Tommy Robinson VS Piers Morgan


The twat is totally clueless and Piers Morgan is just dumb. He babbles stupidly about “Islam’s holy book”, suggests the bible is more violent and the world is full of “peaceful Muslims whose faith has been hijacked”. Anyone that ignorant cannot be taken seriously.
Piers Morgan tried to close down the debate by hurling insults and not allowing Tommy to speak. But Tommy shuts him down with facts.

Don’t listen to the media, to hear the REAL story of Tommy Robinson and how the state tried to silence him many times for speaking the truth, buy his number one best selling book here. 

Finsbury Park Mosque links to radical Islamic terrorism

June 19, 2017
Ian Horswill, News Corp Australia Network

… In a sermon he spoke about the need for Jihad: “Allah likes those who believe in Him who kill those who do not believe in Him. Allah likes that. So if you Muslims don’t like that because you hate the blood, there is something wrong with you.”

The mosque became a meeting point for militant Islam’s most notorious figures. Zacarias Moussaoui, 9/11’s alleged 20th hijacker, and shoe bomber Richard Reid, were among those to attend the mosque. …

Finsbury Mosque Terror: What They’re NOT Telling You (Paul Joseph Watson)

Muslim parliamentarians use the single attack to try and destroy Magna Carta, and rule of law

Clearly what the UK MP meant is, that reporting accurately what Muslims believe, preach, do and is motivated by, must be stopped at all costs.

what the mayor of Cologne said.

“Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of dissent.”


More about Tommy Robinson from the Rebel Media:

Our own Tommy Robinson has been warning for years that the British people are under attack, and if their Establishment does nothing — or worse, if the Establishment denounces, arrests and harasses anyone who even speaks out — the country will reach the breaking point.

Yesterday someone snapped.

When Muslims were leaving London’s Finsbury Park mosque after Ramadan, a 47-year-old white man named Darren Osborne drove his van into a group of civilians. He killed one and injured ten. Of course, it was wrong that Osborne decided to fight terrorism with terrorism, and that is indeed what his act was.

(That particular mosque has been a terrorist recruiting mosque for years. It’s inaccurate to think of it as a house of worship; comparing it to a Hells’ Angels clubhouse is more accurate.)

Now remember, after the Manchester concert bombing, lefties said, as they always do:

Keep on acting as if nothing has changed.

But there was none of that today.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan always says that Muslim terrorist attacks are, “part and parcel of living in a big city.” Of course, he rarely uses the word “terrorist,” and rarer still “Muslim terrorist”. But he sure used the word terrorist last night — and certainly didn’t call for people to accept it.

It’s a double standard. Which is why this vigilante snapped.

I’m not excusing it. I’m explaining it.

And warning of more to come.

UK: What Could Be More Important Than To Protect Muslims From “Backlash?”

Police launch new strategy to combat hate crime and Islamophobia in Midlands

By Darren Campbell

Last week a former Metropolitan Police commander had warned of a backlash against Muslims following recent terrorist atrocities following recent terror attacks in London. …

Police in the Midlands have launched a new strategy to support victims of hate crime around the region.

Warwickshire and West Mercia Police have introduced the strategy in a bid to support victims and help improve the reporting of hate crime.

The strategy includes the setting up of a dedicated hate crime section on the forces’ websites with details of how to report crimes and support groups.

It also makes specific mention of Islamophobic hate crime for the first time, with a direct reference to the Tell MAMA campaign monitoring offences against Muslims.

The news comes on the same day that Muslims were targeted in a terror attack outside a mosque in north London.

The scene of the attack near Finsbury Park Mosque
A van was driven at worshippers near a mosque in north London (Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images)

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Ramadan Rage 2017: 1,385 Fatalities Already More than Triple Those Last Year

 The list of this years carnage is below the fold. Grievance theatre here:

During Ramadan, many Muslim Americans fear anti-Islamic violence

“How can I be held accountable for the acts of someone else who claims to murder in the name of my religion and hijack my religion?” said Nasiri. 

