Leftist mobs should not dictate who we can hear and meet

Anti-racism protesters clash with Q Society

STORMTROOPERS now rule Melbourne’s streets. On Friday, police even let some attack people trying to meet two conservative politicians.

More than 100 far-Left protesters blocked, abused and shoved people trying to get into a bus to a fundraising dinner with Senator Cory Bernardi and Queensland National George Christensen.

The protesters blockaded the bus in St Kilda and only let it go after 90 minutes. By then it had just 10 or so passengers.

Others trying to get to the dinner, organised by the anti-Islam Q Society, asked police in a nearby car to help them get through the crowd but were refused.

As Sky News reported: “Police were at the scene, but stayed at a distance. That appeared to be a tactical move, so as not to further ignite the protest.”

Pardon? Police were too scared of the protesters to stop them from scaring fellow citizens?

What we’re now seeing — especially in Victoria — is Left-wing mobs increasingly using violence to shut down meetings by conservatives and Right-wingers.

The protesters blocking a bus carrying Q Society supporters.

True, some 50 police did last week protect Melbourne City councillors from a mob protesting their crackdown on rough sleepers. But Victoria Police offered only a couple of officers to protect hundreds of people booked to come to a launch last year of my book, even though far-Left provocateurs put up posters around the city urging: “Let’s make this book launch a thoroughly unpleasant affair.” Organisers called it off after security briefings.


The violent Left has become increasingly bold since 2013, when people trying to get to a Melbourne meeting with conservative Dutch politician Geert Wilders were attacked.

Last April, about 30 far-Left protesters wearing balaclavas assaulted anti-halal activists at a Muslim food festival in Ascot Vale.

Last June, more masked Leftists attacked another rally by far-Right nationalists, and punched and kicked an onlooker trying to film them.

In November, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson cancelled a meeting in Melbourne with conservative Jews after police warned they could not guarantee the crowd’s safety and the organiser should hire guards.

The issue is not if we like or deplore Hanson, Bernardi, Wilders, anti-Muslim protesters or a conservative journalist. The issue is how we settle our differences — by violence or speech? And should thugs decide which politicians we may meet?

Bolt and Blair don’t believe in free speech after all

I had an entirely different post ready to go and lined up for today. All I had to do was press the button and it was up. Then I could have gone and had a relaxing morning picking my toenails and watching the hideous minor birds fight over a piece of toilet paper.

But no – Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair had to ruin that for me.

“Defenders of Free Speech Must Damn Pickering”

The headline screams out at you from Bolt’s site, like a feisty school librarian who has just discovered that someone is reading the latest issue of Mad magazine beneath an enormous copy of War and Peace. Bolt condemns Pickering, and simultaneously condemns the reader, if you don’t condemn Pickering as instructed.

I switched over to Tim Blair’s site and his headline was similar:

“Larry’s Latest Leap too Far.”

Bloody hell, I thought. What’s going on here?

Random penis.

It transpires that at a recent meeting of the Q Society, of which neither Bolt nor Blair were in attendance, cartoonist and writer Larry Pickering said a few things about Muslims and gays. According to Bolt:

And shame on all the conservatives and libertarians who did not howl him down when he said that while “I can’t stand Muslims … they are not all bad [because] they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings”.

I prefer the epithet “shirt-lifters” myself but each to his own.

But my God, the Australian Left must love mornings like this when they wake up and discover that two of the supposedly most strident conservative opinion writers are doing their dirty work for them. Bolt is having one of his infrequent public meltdowns where he undoes all of the previous good work that he has done. Tim Blair’s response is more subtle. He dismisses Pickering as not being worthy enough to be in their club. It is similar to the schoolyard freeze-out. Both columnists are being bullies but it is Blair who is the more insidious of the two.

I don’t need to provide any more quotes because everything that needs to be refuted is in the article heading and the quote that I have used thus far. Andrew and Tim, when you say “I believe in free speech but” that just means that you don’t actually believe in free speech. The whole point of free speech is in making people upset. Speech that doesn’t make people upset is immaterial to the argument.

Now here we have some speech that has made the two of you upset and suddenly Pickering must be “damned” and “howled down” by all conservatives everywhere. How interesting. So what you are both saying is that when push comes to shove you don’t actually believe in free speech after all. You are two members of the “I believe in free speech but” brigade. Which makes you both hypocrites, which is the usual domain of the Left. Milo Yiannopoulos was recently “howled down” by a violent mob before he even got the chance to speak. Is that the sort of howling down that you are referring to, Andrew? If not, exactly what type of howling down is acceptable and where does the line begin that differentiates between these two extremes?

