“That’s Not How We Do Things in Australia” Bill Leak, 1956-2017

Bill Leak’s cartoon in The Australian following the bloodbath at Charlie Hebdo


4 thoughts on ““That’s Not How We Do Things in Australia” Bill Leak, 1956-2017”

  1. 18C is a blight on this nation that has to go. And how come a Muslim can call me a kafir or infidel and threaten me with death and get away with it? And yet again, Islam is an ideology, not a race.

  2. Ausralia has turned into a frightening place.
    I worry about the future. Homour and satire have no place in a country run by the likes of Triggs and Soutphommasane. Bloated and overpaid the pair of them.

  3. “Cartoons will be subject to all matter of public debate. It’s a healthy part of our democracy that we have that debate.”
    – Soutphommasane.

    No, Timmy, Cartoons are a healthy part of our democracy.

  4. Timmy the lip isn’t even an Australian, so maybe he should go back to Indonesia and persuade that Government to be inclusive.

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