Getty Images

Welcome to Breitbart News’s running count of worldwide jihadist terrorist attacks during Ramadan 2017. Check back for updates through the end of the Islamic holy month on June 24.

With less than one week left in this year’s holiest month for Muslims, the fatalities at 1,404 have more than tripled the estimated 421 that took place during the entire Ramadan period last year, considered one of the bloodiest in recent memory.

The 2,741 total number of casualties (1,404 murders and 1,337 injuries) have more than doubled the estimated 1,150 (421 deaths and 729 injuries that took place in 2016.

There have been at least 135 deadly incidents in more than 20 mainly Muslim nations during Ramadan this year, which began on May 27 and expected to end on June 24.

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Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, June 20, 2017

Peter Hartcher on jihad in the Philippines:

What if the butchers of so-called Islamic State set up a branch of their barbarian “caliphate” in South East Asia with the aim of waging their vicious jihad throughout the region? Too late. They already have.

Declaring themselves to be “Islamic State – Eastern Region”, they … appeared as a minor news item last month – a gang of armed militants was reported to be attacking a minor city in the Philippines, fighting under the black flag of IS, or Daesh.

The Philippines National Army engaged the thugs… In spite of heavy fighting, aerial bombardment, tank fire, helicopter gunships and US technical support, the June 12 deadline for victory set by [President] Duterte came and went a week ago.


And the city of Marawi, about the size of Hobart with a population of some 200,000, remains partly under the control of the insurgents… About 300 people have been killed, mostly militants, but including at least 58 soldiers and 26 civilians, according to the army. Much of Marawi is shattered and most of the population has fled.

Finsbury Mosque: how come nobody mentions fridges, ladders or bees?

Strangely, we haven’t heard much about fridgesladders or bees following the cowardly and deadly attack on Muslims outside a London Islamic centre.

The diversity of victims probably won’t score a mention either.

The car used in the attack


Back to the more usual script in Paris:

A CAR loaded with gas bottles and guns rammed into a police van in Paris leaving the driver dead in what the interior minister said was an “attempted attack”.

Police sources told AFP that a Kalashnikov rifle, handguns and gas bottles were found in the white Renault Megane. Sources said the suspect had links to Islamist extremism and was on the radar of authorities.

Finsbury Mosque Terror: What They’re NOT Telling You

Australian terror forces on high alert for ISIS attack during Ramadan

Australian security forces brace for Islamist ‘Night of Power’ amid fears of a terrorist attack TOMORROW – as pro-ISIS supporters say they’ll wage a ‘war on the streets’

Counter-terror forces in Australia are on high alert with fears Islamic State is set to launch a series of attacks around the world on Wednesday, a key date of Ramadan.

‘Night of Power’, which falls on the 27th day of Ramadan, has been a notorious target for ISIS terrorists, who slaughtered 20 people in a Bangladesh restaurant last year.

And now, in the wake of last month’s Manchester attack and Monday’s incident at a London mosque, there are fears ISIS could be set to again ramp up attacks, forcing Australian authorities to be extra vigilant, Nine News reports.

  • Islamic State is reportedly set to target key Ramadan date the ‘Night of Power’ 
  • Pro-ISIS channels are promoting a war on the streets after latest London attack
  • ‘Night of Power’, the day Mohammed revealed the Quran, falls this Wednesday
  • In 2016, ISIS terrorists killed 20 foreigners in attack at a Bangladesh restaurant
  • Australian terror authorities are reportedly on high alert following spate of terror

Daily Mail

Theresa May says the Finsbury Park mosque attack justifies her plan to crackdown on the internet

What next? Conversion? Submission?
Australian Greens leader organises dinner with Muslim pro-Sharia law preacher
Greens leader Richard Di Natale and his party organised a dinner featuring a hardline Islamic preacher Sheikh Mustapha Sarakibi who opposes anti-terror laws…
Theresa May says the Finsbury Park mosque attack justifies her plan to crackdown on the internet
Theresa May has said the Finsbury Park mosque attack justifies her plan to impose a raft of regulations on the internet.
For those who know something about the Finsbury Park Mosque, it’s very ironic that it should now be condemning a form of Terrorism (car ramming attacks) that it wholeheartedly promotes when the targets are non-Muslims.

