Words from a “High” Representative of the EU

“Immigration is a phenomenon that will go on….

I know it’s something some of you don’t want to hear but it’s a reality. There are seven billion people on the earth and more and more inequalities……”– Federica Mogherini

 Mogherini may be a brainless twat, but she is nevertheless dangerous. A cog in the EU machinery. As a devout Marxist apparatchik for the NWO, she is a programmed traitor. It is an absurd myth which is being peddled that migration is a natural condition. To suggest that we are somehow responsible for “inequalities” in the third world and that we should accommodate billions of illiterate savages to replace us is monstrous. But she knows what side she’s on and so should you.

Words from a “High” Representative of the EU
This (from François Desouche ) will cheer you up: Federica Mogherini, High Representative on Foreign Affairs of the European Union, anno…  GALLIAWATCH.BLOGSPOT.COM

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