Muslims trying to coerce French women to wear the freedom sack on ‘Hijab Day’

‘Hijab Day’ at prestigious French university renews veil controversy

The freedom sack is not progress, it is the exact opposite. The fanaticism by which this lunacy is forced on naive western women is revolting.

French students wear headscarves for ‘Hijab Day’ … could “better understand … the experience of stigmatisation” of some Muslim women.

© Joseph Bamat, FRANCE 24 | A Sciences Po university student tries on a Muslim veil during the ‘Hijab Day’ event on April 20, 2016. 

Text by Joseph BAMAT /France 24

A group of university students have rekindled the heated debate over the acceptance of the Muslim veil in French society as they invited fellow classmates at the prestigious Sciences Po university to try on the garment. 

Around a dozen young women wearing colourful Muslim veils paced about nervously in the main hall of Sciences Po university in central Paris on Wednesday morning, bewildered by the numerous journalists on hand for “Hijab Day” and seemingly unprepared to answer questions about an event that had roused such attention.

They huddled around a small table, on top of which a diverse assortment of scarves had been neatly laid out. Propped up against the table a sign written in black marker read, in English, “France got 99 problems but Hijab aint one”, a rap reference that seemed lost on most passersbys.

Initially reluctant to explain why they were inviting fellow classmates to don the religious attire, they eventually gained a measure of confidence as two women stepped forward to participate.

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Boris Johnson: Merkel could have said NO

But she didn’t. Instead, she outsourced free speech to Turkey’s wannabe caliph Tayyip Erdogan. With a new GESTAPO regime run by Anetta Kahane, who between 1974 and 1982 worked for the Stasi under the code name ‘Victoria,’ and Justice Minister Heiko Maas, (an equally sinister creature) authorised to crack down on those citizens who criticise the Islamisation of Europe, this is another nail in the coffin of Western civilisation. Most surprising is that is printed in al AGE:

Erdogan is now silencing his critics in Germany – and it’s no joke

by Boris Johnson

well done Angela

Angela Merkel is cynically sucking up to Turkey’s president and undermining free speech with her outrageous response to a silly joke.

Illustration: John SpoonerIllustration: John Spooner

Love is a many splendoured thing. Cupid’s darts find the most unexpected targets. I am not for one minute prepared to exclude the possibility that erotic interest may flower between a man and a goat. The ancient Greeks clearly thought about the possibility: hence their mythologising about Pan and satyrs and other cloven-footed hybrids.

A cursory trawl of the internet reveals – according to the BBC – that in 2006 a Sudanese man called Tombe was surprised in the act in the dark with a female goat and was obliged by village elders to pay a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese dinars to its owner, and then to marry the beast. To the best of my knowledge, they are still together.

But I don’t think there is anyone of any importance who seriously believes there has been any kind of romance involving the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and any non-human mammal, caprine or otherwise.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a joint press conference on April 15.German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a joint press conference on April 15. Photo: AP

So, when a young German comedian called the Turkish leader a “goat ——-“, in a little-watched broadcast on March 31, you might have thought that the best response – from Turkey’s point of view – was a dignified silence. Yes, I suppose it was puerile. And yes, I accept that it was not in especially good taste. But it was what we call a joke. It is utterly bewildering – and slightly shocking – that the Turkish leader has failed to see this.

The episode has, as they say, got his goat, and he has deployed all Turkey’s diplomatic and political weight in an effort to persecute the satirist, 35-year-old TV host Jan Boehmermann. He and the Turkish government have officially demanded that the presenter should be prosecuted for lese-majeste – in this case causing offence to the leader of a foreign state – under an all-but defunct statute that dates to 1871 and the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm I.

Incredible though it may seem, the journalist could face five years in jail. But what is truly incredible – indeed, what is positively sickening – is that the German government has agreed at the express request of Angela Merkel that the prosecution should go ahead.

In happier times, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan meet at the Yildiz Palace ...In happier times, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan meet at the Yildiz Palace in Istanbul in 2015. Photo: Getty Images

She could have said no. The matter was entirely at her discretion. Plenty of German politicians were telling her that any such legal action would be an outrageous infringement of free speech – an act of censorship that smacked of some of the darkest moments in Germany’s 20th century history.

And yet she numbly decided to kowtow to the demands of Erdogan, a man who is engaged in a chilling suppression of Turkish freedom of expression. Erdogan only became president 18 months ago, and yet in that time prosecutors have opened 1845 cases against people accused of insulting him, including a doctor who posted a picture of Erdogan on social media, next to a picture of Lord of the Rings character Gollum.

