Obama turned the white house into a mosque

Iran backers met more than 30 times with senior Obama admin official

Adam Kredo writes in the Washington Free Beacon:

Two high-level Iranian government backers, including a former Islamic Republic official and another accused of lobbying on Tehran’s behalf, were hosted at the Obama White House for more than 30 meetings with top officials at key junctures in the former administration’s contested diplomacy with Iran, according to White House visitor logs that provide a window into the former administration’s outreach to leading pro-Iran advocates.

Seyed Mousavian, a former Iranian diplomat and head of its national security council, was hosted at the White House at least three times, while Trita Parsi, a pro-Iran advocate long accused of hiding his ties to the Iranian government, met with Obama administration officials some 33 times, according to recently updated visitor logs.

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Germany Downplayed Threat of Jihadists Posing as Migrants

Here’s why:

Germany’s New ‘Ministry of Truth’

War against Free Speech

by Stefan Frank

  • It seems that all ideas suspected of being “populist” — or simply those ideas without the blessing of the elites — will now be banned in Germany. This restriction applies to criticism of the government (especially regarding immigration and energy policies), of the EU, of Islam, of government officials and of the media.
  • As in communist dictatorships, the more obvious the failings of the government, the more aggressively the establishment attacks those who speak out about them.
  • Large companies such as Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile), BMW, Mercedes-Benz and the supermarket chain REWE obeyed straightaway and promised to place Breitbart on the blacklist immediately, and never to advertise there again.
  • A plucky little pizza delivery service responded to the blacklisting demand by declaring that it was “not the morality police”. The company was denounced by Der Spiegel as “inept”, and after “protests from customers”, it ended up capitulating, as the newspaper reported with much satisfaction.

(Image source for Hensel: Internet Archive screenshot)

The elites and intellectuals are apparently now counted among the German minorities in need of protection.

Toward the end of last year, Germany experienced a previously unheard-of boycott campaign – funded by the German government, no less — against several websites, such as the popular “Axis of Good” (“Achse des Guten”). The website, critical of the government, was suddenly accused of “right-wing populism”.

(Die Achse des Guten features most prominently a veteran free thinker, Hendryk Broder, a liberal German Jew with his finger on the pulse.)

The German government’s efforts at thought control seem to have begun with the victory of Donald J. Trump in the US presidential election — that seems to set the “establishment” off. Germany’s foreign minister and the probable future federal president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier — one of the first to travel to Iran after the removal of sanctions there to kowtow to the Ayatollahs — called America’s future president a “hate preacher”.

Germany’s newspapers were suddenly littered with apocalyptic predictions and anti-American fulminations.

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Jihadists Posing as Migrants

by Soeren Kern

  • More than 400 migrants who entered Germany as asylum seekers in 2015 and 2016 are being investigated for links to Islamic terrorism, according to the Federal Criminal Police.
  • The German experience with jihadists posing as migrants serves as a case study on errors for other countries to avoid. German authorities allowed hundreds of thousands of migrants, many lacking documentation, to enter Germany without a security check. German authorities admitted they lost track of some 130,000 migrants who entered the country in 2015.
  • German authorities knew in early 2015 that Walid Salihi, an 18-year-old Syrian who applied for asylum in Germany in 2014, was recruiting for the Islamic State at his asylum shelter in Recklinghausen, but they did nothing.
  • Anis Amri, the Tunisian jihadist who attacked the Christmas market in Berlin, used at least 14 different identities, which he used to obtain social welfare benefits under different names in different municipalities.
  • “We have probably forgotten to take into account what political opponents such as the Islamic State are capable of doing and how they think.” — Rudolf van Hüllen, political scientist.

German political leaders and national security officials knew that Islamic State jihadists were entering Europe disguised as migrants but repeatedly downplayed the threat, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments, according to an exposé by German public television.

German officials knew as early as March 2015 — some six months before Chancellor Angela Merkel opened German borders to more than a million migrants from the Muslim world — that jihadists were posing as refugees, according to the Munich Report (Report München), an investigative journalism program broadcast by ARD public television on January 17.

More than 400 migrants who entered Germany as asylum seekers in 2015 and 2016 are now being investigated for links to Islamic terrorism, according to the Federal Criminal Police (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA).

