IDF kills three Islamic assassins after stabbing

Israeli policewoman stabbed to death in Jerusalem

BBC pulling an Al Jazeera. Three terrorists killed after attacking with knives & guns.

One thought on “IDF kills three Islamic assassins after stabbing”

  1. During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, Israeli restrictions have been eased for Palestinians from the West Bank to travel to Jerusalem.” [sic]

    So …
    Who let the islams (
    muhammad’s aka “allah’s” plague infected vermin) in !!!

    muhammad was a white short fat dwarf (and a host to each of the moral perversions) … not “the god” !!!

    Culpable …
    • The masters of our “authorities” …
    • Our “authorities” who do what their masters order …
    • Their “bureaucrats” who do what Our “authorities” order …
    • Those islams … all “types” … (many “towers” to them)
    • The non-islams who remain passive and allow islam !!!

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