Geert Wilders: the original is always better!

Just before the election, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte tries to sound just like Wilders to rally the troops:

‘Integrate or Leave’: As Wilders Surges in Polls Dutch PM Ramps Up Migrant Rhetoric

Terrorist-tied co-chairman of Women’s March relies on the stupidity of liberal American females to push sharia

By M. Catharine Evans

Linda Sarsour, the radical Muslim activist who helped organize the national Woman’s March this past Saturday, is a “nasty” interloper hoping to spread the oppression of sharia law to American women.  In her speech, she told the crowd that Muslims have been victimized and are suffering under American government oppression.

How mind-bendingly ludicrous.  Logically, Sarsour should be there to criticize Islam, which treats girls and women as non-human slaves with absolutely no rights.  Instead, her speech was anti-American, anti-Trump, and anti-Israel, which, I suspect, was the whole agenda behind the well organized, well funded marches across the country.

Sarsour, the executive director of the Arab American Association of New York (AAANY), set up shop selling the myth of Islamophobia soon after 9/11.  She is a hijab-wearing pro-Hamas Islamic supremacist with an in-your-face attitude.  In 2004, she admitted in a Columbia University publication that her brother-in-law was serving a 12-year sentence in Israel after being accused of Hamas-related activities.  Sarsour also stated that she herself had been questioned by authorities in the U.S. and that her Palestinian husband, who had been here for seven years, faced deportation hearings.  No wonder she was honored by the Obama White House as a “champion of change.”

In a 2008 interview with Tyra Banks about people’s reaction to traditional Muslim clothing, Sarsour responded:

I’m so sick and tired of the ignorance in this country, the fear[.] … If you’re afraid some Muslim guy’s going to bomb the plane, take the damn bus. (video)

Like her infidel sisters at the D.C. March, Sarsour likes using the F-word.  In her 2011 YouTube performance of the “Hijabi Monologues,” Sarsour takes a page out of Al Sharpton’s playbook.  She claims she suffered all kinds of anti-Muslim abuse growing up in Brooklyn.  It makes her “angry and tired” when people ask her where she’s from.

Do you not see me? … I’m tired … My name is Linda[.] … F— you, what the f— is your problem, a——, where the f— are you from?

At 17, Sarsour wed in an arranged marriage, but this kind of anti-feminist Muslim patriarchal oppression of women hearkening back to the 7th century doesn’t seem to present any problem for the marchers.  Men marrying little girls, genital mutilation, stoning, and denial of human rights are simply “cultural differences.”  For the dimwitted Madonnas and Judds out there, Sarsour represents diversity, not subversive assimilation into a feminist movement for the express purpose of enslaving them under sharia as well.

Sarsour’s ties to far-left groups and individuals, in addition to terrorist organizations, helps her attract all sorts of radicals to her cause.  She hangs out with communist Harry Belafonte, referring to him as Mr. B; Black Lives Matter activists; Mustafa Abdullah, an organizer with the St. Louis chapter of the ACLU; and others.  Sarsour’s connections enabled her to be effective in helping to halt the NYPD’s surveillance of mosques.  Her latest act: getting hundreds of thousands of stupid American females to show up with vagina hats to protest a new president who promises to crack down on Islamic radicals like herself.  At the same time, she was working the crowd, tying repressive hijabs on their heads.

It was quite a victory for the America-hating Sarsour.

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Meet Kishwar Rizvi, prof of ‘misconceptions & stereotyping of Islam dispelling’

Hugh Fitzgerald: Professor Kishwar Rizvi and “Misinformation About Islam”

“There has been much misinformation about Islam. Reports in Western media tend to perpetuate stereotypes that Islam is a violent religion and Muslim women are oppressed.” — Professor Kishwar Rizvi, in Salon

Apparently for Ms. Rizvi, a professor at Yale of Islamic Art and Architecture, it is “misinformation” about Islam that leads to the “stereotypes” (that is, views) that Islam “is a violent religion” and that ‘Muslim women are oppressed.” And if it’s a “stereotype,” it must, in Rizvi’s view, be false. It’s not quite as simple as that. Just because something has become a “stereotype” doesn’t mean that it should be dismissed rather than discussed; stereotypes are not plucked at random from the air, but can reflect, to a greater or lesser degree, an observable truth. The question is: how much evidence exists to support these particular “stereotypes”?

