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Swedish woman raped by refugee commits suicide after prosecutor claims ‘lack of evidence’
Swedish woman raped by refugee commits suicide after prosecutor claims “lack of evidence”
A Swedish woman who was raped by a Syrian refugee in March this year, has committed suicide.  The woman chose to end her life by overdosing on her medication; she felt devastated in aftermath of her violent rape and the failure to prosecute the perpetrator exacerbated her sense of low worth.
Young Mother Who Converted to Islam Murdered in Hammer Attack After Going Back to Western Lifestyle

A young mother who converted to Islam was brutally murdered by her husband, who barred her from seeing family and friends after she started wearing Western-style clothes again, a British court has heard. Akshar Ali hit Sinead Wooding with a hammer…..



German Police Officer Dismissed For ‘Far Right Tattoos’

BERLIN (AP) – A German federal court has dismissed a Berlin police officer accused of having far-right tattoos and repeatedly giving the Hitler salute, 10 years after he was first suspended.

Sick Joke of the Year

“Glamor” magazine names pro-sharia activist Linda Sarsour “Woman of the Year”
On last night’s show, author and free speech champion Pamela Geller joined me to discuss Glamour magazine naming pro-Sharia Islamic activist Linda Sarsour…Pamela Geller

Rita Panahi:
As an atheist and a woman, Israel is the only place in the Middle East place where I’m safe & equal.

Unelected EU apparatchiks get their own army to protect them from the people

The EUSSR needs an army, which we were promised would never happen. But now its happening:

EU Army: The 5 countries that REFUSED to sign up to France and Germany’s defence force
NATO flag, EU flag, and European troops in Africa
EU Army: The new PESCO deal would include a mix of EU and NATO countries

AS Brussels hails its “historic” march towards an EU Army, five nations are holding fire on committing to an alliance which could lead to a ‘two-speed’ defence union in competition with NATO.

But so far the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Portugal and Malta have yet to sign up to the deal, which is seen by some as the next step towards a fully fledged EU Army.

In other news:

Three Asian  Mohammedans jailed for abusing girl, 13, in Rotherham
Sajid Ali, 38, Zaheer Iqbal, 40, and Riaz Makhmood, 39…..
French academic: Create a Muslim state within France to avoid civil war

Brilliant. If any Frenchman you know ever objects to being called ‘cheese-eating-surrender-monkey’ let him have it.

‘One territory, one government, but two peoples: the French with the usual laws and Muslims with Qur’anic status.’

Indonesia: Minorities Forced to Convert to Islam

Indonesia’s Orang Rimba: Forced to renounce their faith
By Rebecca Henschke

BBC Indonesian Editor

The Orang Rimba tribe who live in the Sumatran rainforest

The Sumatran rainforests of Indonesia are home to the Orang Rimba – the people of the jungle. Their faith and nomadic way of life are not recognised by the state and, as their forests are destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations, many are being forced to convert to Islam to survive.

In a wooden hut on stilts, a group of children dressed in white sit on the floor. They sing “I will protect Islam till I die” and shout “There is no god but Allah”, in unison.

Three months ago, the 58 families that make up the Celitai tribe of Orang Rimba converted to Islam.

They were picked up and bussed into Jambi, the nearest city, and given clothes and prayer mats.

Germany: 200 churches damaged and Christian symbols destroyed in just one region

Bear in mind that this is just one report from Bavaria, a state in southern Germany. This destruction is going on all over Europe, wherever Mohammedans have settled, behind, what they perceive to be enemy lines. The damage is immeasurable, and the pope calls for more of these invaders in the name of … what exactly?

“Germany: Two hundred churches damaged and Christian symbols destroyed in just one region,” Voice of Europe, November 14, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

In a rare candid moment, German media reported at least 200 cases of damaged churches in the region of Bavaria alone every year.

In addition, attacks on summit crosses are also increasing in the region’s mountains. Crosses on several mountain tops have been toppled and destroyed with axes or saws.

There’s a growing anger among the indigenous German population over the attacks. Some people think Islamists are behind it.