It is no use saying the case against Boehmermann is an obvious dud, or that it will be thrown out by the German court. Think of the impact in Turkey. Imagine how you would feel if you were a Turkish journalist, worried about what you could say, and you saw Merkel – the leader of the most populous and richest country in the EU – cravenly siding with the whim of an autocrat.

You would feel alone, frightened that even Germany was unwilling to stick up for you; and you would be right. Everyone knows why she has done it. Everyone knows why Merkel is so cynically and so desperately determined to appease the Turkish leader – or at least to do nothing to irritate him; and that is because in the next few weeks and months we could have another migration crisis in the eastern Mediterranean.

We all know the original problem was exacerbated by Germany’s open-door policy. Merkel presented herself as a kind of EU Statue of Liberty, and the result was a pull factor that brought migrants flooding to Germany and other countries, via Turkey, on a scale not seen for decades. And now a deal has been done – a fragile deal by which Turkey agrees to take back refugees from Greece, in exchange for cash and renewed promises of EU membership.

But it is Turkey’s hand on the tap. Erdogan, if he chooses, can allow the trickle to turn back into a flood – with devastating consequences not just for Merkel, but for the whole project of EU integration. The British referendum is on a knife edge. All the usual suspects are out there, trying to confuse the British public, and to persuade them that they must accept the accelerating loss of democratic self-government as the price of economic prosperity.

We have heard from the IMF (which got the Asian crisis completely wrong), and the banks, all of which were wrong about the euro. The kind of people whose club-class air tickets are paid by the taxpayer, all the lobbyists and corporate affairs directors of the big companies: they are all increasingly nervous that they have been rumbled, that Britain could have a glorious future outside the EU.

There is one event in the next few weeks that could remind people of at least one salient point in this debate, – that Britain has lost control of its frontiers – and that is another migration crisis on the borders of the EU, and within the EU itself. That is one reason why it is essential for Merkel to suck up to Erdogan. That is why this egregious prosecution has drawn not a peep from Britain.

No one believes that Erdogan is a goat fancier or that muffled baa-ing is to be heard from the presidential suite in Ankara. But in a free and pluralist society there is no reason why a self-professed satirist should not make a joke about it. The process of EU integration means the wholesale erosion of democracy, and it would seem that protecting that process means the erosion of free speech as well. The whole thing is infamous.

Boris Johnson is a British politician and columnist for The Daily Telegraph.

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PEGIDA leader asks Soros: “Why should Europe follow your personal ideas” on immigration?

A sensational speech by Tatjana Festerling of PEGIDA.  Do take your time and watch this, its worth every minute and every second.

Thanks to Victor Lazlo of Rebel Media

Among other topics approached bravely and urgently, is a proper and well deserved attack on George Soros. The probable force behind much of Europe’s misery today and for some time now.

This is a very powerful speech by a most capable woman.

Tatjana is of course, predictably under investigation by the current German government as the post modern, post law and order, post liberal reality of the Western world becomes more entrenched.

Now questioning the actions of deceptive governments using truth and reason, questioning central policies of a democratic government like immigration and human rights, now may bring you criminal charges.


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Stop using islam and terror in the same sentence :))

Islamic summits are an absolute must to find a remedy for the Western ailment, whose root cause is using the terms Islam and terror in the same sentence …

Caliph Erdoğan: Jihad is awakening, not terror or killing the innocent

Psychobabble on steroids from Turkish wannabe caliph Tayyip Erdogan:

President Erdoğan reacts as he gives a speech in front of a poster with the slogan that reads Lets join hands to dignify the humanity in Istanbul on Sunday.
President Erdoğan reacts as he gives a speech in front of a poster with the slogan that reads ‘Let’s join hands to dignify the humanity’ in Istanbul on Sunday.

Harshly slamming Daesh, Al Qaida and Boko Haram terrorist organizations in his speech, President Erdoğan touched upon Islam’s core value of peace and said that the notion of ‘jihad’ is perverted and misinterpreted by these terrorist organizations, and is used as a cover for their crimes against humanity

Touching upon the notion of ‘jihad’ that is “perverted and misinterpreted” by the so-called “Islamic” terrorist organizations, he said that Islam is a religion of peace, and terrorist organizations such as Daesh, Al Qaida and Boko Haram are the biggest enemies of Islam. “Jihad is not terror at all, jihad is not about setting up a terrorist organization and killing, oppressing Muslims and innocent people. The greatest form of jihad is to fight the ignorance that let those terrorist organizations emerge.”