Is there any reason to think that Islam is a “violent religion”? Where shall we start? What about with the 109 Jihad verses that call for war against the Unbelievers for the sake of establishing Muslim rule? Here’s just a tiny sample, to refresh Professor Rizvi’s memory:

Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [sedition or unrest, connected to disbelief] is worse than killing… but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [unrest, and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone.

Quran (2:216) – Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.”

Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”.

Quran (4:76) – “Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah…”

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…Dee Madigan pushes for an Islam flavoured Australia Day

Larry Pickering

Token Fox News and ABC rabid Leftie, Dee Madigan, is still promoting anything that will upset the majority and give her more air time to flick her apparently seldom-washed hair at the millions who detest her.

While Aboriginal activists can’t decide if they want to dump Australia Day, hijack it or burn our flag, Madigan believes she can revive the failed multicultural myth by promoting hijab-wearing Muslim girls as being typically Australian.

                                                 Returning to a street near you

Okay, these Muslim girls are untypically pretty little things and represent the Muslim community inaccurately well, but this is not a Muslim event and they are far from an example of Aussieness as are the latest Australians of the Year who have debased the original concept of Australia Day.

If you want to be an Aussie of the Year you will need to promote transgender activities or be a tall Aboriginal football player who bullies little Australian girls in front of 80,000 fans.

Beer, pork pies, topless sheilas and barbeques (we have lost the Holden cars somewhere) are not Islamic celebratory items. In fact they are everything that is anathema to Islam, so why is Madigan pushing divisive Islam on to Australians who just want their day to themselves?

We just want to have one day of the year free from white Aborigines and moaning Muslims.

Well, Madigan makes an art form of promoting herself with the help of the despicable David Marr and Julia Gillard, and I must admit she is pretty good at it, but only as long as Victoria’s Premier, Daniel Andrews, the ABC and The Guardian On-line are there to give her oxygen.

Once the rabid Left adopts their version of Australia Day it’s over and it’s best that we forget it and confine the celebrations to our own back yards with a few friends. There are always a few Aussie birds determined to flash their tits!

…and as for the hijab wearers, it’s hard to get a woody over flashing them ankles covered in dark blue woollen socks. Mmmm.

The anti-trump Left are the fascists they denounce

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

Imagine if Hillary Clinton had won the election, and it was Trump supporters taking to their streets to insist she was not a legitimate president.

Imagine Trump supporters cheering when one of their most famous faces told of dreaming of “blowing up the White House”. Wouldn’t the media damn them as “fascists”?

So why go soft on Madonna?

The Left looks increasingly like the fascists they condemn. The intolerance and contempt for democracy is frightening.


Peter’s comment:

Please don’t attack Madonna she is against taking children to rallies , so she left her latest toy boy at home.

Australia: Friend of Melbourne car attacker says he “converted to Muslim and changed very quickly”


I know it’s too early to conclude police failed. But looking at the video of the Bourke St killer doing burnouts at the Flinders St station intersection moments before killing five people, I cannot help but notice that two civilians tried harder than two police officers to stop him. What orders were they under?

The video, shot a minute or two before the driver mowed down people in the nearby Bourke St mall:


Why did civilians try harder than police to stop him

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

Again, it’s too early to criticise police – and certainly before criticising police at the intersection. They were probably following orders, for a start.

But are those orders too cautious in an age in which we face people so determined to do harm?

Certainly some police think so:

THE head of the Police Association says officers should have been allowed to move on the car at the centre of the CBD carnage before the tragedy happened.

