Perth: ‘Oh what fun with a knife or gun, a Christian guy to slay.’

The Floreat Forum mall in Perth’s western suburbs was used for a “right-wing” political protest

Jihad Bells: Santa Claus and his burqa-clad female helpers booted from Perth shopping centre for singing anti-Islam ‘carols’

  • Far-right protesters sang anti-Islam ‘carols’ in burqas in Perth shopping centre
  • The women from the Australian Liberty Alliance were posing as Santa’s helpers
  • Shoppers at Floreat Forum mall in Perth’s west found demonstration confronting
  • Rock legend Angry Anderson, who ran as ALA candidate, said it was extravagant

Christmas shoppers were confronted by far-right demonstrators in burqas singing anti-Islamic carols as Santa’s female helpers.

Three women clad in the black Islamic clothing sang ‘Jihad Bells’ to people buying presents at the Floreat Forum mall in Perth‘s western suburbs.

A witness said the political stunt, also involving a man in a Santa costume, was inappropriate considering there were many children walking past the Christmas display outside a pharmacy.

Three women wore burqas as Santa's female helpers to protest against Islam in AustraliaThree women wore burqas as Santa’s female helpers to protest against Islam in Australia

‘I thought it was terrible. They just took over the Father Christmas area and did this all of their own accord,’ she told WA Today.

‘They did their bit and everyone just stood with their mouths open. The whole thing lasted for around two to three minutes, and it wasn’t very amusing.’

Former Rose Tattoo singer Angry Anderson, who ran as an Australian Liberty Alliance candidate last year, said singing carols in burqas is a bit extravagant

Centre management told Fairfax Media there had been a complaint regarding the ‘Taliban Tarts’ on Tuesday morning.

Angry Anderson, the former lead singer of rock band Rose Tattoo who ran as a Senate candidate last year with the Australian Liberty Alliance, said the burqa demonstration was a bit over the top.

‘I find it uncomfortable. I think it’s extravagant singing carols in a burqa,’ he told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday.

However, he said the demonstrators were making a relevant point about the burqa in Australia.

Australian Liberty Alliance's Taliban Tarts demonstrating at Melbourne's Federation Square

The Australian Liberty Alliance demonstrators don burqas to make a point about Islam

‘I don’t think it’s any secret the ALA finds the wearing of burqas offensive,’ he said.

‘I certainly do. I don’t care what people wear in the privacy of their own home – if I want to walk around in a house in a G-string, I shall – but I won’t do it in public.

‘I support the reason why they draw attention to common practice of wearing the burqa in public – I think it’s absurd.’

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