Lakemba: Sheik Tawhidi escapes sunni stronghold unharmed

‘May God curse you, you pig, you dog’: Islamic leader Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi abused by Muslims as he walks down the street in Sydney

The Daily Mail is engaging in fake news re “God”. It is certain that the Islamic headbangers in Lakemba didn’t say “God”, they said ‘Allah’.

  • Shia imam Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi did a street walk at Lakemba in Sydney
  • He was called a pig and a dog in Arabic as he visited Sydney’s Muslim heartland
  • The religious leader is outspoken against radicalisation, sharia law and violence 
  • He fears he could be shot at or stabbed next time he visited that area of Sydney 

An Islamic sheikh who speaks out against radicalisation and sharia law has been cursed and spat at while walking down the street in the Muslim heartland of Sydney.

Shia imam Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi was mobbed with abuse only moments after strolling along Haldon Street in Lakemba, which is home to Australia’s largest mosque.

A man shouted in Arabic as he ventured past shops with 7News reporter Bryan Seymour shortly before noon on Monday.

Asked by what the insult meant, Sheikh Tawhidi said: ‘It means, ‘May God curse you, you pig, you dog.’

A man in outside a shop (pictured wearing black) in Lakemba called Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi a dog and a pig in ArabicAfter only a few minutes, Sheikh Tawhidi and the 7News crew returned to an unmarked van to avoid the possibility of violence.

Sheikh Tawhidi, who moved to Australia from Iraq when he was 12 in 1995, said this was the first time he had experienced abuse of this nature.

‘We were abused, spat at, insulted, called pigs and dogs and they gathered to try and intimidate us,’ the Adelaide-based religious leader told Daily Mail Australia shortly after the incident.

‘I have never been insulted or abused in Australia by any non-Muslim.

A man on a closed Facebook page used the Arabic word for dog, kalb, to wonder why violence wasn’t inflicted on Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi

Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi believes Muslims influenced by the Koran didn't want him thereSheikh Mohammad Tawhidi believes Muslims influenced by the Koran didn’t want him there

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Why would Macron threaten Poland?

Macron, a token Goldman-Sachs protege’ and Hollande’s former lackey, has not even been elected to any position of power.  Here he is threatening Poland to open up for Islamisation. Soros must be laughing like a hex.

Macron Threatens Poland with Future Sanctions over Refusal to Take in Migrants

Macron Threatens Poland with Future Sanctions over Refusal to Take in Migrants

In other news:

DELINGPOLE: The People’s Climate March – AKA Watermelons’ War on Capitalism – In Pictures

DELINGPOLE: The People’s Climate March – AKA Watermelons’ War on Capitalism – In Pictures

We have ten years to save the planet

broken clockIn 1988 we told the world that “We only have ten years left to save the planet.”

In 1989, our wonderful comrades at the United [in Marxism] Nations decreed the same thing.

Then during the 2000 election season our Holy Prophet Who Has Never Been Wrong, Al Gorski (Muslim name: al-goreeza) issued a fatwa that we only had ten years left to save the planet.

Nobody listened. George Bush [spit, spit] won stole the election and the planet’s environmental destruction continued.

So, in 2006, prophet al-goreeza issued another fatwa…


Rapefugees, Shari’a Law, Soros & Alan Jones

N. Korea Threatens Israel: ‘Merciless, Thousand-Fold Punishment’

The Jerusalem Post reports: Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman hurt the “dignity of the supreme leadership” of North Korea, state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported Saturday. The comment was in reaction to Israeli remarks on how the Jewish State is affected by North Korean tension with the United States.

Refugees Rights Campaigners: ‘Inhuman’ to Return Migrants to Safe Countries

Fifty refugees rights groups have together said a policy routinely reviewing refugees’ rights to remain is “inhuman” and “beyond basic morality”, and have called on the Home Secretary to reverse it.

In March, an update to the Home Office’s policy on Refugee Leave made it clear that refugees’ cases would be reviewed after they had spent five years in the country to ascertain whether it was safe for them to return to their home country, known as a Safe Return Review.

Anzac Day raid on home linked to Australian IS fighter

Counter-terrorism police raided the Sydney home of a relative of infamous Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf following concerns the pair may have spoken about undertaking an act of terrorism on Anzac Day.–Continue Reading

Mike Baird says there is only one law in Australia – and it is not Sharia Law
There was a swift reaction from the NSW Premier to 7 News’ investigation into…
Malcolm Turnbull: Lets hold a Referendum on Muslim immigration & let the people decide.
Let the Australian people decide their future on Muslim immigration.
Is there one rule for Muslims and another for the rest? 
Alan Jones has joined the public outcry in disgust that the Royal Commission has not investigated Islam in their inquiries.

