Turkey’s terror watchlist names hundreds of Australian jihadis trying to join ISIS

Over 400 Australians named on a terror watchlist as suspected jihadists trying to enter Syria to join ISIS! Reminder: our trusted political-clowns used to tell us its less than 100!

MORE than 400 Australians have been named on a terror watchlist as suspected jihadists trying to enter Syria to fight for ISIS.

It’s a massive increase from 2014 when just 90 Australians were named on the Turkish watchlist – a jump of nearly 350 per cent.

A senior Turkish official has told the ABC the list, which identifies suspected jihadists likely to attempt to join ISIS’s campaign in Syria through Turkey, now includes 420 Australians.

About 180 Australians entered the region in 2015 and another 150 joined last year.

Australian ISIS recruiter Neil Prakash before and after his arrest by Turkish border guards. Picture: The Guardian

Australian ISIS recruiter Neil Prakash before and after his arrest by Turkish border guards. Picture: The GuardianSource:Supplied

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Justice Minister Michael Keenan has confirmed the government shared intelligence with Turkey about suspected fighters who had left Australia.

“I don’t want to comment on a specific number but certainly if we had information about an Australian who we haven’t been able to stop leaving Australia or they’ve left Australia and subsequently we’ve got further information about their intentions, then we will talk to the Turks about that,” Mr Keenan told the ABC.

“If they can stop any Australian going to the conflict zone then that is obviously a good thing,” he said.

Australian and New Zealand army trainers conduct a demonstration of a squad formation in Iraq. Picture: Supplied

Australian and New Zealand army trainers conduct a demonstration of a squad formation in Iraq. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

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The Turkish Government has also reportedly begun extradition proceedings for Australian terrorist Neil Prakash.

It’s understood Prakash has been accused of foreign incursion, membership of a terrorist organisation and recruitment.

Minister Keenan declined to comment on the details but said Turkey was “very aware” of Australia’s interest in his case.

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Zanetti nails it.

Australian taxpayers should not have to fund the lifestyle of this obnoxious dawa clown. Tell ABC chairman Justin Milne to cut her off: http://www.abc.net.au/contact/complain.htm

Malcolm Turnbull’s selfie with Yassmin Abdel-Magied (centre).

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is the pet Muslim of politicians trying to show their own tolerance and to sell Islam. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, for instance, has her on the Council for Australian-Arab Relations and had her on his top table at his Iftar dinner, where he took this selfie with her.

But now Abdel-Magied’s defenders show their ignorance of what free speech means in the uproar of this Facebook posting on Anzac Day:

Abdel-Magied, post.

Here is Greens deputy leader Scott Ludlam demonstrating his cluelessness about free speech, confusing debate with censorship:

 Memo to Ludlum conservatives are attacking Abdel-Magied’s Anzac Day comment but not using the law to have it banned. The first is using our free speech to criticise hers. It’s called debate.

The second option – seeking to have comments banned by law – is the Left’s favored tactic to ban debate. And that’s the true sin against free speech.

No conservative I know is trying to have Abdel-Magied taken to court or the Human Rights Commission.

The only question that comes close to an infringement of her free speech is whether she really should keep her job as presenter at the ABC.


“Lest We Forget”

Pampered Islamo-prop Yassmin Abdel Magied makes a good living dumping on her Aussie hosts. The insolent twat needs to get her marching orders, but it looks like the leftist establishment supports her in her hatred of the nation.

If Magied wasn’t black, Muslim & full of shiite she wouldn’t be on Oz TV.

‘She trashes who we are as Australians’
THE spineless ABC is refusing to sack or even condemn a star broadcaster and PC poster girl who claimed Anzac Day should be spent thinking about Manus Island detainees, not Diggers.


*** SO! .. All the politicians have had something to say…. HOW about actually DOING SOMETHING ABOUT this filthy slag. ****

ONE Nation leader Pauline Hanson has condemned Yassmin Abdel-Magied who claimed that Anzac Day should be spent thinking about Manus Island detainees, not Diggers.

