No “inherent link between Islam and terrorism”

NSW Police Commissioner Slams Islamic Terror LIVE With Alan Jones & Peta Credlin Pt.2

NSW Police Commissioner Slams Islamic Terror LIVE With Alan Jones & Peta Credlin Pt.1

Public Health Association of Australia: No “inherent link between Islam and terrorism”

Robert Spencer

“The PHAA urges the Committee to include a recommendation in its report that disavows the notion that there is any inherent link between Islam and terrorism….The Committee should condemn any politician who refers divisively (expressly or implied) to any religious or ethnic group for the purpose of political gain.”

Will the Committee also disavow those Muslims who believe that there is an inherent link between Islam and terrorism? Here are a few:

“Jihad was a way of life for the Pious Predecessors (Salaf-us-Salih), and the Prophet (SAWS) was a master of the Mujahideen and a model for fortunate inexperienced people. The total number of military excursions which he (SAWS) accompanied was 27. He himself fought in nine of these; namely Badr; Uhud, Al-Muraysi, The Trench, Qurayzah, Khaybar, The Conquest of Makkah, Hunayn and Taif . . . This means that the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) used to go out on military expeditions or send out an army at least every two months.” — Abdullah Azzam, co-founder of al-Qaeda, Join the Caravan, p. 30

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It is time for us to get angry

Dad walks nine miles from his home to Manchester Arena wearing placard calling for deportation of ‘all known ISIS supporters’

By Guy Birchall

AN angry dad has marched from his home to the Manchester Arena wearing a placard calling for the Government to “deport all known ISIS supporters”.

Steve Dent walked nine miles from his house in Radcliffe – hometown of John Atkinson, who died last week at the event lived – to the concert venue on Friday.

Steve Dent marched from his hometown to the Manchester Arena calling for the deportation of known ISIS supporters
Steve Dent marched from his hometown to the Manchester Arena calling for the deportation of known ISIS supporters
He then lashed the sign to a fence beside the venue where suicide bomber Salman Abedi killed 22 people last Monday.

It read: “Walking to the Manchester Arena in support of those children that died and injured.

“I am walking to the arena to demand that our government take the British people seriously and make us there first priority.

“1: Deport all known ISIS supporters.”

Steve Dent decided to march after feeling ‘helpless’ in the wake of the atrocity that claimed victim from his hometown of Radcliffe

Keep calm and carry on? Not this time. Keeping calm has promoted a comatose citizenry. Light a candle or tweet a hashtag, talk of unity, love and strength. Gather at a vigil, then go home. Don’t ask hard questions about why Islamic terrorists are able to keep murdering us. Love did not save the lives of eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos or 18-year-old Georgina Callander. Unity did not save the lives of the two mothers waiting in the foyer of the concert hall for their daughters or teenage sweethearts, Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry.

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Bernard Lewis is about to turn 101

Thanks to Scaramouche

Martin Kramer writes about “The return of Bernard Lewis,” the historian who is about to turn, gulp, 101.

I especially like these lines which Lewis penned way back in 1976:

To admit that an entire civilization can have religion as its primary loyalty is too much. Even to suggest such a thing is regarded as offensive by liberal opinion, always ready to take protective umbrage on behalf of those whom it regards as its wards. This is reflected in the present inability, political, journalistic, and scholarly alike, to recognize the importance of the factor of religion in the current affairs of the Muslim world and in the consequent recourse [by Western observers] to the language of left-wing and right-wing, progressive and conservative, and the rest of the Western terminology, the use of which in explaining Muslim political phenomena is about as accurate and as enlightening as an account of a cricket match by a baseball correspondent.

“Protective umbrage”–what a great turn of phrase. Think I’ll have to borrow it.

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“Toxic Masculinity” seems to be the latest buzzword in the fever swamps of the extreme left:

Leftist Media Outlet Attacks Marines on Memorial Day over ‘Toxic Masculinity’ 

We’ve had many attempts to deny Islamic terrorism is, well, Islamic terrorism. It’s been described instead as merely extremist terrorism,  or mental illness or even non-Muslim terrorism.