The MCB is using this incident to shut down critics of Islam. Despicable.

Miqdaad Versi, the Assistant General Secretary of the MCB, told the Daily Politics: “Many parts of the media spread this hate. You talk very much about hate speech being unacceptable and not tolerated and now we know the BBC and others will not have Anjem Choudary on the TV, despite having them on in the past.

“What about the same people on the right? What about people like Douglas Murray who just last week came on this show and said less Islam is the answer to terrorism.

“Giving a platform to people like that to spread their hate is unacceptable,” he concluded.

 Any criticism of Islam is “hate”.  All criticism of Islam is “unacceptable. Theresa May would agree.
London mosque ‘terrorist’ unmasked
A FATHER-OF-FOUR from Wales has been identified as the alleged terrorist arrested on suspicion of ploughing a van into a group of Muslims leaving a mosque in London, killing one.
BBC Targets Kids with Fake ‘Islam Means Peace’ Claim Following Finsbury Park Attack

Al BeBeeCeera  doing Islamo-prop.

Islam does not mean “peace,” it means “submission”

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has published a story entitled “What is Islamophobia?” containing misleading information such as the common trope that “Islam means peace”.

Published just hours after the terrorist attack outside Finsbury Park mosque, the BBC’s article is hosted on their CBBC (Children’s BBC) website. It begins: “Following recent events in the news you might have been hearing a lot about Islam and maybe the term ‘Islamophobia’ – but what does this mean?”

It states:

Islam is over 1,400 years old, dating back to the 7th Century.

The Islamic word for God is Allah.

The word “Islam” comes from an old Arabic word meaning “peace.”

In reality, the word “Islam” actually means “submission”, implying submission to Allah.

“Allah” however is Muhammad’s fig leaf. Islam demands submission to Islam. Allah is a non entity. (More)

UK: Hizballah supporters call for Israel’s annihilation at London rally

To stop these Muslims from openly declaring their support for a genocide-minded jihad terror group would be “Islamophobic,” and remember: Theresa May has vowed to stamp out “Islamophobia.”

“Hezbollah supporters call for Israel’s annihilation at London rally,” Times of Israel, June 18, 2017:

Hezbollah and Palestine supporters staging a sit-down protest brought part of central London to a standstill on Sunday afternoon.

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Londonistan: Theresa May vows to “stamp out Islamophobia”

Finsbury Park Attack Suspect Named as Cardiff Resident Darren Osborne

So now the Mustards & their multicultural fellow travelers have their “Christian” terrorist. Thanks to taxpayers money, the mosques will be protected by Londonistans Muslim infested police ‘service’, and Theresa May, along with the likes of Sadiq Khan, will babble stupidly about “shared values” and all that infuriating nonsense we all have to endure thanks to Islam, the ultimate replacement project.

Cardiff Resident Darren Osborne BREITBART.COM

What’s Pauline Hanson’s got to do with it?

“I’m asking Pauline Hanson, on national TV, to condemn what’s happened at Finsbury Park.” Ali Kadri #TheDrum

Seriously.  Let this clown condemn the teachings of Muhammad, then we can talk.


To Islamophilic  Theresa May & other Western politicians:

Your job isn’t to stamp out the non-existent “Islamophobia”, but to stamp out Jihad!

The declaration by Prime Minister May that she means to “stamp out Islamophobia” is chilling. That sounds extreme. Why do we not hear those same vows and proclamations to stamp out when the slaughter (and there is a great deal of it) is Islamic?

UK PM Theresa May vows to stamp out “islamophobia”

“We continue to await details of the isolated van incident at the terror-tied Finsbury Park mosque in London that left one man dead. If it was deliberate, I condemn in the the strongest terms the act of violence as a response to jihad terror.”

The declaration by Prime Minister May that she means to stamp out “islamophobia” is chilling. That sounds extreme. This incident was isolated and singular. Why do we not hear those same vows and proclamations when the slaughter (and there is a great deal of it) is Islamic?

