“Security Concerns”: Ayaan Hirsi Ali cancels Australia tour

It. is. that. bad.

  • Controversial: Ayaan Hirsi Ali will no longer be heading to Australia. (Jared Platt) SBS News 
The outspoken critic on Monday abruptly cancelled the Australian and New Zealand leg of her upcoming tour, citing security concerns as a reason.

The talks were expected to begin in Brisbane on Thursday, before heading south to Sydney and then concluding in Melbourne on the Saturday.

The event, “Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Hero of Heresy”, was billed as an opportunity to “step inside the controversy” surrounding Islam and womens’ place in Sharia law.

Organisers Think Inc., who were scrutinised for their decision to host the controversial speaker, confirmed all ticket holders would be refunded in full.

Hirsi Ali was also due to appear on Q&A on Monday evening.

5 thoughts on ““Security Concerns”: Ayaan Hirsi Ali cancels Australia tour”

  1. Funny how any Muslim loony can spew their filth in Australia without any fear. Of course Islam is a religion of peace. If you are a Muslim.

      1. NB: Islam is a religion of peace ???
        But only if you are the Right Type of muslim islam !!!

  2. It appears the muslims threatened violence as usual and the gutless scum that we elected as politicans listened to the filthy islamic thugs.

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