam (because) legislative authority is given to someone other than Allah, may He be exalted. In these systems legislation has been promulgated allowing abortion, same-sex marriage and usurious interest (riba); the rulings of sharee‘ah have been abolished; and fornication/adultery and the drinking of alcohol are permitted. In fact this system is at war with Islam and its followers.

107166: Ruling on democracy and elections and participating in that system Published Date: 2008-10-09


The scholars of the Standing Committee for Issuing Fatwas were asked:

Is it permissible to vote in elections and nominate people for them? Please note that our country is ruled according to something other than that which Allaah revealed? 

They replied:

It is not permissible for a Muslim to nominate himself in the hope that he can become part of a system which rules according to something other than that which Allaah has revealed and operates according to something other than the sharee’ah of Islam. It is not permissible for a Muslim to vote for him or for anyone else who will work in that government, unless the one who nominates himself or those who vote for him hope that by getting involved in that they will be able to change the system to one that operates according to the sharee’ah of Islam, and they are using this as a means to overcome the system of government, provided that the one who nominates himself will not accept any position after being elected except one that does not go against Islamic sharee’ah. End quote.

Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Azeez ibn Baaz, Shaykh ‘Abd al-Razzaaq ‘Afeefi, Shaykh ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Ghadyaan, Shaykh ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Qa’ood.

Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah (23/406, 407

They were also asked:

As you know, here in Algeria we have what are called legislative elections. There are parties which call for Islamic rule, and there are others that do not want Islamic rule. What is the ruling on one who votes for something other than Islamic rule even though he prays?

They replied:

The Muslims in a country that is not governed according to Islamic sharee’ah should do their utmost and strive as much as they can to bring about rule according to Islamic sharee’ah, and they should unite in helping the party which is known will rule in accordance with Islamic sharee’ah. As for supporting one who calls for non-implementation of Islamic sharee’ah, that is not permissible, rather it may lead a person to kufr, because Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“And so judge (you O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) among them by what Allaah has revealed and follow not their vain desires, but beware of them lest they turn you (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) far away from some of that which Allaah has sent down to you. And if they turn away, then know that Allaah’s Will is to punish them for some sins of theirs. And truly, most of men are Faasiqoon (rebellious and disobedient to Allaah).


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“I think I’ll die without seeing a tranny of the year…..”

Not having a real tranny for ‘Australian of the year’ makes us “weak”, somehow. Just wondering how more trannies we need tol keep the country safe.

BBoKWzO.imgMorrison a ‘weak’ choice: McGregor
Former Chief of Army David Morrison was a weak and conventional choice for Australian of the Year, according to fellow finalist Catherine McGregor. (Read the full article by clicking the link or scroll down for more.)

David Morrision is another hectoring activist of the year

“Our” ABC journallie, Vitrioli and her sidekick,  are back pushing homo ‘marriage’, Islamisation and globull worming. Not necessarily in that order, but just as fanatically as in the years before. Ah yes, before I forget it: the republic is back again, too….

David Morrision is another hectoring activist of the year


What’s wrong with Australia? After 228 years, the only thing we can think of to celebrate this ­nation’s great achievements, and the liberation of its native inhabitants from the Stone Age, is the appointment of a tin soldier who excoriates us for sexism, family ­violence and lack of patriotism.

Does an ever-­upward but otherwise unremarkable military career (until he delivered a speech written for him by a transsexual Twitter troll and fellow AOTY nominee) really fall within the category of “outstanding achievement” envisaged by the National Australia Day Council for an Australian of the Year?

Yet it seems David Morrison is now to be turned loose on the country, licensed to lecture and hector all and sundry for their failure to conform to his barrack-­room discipline on social stan­dards. As a lieutenant-general, Morrison might have passed ­unnoticed onto the retired list but for his 2013 outburst in a video clip applauded by the usual coterie of feminists, left-wing ideologues and the campaigning broad­casters of the ABC.


What we don’t hear often are the voices saying that Morrison demoralised the army with his “feminisation” of the service, which scandalously included taxpayer-­funded sex change operations. Or that his concerns about gender bashing came very late in his career. The enthusiasm for his YouTube clip effectively snuffed out any analysis of the Morrison style: the fierce, almost jihadist ­fanaticism in his eyes, the tigh­tened facial muscles, what might be taken to be a self-righteous vindictiveness lurking in his delivery.

