Got Muslims? Got Jihad

A New Zealand Jew Inadvertently Allows Us to See the Flaming Obvious: Got Muslims? Got Jihad

by Christina McIntosh

He doesn’t put it in so many words; he holds back from coming right out and saying it; but that is the general conclusion that can be drawn, by any intelligent reader, from an article by one Michael Kuttner, that appeared in an Australasian Jewish online news site, “Jwire”, on August 11 this year.  On August 11, note well the date.  Before the three latest murderous or intended-to-be-murderous Muslim ghazi raids in Barcelona, Spain; in Turku, Finland; and in Russia; all carried out by the enemy within, by members of the Muslim ‘community’ recently or at some earlier time admitted within the gates of those historically-Infidel societies.

Let us hope, however, that the title he gave his article  – “Beyond the point of no return” – will be proven wrong by a timely awakening, over the next couple of years, among threatened Infidels across Europe and in the Americas, the Antipodes, India, and Israel, and then by appropriate changes in public policy, to halt and then to reverse the hijra, the immigration-invasion that the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob has been carrying out in so many parts of the world to increasingly-ruinous effect upon the targeted infidels.

“Beyond the Point of No Return”

“The recent foiling of a terrorist plot to blow up a plane in Australia has focused attention on the threat posed by radicalised citizens (sic: “by jihad-minded Muslims holding infidel-country citizenship” – CM) both at home and abroad… writes Michael Kuttner.

We already know that Europe has reached the point of no return (I sincerely hope that Mr Kuttner is wrong on this point – CM) as thousands of jihadists have flooded in and have already been responsible for terror attacks.

Apart from, of course, the jihad terror attacks carried out by persons who entered the country as non-Muslims and then subsequently, in-country, converted to Islam – such as, for example, the murderers of Lee Rigby, who were born to Nigerian Christian parents and only became murderers after their conversion to Islam, which took place on UK soil –  or by Muslims born to Muslim immigrant parents (three of the Muslims who detonated themselves as human bombs aboard trains in London in 2005 were British-born, to Pakistani Muslim immigrant parents).  The jihad threat within the gates began to grow ever since the first Muslim colonists were admitted by France and the UK and Germany; it did not arise de novo with the most recent influx of Muslims into Europe. – CM

‘According to British intelligence officials there are at least 23,000 jihadist extremists (sic: “actively jihad-minded Muslims” – CM) who have been identified as living in the United Kingdom, all of them considered potential terrorist threats.  Of these about 3000 are being monitored (at vast expense of money and man-hours – CM) by an under-resourced police force and intelligence service.  That leaves 20,000 deemed to be a “residual” risk and not being monitored.

But any number of whom could in fact become much more dangerous, at any given moment.  To get some perspective on these numbers – 23,000 potential ghazi raiders, from within the Muslim ‘community’ in the UK, is almost one-third of the total number of full-time and fully-trained troops in the British Army (approx 78,000).  Bear those comparative numbers in mind, next time you hear someone burbling on about “the tiny minority of extremists”.  Think of those 23,000 potential jihadists as the ‘standing army’ of the Ummah in the UK; the troops it could, if it chose, send out to attack the surrounding Infidels. There are at least 3 million Muslims in the UK; those 3 million Muslims are represented by at least 23 000 potential jihadis.  Meanwhile: the 61 million infidels are represented by a standing army of 78 000.  Do the maths...- CM

‘Making this situation even more alarming are the number of jihadists and radicalised locals (sic: “the number of potentially-aggressive Muslims” – CM) who do not even feature on the radar either because they are illegally in the UK, or because the authorities do not have the resources to do anything about them.

Or because they have not yet “gone jihad” and/ or their ‘community’ members are not about to rat on them to Infidel law enforcement. – CM

‘What holds true for the United Kingdom is even worse for the rest of Europe where the number of unregistered “refugees” (that term “refugee” has in many cases become nothing but an equivalent for ‘muhajiroun”, ‘persons migrating for the sake of allah’ – CM) in many countries has spiralled out of control and the potential for disaster is considerably higher.

‘The negative effect on Jewish communities has been devastating.

‘They range from actual physical violence, to verbal abuse, with communal institutions such as synagogues and Jewish schools under constant threat.  In addition, Jewish men no longer wear kippot in public and many Jews have removed mezzuzot from their house or apartment front doors.  Anyone looking remotely Jewish runs the risk of being assaulted.

The European non-Jewish infidels need to be reminded of the old war-chant of the bazaars of the dar al Islam – “first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people”.  And the horrors meted out by Muslim kidnappers-and-torturers, to a young French-Jewish man, Ilan Halimi, in France, and to a Scottish boy of secular or Christian background, Kriss Donald, in Scotland – many years before the current influx of Muslims began – shows us just exactly what Muslims enjoy doing to any infidel, whether Jew or non-Jew.  – CM

‘In summary, with the dramatic increase in Europe’s Moslem population, there has been an increase in anti-Jewish behaviour.