“Unfortunately, these terrorists, these so-called ‘Muslims,’ but in fact the fiercest enemies of Islam, only serve Islamophobia, and are torturing, oppressing, and killing innocent Muslims,” he added.

“These modern-day terrorist organizations have harmed Islam….” (More from Daily Sabah)

More idiocy from the same camp:

… “Isis has nothing with Islam,” Diab said. “There are isolated incidents all over the world that happen every day where people use the name of religion for their own agenda.” …

More nothing to do with islam at WREX thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Two “radicalised Australians” meet virgins thanks to Obama drones

Sorry, mate. To me, they don’t look like Australians. And forget about “radicalised”, we should call them ‘devout’.

Abu Salma al Australi (L) and Abu Suhaib al Australi (R) were killed in a US drone strike (Source: longwarjournal) Read more at
US drone strike kills two radicalised Australians
Two Australians have reportedly been killed by a US drone while fighting in Yemen.—WWW.9NEWS.COM.AU

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Saudi Arabia’s Role in 9/11 ‘Deliberately Covered up at the Highest Levels of Our Government’


Paul Sperry writes that the “highest levels” of the U.S. government are implicated in a cover-up of Saudi Arabia’s role in the 9/11 attacks, all to preserve diplomatic relations with the oil-rich Islamist nation.–Breitbart

From the New York Post:

In its report on the still-censored “28 pages” implicating the Saudi government in 9/11, “60 Minutes” last weekend said the Saudi role in the attacks has been “soft-pedaled” to protect America’s delicate alliance with the oil-rich kingdom.

That’s quite an understatement.

Actually, the kingdom’s involvement was deliberately covered up at the highest levels of our government. And the coverup goes beyond locking up 28 pages of the Saudi report in a vault in the US Capitol basement. Investigations were throttled. Co-conspirators were let off the hook.

Case agents I’ve interviewed at the Joint Terrorism Task Forces in Washington and San Diego, the forward operating base for some of the Saudi hijackers, as well as detectives at the Fairfax County (Va.) Police Department who also investigated several 9/11 leads, say virtually every road led back to the Saudi Embassy in Washington, as well as the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles.

Yet time and time again, they were called off from pursuing leads. A common excuse was “diplomatic immunity.”

Those sources say the pages missing from the 9/11 congressional inquiry report — which comprise the entire final chapter dealing with “foreign support for the September 11 hijackers” — details “incontrovertible evidence” gathered from both CIA and FBI case files of official Saudi assistance for at least two of the Saudi hijackers who settled in San Diego.

Read the rest of the story here.

Boston Bombing Anniversary: Denying the Obvious About the Jihadist Killers’ Mosque

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As Boston prepares for the 2016 marathon, memorials have been organized across the city. Three years later, however, have the authorities really learned anything from the horrors of the bombings?

EU Terror Chief: Don’t Jail Jihadis, They’ll Only Get More Radicalised In Prison

Some related news first:

Does anyone believe these Gitmo apes (two who’s identity is protected) were radicalised in prison? And what has been done to de-radicalise them?

U.S. Frees 9 Guantanamo Prisoners, Sends Them to Saudi Arabia
All nine are Yemeni but have family ties to Saudi Arabia.

A new poll found that two-thirds of British Muslims living in Muslim neighborhoods would not give the government any information if they knew details about a terror plot.–Fox Business

by OLIVER JJ LANE/ Breitbart

Veteran Belgian politician and European Union (EU) ‘Counter-Terrorism Coordinator” Gilles de Kerchove has said “fourth-rank footsoldiers” of the Islamic State shouldn’t be jailed when they return to Europe as they would be radicalised there even more effectively than they had been in Syria and Iraq.

The comments come as Gilles de Kerchove calls upon European countries to show leniency to certain returnees from the Islamic State. In a plan that appears to take some inspiration from counter-gang membership initiatives in cities like London, Mr. de Kerchove said Islamic State fighters coming to Europe who could be proved to have not killed anybody while serving the caliphate could be put to use by Western governments.

The Eurocrat questioned the utility of prison as a rehabilitative tool for returning jihadis, suggesting that upon release they may end up being more radicalised than they had been at the time of incarceration, reportsThe Guardian.

