“They’re messing with our war-fighting DNA”

Miranda Devine  February 25, 2017

By promoting diversity over fighting ability the Army is alienating its warriors

This is disgraceful. Its not just a case of misguided political correctness. Its state sanctioned Islamisation from the top down. Our political clown gallery is complicit.

“In October, a handpicked group was taken to Sydney and Canberra for the “Junior Leaders Shaping Future Army”, and subjected to five-days of diversity indoctrination.

On day one was a three-hour session from an imam explaining his “Islamic conversion testimony” and proselytising the benefits of Islam, according to one participant who took detailed notes.

The lecture went down so badly that a planned mosque visit on the schedule the next day was cancelled without explanation.”

Because the Army needs more diversity. This will help people from non-Anglo backgrounds feel better about volunteering to defend this country.

Read on for more information about how low the physical standards have fallen. This gutting of our defence capabilities is disgraceful and sure to have our enemies falling over laughing.

Diversity bollocks is neutering our army
THE “diversity” revolution that Lieutenant General David Morrison inflicted on the Australian Army now threatens to diminish our war fighting capability.–DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU

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Why attack Trad when he’s simply quoting the Koran?

Stop attacking Trad. He just read out the Koran

He’s right, isn’t he?

So Senator Michaelia Cash, the Minister for Women, misses the point when she urges that Trad now quit as president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.

Why attack Trad when he’s simply quoting the Koran?

We know why. It’s also why the ABC — usually red-hot on domestic violence — refused to report Trad’s comments. They hurt Islam.

And that’s the true significance of what happened on The Bolt Report last week when I asked Trad if ABC host Yassmin-Abdel-Magied was right to call Islam “the most feminist religion”.

(Read full column here.)

Ahmadiyya taqiyya

Islam not the same as some Muslims’ actions

Verity Edwards

… The Ahmadiyya community invited The Australian to prayers and to explain misrepresentations perpetuated by a small minority of the Islamic faith, which Mr Zia said demonised Muslims. …

#Islam, the most misunderstood religion on the globe.

# It is ‘allah’ who ‘demonises’ muslims, via the false prophet Mohammed and the associated islamic doctrines of demons. Beware!

… “Never is there sayings that the holy prophet beat his wife or was angry towards her,” Mr Rana said.

#He did. He sanctioned it. Mr Rana is lying.

He said the prophet Mohammed was kind to his wives and his teachings showed people should aspire to that. …

More on the kind, gentle false prophet with multiple wives and sex-slaves @ The Australian thanks to Mullah (pbuh)

Shiite Mullah claims Sunni Muslims plot takeover of Australia

This is the same Shaikh M Tawhidi that threatened Australians previously that Muslims would take the law into their own hands if the government didn’t make laws to their liking.

Vlad Tepes:

Australia: Iranian mullah pretends to be anti terror and pro West but it is likely obviously a beard for anti-sunni agitation. Notice he doesn’t say a bad word about Iran. #1 sponsor of terror and killer of gays.

In other news:

Creeping Sharia and Islamic Misogyny
Feb 23, 2017

Here are some truths you can bank on:

-Truth number one: Islam treats women as second class citizens.
-Truth number two: Much of the West treats Islam as a protected species.
-Truth number three: Much of the mainstream media will always rally to the defence of Islam.

We see this occurring every day. It is infuriating of course. The real mind-bender is the near universal silence of the leftists and the feminists whenever these cases of Islamic misogyny and sexism take place. Indeed, they will almost always defend Islam at all costs instead of denouncing it.

In my books this is no different than Jews defending the Nazis, blacks defending the Ku Klux Klan, or the Untouchables defending the caste system. The term here is dhimmitude. Most Western elites, leaders, media personnel, and academics have become second class citizens – dhimmis – in submission to Islam. It is the Stockholm Syndrome on steroids.

Examples are off the charts, and a daily supply of fresh horror stories seems ever on offer. Let us consider just a few recent examples of this taking place in Australia.

Exhibit A: Islamic Conferenceislam 31

Consider this shocker of a news item from two weeks ago, discussing a forthcoming Islamic conference to be held in Melbourne March 11-12:

The Australian Islamic Peace Conference posted the pamphlet on Facebook last week with the leaders who are set to speak at the event next month. But three female speakers — psychologist Monique Toohey, social worker Nina Trad Azam and Islamic teacher Umm Jamaal ud-Din — had their faces replaced with black ink. The faces of all other 12 male speakers are displayed.