But the attacks on churches and summit crosses are not isolated cases; for months, attacks on Christian symbols have been reported from several Bavarian cantons.

There have been reports of desecration from Pentecost, Längental and from the “Prinzkopf” which lies between Sylvensteinstausee and Tyrol.

Some repairs of historic churches can cost tens of thousands of euros. It’s an attack on people’s faith and communities suspect there is a religious motive behind it, e.g. Muslim migrants might be trying to sow fear in the population.

In other news:

Germany: Spike in Stabbings

A recent surge in stabbings and knife-related violence across Germany is drawing renewed attention to the deteriorating security situation there since Chancellor Angela Merkel’s 2015 decision to allow in more than a million migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.–Continue Reading Article

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Hungarian PM Says ‘Silent Majority’ Will Prevail Over ‘Globalist Elites’ and ‘The Soros Empire

Battle for the West: Hungarian PM Says ‘Silent Majority’ Will Prevail Over ‘Globalist Elites’ and ‘The Soros Empire


Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has launched a stunning denunciation of globalism, declaring that the “true spirit of the age” points to a resurgence of conservative values centred on country, family, and tradition.

The Hungarian premier drew battle lines between a “silent majority” of ordinary people who “provide for their families, love their homelands, and insist on their Christian roots” on the one hand, and the “globalist elites, the bureaucrats who serve them, the politicians in their pay, and the agents of the Soros-type networks that embody their interests” on the other.


Hungarians raise alarm after leaked Soros doc reveals list of 226 MEPs the financier considers “reliable allies”. 

“We should realise that the soothing melodies pouring out of the speakers of powerful global corporations and global political organisations – siren voices encouraging breezy irresponsibility, frenzied consumption, and boundless self-indulgence – are not at all the same as the spirit of the age,” he said.

“Under the soft blanket of dreams laid down by the global elite, one finds the cold, hard reality of life.

“We see tens of millions of Europeans working hard and struggling day in, day out to keep themselves and their families afloat.

“We see how they yearn for security and order.

“We see how they cleave ever more firmly to their cultural identity, and fight every day for every square metre of their normal European life,” he said.

Lots more on Breitbart

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After homo ‘marriage’ comes Islamic child-marriage & polygamy

….and pandering leftist loons are already preparing to serve it to their constituents on a silver platter.

Labor MPs  ignore huge ‘no’ votes in their multicultural electorates

Labor frontbencher Tony Burke told Fairfax Media he would not be changing his vote to “no”, despite “yes” securing just 30.4 per cent support in the postal survey in his electorate of Watson, one of the lowest results in the country.

“I went to the last election with a commitment to vote ‘yes’. That doesn’t change. My community knows that if they are treated with prejudice, vilified, or marginalised in any way I will stand up for them, regardless of polls.”

In Chifley, where 58.7 per cent of people voted no, local MP Ed Husic, a “yes”-voting Muslim, said the community would find a way to accommodate all points of view.


What comes after same-sex marriage?
 You only have to look to the countries that have already redefined the institution to get an idea. Here are twelve examples.

Quote of the Day comes courtesy of The XYZ’s Ryan Fletcher:

Australia, when faced with a democratic vote, decided to support those who fire-bombedthe ACL headquaters, vandalised private property, maliciously assaulted numerous NO campaigners, sent death threats to public officials and intentionally lied about the true intent of their agenda to redefine marriage.

Moral of story: Terrorism works.

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Islam is a race & if you disagree you are an ‘anti-Muslim hater’

Thousands of protesters marched through London in October against ISIL [Jack Taylor/Getty Images]

Thousands of protesters marched through London in October against ISIL [Jack Taylor/Getty Images]

How has Islamophobia changed over the past 20 years?

by Aina Khan

London, England – Anti-Muslim hatred has become more pervasive and entrenched in the UK, compared with 20 years ago, according to a report by the think tank that catapulted the term “Islamophobia” in 1997. …

… The term “anti-Muslim racism” was proposed instead, as it was more encompassing of the tangible impact of Islamophobia. Farah Elahi, a research and policy analyst at Runnymede Trust said Islamophobia had now manifested structurally in policy. …

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Leftist smear machine attacks Pamela Geller for exposing the Bengali jihad against Burma

Daily Beast attacks Pamela Geller for exposing falsity of Rohingya ethnic cleansing narrative

Pamela Geller

“Pamela Geller, who Steve Bannon has called ‘one of the leading experts in the country if not the world’ on Islam, regularly suggests the Rohingya are responsible for the violence in Burma.”

