Using hijab tugging tales to whack Australians into submission

Australians are under a relentless attack  from their own leftist media and a bunch of Mohammedan agitprops who dabble in grievance mongering:

Australian Muslim women are bearing the brunt of Islamophobic attacks.

Telling them to hide their religion is victim blaming #TheDrum

The worst kind of enemy propaganda I have ever seen.  This amounts to high treason. The journaille who engages in this despicable propaganda war against Australians are traitors.
Australians unlikely to intervene in Islamophobic attacks

Bystanders are only stepping in to stop one-quarter of Islamophobic incidents in public places, according to a new report.

A report from the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy of Australia and the Diversity Council Australia shows high rates of complacency around witnessing incidents of Islamophobia in public.

The research shows that intervention from passers-by is rare, despite around half of all incidents taking place in public places such as shopping centres and train stations.

Mariam Veiszadeh, president of the Islamophobia Register Australia, said the report’s release was particularly important “as there is a continuing debate over the existence and the scale of Islamophobia in Australia”.

There you go: behind this grievance theatre is the despicable Mariam Veiszadeh who makes a good living dissing Australians and telling our leftist journaille how bad we are.

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ISIL Targets Russia

Thousands of ISIL fighters are training in the mountains of Afghanistan, plotting an attack on the Kremlin.

The video is below the fold.

Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) have always considered “the West” – and the United States in particular – the ultimate enemy.

But following President Vladimir Putin’s policy of military involvement in Syria, Russiamay have taken its place as ISIL’s main target.

At the moment ISIL’s rage is directed at Bashar al-Assad and Putin.They are the main enemies of ISIL because Russia has smashed ISIL in Syria and the same in Iraq. They will do anything to get their revenge on Russia.

Ahmad Saeedi, Dawat University, Kabul

Thousands of ISIL fighters from Syria, Iraq and elsewhere are regrouping in the virtually impregnable mountains of Afghanistan, plotting revenge against the Kremlin.

ISIL’s high command have given orders to target Russian cities, with thousands of trained fighters ready to act at any time.

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EC VP Frans Timmermans: Brexit does not exclude the UK from the relocation programme

Replacing the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat. Islamisation is a done deal.


The UN’s refugee agency has warned Spain to prepare for an increase in migrants arriving from North Africa as landings double compared with 2016, with more asylum seekers preferring the “safer” route to Europe from Morocco.

The Morocco-Spain route is the fastest growing route for illegal immigrant crossings across the Mediterranean Sea, with current arrivals already pushing Spanish migrant reception resources to their limit, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has said.

Breitbart London reported last week that 100,000 people have crossed the Mediterranean in the first half of 2017, with Italy remaining the preferred route for economic migrants departing the shores from Libya.

The UN agency reports that though the Italian route saw a 32 per cent increase on migrant landings from last year, the Spanish route saw 6,800 migrants using it in the same period – a 75 per cent increase from 2016. The trend was more pronounced last month with 1,900 migrants reached Andalusia in June – four times more than the number of arrivals in the same month last year.

Between 2010 and 2016, sea arrivals to Spain averaged just under 5,000 a year, according to government data; it is set to be more than 11,000 this year.

Last month, around 88 migrants from Morocco were picked up off of the Strait of Gibraltar – the strip of water that separates Morocco from the British Overseas Territory.

Migrants, mostly young men from Cameroon, Gambia, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast, are using the Morocco-Spain route as it is considered safer, with one migrant telling Sky News: “People are talking about going to Spain. It seems like it is safer to go through Morocco to Spain than through Libya.”

The UNHCR said Spain was not prepared to handle the increase, with the spokesman for the organisation, Maria Jesus Vega, saying: “What is clear is that, they (Spain’s government) have to get ready.

“They can’t be caught unprepared. What started happening elsewhere in Europe in 2015 can’t be allowed to happen here.

“It’s not yet an emergency, but you have to take into account that there are no structures here to deal with more arrivals.”