Those who puzzled as to why the Chief of Army needed to deal so publicly with an internal disciplinary matter involving spotty cadets and a hidden video camera might just have glimpsed the ­unleashing of a political ambition fettered for four decades by military discipline.

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Legitimising Polygamy

Polygamy. You ‘ll have to pay for it.

Not only in the UK. On the mainland of EUrabia; in the U.S. and even here in Australia its already happening. And our welfare offices are instructed not to raise the alarm about it.

This is what’s coming if we don’t rise up against this evil. This is what the left says we should respect and tolerate.

Get Ready To Pay Millions For Polygamy. It Was Just Approved
There are many religious customs in Islam that are considered inhumane and cruel. However, one sickening tradition to which many Muslims adhere was just legally…

Liberal multiculturalist wishful thinking is meeting reality in Germany. Soon it will be meeting reality all over Europe and the U.S. as well.

Pubs and clubs in Germany’s “inclusive” “Green City” Freiburg forbid refugees 
A group of nightlife spots in the German city of Freiburg have banded together to bar refugees following a string of reported crimes. | Pamela Geller

      Picture of the Week      

Some “feminists” would rather protect Muslim men from
criticism than protect women from sexual assault. (Gatestone)
Cultural enrichment with Mohammedan “migrants”
Europe grows a backbone, demos planned against Islamization of their nations
Demos planned against Islamization of their nations. It appears the lowly peasants have has enough of their liberal elite abandoning European civilization.

Europe: The ship is going down

Sam Gerrans


It is sobering to realize that the supposed captains on the ship your forebears built over millennia are willfully detonating the bulkheads and drilling large holes in the hull whilst claiming there is nothing anyone could possibly have done.
The Kübler-Ross model of trauma describes the emotional pathway for any European with an interest in protecting the continent his forebears created from the perfidy of national leaders whose actions will breed him and his children out of existence.

First there was denial: surely Angela Merkel couldn’t be so stupid as to sink the European ship?

Next came anger as news of the organized attacks by so-called asylum-seekers on European white women seeped through the checkpoints embedded in the mainstream media machine.

Then came the stage known as bargaining as people thought they would settle for some restrictions on numbers so long as the tidal wave was stopped.

And now we are at enforced acceptance: the tidal wave will not stop – so get used to it – with Jeremy Corbyn, for example, calling for the UK to take similar numbers as Germany.

If you feel like you didn’t vote for any of this, that’s because you didn’t. Your opinion isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. It’s people like George Soros who are making these decisions. Your job is to shut up, pay taxes, and learn to get on board with this new round of social engineering and ethnic cleansing.

But now that it is obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that – hand-wringing apart – the fix is in, it is interesting to observe how career politicians are talking now that the dust is settling on the new reality.

Because talk is all that they will do. We are at the tipping point. And once we get over that, the ship is going down, make no mistake.

Stranded Mohammedans scuffle with Greek police officers at the Greek-Macedonian border, near the village of Idomeni, Greece © Alexandros Avramidis / Reuters

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“Share Our Luck”

A$$hole of the Month:

He has no mandate to give away what doesn’t belong to him. 

‘Share our luck’: Baird urges Australians to welcome refugees
NSW Premier Mike Baird says Australia will be denying its history if it closes the door on new arrivals.–ABC.NET.AU
Australia Day: Some Unfashionable Facts
So the national day, 26 January, rolls around again and with it, as is the well established tradition, comes another bout of national self loathing and offence taking, led of course by the so-called national broadcaster.  – XYZ |BY BOETHIUS
Australia: Muslims threaten police, follow officers home and use drones to spy on them
Showing them who is in charge, both in Australia and in Europe — and increasingly in North America as well. This absurd situation is courtesy our political elites.
“Thugs threaten police in Sydney’s west, following officers home and using drones to spy on them,” by Lia Harris, The Sunday Telegraph, January 16, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
The smell of sanity
Cafe Owner Wins Appeal After Neighbor Claimed ‘smell of bacon offends Muslims’

An English Court declared that the owners of a cafe were Allowed to Keep Cooking Bacon, despite the complaints of the neighbor, who made a Point to Highlight his Muslim Religion !!!!!

After a six month legal battle between a pair of cafe owners and their Muslim neighbor…TRUTHANDACTION.ORG