“I am disgusted to hear about Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s comments. Yesterday means so much to all Australians.

“She has no understanding, no idea. The federal government has paid her to travel the world, I think to promote her book, she just wouldn’t have a clue.

“She has done her dash with most Australians who will never forget her comments. Never.”

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What does it take to get this “reprehensible” Magied sacked?

Just what does it take to get any of these foreign agents sacked? We couldn’t even get rid of Mona Shindy, for heavens sake!

Yassmin Abdel-Magied: ABC activist’s vile anti-Diggers remark slammed as ‘deeply reprehensible’

“Reprehensible”. Not enough to get her sacked.

THE spineless ABC is refusing to sack or even condemn a star broadcaster and PC poster girl who claimed Anzac Day should be spent thinking about Manus Island detainees, not Diggers.

Presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied, who labels herself “first and foremost … Muslim”, caused outrage after hijacking the sacred “Lest We Forget” tribute in a sickening insult to the nation’s war dead.

As soldiers marched across the nation, the Sudan-born Australia Wide presenter posted on Facebook: “Lest. We. Forget. (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine …)”

Yassmin Abdel-Magied, pictured on ABC’s Q&A, posted that Anzac Day should be spent remembering detainees on Manus Island. Picture: ABC

Acting Veterans’ Affairs Minister Troy Grant said, “The public were absolutely right to demand Ms Abdel-Magied apologise for her comments.

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Merkel is turning Germany into a dictatorship

Germany’s Speech Police Target Truth, Spawning Cold War Flashbacks

Thanks to Mullah

Still don’t believe that a university education makes people dumber?

American colleges instill disdain for whites, Christians, males, prosperity, & USA and call it “social justice.” They are hate nurseries. College Students In Safe Spaces Aren’t Being Educated .

Maher: Berkeley used to be the cradle of free speech, now its just a cradle….

must state whether it condones slavery & rape or fire a Sharia-supremacist who does: Jonathan Brown 

In San Diego, there is ‘islamophobic bullying’ going on….

“Islamic Takeover CONFIRMED – American School Surrenders to SHARIA LAW.” The district said it is not endorsing Islam, favoring a religion or imposing Sharia law.


The burqa debate does not present a clash of freedoms, but tyranny vs freedom. As usual, the Left is defending tyranny.


For a century Turkey has denied the Armenian genocide. What is also shameful is how little the churches have cared.

`Moderate Muslims` go to huge lengths to pretend Jihadi barbarism is nothing to do with terrorist who founded Islam

What happened to Paris?

Sack Yassmin Abdel-Magied Now!


Why make a celebrity token Muslim with  such views a member of the Federal ANZAC Centenary Commemoration Youth Working Group?

Why also make her a member of the Australian Multicultural Council? Why use government funds to promote her autobiography in the Middle East?

And why make her a presenter on the ABC, fronting a show telling us stories about Australia and the things that “unite us“?

There are many here among us  who believe ABC Presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied doesn’t have the qualifications to hold her current position.

ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied forced to delete Anzac Day post asking Australians to think about Manus Island and Palestine

ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied has been forced to delete a social media post in which she suggested Australians should be thinking about Manus Island, Nauru, Syria and Palestine today instead of the Anzacs.

The 26-year-old took to Facebook this morning to write “Lest We Forget (Manus. Nauru. Syria. Palestine), but deleted the post after being slammed by her followers.

The host of ABC 24’s Saturday morning Australia Wide quickly amended the post to simply say “Lest. We. Forget” and issued an apology.

“It was brought to my attention that my last post was disrespectful, and for that I unreservedly apologise,” she wrote.

The post, before it was deleted.
Yassmin Abdel-Magied: Issued a swift apology.
Abdel-Magied upset ABC viewers in February.