Organisers have been slammed on social media with one user posting: “I came across the flyer earlier and was shocked. I couldn’t articulate myself or write something about it. Seeing sister Monique’s name made me sure that it’s not their choice and also made me feel sick”.

Folks, this is Islam. Nothing more needs to be said. It is the same misogyny we have seen repeatedly. Remember the Islamic conference held at the University of Western Sydney’s Parramatta campus in May 2015 in which men and women were segregated, with the women forced to sit at the rear of the hall? I discussed this at the time here: billmuehlenberg.com/2015/05/16/the-death-of-western-universities/

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Car-and-Knife Attack in Heidelberg

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Earlier today a man went on a rampage in the German city of Heidelberg, running his car into pedestrians and killing one person while injuring two others. After his car crashed, the perpetrator got out brandishing a knife. He ran away, but when police caught up with him, he refused to drop the knife, so he was shot.

There’s no indication of any Mohammed Coefficient to the incident. Police say the suspect is a mentally ill German citizen “without a migration background”.

The first video below shows the point where the attacker was surrounded by police, and includes the sound of a single gunshot. The second is a brief news clip from German TV.

Many thanks to Egri Nök (video 1) and Nash Montana (video 2) for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video 1:

Video 2:

See also this Reuters article.

Two Thirds of Germans Fear Becoming Victims of Terror Attacks


An alarming 66 per cent of Germans are afraid they will become the victim of a terrorist attack, with 10 per cent perceiving an “acute threat” to their safety.  The fear is even more widespread among women, the study published by German legal expenses insurance group ROLAND found.

Germany appears to have become a target of Islamist aggression since the beginning of the migrant crisis in the summer of 2015, with some blaming Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open borders mass migration policy.

Several serious plots have been foiled by security forces. In February last year, three Algerians said to have “lived in refugee shelters” were arrested for plotting to attack Berlin.

Fairfax Fake News: Trump is wrong even when he’s right, & stupid when he’s smart

Fairfax fake news: Trump wrong but right

The blurb starts off the fake news with a claim that Trump is “not lying” but is “just stupid” about Sweden, giving the clear impression he is wrong.

The story headline continues the theme of the blurb – that Trump is telling falsehoods about Sweden and immigrants:

Reporter Nick Miller then throws a shovel of sand in the eyes of the readers, including straw men and beside-the-point statistics, as well as gratuitous insults of Trump of the kind the Left loves.

Trump’s comments were “infamous”, he claims. Swedes were “outraged”. Trump could “embolden racists”. He was “bullheaded”. Later Miller quotes a Swedish deputy mayor who calls Trump “just stupid”.

What an idiot.

So it comes as a surprise to eventually read this admission:

For decades studies have consistently showed the over-representation of immigrants among those sentenced or suspected of crime.

Huh? Like Trump says, then?

And then comes this:

Migrants are over-represented particularly in violent crimes and sexual violence.”There are many reasons,” says Professor Sarnecki. “Lower levels of education, problems with the modern, technological society, maybe even some cultural drawbacks.”

Then this:

The biggest criminological problem we have is gang violence in a few particular suburbs to our biggest cities. There was an increase in shootings – we didn’t have this gun violence at all a few years ago.

“Our level of blatant violence is still much lower than other countries – the US or even Finland, but still much more than we had. These are people who came here as children or the children of immigrants.

Also this:

In December 2015 a police intelligence report identified a link between crime and “areas of social risk”. On their list of “particularly vulnerable areas” was the migrant-heavy suburb of Rinkeby in Stockholm – where … this week’s riot “proved” Trump correct.

Also on the list was Rosengard, a majority-immigrant suburb of the city of Malmo on the west coast, just opposite Copenhagen.

Police said such areas were characterised by “parallel structures of society” and “violence-promoting religious extremism”.

Then this:

In Malmo, says Booth, the most striking and urgent problem is actually anti-Semitism.

Because of Mohammedans.

“The Jewish community is being hounded out of the city,” he’s being told.

Hounded out by Mohammedans.

Then this:

The unemployment rate among migrants is more than four times as high as natives.

He does add there is an increase in reports of less serious sexual assaults in the last three years, which is related to immigration. That includes reports of “young [immigrant] newcomers Mohammedans harassing young women”, he says.

So, the numbers don’t exactly lie. There is a nexus between crime and migration in Sweden.