The revelations come amid criticism of U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s plans to suspend immigration from select countries until mechanisms are in place to properly vet migrants entering the United States. The German experience with jihadists posing as migrants serves as a case study on errors for other countries to avoid.

Based on leaked documents and interviews with informants, the Munich Report revealed that German authorities knew in early 2015 that Walid Salihi, an 18-year-old Syrian who applied for asylum in Germany in 2014, was recruiting for the Islamic State at his asylum shelter in Recklinghausen, but they did nothing. Some six months later, a search of Salihi’s accommodation produced a shotgun. Salihi was not deported.

It later emerged that between 2011 and 2015, Salihi had used seven aliases to apply for asylum not only in Germany, but also in Austria, Italy, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland. He had also been charged in several countries with a laundry list of crimes, including physical assault, robbery and weapons offenses.

In February 2014, for example, Salihi was arrested for sexually assaulting women at a discotheque in Cologne. That same month, he physically assaulted a homeless man, attacked a random passerby and attempted to strangle a fellow resident at his asylum shelter. Police later traced his cellphone to downtown Cologne on December 31, 2015, when hundreds of German women were sexually assaulted by mobs of Muslim migrants.

On January 7, 2016, Salihi stormed a police station in the 18th district of Paris while shouting “Allahu Akbar.” He was carrying a butcher knife, an Islamic State flag and was wearing what appeared to be an explosive belt. Police opened fire and shot him dead.

A former roommate described Salihi: “He was very aggressive, especially when it came to religion. To him, all unbelievers were worthless and had to die.”

Salihi was not an isolated case. According to the Munich Report, in early 2015 American intelligence agencies warned German authorities that Islamic State jihadists posing as migrants were making their way through southern Europe with the aim of reaching Germany.

The warnings, however, were ignored, and in the summer of 2015, German authorities allowed hundreds of thousands of migrants, many lacking documentation, to enter Germany without a security check.

At the time, leading German security experts insisted that the Islamic State would not send jihadists to Europe. In October 2015, for example, Holger Münch, President of the Federal Criminal Police (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA), said: “We do not have a single case yet in which it has been confirmed that members of a terrorist group from Syria or Iraq have come here to Germany specifically to commit attacks.”

Münch also said: “If you look at the risks you face by coming to Germany via the Mediterranean Sea, I think there are simpler ways to get here if you plan to do so, and you do not need a stream of refugees.”

Gerhard Schindler, President of the Federal Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienstsaid: “It is unlikely that terrorists will use the dangerous boat route across the Mediterranean to get to Europe.”

German political scientist Peter Neumann, who is Director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence at King’s College in London, said:

“There is not a single shred of evidence, proven evidence, that an Islamic State sympathizer has been smuggled to Europe. There is even less evidence that this has been an active strategy of the Islamic State. It is important that politicians do not express their own opinions and strengthen the public’s fears.”

Neumann also said:

“In recent weeks there have been a series of Islamic State videos in which it was quite clearly stated that supporters of the Islamic State should remain in the Islamic State and that they should not try to emigrate, and that this active infiltration strategy, about which is sometimes reported, is non-existent.”

Less than a month later, on November 13, 2015, Islamic State jihadists, the majority of whom entered Europe by posing as migrants, carried out the coordinated Paris attacks in which 137 people died and nearly 400 were injured.

On July 19, 2016, a 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker seriously injured five people on a train in Germany, while shouting “Allahu Akbar.” He is shown at left in an Islamic State video saying, “In the name of Allah, I am a soldier of the Caliphate and am launching a martyrdom operation in Germany… I will slaughter you in your own homes and in the streets.” Right: The attacker’s body is removed from the place where police shot him, after he charged at them with the axe.

In 2016, the true scale of the German problem of jihadists posing as migrants began to come into focus:

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Sorry Days Won’t Cure the Mental Illness of the Grievance Mongers

Seven sins of the change-Australia-Day movement

The ABC has thrown its huge taxpayer-funded weight behind thecampaign to change the date of Australia Day.  So has another state governor – almost inevitably now of the unrepresentative Left. 

They are backed by violent protesters, but let me list the reasons they are wrong.

1. Changing the date solves nothing. Many protesters are angry that Australia was “invaded” by the British. But that “invasion” happened, as did all that flowed from that. Denial won’t change that fact.

2. Changing the date does not “heal wounds”. The protesters – largely of the Left and of the Aboriginal grievance industry – cannot be appeased. They rely on being forever angry and feeling like victims. Australia has already issued a formal apology to Aborigines, apologised for the “stolen generations”, held annual “Sorry Days” and handed over a third of Australia to various forms of Aboriginal land title. Now both major parties are even discussing giving Aborigines different and superior rights under the constitution. Shifting the date of Australia Day will simply further legitimise the demands of the grievance industry and lead to yet more – including, ultimately, self-government and a form of apartheid. This would be a disaster for us all.

3. Changing the date will encourage more fake history. Many protesters claim Australia Day celebrates “genocide” and cruelties such as the “stolen generations”. In fact, there was no genocide in Australia since colonisation, and the “stolen generations” are a wild exaggeration or myth, as I have demonstrated here. (Don’t sue me for saying so. Simply argue back by, say, naming even 10 children stolen simply for being Aboriginal.)

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Oz radio tard tells Hanson wearing cross is same as wearing a burqa

‘Don’t pull the woman card’: Pauline Hanson and Robin Bailey’s tense exchange over the One Nation leader’s proposed burqa ban

  • Pauline Hanson and radio’s Robin Bailey argued over proposed burqa ban
  • Bailey, of Triple M, compared the burqa to a cross worn by a Christian
  • One Nation proposed a ban in official buildings ahead of Queensland election 

Queensland politician Pauline Hanson and radio presenter Robin Bailey were at the centre of heated debate on Tuesday morning over Ms Hanson’s proposed burqa ban.

The war of words went live to air on Brisbane radio station Triple M when Bailey compared the burqa to a cross worn by a Christian.

‘Why oh why oh why were you having a crack at the burqa. You having a go at the burqa is like having a go at a Christian for wearing a cross,’ Bailey said.

Pauline Hanson has proposed a ban on the burqa in every official building ahead of the Queensland election

Pauline Hanson has proposed a ban on the burqa in every official building ahead of the Queensland election

Robin Bailey, a Triple M radio presenter, compared the burqa to a cross worn by a Christian

The debate comes one week after Ms Hanson promised to ban the clothing in every official building in the country should the One Nation Party win in the upcoming Queensland election.

Ms Hanson disagreed with the radio personality’s comparison between the burqa and the cross, arguing the two had ‘nothing in comparison’.  (More here)

Lame Stream Media Still Doesn’t Get Trump

CNN just now: “not even seven days and Trump is already waging war with Mexico”. Unbelievable.

The way the lame stream media reports on Trump is beneath contempt. See if you can find anything, anything at all positive about America’s 45th president. Here, some of todays headlines:

Click on image to enlarge.

Mohammedan agitprop shouts over Star Parker,  truth teller

Mohammedan debating skills are simple: if your opponent tells the truth, shout him (or her) down. Typical example here:  Star Parker spoke to Jon Snow with the UK’s Channel 4 News about the immigration pause from certain countries in the Middle East. She debated a representative from CAIR who Star claimed was double-talking America’s generosity towards immigrants from the Middle East.

Australia Day Violence: fascist thugs attack police

Our new fascists: another Leftist rally turns violent

While Trump is restoring law and order to America, the left are marching with giant vaginas on their heads.

It’s perfect.

But in Australia leftoids are out for a fight:

The Left at workThe Left at work

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

An anti-Australia Day rally turns violent, once again demonstrating that the Left now tends to be the evil it describes.

And once again, police are made the punching bags by people preaching peace:

A YOUNG woman was knocked unconscious and a police officer injured after an “Invasion Day” protest march in Sydney erupted into violence when police arrested a man as protesters tried to set fire to an Australian flag.

Police officers were shoved in the back, with one suffering injuries to his leg, as they tried to prevent protesters setting a flag alight surrounded by thousands of people.