The advice to Spain comes as Italy threatened to close her seaports to migrant NGO boats as the country becomes overwhelmed with the mass number of Africans arriving daily, with 13,500 arriving in one 48-hour period.

An emergency European Union meeting meant to deal with the ongoing migrant crisis, which has seen more than a million asylum seekers and economic migrants arrive from the Middle East and North Africa since 2015, resulted in the European Commission urging members of the bloc to accept migrants directly from Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Niger, and Sudan.

The EU has highlighted 37,000 “vulnerable” people to be resettled in the EU, on a “voluntary” basis, with pledges expected from EU members by September 2017.

European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans, has said that Brexit does not exclude the UK from the relocation programme.

Spain Warned to ‘PREPARE’ as Muslim Migrant Sea Landings DOUBLE

Weekly terror attacks, mass sex crimes, rampant violent crime, billion dollar welfare costs, sharia zones, no-go zones, Jew hatred, misogyny – a continent roiled by hostile invasion. And Europe is doubling down and doubling the entries. “Prepare,” indeed.


Qanta Ahmed, deceiver at large

Muslim Author: Activist Who Called For ‘Jihad’ Against Trump Is Using ‘Muslim Brotherhood Playbook’

Dr. Qanta Ahmed said that progressive Muslim activist Linda Sarsour’s call for a “jihad” against the Trump administration is a play from the “Muslim Brotherhood playbook.”

“This is classic Islamist tactics right out of the Muslim Brotherhood playbook,” the author and physician said.

Qanta Ahmed

Qanta Ahmed is no better than Sarsour. She is a stealth jihadist who deceives infidels by suggesting there are 2 kinds of Islam, one that is peaceful.

Sarsour, a leader of January’s Women’s March in Washington, D.C., was named a “Champion of Change” by the Obama administration in 2012. Known for her strong language against the current White House, she appeared at the Islamic Society of North America’s annual convention and appeared to call for a “jihad” against Trump.

“I hope, that when we stand up to those who oppress our communities, that Allah accepts from us that as a form of jihad, that we are struggling against tyrants and rulers not only abroad in the Middle East or the other side of the world, but here in these United States of America, where you have fascists and white supremacists and Islamophobes reining in the White House,” Sarsour told her Muslim-majority audience.

Too bad that its all taqiyya.

Hamburgs Anarcho-Riots Were Not “Peaceful Demonstrations”- Fake News CNN

Peaceful protests mark end of G20 summit

Original CNN headline which they have now taken down.

G20 Summit
People wave flags during a protest against the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, on Saturday.(AP Photo)

Tens of thousands of peaceful protesters took to the streets to demonstrate against the Group of 20 (G20) summit in Hamburg on Saturday, hours after masked rioters clashed with police, burned cars and looted businesses.

Anti-capitalists branded ‘insane’ by Arab refugees for destroying a ‘beautiful country’ as internet mocks G20 rioters for sending snapchats from their iPhones
  • Riots continued in the streets of Hamburg as Black Bloc militants scuffled with police during the G20 summit
  • Refugees from Syria and Egypt looked on at the carnage from a falafel joint and ‘couldn’t believe their eyes’
  • Violence broke out for a second night as world leaders congregated in the city to discuss global problems
  • Police were pelted with Molotov cocktails and petrol bombs thrown from rooftops by rioters
  • Hundreds looted supermarkets and businesses in the city, and barricades were set up in the street 

By Dave Burke and Iain Burns For Mailonline

Clashes between riot police and anti-capitalism protesters have continued in the German city of Hamburg as leaders from the world’s biggest economies meet for the G20 summit.

Small groups of hooded anti-capitalist Black Bloc militants scuffled with police after two days of violent clashes which marred the G20 summit.

Arab refugees watching the riots from the relative safety of a falafel joint said the rioters were insane for destroying their tolerant adoptive city and were astonished by what they saw as the police’s restraint.