Association secretary Ron Iddles said he had been told there were opportunities to intercept or box in the Holden Commodore at the centre of Friday’s chaos.

One of the chances to pounce was in the inner-southern suburbs, Sen-Sgt Iddles said on ABC Radio.

“Those who were on the street doing the job sitting behind him in heavy traffic on Chapel St believing they could have intercepted him safely should have been allowed to do so,” he said.

Sen-Sgt Iddles said Victoria Police was sometimes “risk averse”.

“What I’ve been told is that there was ample opportunity for this person to be intercepted,” he said.

He “converted to Muslim and changed very quickly”


“A close friend told said Gargasoulas’ rantings were driven by heavy use of the drug ice, and that he had recently converted to Islam. ‘He was a great guy but ice destroyed him. Then he converted to Muslim and changed very quickly. For over a month he’s been on edge,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.”

This confirms everything I have been reporting about this incident. But there appears to be a massive cover-up by Australian media and law enforcement. In any case, this clearly deranged individual was unlikely to have been coolly and calmly carrying out an act of jihad, as we have seen jihadis do so often. Rather, Islam’s justification for violence fed and fueled his already-present rage and tendency to resort to violence.

“‘I’ll take you out… and you need an army to take me’: Chilling Facebook posts of driver with a history of drugs and violence who mowed down dozens in deadly Melbourne rampage,” by Nic White, Daily Mail Australia, January 20, 2017:

The man who allegedly ploughed through dozens of pedestrians on a rampage through the Melbourne CBD has a history of drug abuse, violence and mental issues.

Dimitrious Gargasoulas, 26, ranted about the Illuminati, called unbelievers ‘dogs’, and vowed to ‘have god’s laws re-instated’ in the weeks before the attack that killed four people.

‘I declare war on tyranny today, you dogs will have the option to either believe in me and his positive energy he offers and stay faithful to me or serve the one who enslaves you at his feet,’ he wrote on Facebook on Monday.

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Soros paid whores for Islam looking for a cause (like hating Trump)

It would be interesting to know how many of the useful idiots donning “pussy hats” at Saturday’s massive “Women’s March on Washington” had any idea—or even cared to know—who the principal organizers of the event were. The answer is undoubtedly close to zero, since the purpose of the entire charade—like all leftist charades—was merely to give the participants an opportunity to publicly signal their own moral superiority while smearing—as racists and fascists—anyone who doesn’t accept socialism, identity politics, and perpetual grievance mongering as the ultimate expressions of the American Dream. But for those who actually have an aversion to mindless indoctrination, the facts will be rather disturbing. (Continue reading)

Berlin: Anti-Trump non-Muslim feminists chant “Allah akbar” at Women’s March

Not “Allahu akbar,” but “Allah akbar,” which was the indication that the one doing the chanting was non-Muslim.

These Leftist women think that by chanting “Allah akbar,” they are standing in solidarity with Muslims, whom they think are oppressed in the U.S., or about to be oppressed by President Trump.

They either don’t know or don’t care about these elements of Islam:

Beating disobedient women, or actually, those “from whom you fear disobedience”: “Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.” — Qur’an 4:34

Nowhere does the Qur’an teach that a woman can beat a man under any circumstances.

The Qur’an likens a woman to a field (tilth), to be used by a man as he wills: “Your women are a tilth for you, so go to your tilth as you will” (2:223).

It declares that a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man: “Get two witnesses, out of your own men, and if there are not two men, then a man and two women, such as you choose, for witnesses, so that if one of them errs, the other can remind her” (2:282).

It allows men to marry up to four wives, and have sex with slave girls also: “If you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, marry women of your choice, two or three or four; but if you fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly, then only one, or one that your right hands possess, that will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice” (4:3).

It rules that a son’s inheritance should be twice the size of that of a daughter: “Allah directs you as regards your children’s inheritance: to the male, a portion equal to that of two females” (4:11).

It allows for marriage to pre-pubescent girls, stipulating that Islamic divorce procedures “shall apply to those who have not yet menstruated” (65:4).

Islamic law stipulates that a man’s prayer is annulled if a dog or a woman passes in front of him as he is praying. “Narrated ‘Aisha: The things which annul the prayers were mentioned before me. They said, “Prayer is annulled by a dog, a donkey and a woman (if they pass in front of the praying people).” I said, ‘You have made us (i.e. women) dogs.’ I saw the Prophet praying while I used to lie in my bed between him and the Qibla. Whenever I was in need of something, I would slip away. for I disliked to face him.” (Sahih Bukhari 1.9.490)

Another hadith depicts Muhammad saying that the majority of the inhabitants of hell are women:

“I looked into Paradise and I saw that the majority of its people were the poor. And I looked into Hell and I saw that the majority of its people are women.” Sahih Bukhari 3241; Sahih Muslim 2737)

When asked about this, he explained:

“I was shown Hell and I have never seen anything more terrifying than it. And I saw that the majority of its people are women.” They said, “Why, O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “Because of their ingratitude (kufr).” It was said, “Are they ungrateful to Allah?” He said, “They are ungrateful to their companions (husbands) and ungrateful for good treatment. If you are kind to one of them for a lifetime then she sees one (undesirable) thing in you, she will say, ‘I have never had anything good from you.’” (Sahih Bukhari 1052)

Continued below:

Here’s something from the dumber-than-dirt department:

Soros paid whores for Islam  seem to believe the hijab is a fashion item:

In other news:

Fake News: Three Mainstream Media Lies on Trump’s First Day

And in another hadith:

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) went out to the musalla (prayer place) on the day of Eid al-Adha or Eid al-Fitr. He passed by the women and said, ‘O women! Give charity, for I have seen that you form the majority of the people of Hell.’ They asked, ‘Why is that, O Messenger of Allah?’ He replied, ‘You curse frequently and are ungrateful to your husbands. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religious commitment than you. A cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you.’ The women asked, ‘O Messenger of Allah, what is deficient in our intelligence and religious commitment?’ He said, ‘Is not the testimony of two women equal to the testimony of one man?’ They said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is the deficiency in her intelligence. Is it not true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?’ The women said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is the deficiency in her religious commitment.’” (Sahih Bukhari 304)


The Left’s rage unleashed on the streets of Washington. 

On Saturday, the nation’s capital was inundated with masses of loud, obnoxious, foul-mouthed Trump-hating women (there were also men) at what was billed the “Women’s March on Washington.” The Guardian called the event a “spontaneous” action for women’s rights, while Vox spoke of a “huge, spontaneous groundswell” behind the march.

While the mainstream media bombarded news consumers with news stories claiming few Americans were interested in the inauguration festivities, television ratings for President Donald Trump’s inauguration were the second-highest Nielsen has recorded in 36 years, drawing 30.6 million TV viewers across 12 networks. Factoring in live streams provided by the networks, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other online portals adds millions more viewers to the total. But what happened Saturday at the “Women’s March” was not spontaneous. No mass rallies are, especially on the Left.

This so-called “protest”, like the violent attacks orchestrated by the DisruptJ20 coalition on pro-Trump events such as Friday’s “DeploraBall” at the National Press Club, was not an organically generated demonstration.

The usual culprits were involved behind the scenes using the same fascistic tactics they used to shut down the massive Trump campaign rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago in March last year.

The groups that organized the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday were underwritten by radical currency speculator George Soros, the same man who says Communist China’s system of government is superior to our own and that the United States is the number one obstacle to world peace. (More)

Soros Has Links to 56 ‘Partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington

Billionaire liberal investor  Marxist subversive George Soros.

Seriously, did you really think a half a million people just showed up in Washington, D.C., unbidden and, as several liberal media outlets described it, “spontaneously” decided to protest Donald Trump?

To the surprise of few, it turns out that billionaire George Soros either has funded or has close ties to 56 of these “non-partisan” organizations that are listed as “partners” for the march.