Janey Stephensen, a “policy researcher who specialises in gender-based violence” writing in the Independent, tries another:

We need to name the real culprit: toxic masculinity.

Really? Then why are so many of these toxic males shouting “Allahu akbar” as they slaughter the innocent?

Strange coincidence, no?

But Stephenson ploughs on:

As the attacks mount up, the individual profiling descends into morbid freefall and we overlook the most basic commonality: these crimes were all committed by men.

Er, actually no. For instance:

Moderator David Bedein, whose Center for Near East Policy Research was a co-sponsor of the event, showed clips taken several years ago of interviews with Palestinian female would-be suicide bombers who had survived, been treated in Israeli hospitals and incarcerated. At the time of the interviews, there were more than a hundred such women, said Bedein….

In the interviews, the women expressed no remorse or regret. They had felt blessed just before embarking on their missions, because they were about to meet Allah and would see the martyrs in paradise.


Islamic State is using increasing numbers of women to evade security measures and spearhead a wave of attacks across Europe and the Islamic world…

Since August, a series of plots involving women have been uncovered by security authorities in Europe and north Africa… A plot in Paris in September, involving four women aged between 19 and 39, received significant media coverage. The cell, organised by a known Isis militant in France, was the first to be entirely female…

​But a series of other plots around the world, which involve women playing “combat” roles, received less attention. In August, Isis was reported to have deployed at least one female suicide bomber in Libya, while last month 10 alleged female attackers were arrested in Morocco. All were in their teens, had sworn allegiance to Isis, and were in possession of bomb-making material, ​officials said…

Palestinian groups have used women suicide attackers. So, too, have organisations in central Asia and the Caucasus…. Al-Qaida’s own affiliate in Iraq deployed a female suicide bomber in 2005 to attack a hotel in Amman, Jordan.

But Stephenson will not be deterred. The enemy is men:

… typical masculinity promotes emotional disconnection… We need to acknowledge that hateful, toxic masculinity is bred among us in the everyday. We need to start pulling apart and dismantling its roots in male entitlement and structures that promote masculine supremacy.

Note that Stephenson’s solution to fighting jihadism is to attack men at home and remake the “structures that promote masculine supremacy”, which is hardly like to deter a suicide bomber flying in from Libya.

In fact, it is precisely those men at home most likely to protect Stephenson that she considers her enemies:

Toxic masculinity exists on political levels: in policing, prisons, immigration detention centres and controlling security measures…. soldiers are paid mass murderers.

As Kipling said: “Making mock of uniforms that guard you while you sleep.”

Here is a thought for Stephenson, so desperate to blame men as the source of all evil. Every single one of the terrorists was born to a woman and raised by a woman.

Did women teach them to hate and to kill?

Toxic mothers. Discuss.

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Migrant riffraff make fools of us

The Australian

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has received a stern ticking off from the Law Council of Australia for undermining public confidence in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Yet the tribunal has been busily undermining itself with a series of soft-headed judgments that defy common sense.

Consider the case of the Iranian who arrived by boat in 2011 and was given a protection visa on the grounds he faced execution at home. When he returned safe and sound to Australia after his third trip back to Iran, Dutton decided the jig was up and ordered his deportation. Yet the tribunal stayed the minister’s hand.

After all, he’s only a minister in a popularly elected government acting on the advice of his department. The tribunal’s members, apparently, have been chosen for their penetrative wisdom, incorruptible judgment and unwavering impartiality.

We’re indebted to Keith Moor at the Herald Sun for casting a light on the track record of the faceless turkeys who overturned 39 per cent of the 11,323 ministerial visa decisions reviewed between March last year and last month.

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The black flag of ISIS has been raised in the Philippines

By James Griffiths, CNN

(CNN)The black flag of ISIS has been raised in the Philippines.

At least 103 people have died in the city of Marawi on the southern island of Mindanao in less than a week as fighters affiliated with the so-called Islamic State engaged in violent clashes with government forces, and martial law was declared over the entire island.
Local resident Chico Usman said the militants had entered the predominantly Muslim city of some 200,000 suddenly, on the afternoon of May 24, wearing masks and carrying assault rifles. “Everybody was shocked and ran into their houses,” he said, adding they could hear gunfire and fighting until the following morning.