Radio broadcaster Alan Jones joins Peter Kelso’s crusade against the Royal Commission’s big mistake: its failure to investigate Islamic groups for child sex offences.

Alan Jones: Well look just before we go tonight the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse; Paul Toohey, writing for News Limited last week, made the very valid point that the commission spent four years probing nu…Continue Reading

Soros ‘has ruined the lives of millions of Europeans’

Satan’s feral Child

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered a stinging speech in the European Parliament Wednesday, asserting Hungary’s right to self-governance and defending its actions regarding immigration and against American financial speculator George Soros. “I know that the power, size and weight of Hungary is much smaller than that of the financial speculator, George Soros, who is now attacking Hungary,” Orbán said.–See More

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Defenders of stupid


Of course we need to care about Manus, and Nauru, and Syria – now more than ever – but we also need to pay homage, and on the anniversary of a day on which so many of our ancestors were slaughtered on a hostile beach, it’s only fair that we are able to do that.

Lest we forget.

The always clueless Susie O’Brien:

Abuse against Yassmin not justified

I DO not believe the outpouring of abuse and fury against Yassmin Abdel-Magied is justified. Let’s be clear about what she said and didn’t say, (From here on everything turns to mush)


The lazy fool’s way of trying to win an argument these days:

Greg Barns accuses critics of Yassmin Adbel-Magied of “racism” because his Muslim “hero” has dark skin: “They were in full voice last week in condemning …a woman of dark skin.” But Barns vilified the even darker ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali: “This woman is often xenophobic, has a fundamentalist view of the world…  feeds prejudice and division.”  

Elmo’s compassion:

Mohamed Elmouelhy A Muslim halal businessman, Australia’s first and foremost halal racketeer,  says Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s controversial Anzac Day post has highlighted how white, Christian Australians only care about the deaths of their own.

Mohamed Elmouelhy has come to the defence of the Muslim youth activist following calls from conservative politicians for her to be sacked from the ABC and a taxpayer-funded Arab relations board.

‘Yassmin Abdel-Magied should be given a medal,’ he told his 374 Facebook followers.

‘It is a sad day when a Muslim woman reminds Christians of their religion.’

The hide and the hubris of this POS beggars belief.

Halal Certification Authority boss Mohamed Elmouelhy has defended Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Conservative politicians have called for Yassmin Abdel-Magied to be sacked from the ABC

Mr Elmouelhy, the president of Halal Certification Authority company, said Ms Abdel-Magied’s Anzac Day Facebook post highlighted how Australian Christians didn’t care about the deaths of people from other faiths.

‘Have the white Australians sank so low that they can only feel compassion for their dead but not the dead of others?’ he asked.

No Muselmaniac has ever shown compassion for the death of infidels. Elmo is beneath contempt.

You can’t pick and choose whose deaths deserve respect

Another leftoid POS:

Do we want to destroy her? To make her go away for good?

I do not know Abdel-Magied, but I am a 26-year-old woman in the media, and there’s one thing I know for sure.

Today, she is not okay. And there are hundreds of thousands of people who are playing a part in that.

She is sitting on the receiving end of a barrage of hate we cannot begin to imagine.

When we hate and objectify public figures, we rob them of their humanity. (Jessie Stephens from Mamamia)

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‘Allahu Akbar’ in Rotherham

Rotherham child sex gang shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ in court as they are jailed for 80 years for abusing girls, including one who became pregnant at just 12, after being groomed with alcohol and drugs

Child sex gang members shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ in court as they’re jailed

  • Six members of child sex gang given sentences between 10 years and 20 years
  • Two of the defendants shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as they were led away from dock
  • The gang sexually abused two young Rotherham girls between 1999 and 2001
  • One victim fell pregnant aged 12 after being groomed with alcohol and drugs

Members of a Rotherham sex gang today yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’ in court as they were jailed for abusing a girl who fell pregnant aged 12 after being groomed with alcohol.

Six men were given sentences between 10 years and 20 years – and totalling more than 80 years – by a judge who heard details of how two young girls were sexually abused in the South Yorkshire town between 1999 and 2001.

Judge Sarah Wright described how one of the girls was plied with alcohol and drugs and was having sex with a number of men from the age of 11.

The victim, in a statement read to the court, said: ‘There’s evil and truly evil people in the world. I feel my child was the product of pure evil.’

The sentencing marks the end of a series of three major trials after a report on child sexual exploitation in Rotherham revealed that more than 1,400 youngsters had been groomed, trafficked and raped in the town over a 16-year period.

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Flotilla graduate Khalid Omar Ali