Comments flooded in from followers disgusted by Abdel-Magied’s disrespect for Anzac Day:

“Absolutely disrespectful. This day isn’t for those people it’s for the brave service men and woman who have served/serving our great country so we can try and live a normal, safe life,” wrote Wilson Sam.


That’ll do: she is not ignorant. Her insult is deliberate:

Scroll down for more.

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Can we finally discuss Islam, in public?

by Christina McIntosh

Australia: Muslim Misogyny And Its Sources in Islamic Scripture Begin To Be Discussed Critically, In Public

Just this month two noteworthy articles on Islamic misogyny, and specifically the Quranic instruction to beat disobedient or deemed-potentially-insubordinate wives, have appeared in our Aussie media.

One appeared in “The Telegraph” and subsequently in sister publications such as the ‘Brisbane Times’ and ‘Gold Coast Times’.  The author is Mark Latham, a native Sydneysider, who from December 2003 was leader of the Australian Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition, until his resignation and departure from politics in January 2005.

The other – under the uncompromising title “Praise Allah and Pass the Cudgel” – appeared in the conservative journal “Quadrant”; the author is one Peter Smith, of whom I know little; his article is, however, spot on.  

We shall begin with Mr Latham’s piece and then proceed to Mr Smith’s.  One of the more interesting aspects of Mr Latham’s article is that he sees right through the Islamic PR machine which has been in overdrive Down Under.

Islam’s biggest problem: The Koran

WHEELING out celebrity Muslims can’t veil the hopelessly outdated messages contained….

“User-Friendly Muslims Can’t Hide Their Outdated Message”.

‘In recent years the ABC, SBS, Fairfax and Channel 10 have promoted Waleed Aly and Yassmin Abdel-Magied as celebrity Muslims, supposedly giving the public a soothing, reasoned understanding of their religion.

‘But yet again – this time following the release of the Hizb-ut-Tahrir video justifying domestic violence (or, to be blunt, justifying Muslim men hitting their wives – CM) Aly and Abdel-Magied have been caught short.

‘Instead of calling for the reform of Islam (abandoning fundamentalist parts of the Koran) (or, rather, “instead of denouncing the wife-beating verse in the Koran as something to be condemned and abandoned” – CM) both have tried to depict the video as an aberration.

‘Last week they directed their audiences to an old YouTube video fo Muslim clerics opposing domestic assault and advising women to seek help.

Neither Aly nor Abdel-Magied has criticised the teachings of the Koran or called for any recasting of its text.

This is the core problem with Islam in Australia.

And it is the core problem with Islam everywhere else. – CM

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When did our gov’t start taking orders from Mecca?

Bernard Gaynor takes a look at the halal racket:

One Nation Under Islam:

According to popular wisdom, there is no way that Sharia law should, could or would be allowed in Australia. In fact, Barnaby Joyce wrote an article in The Australian on 21 May 2011 stating just that. It was titled ‘No place for Sharia law here’.

Good on him.

Unfortunately, the good news ends there. In the past.

That’s because the same Barnaby Joyce has just claimed that unless Australians stop campaigning against halal certification, which gives the big Sharia law tick of approval to the food we eat, our steaks will triple in price.

This is how the supposedly politically-incorrect MP was reported in The Australian:

“Beef prices could increase threefold or thousands of meatworkers could be sacked unless protesters cease their campaign against halal certification, Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce says.”


I don’t know how Barnaby Joyce reconciles his belief that Sharia law is not welcome in Australia, while at the same time defending a Sharia law program that he now thinks is so entrenched in our economic system that simply campaigning against its presence will send the price of meat (presumably excluding bacon) up by 300 per cent.

I’d also like him to explain exactly when he reached the logical conclusion that he could be opposed to Sharia law while at the same time overseeing the Department of Agriculture’s halal certification codes.

Unfortunately, Barnaby Joyce probably won’t pony up the courage to explain his position on these matters. But there are three points that can be made about this whole diabolical situation.

And let’s get Barnaby out of the way first.