Speaking of the unknown number of cases where individuals defect from European states to ISIS before changing their minds again without having done any actual fighting, Mr. de Kerchove said: “If there is no evidence that they are an active jihadi – for instance, they crossed the border and spent a week with the organisation but were really just washing dishes, a fourth-rank footsoldier, then saw people beheaded and rushed to leave, saying, ‘I made a big mistake’ – is it really worth putting them on the trail that leads to prison?”.

Mr. de Kerchove acknowledged the significant problems affected the prisons of many European nations, which have in some cases become colonies of radical Islam. He said: “Prisons are major incubators of radicalisation. Therefore, if you can avoid prison for those who do not have blood on their hands and are genuinely ready to engage in a rehabilitation programme, why don’t we try alternatives?”.

Turning to his native Belgium, the European state with the highest per-capital number of inhabitants fighting with the Islamic State, Mr. de Kerchove criticised the state for being too “blunt” with jihadists, and just jailing them instead of rehabilitating them.

Breitbart London has reported at length on the radicalisation of prisons, which has apparently been allowed to spread and entrench itself under the noses of European politicians and law enforcement professionals. A report this month highlighted how Muslim extremists run whole prison blocks according to their own sharia law, where even non-Muslim inmates are forced to obey laws set by Islamist inmates.

The connection between radical prisons and Islamist terror is also being observed in Europe’s terror attackers. A March report shows how all the Brussels, Paris Bataclan, and Paris Charlie Hebdo attackers had been radicalised in prison while serving time for other crimes.

Muslims make up 23 per cent of the British prison population, and is rising fast — up 122 per cent in the past 13 years. In France, the prison population is estimated to be above 60 per cent.


Not everyone is that dense, not yet. Yes, they danced, just like they danced after 9/11 or all the other jihad massacres, and handed out sweets, like they always do:

Belgian Interior Minister says many Muslims danced after jihad attacks

By Robert Spencer

Jambon sees that many Muslims in Belgium hate Belgium, and assumes that this must be Belgium’s fault. It never seems to occur to him that Muslims might very well hate the West for reasons of their own, based on Islamic texts and teachings and having nothing to do with the behavior of Western authorities. The ethnocentralism and paternalism of his assumptions doesn’t occur to Jambon, either. He is just sure that the hatred comes from Belgium’s failure to integrate the Muslim immigrants. Yet the very idea that integration of Muslims into secular non-Muslim societies can happen on a large scale is predicated on the assumption that they will discard, or do not believe in at all, the Qur’an’s designation of Muslims as “the best of people, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong” (3:110) and unbelievers as “the most vile of created beings” (98:6). Why should the “best of people,” those who uniquely know what is right and what is wrong, submit to the societal mores and laws of the most vile of created beings? But of course Western authorities don’t bother themselves with such minutiae.

Jan Jambon2

“‘Many danced after attacks’: Muslim integration failure caused ‘cancer’ – Belgian Interior Minister,” RT, April 17, 2016:

Belgium’s integration policy has caused a “cancer” within Muslim communities, many of whom “danced” after the deadly Brussels attacks last month, said the Belgian Interior Minister, blaming the government for failing to integrate migrants into society.

No, the gov’t did not fail to integrate Muslims. Muslims failed Belgium like they failed every infidel society.

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Merkel Lies

A satirical poem lands a German comedian in legal trouble:

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government granted Turkey’s request to proceed with legal action against a German satirist who derided President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, risking a domestic backlash over freedom of expression.

“We’re allowing this because we are confident of the strong justice system in our state,” Merkel told reporters in Berlin Friday.

“Strong” might be underselling it. Try “oppressive” or “tyrannical”. As Mark Steyn observes of Merkel: “You can take the girl out of East Germany, but you can’t take the East Germany out of the girl.” Further on this troubling case:

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus on Monday said the German comedian had committed a “heavy crime against humanity” by insulting the Turkish head of state. ”No one has the right to insult” Erdogan, Kurtulmus told reporters. (Tim Blair)


Merkel surrenders free speech to Turkey

Andrew Bolt

A pathetic surrender of free speech to the Muslim world – and from the German leader who imported 1 million illegal immigrants in just one year:

Angela Merkel came under fire from free speech campaigners after agreeing to a demand from Turkey that a German comedian who accused President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of bestiality in a TV broadcast should be prosecuted.

In a surprise decision that split her government, she said that judges would now have to decide whether Jan Bohmermann should be convicted under rarely used legislation against “insulting a foreign head of state”.