They are. They started the conflict by attacking the Buddhists of Myanmar. They murdered 71 police officers in a jihad attacl. See this Geller Report article by Dr. Andrew Bostom. They have been involved in massacres of Hindus. Hindu families have fled Myanmar after Rohingyas massacred 86 Hindus. The jihadis dumped their victims in mass graves. The Indian government says that the Rohingyas are a security threat.

But as far as the deeply compromised Daily Beast is concerned, it’s just the “far right” ignoring the ethnic cleansing. What is “far right” about telling the truth about jihad terror — and about the Rohingyas? These enemedia tools are enabling the most savage, violent, misogynistic, hateful ideology on the face of the earth.

“The American Far Right Asks: What Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing?,” by Betsy Woodruff, Daily Beast, November 13, 2017:

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Vive La Resistance! French Protest Mohammedan Demo Prayers In Clichy

French mayor leads protest to stop Muslim worshippers praying in street

From the French edition of The Local A French mayor and dozens of other MPs and elected councillors from around the Paris region sang the Marseillaise on Friday as they marched towards around 200 Muslim worshippers in a bid to stop them praying in the street. The stand off which was caught in …Read More…
Paris cancels Christmas market; holds special Ramadan party every year


Meet the new France, not the same as the old France. If Charles Martel were to reappear in France today, he would be denounced as an “Islamophobe.”

“Paris cancels Christmas market; holds special Ramadan party every year,” Voice of Europe, November 11, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

The Champs-Élysées Christmas market in Paris has been cancelled by City Hall councillors. It is considered the city’s main Christmas market and welcomes 15 million visitors every year.

Vive La Resistance!
“Populist” French Mayor Told to Remove Nativity from City Hall

Populist mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard has been told by a French court to permanently take down a nativity scene from the city hall, but Ménard has vowed to let it stand.

The controversy surrounding the placement of the nativity scene began in 2014 shortly after Ménard had been elected mayor of the city.

Complaints were lodged against the religious scene, with some claiming that it violated the strict secularisation laws in France, and now the administrative court of appeal of Marseille has judged that the 2014 nativity had no place in the city hall, L’Express reports.

Ménard, despite the court case, also put up a nativity scene in 2015, 2016, and plans to have one this year, as well. According to the Béziers mayor, the new scenes will reflect local regional customs.

Clichy muslims double down on Islamic genocidal manifest destiny, sues mayor and counter-protestors

Vlad Tepes Exclusive

This past week there has been a lot of news about thee illegal street prayers in Clichy. It started with a few, maybe seven, French citizens objecting to the violation of many French laws, but mostly the ones on state secularism:

It was discovered shortly after that the reason for the street prayers was that the mosque offered to them was about a mile away, (1.5 Kms) from the spot of the street prayers and they wanted a mosque right there. Add to that, most of the muslims at this event were bussed in from much farther than a mile.

Macron blames France for the rise of Islamic terrorism

The cure, for social engineer Macron, are of course more social programs for the ‘disenfranchised youths’ who need to be coddled….



French President Emmanuel Macron has blamed France for the rise of Islamism and said the Republic was not good enough for “youths”, as he outlined a series of social programmes for the country’s migrant-dominated, low-income neighbourhoods.

“Radicalisation has taken hold because the French Republic has resigned,” Macron said on Tuesday in the northern French city of Tourcoing, near Lille, as he outlined 15 social policy plans.

Focusing on the banlieues (low-income housing projects), which are home to large Muslim populations and were known for mass riots a decade ago, the French president said: “I will never confuse the few thousand radicalised and the millions of inhabitants of these neighbourhoods.”

Acknowledging that “in many of these troubled territories, radicalisation has taken hold”, he said that that fact should lead the nation to “question itself”.

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