No kidding? Then why is Trump “stupid” to say so?

Or in the Fairfax world, is Trump wrong even when he’s right, and stupid even when he’s smart?

Vehicle Jihad In Heidelberg, Germany

Note how the Independent repeatedly tells us that the perp is “of German origin”- which means he is either a German convert or a  Mohammedan who is born in Germany.  That’s not even a fig leaf, that’s an insult to anyone concerned about the jihad.

Heidelberg attack: One dead after vehicle driven into pedestrians in Germany

Police later shot and injured the attacker, who is of German origin

Bad shooting.

One person has died and two more have been hurt after a car was driven into pedestrians in the German city of Heidelberg.

The driver escaped the scene on foot and was later shot after being tracked down by officers, who were tipped off by the public.

The 35-year-old man, who police have stressed was not a migrant, was allegedly carrying a knife.

Following the short stand-off, he was taken to hospital, where he is in serious condition and has undergone an operation.

A 73-year-old German man died of his injuries in the evening at a local hospital.

The injured people, a 32-year-old Austrian man and a 29-year-old woman from Bosnia, were only lightly hurt.

Footage of the arrest was posted to social media and showed a number of police officers with their sidearms drawn. One shot can be heard.

Later, photos posted to Twitter showed forensic officers at the car, which came to a stop outside a bakery.

There was no word on the man’s possible motives or his origin.

Which means far no one came forward who heard the “allahu akbar”.

Police said a terrorist background is not suspected and the man appears to have acted alone.

“Terrorist background” is never suspected in these cases. Never.

Later in the evening, the Polizei Mannheim Twitter account confirmed there was no search for a second suspect.

The car is believed to be a rental.

2nd Mohammedan Agitprop to Head al BeBeeCeera Religion Dep’t

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 11.27.50


A BBC editor who selected an Islamic State sympathiser to feature in a documentary has been appointed as the corporation’s new head of religious programming.

Fatima Salaria is the second Muslim to hold the position after Aaqil Ahmed became the BBC’s head of religion and ethics in 2009.

Mrs. Salaria was appointed as a BBC Assistant Commissioner in 2015 during a drive to promote people from “BAME [Black and Minority Ethnic] backgrounds… designed to ‘open doors’ to new talent from diverse backgrounds.”

In September 2016, the BBC also appointed Martin Bashir, who once suggested someone should “sh*t” in Sarah Palin’s mouth on American television, as their religious affairs correspondent.

Mrs. Salaria commissioned the reality TV show Muslims Like Us last year, described as a ‘Muslim Big Brother’.

It featured Anthony Small – also known as Abdul Haqq – a supporter of jailed radical cleric Anjem Choudary who has defended Islamic State and was involved with the banned terror group Al-Muhajiroun.

He was even arrested in Dover in 2014 and later charged with plotting to go to Syria to fight with Islamic State after spreading terrorist material online.

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Last week Downunder

Bill Leak on feminism according to Keysar Trad.

This is the most ironic thing I have seen in my life. WTF lefties…

Netanyahu depicted as Hitler by Sydney protesters during historic Australia trip 
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was met by pro-Palestinian protesters carrying a poster depicting him as Adolf Hitler during his official state visit to…(PHOTOS)
SBS News
Oz  has ‘systemic’ racism problem: Greens Mustard MP

These shameless swine sneak into the country any which way and then tell us how evil we are because we don’t submit to Mohammedan mores fast enough. There needs to be some blowback.

GREENS MP Mehreen Faruqi has claimed Australia suffers from “systemic racism” in an astonishing rant that was broadcast to millions of people around the world.
“We are here to oppose Australia’s support for Israel.”
Anti-Netanyahu protesters march through Sydney
A police helicopter hovered overhead as protesters condemned the visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Premier Gladys Berejiklian shakes hands with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Sydney on Friday. Picture: AFP
Premier Gladys Berejiklian shakes hands with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Sydney on Friday. Picture: AFP
Lakemba imam criticises closer trade links between Australia and Israel

A WESTERN Sydney Muslim leader has criticised Israel and the warm welcome extended by Australia to its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has opened the door to a massive increase in trade between the two countries.

Despite a raft of lucrative opportunities for Aussie exporters — including tighter links agreed between Mr Netanyahu and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian yesterday — Lakemba Mosque’s Imam Sheik Yahya Safi said the PM’s visit was unacceptable to the Muslim community .