Tim Blair

Campaign protests against Donald Trump helped get the man elected. The rowdier and more raucous the protests, the more TV cameras turned up to cover the show.

End result: greater coverage of Trump and his message, and reduced coverage for Hillary Clinton.

The protests also revealed the anti-democratic nature of Trump’s foes, which would have worked a treat in securing the support of middle-class Americans.

It has always been so. Leftists like to reminisce over Vietnam War demonstrations, but look who won presidential elections in 1968 and 1972, and by huge margins — Richard Milhous Nixon, whose ’72 success was the second largest in US presidential history.

Outside of dictatorships, protests, marches and demonstrations only promote their targets. An intelligent political movement might have realised this some decades ago. But we’re dealing with the Left here.

If something doesn’t work — taxes to change the weather, for example, or sucking up to extremist Islam, or “humane” refugee policies that kill people — the Left’s impulse is simply to try it again.

So, after protests and celebrity condemnation ushered Trump into the White House, what happened on the weekend? More protests and celebrity condemnation. The 45th president is only a few days into his job, and leftists are already trying to nail down his second term.

A wealthy older woman named Madonna is leading the charge. “Today marks the beginning of our story. The revolution starts here,” the multi-millionaire told a crowd in Washington DC on Saturday. “The fight for the right to be free, to be equal.”

Whatever you say, lady.

Madonna once stormed out of a fancy Jerusalem hotel after demanding two entire floors for herself and her entourage, only to spot a non-Madonna approved guest innocently strolling along a corridor. She’s a true egalitarian.

“Let’s march together through this darkness and with each step let it be known that we are not afraid, that we are not alone,” the 58-year-old continued, notwithstanding her previous commitment to solitude.

“And to those detractors who say this march will add up to nothing, f… you.”

It’ll certainly add up to something. Mostly a consolidation of support for Trump. And with that Madonna launched into a rewritten version of a song briefly ­popular during the first Clinton administration, featuring the new lines “I’m not your bitch”, “Don’t hang your shit on me” and ­“Donald Trump suck a d..k”.

She’s still got it, and no amount of penicillin can help.

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The forced indoctrination of children is not diversity, and it certainly shouldn’t be celebrated.

Paul Cooper

Why is the religious indoctrination of Muslim children being applauded and celebrated as diversity?

And so it is, here in Australia on this Thursday summer morning, a crowd-funding campaignpromoting the religious indoctrination of children has raised over $127,000, all within a 48-hour time period.

The virtue-signalling has been at its most fervent and potent, with huge virtue-signalling brownie points on offer, simply by sharing a post on your social media account, demonstrating you are tolerant, inclusive and accepting of diversity. In fact, at the time of writing, 3,295 virtue-signallers have donated to this campaign, thus receiving their fleeting shot of dopamine and heightened sense of sanctimony. But does this movement, this embodiment of brazen self-righteousness, actually understand the intricacies of what they are promoting?

The spark which ignited this whole fiasco was a billboard, which advertised an RAC-V sponsored festival in Kings Domain Gardens in Melbourne. The digital billboard included multiple rolling photographs, including one which pictured two young girls holding Australian flags, while wearing hijabs. This particular picture was taken at an Australia Day event last year, in the Docklands area of Melbourne.

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Wilders in Koblenz: politicians of all parties are working towards Islamisation


By Timon Dias

Geert Wilders of the Dutch Freedom Party, Marine le Pen of the French Front National, Frauke Petry of the German Alternative für Deutschland, Matteo Salvini, of Italy’s Northern League and Harald Vilimsky of Austria’s Freedom Party gathered on January 21 at a rally in Koblenz, Germany, where they called on European voters to participate in a “patriotic spring” to topple the European Union, reassert national sovereignty and secure national borders. For a full report and analysis, please follow this link.

Geert Wilders’ German speech with English subtitles and Marine le Pen’s speech with German subtitles can be viewed below.