An ISIS fighter erects the flag of the so-called Islamic State atop a school near a mosque in Marawi, southern Philippines on May 24, 2017.An ISIS fighter erects the flag of the so-called Islamic State atop a school near a mosque in Marawi, southern Philippines on May 24, 2017.

Black ISIS flags emblazoned in white with the words “There is no god but God” were flying from “every corner in the city,” said Usman, who spoke to CNN from near Saguiaran, a town outside Marawi, where thousands of fleeing residents had taken temporary shelter.
Photos showed long queues of cars piled with people and belongings, as tanks and armored troop vehicles headed in the opposite direction.

Clashes between government forces and militants had claimed the lives of 19 civilians, 11 military and four policemen, as of Sunday afternoon, according to a spokesperson for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). The AFP confirmed 61 militants had also been killed.

In a separate incident, eight other people — thought to be fleeing the city — were found dead in a ravine. Witnesses said the victims were asked to recite Muslim prayers, according to CNN Philippines. Those who failed were taken by the armed men. The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country but Mindanao has a significant Muslim population.

Philippine marines aboard their vehicles maneuver through a street on their way to an assault on the hide out of Muslim militants near the town center in Marawi, in southern island of Mindanao on May 28, 2017. Philippine marines aboard their vehicles maneuver through a street on their way to an assault on the hide out of Muslim militants near the town center in Marawi, in southern island of Mindanao on May 28, 2017.

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“We remain stuck in the John Lennon response to terrorism. They blow us up, we sing Imagine”

Paul Weston: Islamic Terror in Manchester

“Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd may pretend that Britain is unbowed, but the depth of their denial and their blatant lies are driven only by their fear of Islam. The only reason they claim Islam is a religion of peace is because they fear Islam. The only reason Muslim gang rapes were covered up for decades is because our traitor class fears Islam. The only reason that violent and supremacist screeds within the Koran and the Hadiths are never placed under public scrutiny is because our traitor class fears Islam.”

CNN’s insufferable Christiane Ammanpour relies on Maajid Nawaz from the very dodgy Quillam Foundation, hoping for more gibberish about “lone wolves”:

Quilliam’s Founder – Maajid Nawaz discusses the heartbreaking Manchester terrorist attack, the illusion of the ‘Lone Wolf’ categorisation, and what are the next steps.

Quilliam is the world’s first counter-extremism organisation set up to address the unique challenges of citizenship, identity, and belonging in a globalised world.


British journalist, author, and political commentator Douglas Murray has spoken out against what he calls the “John Lennon response to terrorism.”

“They bomb us, we sing ‘Imagine,’” he said during a monologue on the British political program ‘Daily Politics.’

“Our politicians still refuse to accurately identify the sources of the problem, and polite society remains silent or dumb,” says Murray.

“We need to think far more deeply about this. Eastern Europe doesn’t have an Islamic terrorism problem because it doesn’t have much Islam.”

“Are we ever going to draw any lessons from this?” he continued. “Apparently not. For the time being the game is to be as inoffensive as possible.”

“Worker Bee” Tattoos Against Islamic Atrocities?

Vitrioli and her sidekick on “our” ABC love it. The stupid hits the proverbial. Are you in the queue already?

Hundreds queue for bee tattoos in support of victims of Manchester …

In a move that will undoubtedly leave terrorists around the globe trembling, hundreds of Britons have reportedly stuck it radical Islam by getting bumblebee tattoos.

Who needs to ask hard questions about Islam & search for actual solutions when we can all just get bee tattoos?

Hundreds of people queued in Manchester to get bee tattoos as part of a fundraising campaign to help those affected by the deadly terror attack in the city.

The bee is a symbol of Manchester’s industrial past and people got bee tattoos in the wake of the attack to show their solidarity with the city and the victims

Manchester tattoo artists launched the Manchester tattoo fundraiser, where bee tattoos would be done for £50, with proceeds going to the families of victims of the attack.

The worker bee has been representative of Manchester since the Industrial Revolution, a symbol of the city’s hard-working past. Manchester’s textile mills were described as “hives of activity” in the 1800s, and the bee analogy stuck.

