Jordan: Muslim Holy Man Assassinates Christian Cartoonist/Journalist

Part 2 of Killer Cartoons

The plucky little king and his glamorous Islam promoting wifey killed him. How? By not offering him protection. Simple.


Nahid Hattar was murdered outside the court where he was facing charges for insulting Islam. In response, if they make any response at all, Western leaders will no doubt say that Nahid Hattar should have been more respectful of Islamic religious beliefs. That is always their response: if Muslims will kill you for doing something, we are told that we shouldn’t do it, and that it is wrong and insulting and offensive to do it. No one ever tells the Muslim killers to stop being irrational, violent bullies.– Robert Spencer

Christian cartoonist/Journalist murdered by a Mohammedan holy man?

The gunman was arrested at the scene has been identified as Riyad Ismail Abdullah, a 49-year-old imam who recently returned from making the Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.”

How did an imam, someone who has dedicated his life to understanding Islam properly, get the idea that he should murder people who are perceived as insulting Islam? Could what our leaders tell us about how Islam is entirely peaceful be false? Could such an injunction really be part of the religion?

Jordan: Murderer of Christian charged with insulting Islam was Muslim cleric

More on this story. “Imam kills Christian writer charged over anti-Islam cartoon,” by Ajomole Helen,, September 25, 2016:

Jordanian writer, Nahed Hattar was shot dead by a suspected Islamist gunman today Sunday, September 25th, outside the courtroom where he was due to stand trial for insulting Islam by sharing a cartoon on Facebook. 

Hattar was arrested in August for sharing a cartoon on Facebook showing a bearded man in heaven smoking, lying in bed with women and calling on God to bring him wine and cashew. He captioned the cartoon which he deleted shortly after posting it: 

“It mocks terrorists and their concept of God and heaven. It does not infringe God’s divinity in anyway” 


Mr Hattar said the cartoon was intended to mock jihadists and their twisted interpretation of Islam but Jordan’s government charged him with insulting the faith and “provoking sectarian rifts”. The writer rejected the charges and planned to fight the case. 

“I am mocking the terrorists and their conception of hell and heaven,” Mr Hattar wrote shortly before his death. “I’m not insulting the supreme Allah, at all, on the contrary, I’m against the type of God that the terrorists worship

The gunman was arrested at the scene has been identified as Riyad Ismail Abdullah, a 49-year-old imam who recently returned from making the Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. 

Mr Hattar’s family immediately blamed Jordan’s government for failing to protect the writer, saying the decision to publicly charge him with offending Islam had made him a target for Muslim extremists. 

“We hold the Ministry of Interior responsible,” said Jamal Attar, a cousin. “This is the first assassination in Jordan that targets a person over nothing but his opinion, for freedom of speech. The prime minister was the first one who incited against Nahed when he ordered his arrest and put him on trial for sharing the cartoon.” the victim’s cousin Saad Hattar said….

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