And the Jews though high on the list of Muslim targets of people-to-abuse-and-kill, are not of course the sole target; as we have been seeing over and over. – CM

‘Given Europe’s dismal past record it does not take too much imagination to foresee that normal Jewish life in that continent and indeed also in Scandinavia is becoming untenable.

Every Muslim that any infidel country imports is potentially a menace to any Jews in that infidel country, as well as to every other kind of infidel in said country. – CM

‘Australia is described as the “lucky country” and indeed for Jews it has proven to be a safe haven of tranquility and equal opportunity.

‘Maintaining that Australia has been a beacon of liberality is most probably stretching it a bit, given its past treatment of its Aboriginal citizens (‘inhabitants’ would be a better term, given that they were not officially counted as citizens until 1967 – CM), and years of “white” Australia immigration. Restrictive policies which barred large numbers of Jewish refugees prior to 1945 gave way to a more generous quota post-war, and large numbers of Holocaust survivors found a home “down under”.

An excellent book on the subject of the history of the Jews in Australia, which began with the First Fleet, is Hilary L Rubinstein’s “Chosen: The Jews in Australia” (1987).  I commend it to any NER readers who are not familiar with the subject and might like to know more.  Famous Aussie Jews include Sir John Monash, one of our greatest WWI generals, and an early Governor-General, Sir Isaac Isaacs, as well as a later Governor-General, Sir Zelman Cowen; the first European-tradition composer in Australia was Isaac Nathan, whose grave – marked by a broken harp – may be seen in the historic Camperdown Cemetery in Newtown, Sydney (he was one of the first among the colonists to attempt a serious study of Aboriginal music).  Jews in Australia have blessed the country and positively contributed out of all proportion to their always-small percentage of the total Aussie population. – CM

‘Given current developments elsewhere, it would be foolish to ignore ominous straws in the wind.  Being lulled into a false sense of inertia while enjoying economic prosperity has never been a recipe for success as far as Jewish (or, for that matter, any other! – CM) communities has been concerned.

‘It therefore behooves everyone to look carefully at developments close to home and internalise the necessary lessons.

‘One has to be careful not to go overboard with wild theories, but at the same time, not to be afraid to acknowledge reality when it stares you in the face.

‘What are some of those realities now surfacing in Australia, and which a few years ago would have seemed unreal?

‘The latest census (2016) showed a dramatic increase in the number of followers of Islam, with the number jumping to over 600,000.

That should be cause for concern not only to Jews in Australia! It is great cause of concern to any Infidel Australian who has taken the trouble to inform themselves about the texts, the teachings, and the historical track record of Islam as an ideology. – CM

‘At the same time the number who declared themselves Jewish fell to less than 100,000.

‘We all know that census figures as far as Jews are concerned are not necessarily reliable, but even if we take the previous figure of 120,000 it is undeniable that the Moslem population is growing at a far faster rate.

Fewer Jews and lots and lots more Muslims is not what I – speaking as a non-Jewish Aussie non-Muslim – like to see  in my country!  I would much rather that the figures were the other way around – lots more Jews, and a lot fewer Muslims! – CM

‘Some people will say, “So what?”

‘Normally that would be a perfeclty valid response, but given developments elsewhere in the world (that is: given the explosive increase in Muslim aggression against Infidels, world-wide, of late – CM), we must ask further questions.

Do you know what is being taught in mosques and [Islamic – CM] schools?

‘These are the places in the UK and Europe (and the USA) where incitement against Jews and the Jewish State are taking place.

As well as, of course, general inculcations of hatred and aggression toward all stripes of Infidel. – CM

‘Of course not all (sic – a better way to put it would be, “Perhaps not all”, and that perhaps is itself highly qualified – CM) are doing so, but what level of oversight and supervision is in place to make sure that followers are not being indoctrinated with jihadist radicalisation?  Correction – “to make sure that Muslims are not being encouraged to go out and wage jihad against the surrounding Infidels”. – CM

‘Given the recent past, do authorities have a clue as to how many are being poisoned with terror-related material?

Correction: “instructed in the orthodox jihad doctrine of Islam, as found in Sira, Quran and Hadiths”. – CM

‘How many are monitored and how many are “under the radar”?

How many are under the radar?  My estimate for that would be – “lots and lots”. – CM

‘How long will it be before politicians and MPs feel it necessary to pander to the anti-Israel (or, for that matter, brutally anti-Jewish, period – CM) sentiments of their Moslem constituents, because failing to do so will mean their prospects of being elected are vastly diminished?

The corrupting influence of the Mohammedan bloc vote, felt for decades in India, and for some time now also in the UK, is already well at work in key electorates in Sydney and Melbourne. There’s no ‘how long will be it be’… It’s already happening. – CM

‘How many more Islamic-inspired terrorist outrages wil it take for local authorities to run for cover whenever planning permission for a synagogue or communal building is sought?

The outrages don’t need to happen; the mere threat is already sufficient. And it won’t just be Jewish buildings affected; how long until permission is denied to churches, or other types of Infidel installations? – CM

‘The following facts (not suppositions) should give cause for concern.

‘Turkey has the names of approximately 420 suspected Australian jihadists (sic: Aussie-passport-holding jihad-waging Muslims – CM) on a watch list it is using to block foreign fighters from travelling through its territory.

‘The number of Australians (sic: ‘Aussie-passport-holding Muslims’ – CM) on the [Turkish] list grew from just 90 in 2014 to more than 180 in 2015 with another 150 added last year.

‘Turkey has deported 21 suspected Australian (Aussie-passport-holding – CM) jihadists over the past two years.

‘About half of them were sent back to Australian (we should have refused to take them back – CM) but the rest were sent to other countries.

‘The large percentage of Australian (Aussie-passport-holding – CM) Muslims who have joined the Islamic State has been little noticed.

‘Australia had one of the highest per-capita rates of Muslims travelling to ISIS-controlled territory.  The ratio is on a par with France.

‘According to a BBC report, the majority of Australia’s radicalised individuals (Muslim jihadis – CM) were born in that country.

‘Between 2014 and 2016 Australian authorities foiled 15 plots (15 plots hatched by Muslims, that were intended to murder lots of Aussie infidels – CM).

‘In 2016 the online ISIS magazine exhorted its followers to “scorch Australia with terror”.

‘An op-ed appearing recently on an Australian website by a Sydney-domiciled Muslim sums up the current local situation far better than anything I have seen so far.  In summary, this is what he stated: “The radicalisation of Muslims is the bastard child of Islam. (Lie.  Correct statement – “Muslims wage jihad because of the jihad imperative hardwired into the founding texts of Islam and the example of the warlord Mohammed”. – CM)

“The elephant in the room we refuse to talk about.  (True enough – CM).  The product of decades of neglect by politicians too scared to address the truth (too scared to admit that Islam is the religion of blood and war and that they – these politicians – have admitted hundreds of thousands of War Cultists into the midst of their countries and mortally endangered their fellow citizens – CM) and Islamic leaders too weak to accept it even exists (say, rather, “Islamic leaders who are busy lying and denying and running “covering fire” for the jihadists whilst hoping that the filthy Infidels don’t find out what Islam is really all about, until it is too late and the Islamisation of their countries can be concluded by main force. – CM).

‘Needless to say there are (say rather, “there seem to be” – CM) large numbers (just how large? – take a look at the Pew Research Survey results, and the results of other polls, to get a different perspective, Mr Kuttner – CM) of Muslims who are model citizens (for the moment; until suddenly one day they are NOT – let us bear in mind taqiyya, muruna, taysir and darura – CM) and who are never likely (never? – are you sure of that “never”, Mr Kuttner? – CM) to engage in activities associated with terror (or, rather, “open acts of “jihad of the sword”; though they are not averse to other forms of Jihad, and by their very presence they “human shield” the jihadis who issue from their midst, from their families and communities – CM).

‘It is common knowledge however that moderates (those who take Islam less fully to heart – CM) are more often than not intimidated into silence and submission by the fanatics (by those who take Islam fully to heart – CM).

‘Given growing evidence of local radicalization (growing evidence that more and more Australia-resident Muslims are Going Jihad – CM) is it wise to ignore and sweep the problem under the carpet?  Dare we continue to pretend that it’s not as bad as portrayed? (Rather, “…pretend that it’s not as bad as it in fact is.” – CM)

“Is “she’ll be right, mate”, “no problems, mate” a solution, these days?”

Short answer: NO. Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  Jihad against Jews; jihad against everybody else who isn’t Muslim, for the single and sufficient reason that they are .. not Muslim, and not ruled by Muslims.  The only way to have no Jihad inside Australia’s gates, against Jews or anybody else non-Islamic, is to not have any Muslims living inside Australia’s gates.  Or inside the gates of any other historically-Infidel nation.  That’s the bottom line.  Unless and until we recognise that unpleasant reality, and act accordingly, we are  all – Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, animists, atheists – in danger; we are all targets of Jihad, and those who will wage it- who will wield the knife, become the human bomb, take up the gun, drive the vehicle full tilt into a crowd, or engage in any number of other possible acts of violence and destruction – are living amongst us, sheltered and nurtured and taught and encouraged and human-shielded and, behind closed doors, more often than not, applauded and celebrated, by the mass of the Ummah, that capitalises – like a mafioso extortionist – upon every jihad atrocity that occurs, in order to demand more and yet more accommodation and appeasement and special treatment, more and more flattery and “strokes”.