Here’s Milo:

Staff at Sacred Art – one of the dozens of studios that reportedly volunteered to give out the tattoos for free – said people lined up since 4am to get inked, with lines stretching around the block.

Look at these badasses and tremble. (Image via Eddie Garvey/Manchester Evening News)

“I think it’s a fantastic cause,” said 23-year-old Matthew Taylor, one of the people who got inked, according to the outlet. “Obviously the bee represents Manchester and down the line it’ll be something I’ll be proud to wear.”

“We thought it was an amazing thing to do to help contribute to everyone in Manchester,” said tattoo artist Dickie Smith according to Manchester Evening News. “It’s just a little memento, a constant reminder of what happened and being part of a community. It’s a small symbol but everyone can connect to it.”

I’m so proud of myself, the pain was definitely worth it 🐝🐝

SBS loves it too:

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Tony Robinson Arrested For Journalism

Next time ’round they will arrest him for breathing.

Tommy Robinson: The truth about my 4 a.m. arrest
Tommy Robinson convicted of Contempt of Court and sentenced to 3 months in prison: my explanation.

In other news:

Manchester Police have been told not to arrest Muslims at prayer times during the holy month of Ramadan. The order is said to have angered a number of officers in the Greater Manchester force.
Muslims. The real victims of Islamic terror. As usual

Vlad Tepes

Ever more stupidity & dumbing down:
Children told to ‘respect’ killers in new teaching aid

A NEW teaching aid that recommends schoolchildren as young as seven “write a letter to a terrorist” to help understand their motives has been condemned as “dangerous and misguided”.

23,000 jihadis live in Britain – and are ready to ATTACK

AROUND 23,000 terrorist extremists are currently living in Britain and are poised to attack – according to intelligence figures. (Under Islamic law every Mohammedan is a soldier of allah and commanded to strike terror in the hearts of the infidels. Throwing such numbers around is pure speculation by clueless tosspots.)

Vehicle Jihad in Marbella?

British man Muslim (?) arrested after several pedestrians and seven-week-old baby injured as car mounts Marbella pavement in Brit tourist hotspot.

The nationality of all passengers inside the car was not immediately clear.
Six people were taken to hospital. One suffered a broken leg, another had a fractured pelvis and a third arrived unconscious in hospital and is undergoing tests.


No evidence? Devout Muslims are roaming our streets….

“No evidence?”. Really.

There will never be any evidence with a dunce like  chief Duncan Lewis heading ASIO. Australia obviously has too many dunces in positions where they have no place to be. 

Deadly Islamic extremists are roaming our streets

Devout Muslims are roaming our streets


Australian authorities lack enough evidence to lock potentially deadly Islamic extremists behind bars, and instead they free to roam our streets after fighting in Syria and Iraq.

News Corp reports that more than 40 people have returned to Australia from war zones within the past five years, but authorities have only prosecuted two foreign fighters.

One is believed to have been charged over fighting with al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra last year, while the second person was prosecuted on December 22. The details surrounding the case are unknown.

Though Attorney-General George Brandis has not confirmed this.

Authorities say it’s difficult to gather evidence from Syrian or Iraqi counterparts.

Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Counter Terrorism Policy Centre head Jacinta Carroll said the Australian public is concerned about returning fighters, but authorities are struggling to obtain evidence against them.

“The Australian public is rightly concerned about returning fighters, but it’s very challenging to get evidence sufficient for a prosecution when someone is engaged in a conflict zone in areas that are controlled by terrorists,” Ms Carroll said.

“It’s very concerning. There’s a continuing ongoing grave terror threat to Australia. While our intelligence and police do everything they can to monitor those people, it’s resource-intensive to do so.”

Mr Brandis told News Corp all individuals returning to Australia from conflict zone are assessed for the level of risk they pose to the community.

“Any person who has been determined to have been fighting in the conflict, to have been a member of a terrorist group or to have been in a declared area will face the full extent of the law,” he added.

To combat this, a new law which allows authorities to charge a person over visiting a declared terrorist zone – even if there’s no evidence they were involved in hostile activity – has reportedly been introduced.

More allowing jihadis to return to a country allah is at war with at Ten News