Indigenous elders who helped organised the march condemned the violence, which they said had marred an otherwise peaceful protest, with the radical Left hijacking the rally.

And brought to you by the usual suspects, including the union representing people teaching our children:

The protest march was organised by the Fighting In Resistance Equally network, which includes a number of indigenous organisations as well representatives from The Greens NSW, Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association, Maritime Union of Australia Sydney branch, Socialist Alliance and the National Tertiary Education Union NSW.

Hizb ut-Tahrir smears Australia Day as celebration of ‘terror and genocide’

Again, trying to destroy Australia from within, with the hands of useful idiots and diverse Muslim Brotherhood organizations.

Sydney Islamic extremist group campaigning for Sharia law claims Australia Day is a celebration of ‘terror and genocide’

  • Hizb ut-Tahrir says Australia Day is an annual celebration of ‘terror and genocide’
  • Spokesman Uthman Badar says January 26 symbolises indigenous oppression
  • He also slammed the Australia Day lamb ad for rewriting the history of invasion

A radical Islamic group that wants to impose Sharia law has likened Australia Day to a celebration of ‘terror and genocide’.

Hizb ut-Tahrir says January 26 is a day that symbolises the oppression of indigenous people.

‘If there were any sincerity, the question of whether the day that brought terror and genocide to the indigenous people should be the national celebration would not be considered worthy of debate,’  the group’s spokesman Uthman Badar posted on Facebook on Thursday.

Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar (pictured in Lakemba in December) says Australia Day is annual celebration of 'terror and genocide'

Indigenous people on a beach in a lamb advertisement (pictured) celebrating Australia Day

Indigenous people on a beach in a lamb advertisement (pictured) celebrating Australia Day

Radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir agrees with this left-wing Melbourne protester's placard which describes Australia Day as genocideRadical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir agrees with this left-wing Melbourne protester’s placard which describes Australia Day as genocide

Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Australian leaders are based in Sydney and they are part of a global movement to establish a strict Islamic super state, known as a caliphate, under Sharia law.

The radical political group’s frontman also slammed the Australia Day lamb ad for downplaying the invasion of Australia by England in 1788.

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Muslims try to force Catholic school to accept 4-year old hijabee

Even a Muslim women’s group opposes it:

We must not normalise it: Muslim charity on school ‘telling four-year-old to remove hijab’

Shaista Gohir
Shaista Gohir spoke in support of the school on Tuesday’s Newsnight

A MUSLIM women’s charity has spoken in support of a Roman Catholic school which reportedly banned a four-year-old girl from wearing a headscarf in class.

Shaista Gohir, chairwoman of the Muslim Women’s Network, said Britain “must not normalise” the practice of dressing young girls in hijabs and slammed those who do for “sexualising” children.

According to the Birmingham Mail, teachers at St Clare’s School in Handsworth, Birmingham, asked the girl to remove her headscarf in line with the school’s uniform policy, which prohibits scarves and headwear. (More below the fold)

Catholic school prompts uniform row by banning Muslim girl from wearing a headscarf 

From the Telegraph and the Birmingham Mail. The reaction of the Muslim community ‘leaders’ is interesting. Whether they are calling for an immediate chance of policy or are presenting a conciliatory reasonable front ultimately they are united in working for the eventual domination of Islam in England. 

A Catholic school has prompted a uniform row by banning a four-year-old Muslim girl from wearing a headscarf at school.St Clare’s School in Handsworth, on the outskirts of Birmingham, asked the girl’s parents to respect their strict uniform policy, which includes no headwear or scarfs.

The primary school’s decision ignited a debate among community leaders after the girl’s father called on town hall officials to intervene.

Waseem Zaffar, Birmingham City Council’s Labour cabinet member for equalities, said that he had met with the head teacher and told her the ban on the scarf was against the equalities act.

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Australia Day: Destroying Western Civilisation From Within

The Sydney Invasion Day rally just turned violent. Cultural Marxism is taking its toll. Muslims may not be directly involved, but leftist propaganda is doing the dirty work for them. Which reminds me of this:

The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work  is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. …

Violence and flag-burning at ‘Invasion Day’ protest in Sydney

THE “Invasion Day” rally in Sydney today erupted into violence with a police officer hospitalised and a protester sprayed with a fire extinguisher after he tried to set a flag on fire.