The rush to call it terror juxtaposed with the reluctance to do the same when it is Islamic terror is telling. “Terrorism” is the “use of violence or threat of violence especially against civilians in the pursuit of political aims, religious, or ideological change.” This attack, if that is indeed what it was, is no such thing. There is no violent political movement. There are no calls or manifesto for such violence (unlike the Quran). On the flipside, this is the very definition of a “lone wolf” — a madman who goes off his rocker.

So now the government will crack down on innocent people because this lone, evil act validates the equivalence narrative that the left has been trying to make happen for years.

This kind of retaliation was only a matter of time. Jihadis can’t continue to bomb, mow down, and slaughter citizens and expect no reaction, time and time and time again. Especially when people see law enforcement and the government jumping to aid the side of the enemy.

The UK now faces the real possibility of tit-for-tat sectarian violence in mainland Britain — a civil war by any other name.

Meanwhile, the umma marches on:


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Sweden: THOUSANDS of violent jihadis ON THE LOOSE

Sweden flags more areas as no-go zones while the multicultural enrichment progresses unabated.

We encourage our decadent Islamophiles to visit these areas and their counterparts in Germany, France and the UK. A reality check may be all that is needed to overcome the morbid cultural death wish, still fostered by so many.

8 more areas in Sweden added to list of so-called ‘no-go zones’
A new report from the Swedish police lists eight additional areas as being “especially vulnerable,” where it is more difficult for law enforcement and other emergency services to do their job.
© Caesar‘For our staff’s safety’: Sweden’s postal service limits mail delivery to ‘no-go’ migrant district

In 2015, the Swedish police released a report describing 53 districts throughout the country as “vulnerable,” and 15 listed as “especially vulnerable.” Vulnerable areas are described as having high rates of crime and poverty where police face unique challenges and have to adapt their approach. These neighborhoods may also host violent religious extremism, and locals don’t report crime to police for fear of retribution. (More below the fold)


June 18, 2017

(Photo: Chief of Swedish Police intelligence, Säpo, Anders Thornberg)

 Islamic refugees and migrants represent a historically violent challenge for the Swedish state.

Swedish intelligence, Säpo, has publicized a report which estimates that thousands of violent jihadis live in the country.

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Londonistan: if not for Islam, none of this would be happening.

Finsbury mosque attack updates:

Images on Twitter appeared to show a clean-shaven white man with black hair being detained by police officers behind a van, surrounded by a group of shouting onlookers.


…One Dead, Several Injured as Man Ploughs Van into Pedestrians Outside London Mosque

…One Person Arrested

The last thing the people of Londonistan should feel is anger…  Big cities can’t be safe. The Muslim mayor said so! Celebrate diversity!

  • More than ten people are run down near Finsbury Park Mosque in north London
  • Incident comes almost three months to the day since March Westminster attack
  • Khalid Masood killed 5 after mounting pavement before stabbing a police officer
  • Earlier this month, three Jihadis drove onto London Bridge and stabbed others

Daily Mail

Fears are growing of a third terror attack in as many months on London’s streets after a van ploughed into pedestrians this morning.

More than ten people were run down near Finsbury Park Mosque as Muslims finished Ramadan evening prayers.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing bystanders wrestle the suspect to the floor and pin him down until officers arrived.

The incident comes almost three months to the day since Khalid Masood killed five people after mounting the pavement at Westminster Bridge and stabbing a police officer to death

We call it a terrorist attack as we called it in Manchester, Westminster and London Bridge.’

A person in a van knocked down several victims on a London street near a well-known mosque in Finsbury Park, London, according to multiple media and Twitter reports.




Viktor Orbán: “We Want a Hungarian Hungary and a European Europe”

In these two videos from Hungary’s English-language news service, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán talks about Hungary’s strict border controls, which have cut the country’s illegal immigration to a trickle. He says that Hungary’s success shows that stopping the migration flood into Europe is possible, and that the EU lacks only the political will to accomplish it:

From the Gates of Vienna