Speaking in Arabic to a packed mosque during his Friday sermon, Sheik Safi condemned Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s description of Israel as the region’s only democracy, claiming it had hurt Islamic nations from the moment of its founding.

It had a “black path” then and still did now, he said.

He said Mr Turnbull’s welcome was seen as incomprehensible and unforgiveable to the Muslim community, saying: “We as a community would like to express our disappointment in the Turnbull government and its unacceptable response to Israel.”

Earlier this week, Mr Netanyahu met with his Australian counterpart and indicated his nation was keen to do more trade with Australia.

“I think the opportunities are vast,” he said. “Our trade is a billion dollars. It should be at least double or triple that.”

Mr Turnbull’s office declined to comment on Sheik Safi’s remarks.

Mr Netanyahu is the first Israeli leader to visit Australia.

‘We Call Them Palestinians Because…’

By Sha’i ben-Tekoa

During the joint White House press conference on February 15 featuring President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the latter said, “The Chinese are called Chinese because they are from China. The Japanese are called Japanese. And the Jews are called Jews because they came from Judea.”

Not surprisingly, a columnist in Israel’s hard-left newspaper Haaretz, Carolina Landsmann, sarcastically fired back in print, “Maybe at the next press conference Netanyahu will be so kind as to explain why the Palestinians are called Palestinians.”

Since that is not likely to happen, I will answer her for him. We call the Palestinians “Palestinians” because it is basic to this generation’s politically correct way, post-Holocaust, of hating Jews, and here’s why:

In every generation, people hate Jews because they are believed to commit evil deeds, and their current crime is the theft of Palestine from the Palestinians. And never mind that these “Palestinians” were never mentioned in the documentation of the League of Nations (1920-1945) that in its 1922 Mandate for Palestine explicitly identified the country as the “historic homeland of the Jewish people.” In its three decades of existence, the League referred only to Jews and Arabs, never “Palestinians.”

Then, after WWII, when the League morphed into the United Nations Organization, for the UN’s first quarter-century no document referenced any “Palestinians” either.

This should not surprise, because for a Biblical generation of forty years after the Mandate kicked in, the Arabs themselves said there was no such country as Palestine and no such people as “Palestinians.” Only the Zionist Jews in this period happily called themselves Palestinians. The Arabs’ leader. the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini, said that what Jews and Christians called “Palestine” was for Muslims “Bilad a-Sham,” historic Syria and had always been that.

Indeed, when in early 1919 the post-WWI Paris Peace Conference created the League of Nations and incorporated the Balfour Declaration into its Mandate for Palestine, Haj Amin fought back by launching a newspaper in Jerusalem he called Al-Suria al-Janubia/Southern Syria, whose purpose was to oppose the creation of a jurisdiction called Palestine that had never existed in fourteen centuries of Islam.

Muslims never had an outline of such a country in their heads called Falastin — as they call this land today. There never was a government of Palestine led by a king or sultan, pasha or president. No one ever called himself a “Palestinian” or was called that by others. There never was a Palestinian language. No “Palestinians” ever minted their own money. No army of “Palestinians” ever defended “their” country from enemy invaders.

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Geert Wilders Might Be in Serious Danger

Gates of Vienna:

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We reported in Wednesday night’s news feed that a Moroccan mole in Geert Wilders’ security detail had been caught leaking information to an organized crime group. The arrest made headlines in the Netherlands, and Prime Minister Rutte took the unusual step of meeting with Mr. Wilders to discuss what happened.

Our Dutch correspondent has prepared a report on this alarming incident, along with related Dutch political matters.

Wilders might be in serious danger

by H. Numan

Wednesday a political bombshell exploded in The Netherlands.

A policeman with dual nationality (Moroccan and Dutch) leaked information to Moroccan criminals and possibly to terrorists. He was employed in the Dienst Bewaken & Beveiligen. This is a special police security unit that protects the royal family and people in serious danger. This is the service that protects Wilders. It get far worse. This man, Faris K, was not only working for that service. He was also assigned to the IRIS team that protects Wilders himself. He was not working in the bodyguard team personally, but worked as an advance scout.

It gets even worse… Mr. Faris was arrested and released the very next day. He can await his trial at home. No, we aren’t done yet. Mr. Faris has a brother. Mohammed K. He also worked for the police in Utrecht. There he was suspended for leaking sensitive information in 2007.

So far, two police chieftains have resigned.

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