‘If people did this in Egypt they would be shot,’ said Ibrahim Ali, a 29-year-old Egyptian who came here in 2011. ‘The state provides everything: housing, unemployment benefits and education. Yet those people are not happy. I don’t get it.’

‘They are crazy. I can’t believe my eyes,’ said Mohammad Halabi, 32, a Syrian who arrived in Germany as a refugee some 18 months ago. ‘They have such a beautiful country and they’re destroying it.’

A man holds a beer as he tries to take a ride on a police wrecker in the Schanze district of Hamburg following the G20 summit

Riot police officer pulls a bicycle that protesters used as a barricade during demonstrations as water cannon is usedRiot police officer pulls a bicycle that protesters used as a barricade during demonstrations as water cannon is used

Head of Major German Paper Denounces ‘Left-Wing Fascism’ at G20 Summit

This is big. This is the first time ever that Germany’s extreme left print media is actually pointing a finger at the new/old Nazis:

The head of Germany’s Die Welt newspaper Ulf Poschardt has denounced the violence caused by left-wing extremists calling the rioting, “the new fascist violence of the left”.

In other news:

EU Expects UK to Take Migrants from Africa in New Relocation Scheme

The first vice president of the European Commission has said he expects the UK to take in migrants from North Africa as part of a new European Union (EU) programme.

The bloc is planning to take genuine refugees directly from nations like Libya, hoping to secure a deal where Libya would, in return, accept the immediate return of all migrants found crossing the Mediterranean.

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Muhammad: Social Justice Warrior.

Adrian Williams Quadrant Online July 08th 2017

A woman or girl in any number of Muslim countries may face forced marriage, gender apartheid, honour killing, female genital mutilation, polygamy and harsh punishment for being a rape victim. To author Susan Carland, aka Mrs Waleed Aly, any mention of this is Islamophobic.

Much attention has been given to women and Islam in the Australian media during the first few months of this year. On February 13 ABC television presenter Yassim Abdel-Magied asserted on Q&A that Islam is “the most feminist religion”. On February 22, the President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Keysar Trad, explained to Andrew Bolt’s Sky News viewers the circumstances under which a husband is permitted to beat his wife, qualifying this by saying it is a “last resort”. This was followed by a Facebook video posted by the Women of Hizb ut-Tahrir in which two women further attempt to justify and explain how and when a man can strike his wife.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup

It was, therefore, particularly disappointing that the prominent Somali-born Dutch-American writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali was forced to cancel her tour of Australia in April due to security concerns. Here was a chance for local audiences to hear first-hand from a prominent and thoughtful critic of Islam and its treatment of women. Instead we have this newly published study of Islam and feminism by Susan Carland, an Australian academic, better known as television personality Waleed Aly’s wife tilt.

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Linda Sarsour: Enemy of the State

Linda Sarsour’s jihad against Trump: here’s why she really is inciting violence

“Women’s March Organizer Linda Sarsour Spoke of ‘Jihad.’ But She Wasn’t Talking About Violence,” Time Magazine reassures us. The Wrap tells us about “3 Things Conservatives Got Very Wrong About Linda Sarsour’s Speech.” The Huffington Post affected a gloat: “Linda Sarsour Said ‘Jihad’ In A Speech And Conservatives Freaked Out.” Chris Geidner of BuzzFeed tweeted a transcript of Sarsour’s remarks, with the comment: “Hey you people scare-sharing Linda Sarsour’s speech, read this transcription, which I just made because you all are trash misquoting her.”

These leftards are wrong, as always.  Check out why here.

Pro-sharia activist Linda Sarsour knew exactly what she was doing when she declared “jihad” against President Trump and urged Muslims to resist assimilation.

Leftoids promptly claimed Sarsour did not mean “jihad” when she said “jihad.”