A woman was also injured during the clash just after 1pm in Ultimo.

“A participant tried to ignite a flag in the crowd,” a NSW Police spokeswoman told news.com.au. “Officers used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire and ensure the safety of the crowd.

Huge turnout for the #InvasionDay2017 protest in Melbourne.

“A brief struggle ensued in which an officer was injured and he has been taken to hospital.

“A woman sustained minor injuries and was treated by paramedics at the scene and taken to hospital as a precaution.

“A 20-year-old man was arrested and taken to Redfern Police Station to assist police with their inquiries.”

She described it as an “isolated incident” during an otherwise peaceful protest.

Protesters clash with police during Invasion Day march, Sydney

Thousands of demonstrators marched through the city on Australia Day, to protest against the treatment of Aboriginal people and the celebration of Australia Day on January 26 because it marked a “day of killing” rather than the birth of a nation.

The crowd, many draped in Aboriginal flags, gathered at The Block in Redfern for speeches denouncing the celebration of the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788.

“It is a national disgrace to have a holiday on Australia Day — a day which marked the beginning of genocide”, organiser Dave Bell told the crowd.


An estimated 1000 people from different age groups and backgrounds gathered outside Parliament House encouraging unity and promising further demonstrations.

“You’re all welcome in our country … (but) you have to pay the rent,” said Aboriginal activist Sam Watson.

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Happy Australia Day!

As can be expected, our detractors are hard at work discrediting the people of Australia for appreciating and celebrating our great great nation,  besmirching and vilifying  our ancestors, who fought and died to make Australia what it is today. Here’s Wally, the Mohammedan agitprop,  with fellow degenerate Scott Stevens, taking a huge dump on everything we hold dear:

Is ‘Australia’ morally justifiable?

Among the global menagerie of patriotic celebrations, Australia Day is one of the most debauched and disturbingly unreflective. What is it about Australia Day that makes it a lightning rod for banality, viscerality and the most inane forms of nationalistic sentiment?

Could it be that the sort of sentiment this day attracts is symptomatic of a malaise at the very heart of the nation – a malaise that stems from the refusal fully to acknowledge the ethical primacy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within the nation’s life?

The moral promise of so-called ‘immigrant nations’ – like the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – is to sever the connection between ethnicity and full citizenship. And yet that promise is itself predicated on the story of an original severing of the connection between First Peoples and their land, an original act of dispossession.

In order to be morally justifiable, in order to create a place for the First Peoples of this land, in order to be an idea worth celebrating, ‘Australia’ cannot simply designate a success story. Rather, it must come to name the original sin of this nation and the collective guilt of those who continue to profit from that founding act of dispossession.

A Word To The Criminal Muslim Migrant

Political Correctness is cowardice dressed up in a coat and tie. –Pat Condell

“This is for all you third world criminals who are flooding into Europe illegally by pretending to be refugees. It’s just to let you know that everybody knows you are mostly able bodied fighting age men, thousands of whom are pretending to be children because you don’t have a shred of honour, dignity, or shame between you.

We know that you are not, in fact, refugees at all, but illegal invaders, opportunists and predators, and that your disgusting behaviour is making things much worse for genuine refugees, who are not nearly as welcome here any more, thanks to you.

We also know that the American people dodged a bullet recently when they had the good sense to elect a president who will keep you, and barbarians like you, out of their country.

However, having said all that, you won’t get any trouble from us here in Europe. You see, we’re multicultural. We’re afraid to breathe too hard in case it makes us racist. So you can come here and crap all over our values and laugh at us, and we won’t say a word. We’re so self-consciously, decadently progressive that we’ve chosen to pretend that all cultures are equal, even backward, uncivilised ones like yours that don’t even deserve to share the same planet. We’re ashamed of our culture because it’s so embarrassingly superior, and we think it needs taking down a peg or two, for the sake of equality. And we’re hoping that you primitive throwbacks will help us to do that by bringing with you the ugliest aspects of your ugly culture, to drag us all down to your level. Well, it’s not as if we haven’t been there before. About a thousand years ago.

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