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“Birmingham is worse than Molenbeek”

Molenbeek” — the Brussels borough that The Guardian described as “becoming known as Europe’s jihadi central.”

Islam in the Heart of England and France

by Denis MacEoin  •  April 23, 2017

  • “There are plenty of private Muslim schools and madrasas in this city. They pretend that they all preach tolerance, love and peace, but that isn’t true. Behind their walls, they force-feed us with repetitive verses of the Qur’an, about hate and intolerance.” — Ali, an 18-year-old of French origin, whose father was radicalized.
  • “In England, they are free to speak. They speak only of prohibitions, they impose on one their rigid vision of Islam but, on the other hand, they listen to no-one, most of all those who disagree with them.” — Yasmina, speaking of extremist Muslims in the UK.
  • “Birmingham is worse than Molenbeek” — the Brussels borough that The Guardian described as “becoming known as Europe’s jihadi central.” — French commentator, republishing an article by Rachida Samouri.

Omar Bakri Muhammed, who co-founded the British Islamist organization al-Muhajiroun, admitted in a 2013 television interview that he and co-founder Anjem Choudary sent western jihadists to fight in many different countries. (Image source: MEMRI video screenshot)

The city of Birmingham in the West Midlands, the heart of England, the place where the Industrial Revolution began, the second city of the UK and the eighth-largest in Europe, today is Britain’s most dangerous city. With a large and growing Muslim population, five of its electoral wards have the highest levels of radicalization and terrorism in the country.

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In other news:

Cyclist, 17, ‘hacked to death by masked machete gang’ in south London
A 17-year-old cyclist was hacked to death by masked youths wielding machetes…|BY LONDON EVENING STANDARD

“Pick a random unbeliever, publicly execute him with a flag of the (Islamic) state in the background…”

Accused terrorist Omarjan Azari stuck in Supermax after judge rejects bail application

THE man accused of conspiring to plan a terrorist attack on Australian soil has been refused bail and will remain behind bars at Goulburn’s Supermax.

Omarjan Azari, 23, had tried to secure his conditional release in the Supreme Court last month, following previous unsuccessful applications in the local court.

His counsel Winston Terracini SC had said it was unreasonable that Azari was being held at Supermax when he hasn’t been convicted of any offence and is subject to tight restrictions including limited visitors and a ban on speaking Arabic.

Azari is charged with conspiracy to murder, do act in preparation or planning for a terrorist act and making funds available to a terrorist organisation.

The court has previously heard Azari had been instructed to find people who would be killed in a public execution.

Justice Peter Garling said in his judgment today Azari hadn’t shown “exceptional circumstances exist (to justify his release). The application for bail is dismissed”.

Azari faces a range of restrictions including limited visitors and a ban on speaking Arabic.

He said he considered the Crown case to be “reasonably strong, I certainly wouldn’t regard it as being weak”.

The court has heard details of a phone call that allegedly took place between Azari and Australian IS kingpin Mohammad Baryalei shortly before Azari’s arrest on September 18 last year.

It is alleged Baryalei instructed his young charge to “find someone who will terminate five persons a month” and said there should be “videos” made of the executions.

“So it will make worldwide news, Allah willing,” Baryalei ­allegedly said as Azari allegedly replied “Yep” and “Yeah.” “I need boys … I need someone who has heart.”

Mohammad Ali Baryalei is believed to have been killed in Syria. Picture: Twitter

At a separate bail application earlier this year the court was told Azari was urged by Baryalei, thought to have since been killed in Syria, to “pick a random unbeliever” and publicly execute them.

“Finish him, finish her … put the flag of the (Islamic) state in the background,” Baryalei is alleged to have said.

The court heard Baryalei said it would serve as a message: “As you kill our people, we will also kill your people one by one.”

Azari’s solicitor Benjamin Archbold this morning tried to have the case adjourned, as some prosecution material was only served on them a few days ago, but Justice Garling ordered the case to proceed.

Azari will next face Central Local Court on September 23.