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Pauline Hanson’s ‘halal’ victory: One Nation succeeds in passing new regulations to control Islamic certification in Australia

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has won a political victory on halal certification labelling

  • Pauline Hanson wants Muslim-friendly halal-certified foods more clearly labelled
  • The One Nation leader’s campaign had the support of her Senate colleagues 
  • It comes 18 months after Senate report recommended more transparent labels 

Pauline Hanson has won a political victory with her Senate colleagues backing her campaign for Muslim-friendly halal-certified foods to be more clearly labelled.

Many meats and popular supermarket products including Vegemite, Cadbury chocolates and Kellogg’s breakfast cereals are halal certified, which means consumers are funding Islamic schools and mosques.

‘We need to make Australia work again’: Abbott calls for halt to migration in new manifesto
The former prime minister says he is “in no hurry to leave public life because we need strong Liberal conservative voices now more than ever”.
In an address to the Institute of Public Affairs Tony Abbott has outlined his plan to make Australia work again.
Houli’s AFL ban slammed after character references from PM and Waleed Aly

Since when does a PM give AFL players a reference?

A character reference from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and media advocate Waleed Aly persuaded the AFL tribunal that Bachar Houli was of such character that they halved his penalty for knocking out Carlton’s Jed Lamb.

The Prime Minister’s interest in AFL player Bachar Houli is driven almost entirely by his need for votes in Victoria. 

The AFL tribunal has been criticised for giving Richmond’s Bachar Houli a lighter suspension after it took into account comments made by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and character evidence from television presenter Waleed Aly.–ABC.NET.AU
The government will pay $70 million in the settlement of a class action brought by Manus Island detainees.

Detainees who say they have endured hell on Manus Island will share $70 million in compensation but the government maintains none will find homes in Australia.

The 1905 current and former Manus Island detainees say their voices are finally being heard after they secured what is believed to be the largest human rights class action settlement in Australia.

The government and operators of the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre settled the class action for $70 million plus costs estimated at more than $20 million, without any admission of liability.

Slater and Gordon principal lawyer Andrew Baker said the settlement was an important step towards recognising the extremely hostile conditions the detainees endured on Manus Island.

6 thoughts on “Hanson/ Abbott/ Manus Island”

  1. and now Australians will be funding clearer labeling of halal certified foods …
    more expense …
    STILL with Australian-based islams …
    STILL with their perpetual hissy fits !!!

    (Pauline …)
    the victory you have …
    when you are not having a victory !!!
    simply out manoeuvred … again !!!

    (halal certification remains and …
    islam remains …
    in Australia ..
    the idea
    (Pauline) IS to get rid of the islams along with their criminal activity ..
    not enshrine islam appeasing in legislation

    halal certification …
    like islam …
    (the laws of Australia are quite clear about this …
    subversion sedition and Treason are punishable crimes

    islam is a world invading criminal conspiracy with three objectives convert/subjugate/murder !!!

    islams do NOT require food they consume to be halal certified !!!
    When an islam is unsure about the source of the food they are consuming …
    An islam performs an islamic curse over the food !!!
    This makes the food halal for islams !!!

    Halal Certification …
    is a criminal taxation scheme designed to obtain funds from non-islams that will eventually fund their own conversion/subjugation/murder by islams !!!

    Pauline Hanson ..
    suckered …
    again !!!
    (the idea Pauline is to clear and clean Australia of everything islam …
    you are now officially aiding abetting appeasing and assisting the islam invasion of Australia …
    fool !!!

  2. Senator Hanson said it was about time the Senate inquiry’s recommendations, published in December 2015, were put into practice.

    ‘Australians are waiting for this to be implemented,’ she told parliament.

    No … No … Nooooo Pauline !!!!
    Australians are STILL waiting for the complete removal of everything islam …
    no criminal halal certification islamic taxation …
    no mosques ….
    no public or private butt lifting anywhere anytime …
    a cleansing of everything islam from Australia …
    including the dead ones ….
    by our “elected authorities !!!

    However our “elected authorities appear to be islamophiles !!!

    islamophile …
    (one who is NOT an adherent of Islam … but who (appears to by their actions) apologise/appease/love (assist) islams, Muslims moslems …
    ie the Islamic culture in its world conquest

  3. The left of the Liberal Party used Abbott to win and get into government, once in they dumped him for their socialist poster boy Turnbull. Now with The Liberals in turmoil we need Abbott more than ever to put a stop to this destruction of the only government that will stop Australia becoming a real banana republic. Watching the likes of Turnbull, Pyne and Bishop makes me fear for my country.

  4. What victory? It would be a victory if this rorting halal shit was stopped entirely.

    Come on making identification easier is not a victory it’s a slap in the face to consumers who still have that filthy swine tax imposed on.

  5. ” • Pauline Hanson wants Muslim-friendly halal-certified foods more clearly labelled” [sic]

    What you want …
    Pauline …
    is NOT what Australians want !!!

    Australians want …
    • All halal certification STOPPED completely and
    • All perpetrators (they are criminals) of this criminal islam scam annihilated !
    • All islamophiles (they are criminals and aka our politicians our “authorities” their “bureaucrats” and those “other leftoids”) assisting the islams incarcerated and
    • All islam (they are criminals) immigration stopped !
    • All Australian-based islams (they are criminals) removed from Australia … including the dead and buried islams (as they are STILL criminals) at islams expense !
    • All the qur’ans (they are crime manuals) burnt !
    • Every mosque (they are pervert and crime schools) pulverised !
    • Revocation of John Malcolm Fraser’s AC, CH, GCL accolades including every other unearned award and accolade and forthwith treated as a TRAITOR … he was the fool who against STRONG security advice imported in great numbers these criminal Lebanese islams/muslims/moslems/muhammadans !

  6. Good on Pauline for this. Well I have some more shocking news on halal certification.

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