No Breitbart, a Muslim mob didn’t set fire to Germany’s oldest church

Who do you believe: Breitbart or  Merkel’s propagandists?

Esmeralda Weatherwax takes a real good look:

The German press including the German edition of The Local tries (in vain) to do some damage limitation on this story. 

At New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dortmund a mob of more than 1,000 men chanted ‘Allahu Akhbar’, launched fireworks at police, and set fire to a historic church.

Apparently the church that caught light, St Reinold’s, isn’t the oldest in Germany. So thats wrong for a start.

It wasn’t really the church roof that caught light but netting on the scaffolding around the roof.

And it was only a little blaze which the fire brigade soon put out.

It wasn’t done deliberately; the firework(s) concerned were being fired at the police.

There is nothing significant in the men concerned being young foreign men. 

When Muslims yell Allah Akbar it is no more significant in the scheme of things than a Christian saying Amen. 

Ruhr Nachrichten also accuses Breitbart of overemphasizing the fact that the celebrating Syrians chanted “allahu akbar” – which means God is great.

“This statement is a Muslim prayer as normal as ‘Amen’ in the church,” Ruhr Nachrichten’s editor wrote. “Fake news producers are connecting the groups of people in Leeds Square to [terrorist] attacks… The fact is: there was no sign that terrorism was being celebrated in Dortmund.”

Methinks the lugenpresse doth protest too much, or protesteth (against what is happening in Europe) not enough. Amen.

UK: exporting the dole

Theresa May defends foreign aid cash handouts after Daily Mail attacks ‘dole’ scheme

Theresa May says cash handouts of overseas aid in Pakistan will continue because they get help to “those who need it most”.

The Daily Mail reported that the budget had risen from £53m in 2005 to an annual average of £219 million in the period 2011-15.
Downing Street insists the programme to help the poorest families in Pakistan will continue because it gets aid to ‘those who need it most’.

“The Prime Minister has made it clear that our aid budget is an investment in our security and national interest, and that it is right to honour the commitments that we have made.”

Intelligence Agency Warns Of 15 Million African Migrant Surge By 2020

New estimates revealed by the Austrian Military Intelligence agency show that the migrant crisis is far from over as they predict a surge of economic migrants from West Africa in the coming years.

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CNN Doctors Photo of Fort Lauderdale jihadist, Esteban Santiago

Really, really wishing the shooter was white, not hispanic, and not Muslim…..

Turns out he is a Sunni Muslim with Salafi beliefs, and he is a father of one.


The leftist media is really boring. After every jihad attack, they feed the public with the same lies and obfuscations. Here is their modus operandi:

☑️Deny Terrorist is Muslim
☑️Claim Shooter is White Hispanic
☑️FB quicky removes info
☑️Say Muslims r real victim

Why is CNN attempting to make the shooter look more white?


Here’s another “white shooter” from the Oregon Campus shooting. MSM lightened his skin too! Fort Lauderdale

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Sydney: Malek Fahd Islamic school stripped of $19m in taxpayer funding

Good news for once.

Islamic Council refuses to hand over Australia’s biggest Muslim school
  • The Islamic Council has refused to hand over Australia’s biggest Islamic school
  • Sydney’s Malek Fahd Islamic school was stripped of $19m in taxpayer funding 
  • A tribunal upheld government’s decision to defund Malek Fahd Islamic School
  • It found millions were funnelled to Australian Federation of Islamic Councils 

The Islamic Council has refused to hand over the land of Australia’s biggest Muslim school after being found guilty of using the institution to funnel millions in cash.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal on Thursday upheld the Federal Government’s decision last February to strip Sydney’s Malek Fahd Islamic school of $19 million in government funding.

The school is expected to continue pocketing funding while appealing the decision in the federal court, reports Sydney Morning Herald.

On Friday the school council implored the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils relinquish the grounds to the community.

According to the school council, Saudi monarch Malek Fahd donated millions of dollars to the Islamic administrative body to build the school in 1989.

‘The latest newsletter from the school board calling on AFIC to hand over ownership of school land…is an attempt to take ownership of community property without proper justification,’ said AFIC’s president Keysar Trad.

He admitted the federation established the school with a $1 million gift from King Fahd, but refused they should be expected to concede the land.

‘We are the landlord, they are the tenant, we always have been. The school council has cancelled every meeting we have requested with them.’

This week the Administrative Appeals Tribunal ruled the school at Greenacre was ‘at minimum’ run for profit and not a fit and proper organisation.

The tribunal found that though improvements were made to how the school was run, there was an ‘ongoing burden of the uncommercial arrangements with AFIC’.

Malek Fahd is 80 per cent government funded and may now be forced to close, putting hundreds of teachers and staff out of work and displacing 2,400 students.

‘Malek Fahd cannot survive without public funding. We only have sufficient funds to continue to the end of the second term at the end of June,’ the school told parents last year.

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Florida Shooter Wrote About Islam on Jihadi Forums

He was not allahuakbaring, so he can’t be a Muslim, right?

The media still refuses to tell the truth about suspect and his allegiance to . Spread the word!

FBI Knew For Two Months Esteban Santiago Florida Shooter Had Ties To ISIS

Ft Lauderdale shooting suspect Esteban Santiago reportedly lived within walking distance of a Mosque in Anchorage, Alaska.

Now, we’re learning he wrote about ISLAM on Jihadi forums.

Ft. Lauderdale gunman ‘argued with passengers’ on his flight before retrieving handgun and going on rampage

The Boston Herald reports “he shot for no reason”,  ignoring the commands of allah for killing kafirs.

13 Shot at Ft. Lauderdale Airport… At Least 5 Dead

Shock Report: Suspect Told FBI He Was ‘Forced to Fight for ISIS’ Last Year

People stand on the tarmac at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport after a shooter opened fire inside the terminal, Friday, Jan. 6, 2017, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. A gunman opened fire at the Fort Lauderdale airport Friday, killing several people and wounding others before being taken into custody, officials said. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

A gunman is reportedly in custody after 13 people were shot at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport on January 6.

In other news:

Suicide Terrorism Across the Globe Hits Record High in 2016

Suicide Terrorism Across the Globe Hits Record High in 2016

Police Chief After Terror Raids: Muslims Are Our Stand Out Suspects

Police Chief After Terror Raids: Muslims Are Our Stand Out Suspects

Obama promptly promised to bring more of his people to the U.S.:

More on Ft Lauderdale:

The Fort Lauderdale ‘air rage’ gunman who ‘argued with passengers’ on his flight before he retrieved his handgun from checked luggage and then executed five people in baggage claim

  • Five people are dead and eight injured after gunman opened fire Florida’s Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport 
  • The gunman was taken into custody and identified as 26-year-old Iraq army veteran Esteban Santiago
  • Santiago flew into the Florida airport from Anchorage, Alaska and had checked his gun for the flight
  • He loaded his gun in the bathroom after landing and was silent as he shot dead victims in baggage claim area
  • Santiago was reportedly from New Jersey but his most recent address was in Anchorage, Alaska
  • He reportedly had a history of mental health problems and family say he returned from Iraq acting strangely 
  • Sources say he walked into an FBI office in Alaska last year claiming he was being forced to fight for ISIS 

Five people are dead and at least eight people injured after a shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport in Florida.

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Mysterious anti-Islam society steps out of the shadows for its big moment

“Mysterious?” I like that. I’m so proud to be a member of this ‘mysterious’ group. You should join too, if you don’t want to be ripped off by halal racketeers. Or if you don’t want your children to be forced to become Islamic.

Emma Reynolds, Telegraph

SECRETIVE anti-Islam group Q Society is stepping out of the shadows and embracing the limelight as it claims a groundswell of support for its controversial aims.

The divisive organisation is promoting $150-a-head fundraising dinners in Sydney and Melbourne next month, which will feature well-known speakers including George Christensen, Cory Bernardi and Angry Anderson.

And its leaders say there is more support than ever across Australia and the world for the “Islam-critical Movement”.

Q Society is raising money for a million-dollar legal battle with Halal Certification Authority chief Mohammed El-Mouelhy, who claims he was defamed by three of the group’s members in two videos.

The case has been running in the NSW Supreme Court for 12 months, but once it is complete, Q Society will turn its attention back to its fight against the “Islamisation of Australia”.

In the 2011 Cenus, 2.2 per cent of Australians, or 476,300 people, identified as Muslim.

The mysterious organisation’s $150-a-head dinner next month will feature Cory Bernardi and George Christensen as speakers.


Deputy President Ralf Schumann told that the opinions of the notoriously reticent society are more widely shared than ever.

A year of devastating terror attacks and subsequent support for the ideals of Donald Trump, Pauline Hanson and the Eurosceptic Brexiteers, Mr Schumann believes this is the group’s big moment to “reduce Islam” and encourage a “more human rights friendly” version of the religion.

“More people are aware, they see the problems in their backyard, their community. The public has picked up on it more with every bombing, stabbing, forced marriage and child bride.

“If you look back 10 years, you won’t read about these issues. Everything was fantastic, everyone wanted a falafel or kebab.

“With Islam, the problem grows exponentially. We’re probably 10 years behind Britain and Europe but we’re catching up fast. The main thing is to reduce the numbers, not let it grow any further and take the status out of it in our so-called multicultural society.”

The society, which launched in 2010 and has a political arm called the Australian Liberty Alliance, has powerful political support in Mr Bernardi and Mr Christensen. It regularly hosts like-minded delegations from overseas, but distances itself from the “silly” rhetoric of One Nation’s Pauline Hanson — which no doubt only makes it stronger.

It is also affiliated with global organisation Stop The Islamisation of Nations (SION), which brought right-wing Dutch politician Geert Wilders to speak in Australia.

The group objects to what it calls the ‘Islamisation’ of Australia.

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Multiple people dead and several injured in shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport

No “allahuakbaring” has been reported so far, so we can’t “jump to conclusions”, can we?

Three people are reportedly dead and at least eight others are injured following an alleged shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida.

The gunman is in custody and the motive for the attack is currently unknown.

In other news:

Report: Obama to Free Gitmo Detainees Who Have Vowed to Behead Americans

Obama to Free Gitmo Detainees Who Have Vowed to Behead Americans

Chapels Attacked and Christian Statues Beheaded During New Year in Austria

Chapels Attacked, Christian Statues Beheaded During New Year in Austria

Nothing to do with Islam, or… does it? Could it be?

Twitterati on race relations

David Vance:

Well, in case you were ever in any doubt, we all now see what #BlackLivesMatter stands for. Obama and the gang must feel so proud.

Paul Joseph Watson

Dear mainstream media; This is why you suck and no one trusts you any more.

The MSM spent a year saying “Trump’s rhetoric is causing violence” But when I say BLM’s rhetoric causes violence it’s a conspiracy theory 🤣

White boy-activist who choses to identify as black sees “injustice” in prosecuting black crime:
RACISM: Shaun King Says He ‘Won’t Fight For Justice’ For Disabled White Teen Tortured In Chicago
Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King decided he was more upset that the brutal kidnapping and torture of a mentally disabled white man by four young black men and women was labeled on Twitter as #BLMKidnapping than the crime itself:  DAILYWIRE.COM
CNN Reporter Caught LAUGHING While Watching Racist “Facebook Kidnapping Torture” Video

Leftoids are scum. CNN journaille are paid pond scum.


…but making Jo Cox’s murderer a Leave voters lynch man was fine was it, you duplicitous, white-baiting fools?

Stuck on stoopid:

What they don’t tell you is that the Democrats started the KKK and for decades harassed the GOP with lynchings and threats. 

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U.S. Army Makes Uniform Accommodations for Muslims, Sikhs

The politically correct insanity does not stop with the NYPD. It extends even to the U.S. Army:

The U.S. Army has taken new steps to make it easier for Sikhs, Muslims and other religious minorities to obtain approval to dress and groom themselves according to their religious customs while serving in the military, a spokesman said on Thursday.

As in NYC, the moonbattery is intended to pander to Muslims, but spills over onto other exotic foreign entities, including Sikhs.

Army Secretary Eric Fanning, in a memorandum signed this week, revised the uniform policy to set appearance standards for people seeking religious accommodations to wear beards, turbans and head scarfs. …

An approved religious accommodation will continue throughout the soldier’s career and may not be revoked or modified without approval of the Army secretary, the memo says. The accommodation will not affect job specialties or duty locations, except in a few limited cases, the memo says.

This is good to know, now that we will have women serving in combat:

The new rules allow head scarfs, or hijabs, for Muslim women.

Meanwhile, if an officer so much as leaves a Bible on his desk, the Powers That Be will come down on him like a ton of bricks. Religious “tolerance” is a one-way street.

New uniforms for an army with new priorities.
Thanks to Moonbattery

Who are the “right-wing anti-migrant demonstrators?”

Pathetic reporting from the ‘EXPRESS by VICKIIE OLIPHANT, who insists that everyone opposing Islamisation is a ” right-wing anti-migrant demonstrator”.

‘No forgiveness, no forgetting’ Thousands to attend huge anti-migrant protest in Cologne

THOUSANDS of protesters will take to the streets of Cologne this weekend in a mammoth clash between right-wing anti-migrant demonstrators and their opposition.

The mass protests comes one year after 1,310 individuals said they were victims of crime in Cologne city centre on New Year Eve’s – with 662 claiming they had been sexually assaulted and 28 saying they had been raped.

Police reported men of “Arab or North African” appearance had ganged up and surrounded women on the streets as 2016 began, harassing and in some cases attacking them.

Police at protests in CologneMore than 1,000 people say they were victims of the Cologne attacks

Some victims were even   Many victims were robbed during the horrific night as chaos ensued across the country.

Now German police will face another work-intensive weekend as thousands plan to take to the streets against the attacks – and against the country’s controversial immigration policy.

Cologne central station

The sex attacks took place as German saw in 2016 on New Years Eve

This years new year celebrationsThousands attended this year’s celebration under heightened security

Right-wing activist Ester Seitz announced around 400 people will attend a demonstration near the central station this Saturday.

Called “One year after Cologne’s New Year’s Eve pogrom – no forgiveness, no forgetting”, the demo aims to hit out at Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door immigration policy – which has seen more than a million refugees flood the borders as Europe struggles to deal woth the migrant crisis.

Participants will walk through the city centre with several separate rallies planned between 2pm to 7pm, as the procession moves from the Dompropst-Ketzer street to the Neumarkt and back.

In other news:

SWEDEN – Thousands of refugees go on vacation in their ‘very dangerous’ homelands for fun.

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