Brouhaha erupted after Sarsour invoked Allah and declared jihad on President Trump, whom she slandered as a white supremacist and an Islamophobe. The anti-Semitic activist made the comments while speaking at the annual Islamic Society of North America convention in Chicago.

muslim sharia activist linda sarsour calls for jihad slammed by laura ingraham

Linda Sarsour knew exactly what she was doing when she declared ‘jihad’ on Trump. (Image: BPR screengrabs)

“When we stand up to those who oppress our communities, Allah accepts that from us as a form of jihad,” Sarsour said.

“As the Muslim community in these United States of America, we have to stay perpetually outraged! Our No. 1 priority is to protect our community. It is not to assimilate.”

Pro-Islam apologists for sharia like Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi immediately leapt to Sarsour’s defense. “‘Jihad’ means to be a better person, more honest, more truthful, more trustworthy,” Elahi said. “But, of course, if you you live this jihad for ISIS … they have a different interpretation of it.”

Ali Elahi is a lying shiite.


Ben Shapiro is not quite prepared for the barrage of Islamofascist dreck thrown his way by Hasan Shibly, a CAIR operative who defends Linda Sarsour, a poisonous Islamo agitprop who’s whole family are known terrorists:

Linda Sarsour: Puppet of Siraj Wahhaj

Austria: Gov’t sends troops & armoured vehicles to stop migrants crossing the border from Italy

  • Austrian soldiers to be sent to the Italian border to carry out checks on migrants 
  • Four armoured vehicles have been sent to the country’s southern border already 
  • Around 750 troops are primed to join armoured vehicles in scaling up operation 
  • Officials in Vienna have said they expect the border changes to come ‘very soon’ 


Austria has moved four armoured vehicles to the Italian border and has 750 soldiers primed to stop migrants from crossing into the country.

With the border already beefed up, government officials have said it is likely to set up controls at the busy Alpine Brenner Pass in the south of the country ‘very soon’ to tackle the migrant influx.

The planned controls will not be exclusive to the key trade pass, a defence ministry spokesman said – a move that Italy warned last year would break EU rules on free movement.

‘I expect border controls will be introduced very soon,’ Defence Minister Peter Doskozil said on Tuesday.

Italy has taken in more than 80,000 refugees and migrants so far this year, most of whom arrived by boat from Africa, making Italy the main point of entry to Europe. (File photo)

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Jihad means warfare, not “inner struggle”

Linda Sarsour’s jihad against Trump: here’s why she really is inciting violence

By Robert Spencer

Linda Sarsour said it at the convention of the Hamas-linked Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) over the July 4 weekend. She denounced the Trump administration, saying: “Why, sisters and brothers, why are we so unprepared? Why are we so afraid of this administration and the potential chaos that they will ensue on our community?” Invoking Muhammad, she said: “A word of truth in front of a tyrant ruler or leader, that is the best form of jihad.” She added: “I hope that when we stand up to those who oppress our communities, that Allah accepts from us that as a form of jihad, that we are struggling against tyrants and rulers not only abroad in the Middle East or the other side of the world, but here in these United States of America, where you have fascists and white supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House.”

She also went on to say: “Our number one and top priority is to protect and defend our communities. It is not to assimilate and to please any other people in authority…Our top priority, even higher than all those priorities, is to please Allah, and only Allah.”

Sarsour’s words were highly charged, and have understandably caused a controversy. Sarsour herself claimed that the widely-circulated clip of her calling for jihad against Trump was misleadingly edited: “Right wing tries to demonize my leadership. Editing videos is their favorite pasttime” — and she tweeted a link to her full speech. In another Tweet, she claimed the mantle of Martin Luther King: “My work is CRYSTAL CLEAR as an activist rooted in Kingian non-violence. This is y my teams r effective cause we r powerful w/o violence.” And in keeping with the tried-and-tested practice of Islamic supremacists all over the West, she claimed victim status: “Stay focused and pray for the protection of those on the front lines of the movements for justice. We are under threat.”

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