The German Chancellor was immediately lambasted for “kowtowing” to the Turkish president, whose support she badly needs to implement an EU agreement to take back illegal migrants caught entering Europe.

She had been put on the spot by Bohmermann, 35, when he provocatively mocked the Turkish leader on the German public broadcaster ZDF on March 31, falsely suggesting in a comic poem that he hit girls, watched child pornography and engaged in bestiality with farmyard animals.

Remember when this hypocrite marched in the “Je suis charlie” protests against the Islamist massacre of Charlie Hebdo writers and cartoonists, vowing to defend free speech?


She lied.

goatf Erdi

Brussels Terrorist Was Star Of Documentary About Successful Integration Of Immigrants


“….he didn’t party or drink because of his religion…”

The Syrian-origin Swedish passport holder arrested in Belgium last week for his involvement in the Brussels bomb attacks is a former poster boy for Sweden’s efforts at integrating migrants into their society.

Now accused of murder, and captured on CCTV cameras carrying bags which contained the explosive devices which killed 32 civilians, Islamist Osama Krayem had once been hailed as a model of integration. A former employee of the city of Malmo, at the age of 11 Osama starred in a documentary about migrants in Sweden.

Both of Osama’s parents are Syrian migrants to Sweden, and have told tabloid Aftonbladet they wanted to see their son integrate into Swedish society. The family featured in a 2005 documentary called ‘Without Borders — A Film About Sport And Integration’, in which football-mad Krayem demonstrated how the Malmo football team had helped him settle into Swedish society.

The club had run an integration project, encouraging local migrant youth to play football. Club marketing manager Christer Girke said of the programme: “We wanted to show the importance of integration… the boys were to go to the association to see what the other Swedes did and get to know the [football] associations were important, how it can be a gateway to jobs and much more”.

At the time of the film’s release, he had told local media: “90 percent of our members have a migrant background, as this integration is something I think a lot about. With this project we want to take responsibility for the society we all be living in formed. And how we are formed as people”.

A school friend told the paper that he was “noticeable” by the fact he didn’t party or drink because of his religion. Even when Krayem started posting pictures of himself on Facebook with Islamic State flags and guns, his old friends didn’t think anything was wrong. One said he just thought Krayem was trying to be “cool”, and that was just what “young people are doing”.

Shot with a budget of £22,000, an opening-night review of ‘Without Borders; in Sydsvenskan hailed the “football mad sons” of the Krayem family — the central players in the film — as showing “the essential role of sport for integration”.

When Osama Krayem got a job with Malmo city council as a management intern, he may have been displaying the outward signs of assimilation that were expected of him, but what his employers did not know is that he was saving his salary to buy tickets to Syria. He worked for a year, before suddenly failing to turn up for work one day in 2014.

Osama had successfully joined the Islamic State and started posting pictures of his exploits on Facebook. A year later, Krayem has swapped the migrant enclave he had grown up in — Rosengard — for another. Traveling through Greece as a refugee, he came to reside in Molenbeek, Brussels, he took on took a leading role in organising the bomb attacks.

That superficially well integrated migrants could be plotting attacks or engaging in criminal activity is not a phenomenon limited to Sweden. Breitbart London reported in January on four “unaccompanied minor” migrants who sexually abused young girls at their new school shortly after arrival.

The headmistress of the school responsible for the boys, who abused girls as young as 14, said they were ““integrating themselves very well” into Austrian society.

Brussels: 90% Of Muslim Teens Call Jihad Murderers Heroes
“HOW is it that people who were born here in Brussels, in Paris, can call heroes the people who commit violence and terror? That is the real question we’re facing.”

Dirty Christian Kuffars

Aid worker warns Britain many migrants have ‘no intention of living under Christian law’
 serb migrants

REFUGEES in Europe’s biggest migrant camps are routinely dishing out anti-Christian slurs to the kind-hearted volunteers who are supporting them, aid workers have told

However, speaking frankly about integration and resettlement, one aid worker warned European nations, and Britain in particular, must handle immigration with a firm hand. The aid worker from Serbia, who asked to remain anonymous and has worked on the crisis in the Balkans, speaks Arabic and is often mistaken for a Muslim. Because of this he has been able to hear and understand scathing remarks made against aid workers providing help to refugees.

These include the charity workers being branded “filthy Christian kuffars” – a derogatory Arabic word meaning non-believer.

He said: “The difference is I know these people, I hear them. I’m sorry, I have to say it, I hear what they say when they speak to their own people – not what they say in English.

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