“They are targeting innocent people having fun”

41 attacks so far during Ramadan. All Islamic. London terrorists said “this is for Allah” All of this of course has

Get prepared for the barrage of phoney victimhood:

“Islamophobia Register Australia spokeswoman Mariam Veiszadeh said that they had been receiving an increase in reports about Islamophobic incidents — and they were also becoming more serious and severe.”

Ramadan edition of ISIS magazine – Rumiyah: “target them with edged weapons, firearms, vehicle ramming, in clubs & restaurants and bars.”

Watching terror in London unfold: who are we kidding?This is a Jihadi guerrilla warfare not an issue for law enforcement. Time to wise up.

What is their problem? What is their agenda?  REFUSES to call these attacks TERROR despite UK calling them terrorists attacks.

Mark Steyn:

“…as the politicians trot out the rote response that these attacks ‘won’t change us’, everything changes” 

How to stop further acts of Jihad terrorism 1. Intern. 2. Deport. 3. Close down hate centres. 4. Close Borders

The Londoners had to THROW CHAIRS at the assassins because the UNARMED POLICE RAN AWAY!! The Guardian reports:

Heart wrenching footage from the ground in London I cannot comprehend how ‘men’ are not taking torches to Mosques in the UK.

Praying for London is easy. Purging mosques of Imans who preach of “the evils of Western life…” takes courage.

Six people were killed and 20 injured in the terror attack in London. All three suspects were shot dead.

Anyone who supports the presence of Muslims and the immigration of more is a terrorist.

ALMOST half of British Muslims wouldn’t go to the police if someone they knew was involved with supporters of terrorism in Syria.

A staggering new survey also found that just 26 per cent of Britain’s Muslims do not believe in “extremist views exist”.

Tommy Robinson on last night’s attack. He would post it himself, but Twitter suspended his account:

This is what the British people are thinking. This needs to be heard in Parliament. And everywhere else in Britain.

Subjugated Manchester Police Chief Poses With Jihadi, Koran After Muslims Slaughter City’s Christian Children: