Sweden: the coming collapse

Swedenistan: 95.6 percent of rape assault is committed by Muslim immigrants

A new comprehensive investigation of convictions between 2012-2017 shows an extreme of Muslim immigrants among sexual offenses. That is a response to the government’s refusal to give BRÅ the task of producing official current statistics on immigrants’ crime.

Seven bombings in twelve days in Sweden, what is going on? We ask it Swedish journalist “PeterSweden”
PeterSweden, real name Peter Imanuelsen, is a Swedish journalist, a YouTuber and a political commentator reporting on news from Sweden.  Full post below the fold.

H/T Anne Marie Waters:

100% of street rapes in Oslo over 3 year period committed by “non-Western immigrants”.
41 rapes in Norway by non indigenous Norwegians
According to the NRK, police figures from Olso reveal that over the past three years, they have investigated a total of 41 cases of rape in that city. All of these assaults, reports NRK, were carried out by “non-western immigrants to Norway.”–More below the fold.
Sweden, continued:

“In January 2017, Morgan Johansson (S), Minister of Migration, announced that the government do not intend to provide the Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ) with the task of developing new statistics on the origin of criminals. Despite the fact that it has been a decade since the latest report and Sweden‘s demographics changed dramatically since then. The government’s unwillingness to produce official statistics sank inspiration for the survey I have now conducted, “the author writes in his preface.

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Milo ban from government buildings ‘laughable’

Every little dipstick in this country behaves as if he had dictatorial powers. West Australian Premier Mark McGowan is just another example of how leftoids try to police free speech. McGowan is trying to shut down debate by banning Milo….

Milo Yiannopoulos.
Milo Yiannopoulos.

The businessman who is bringing British commentator Milo Yiannopoulos to Australia next month says West Australian Premier Mark McGowan’s move to ban the right-wing provocateur from using government buildings is “laughable” and a blow for freedom of speech.

Mr McGowan told The Australian yesterday that Yiannopoulos was not welcome because his views could stir up racial tensions. He also accused Yiannopoulos of being a “defender of paedophiles”.

Penthouse publisher Damien Costas, who is organising the five-city speaking tour, rejected claims that Yiannopoulos was a Nazi sympathiser. Milo is a gay Jew who is married to a black man, so calling him a Nazi is a little silly.”

Yiannopoulos was linked to neo-Nazis when a video showed him singing karaoke while a group of white supremacists cheered him with the Nazi salute. He said he did not see the Nazi ­salutes because of his myopia.

Mr McGowan yesterday stood by the ban. “I won’t support Mr Yiannopoulos stirring up racial tensions with his provocative views.”


UK: anything… just don’t make Mohammedan savages angry!

UK’s “terror czar” urges that jihad preachers NOT be jailed

Britain is galloping toward ruin, and Max Hill is urging it onward, onward, ever onward. This is the same clown who said that returning Islamic State jihadis should not be prosecuted. (Robert Spencer)

“UK’s terror czar says: DON’T jail hate preachers,” by Martin Bentham, Evening Standard, October 24, 2017:

The Government’s terror watchdog today said introducing tough new laws to tackle hate preachers would be “quite wrong” despite a recent wave of Islamist attacks.

In related news:

‘Dislike’ and ‘Unfriendliness’ Can Be Hate Crimes, UK Police Confirm

“We have ways to make you feign friendliness to Mohammedans…”

Well lock me the hell up, then.

 Official guidelines insist a hate crime must be driven by “hostility”, but when contacted, many UK forces are unable to give a definition of what they mean by “hostility” in the context of hate crimes.

Breitbart London contacted dozens of forces to ask for their working definition of “hostility” and was referred on to the “dictionary definition” which includes “unfriendliness” and “dislike”.

The CPS also mentions “ill-will, ill-feeling, spite, contempt, prejudice, unfriendliness, antagonism, resentment, and dislike” as examples of hostility that could be taken from a dictionary.

UK Hate Crime Police Come to Blogger’s Home to Arrest Him for Thought Crimes

Peter Imanuelsen is a Swedish photographer, a YouTuber, and an online journalist reporting on news from inside Sweden.

Peter often tweets on Muslim and immigrant violence in Sweden.

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Germany: Police seize large amounts of weapons & ammunition in Berlin raids

“Weapons, weapon parts and large quantities of ammunition….”

The more Muslims in any given country, the more Islamic terrorism. It’s just that simple. Europe is at war, only this time the media isn’t reporting on it.

Berlin police said on Wednesday they had arrested an alleged Islamist militant during overnight raids and seized a cache of weapons but found no evidence of an imminent attack.

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Jihad Germany: Police seize large arms cache in Muslim arrest in Berlin raids
Europe is at war, only this time the media isn’t reporting on it.


Berlin is a putrid swamp of watermelons & Mohammedan head choppers biting their time. Can’t wait to see it happen.

Cultural enrichment comes with a heavy price tag.

A new report claims that migrant youth Muslim gangs in the Ebertplatz area of Cologne are becoming increasingly violent, leading some to describe the area as turning into a no-go zone.
Authorities in the Eberplatz area say that in recent months young migrants from the Middle East and Africa have turned the place into a no-go zone once the sun goes down. Over just the past nine months, police have been involved in around 3,000 inciden

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My Agenda: Destroy Australia


As an Australian politician I know what is best for you little people, be it blackouts, green tape and red tape, or schools that teach what to think, not how to think. I’ve been working hard to make all that and worse the norm and now, sooner than I ever dared hope, victory is at hand

tongue out mockeryI am an Australian politician.  It does not matter to which party I belong because I am a ‘nowhere man’, like all the other members of my bipartisan swarm.  We do not need to communicate with each other because we know what needs to be done.  We are globalists, open-border internationalists, eager totalitarians, politically correct scolds and activists, propagandists posing as journalists and educators who pointedly do not educate.  We are those who believe in doing the right thing for the planet, rather than selfishly for Australia, and we do very niceely out of it, too, because a superior sort of person always deserves the reward of other people’s money in large amounts.

We instinctively know that destroying the old Australia is something we need to do as our contribution to saving the planet from the human vermin destroying it.  Fortunately, we also know there is no organised political front that can oppose us.  Collectivism always beats the individual, as we can spontaneously organise the gang numbers to crush individual dissent – and, of course, we have the support of the media, the ABC, the AHRC and thuggish trolls of all shades. Yes, we recognise Australians will suffer and that the nation will be impoverished, but we accept that as collateral damage. We know the survival of the planet is at stake.  Sacrificing you is necessary.

It has been a long battle, but we have almost won the war to de-industrialise, to undermine the society that built this country.  We have an agenda and we have taken it too far for anyone to stop it, so embrace the new nation we have re-shaped for you, whether you like it or not.  As a globalist ‘Australian’ I am proud of what we have done, so let me do a little boasting. Hear me out and you will understand not only the internationalist future we have planned but also that further resistance is futile.

In 1992, Maurice Strong openly announced our plans when he called for the destruction of capitalism and announced that it was our duty to bring about its collapse. We heard his call and set about assembling the means to achieve this aim.  We knew that it had to be done secretly, but in plain sight, so we infiltrated the UN, the universities, the NGOs, mainstream communications and the right-of-centre political parties.  The weapons we created were the demonization of energy (hydrocarbon fuels), nuclear power, hydro (by amusingly claiming they stopped the rivers from ‘running free’) and the promotion of alternative, expensive fake power sources in the form of some seriously outrageous ideas that we marketed as ‘clean energy’.


Australia’s Crony Capitalism Inc.

Once and not so long ago, bodies such as the Business Council and Australian Chamber of Commerce were champions of deregulation and free markets. These days they are part of the problem, supporting the ruinous absurdity of renewable energy while jockeying for handouts and favours

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Will the Daily Mail ever stop the BS about “Asian men?”

They are Mohammedans, not “Asians”. They are not Japanese, not Korean, not Chinese either, they are  devout soldiers of allah. And that’s the reason for doing what they do, nothing else.

12 Asian men arrested in the wake of the Rotherham scandal face 45 sex offence charges against underage girls between 1998 and 2003
  • Dozen suspects were all arrested as part of Operation Stovewood in Rotherham
  • The majority of the defendants came to Sheffield court with faces covered
  • Men accused of rape, indecent assault, supply of drugs and false imprisonment
  • Charges relate to sexual abuse of eight girls under 16 between 1998 to 2003

A group of 12 Asian men have appeared in court today accused of 45 sex abuse offences on eight children over five years.

The dozen suspects were all arrested as part of Operation Stovewood – a police investigation into sexual abuse launched after the Rotherham grooming scandal.

The majority of the defendants arrived and left Sheffield Magistrates’ Court with their faces covered with masks, scarves or hoods amid protests outside.

Salah Ahmed El-Hakam, 38, and Nabeel Kurshid, 34, are confronted by protesters before they appeared in court accused of sex offences today 

GERMANY: Furious backlash erupts over proposal to recognize Muslim holidays

Thanks to BNI

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere prompted an angry backlash from his own party and political allies by suggesting that Germany introduce Muslim public holidays.

RT  His proposal, however, quickly provoked a wave of indignation within the ranks of his own party as well as among their Bavarian allies, the conservative Christian Social Union (CSU). “Our Christian legacy is non-negotiable,”Alexander Dobrindt, the head of the CSU faction in the German federal parliament, said, commenting on de Maiziere’s statement. “Introduction of Muslim public holidays in Germany is out of question,” he added.

De Maiziere’s fellow senior CDU member, Wolfgang Bosbach, however, said that, even though everyone in Germany has every right to celebrate whatever religious holidays they want, the legal protection of non-Christian holidays “is a different issue.”

The politician said he sees no reason to discuss such issues and said that the politicians should instead ask “when Christians will finally have the same religious freedom in all Muslim countries as Muslims [in Germany].”

De Maiziere’s statements came at a time when Germany is still stunned by the historic success of the right-wing, anti-Muslim immigration populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party at the latest federal parliamentary election

Since 2015, when German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced her decision to allow in hundreds of thousands of Muslim invaders posing as refugees, around one million mostly Muslims have arrived in Germany, putting a strain on its social welfare system, resulting in a steep rise in crime and Islamic terrorist attacks and plots, which is sparking a rise in anti-Muslim sentiment.


GERMANY: Are we witnessing the beginnings of a new ‘Islamic Republic’ as German politicians consider recognition of Muslim holidays?

Refugee jihadis learn their hate in Australia, says ASIO boss

We have to get rid of these embedded blowboys who don’t understand the first thing about Islam and have no intention to ever read the Koran to understand the ideology. This is no way to wage war, and make no mistake: Islam is at war with us for 1400 years!

Refugee jihadis learn their hate in Australia, says ASIO boss 


Islamic State-inspired jihadis who arrive in Australia as refugees and commit acts of terror in their new home are more the product of Australian culture than their home country’s, ASIO boss Duncan Lewis said last night.

This sounds like ASIO boss Duncan Lewis hasn’t got his faculties intact.

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WA polit-clowns play the same dirty tricks with Milo as they did with Wilders

Far-right ‘outrage troll’ Milo Yiannopoulous banned from government-owned WA venues

The self-described “outrage troll” and “anti-feminist” is embarking on an Australian tour later this year.

According to his website, one of his Sydney shows is already sold out.

In an exclusive interview with 9NEWS, WA Premier Mark McGowan said Yiannopoulos was not welcome in Western Australia.

“We’ll make sure all government venues are not available to him,” Mr McGowan said.

Yiannopoulos was a leading light in the alt-right movement, but his public comments over pedophilia saw him forced to resign from fringe right news site Breitbart in February.

The 33-year-old is accused of defending pedophiles by condoning relationships between young boys and older men.

He is not “accused” and he doesn’t condone relationships between young boys and older men. 

I’m beginning to like Milo, actually. Here he is conducting an interview with Pamela Geller:

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Relax, Infidel: Saudi Crown Prince Pledges Return to ‘Moderate’ Islam

As always, its more like returning to the gory days of Muhammad, who was totally “moderate” in their eyes.

In this Thursday, April 27, 2017 photo released by Saudi Press agency, SPA, Saudi Defense Minister and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reacts during the opening of the Gulf Cooperation Countries, GCC, Interior, Foreign, Defence Ministers Joint Meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (Saudi Interior Ministry via AP)

Riyadh (AFP) – Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Tuesday vowed to restore “moderate, open” Islam in a kingdom known for its ultra-conservative rule.

“We are returning to what we were before — a country of moderate Islam that is open to all religions and to the world,” he said at an economic forum in Riyadh.

“We will not spend the next 30 years of our lives dealing with destructive ideas. We will destroy them today,” he added.

“We will end extremism very soon.”

I won’t hold my breath.

 In other news:
‘Useful idiots?’ George Soros’ Prague lobbyists direct their fire at RT guests

A lobby group, funded by George Soros and EU and US governments, has smeared 2,327 prominent guests of RT as “useful idiots.” This amounts to a McCarthyite assault on free speech in the media space.

‘Soros Plan’: Hungary Slams EU ‘Institutionalisation of Mass Migration’ with New Asylum Rules

migrant aid groups

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Prime minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán blasted the European Parliament for adopting changes to the bloc’s asylum system which the Hungarian government sees as the implementation of the ‘Soros Plan’ to flood the continent with an unlimited number of third-world migrants.

On Friday, the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs (LIBE) adopted a report on the amendment of the Dublin Agreement, which regulates the EU’s Common Asylum System, which would see all member states forced to accept asylum seekers against the will of their people and for funds to be withheld from nations that refuse to comply.


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