The answer of course is that there is no difference. Howling down is simply howling down. We don’t need to damn Pickering. We simply need to politely say that we disagree if we happen to disagree at all. But Andrew and Tim do not own conservative opinion or public discourse. They are not the deciders of when someone steps across an invisible line. Each of us have the brains and foresight to make up our own minds on these matters. We will not be told by them when we must damn someone for something they have supposedly said. And not following Bolt or Blair’s instructions does not then disqualify us from the conservative side.

But I tell you what should disqualify somebody from the conservative side. Saying “I believe in free speech but”.

This article was originally published at https://pushingrubberdownhill.com/where Adam Piggott writes regularly and brilliantly.

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful




Gitmo’s Lady Bic shortage really hit Khalid hard

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed might be even more of a leftist than he is a demented warrior for Allah.

Just look at all the talking points listed in the 9/11 mastermind’s recently released letter to Barack Obama. It reads like the minutes from a Socialist Alternative meeting. Or it could be notes scribbled by any inner-city Sydney Greens-aligned council member.


The kids are idiots. So are their parents. So are their teachers. So are all of their social media pals. They’re fed it morning, noon, and night. What do you expect?

They’re happy because they’re not at schoolThey’re happy because they’re not at school

Hundreds of New York City high school and college students walked out of classes last week to protest Donald Trump’s temporary ban on arrivals from seven Muslim-majority nations.

But how much did those students actually know about the proposed (and since legally-battered) ban?

Jesse Watters spoke to students gathered in Manhattan’s Foley Square to get to the bottom of why they oppose the travel ban.

You’ll be surprised to learn that many of the students weren’t exactly well-versed on the policy. Or not …

Click for video.

No Mr Bolt, we have no responsibility to damn Larry Pickering

Here’s a message for the double dealing Andrew Bolt, who likes to shoot from the hip: stop the pontificating!

In defense of Larry Pickering, like it or not, he is a cartoonist. Muslims hate and kill cartoonists. Remember Charlie Hebdo. Remember Molly Norris. Remember Garland, Texas. Remember the Danish cartoon riots. If Pickering says ‘I can’t stand Muslims’ then I will not drop him like a hot potato because he is not politically correct. And no matter how tasteless his joke about homosexuals, ask yourself what you support: their subversion of our society with their demands for homo marriage or Larry Pickering, who rejects them because they side with Muslims against us.

Defenders of free speech must damn Pickering

Defenders of free speech have a special responsibility to damn cartoonist Larry Pickering for his despicable slurs of gays and Muslims. 

And shame on all the conservatives and libertarians who did not howl him down when he said that while “I can’t stand Muslims … they are not all bad [because] they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings”.

I am talking particularly about the Australian Liberty Alliance’s Kiralee Smith, who was at the Q Society meeting last night where Pickering spoke after donating a picture of a woman in a niqab being raped by her son-law.

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Sydney Moonbat Herald Scribbler Twists Herself Into A Pretzel To Diss the Q-Society

Inside the far-right Q Society’s explosive dinner, where Muslims are fair game

Ignore the global jihad, ignore the beheadings, the bombings, stabbings and the vehicle jihad. Ignore the blood in the streets. Ignore FGM, child-marriage, polygamy, the large scale invasion of western countries. Ignore the sprawling mosques everywhere around us,  the pandering politclowns and the clueless brown-nosing media. Ignore the billions of dollars we taxpayers have to cough up for ever more security at airports and other public installations. The real problem are “explosive dinners”, where “Muslims are fair game”.

Jacqueline Maley

“Let’s be honest, I can’t stand Muslims,” said Larry Pickering, cartoonist and VIP guest at the Q Society fundraising dinner held in Sydney on Thursday night.

“If they are in the same street as me, I start shaking.”

Then the cartoonist, who had donated for auction one of his own works depicting the rape of a woman in a niqab by her son-in-law, softened slightly.

“They are not all bad, they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings.”

The cartoon fetched $600, which will go towards the legal defence bill of the Q Society’s leading members, most notably Kirralie Smith, the charismatic blonde who ran in the last election as a NSW Senate candidate for the Australian Liberty Alliance.

The pro-“halal choice” campaigners, who insist they are against Islam but not Muslims, are being sued for defamation by Halal certifier Mohamed El-Mouelhy.

They frame the case, brought over Mrs Smith’s videos about halal certification practices, as an attack on free speech.

The Q-Society isn’t ‘framing’ anything.  Islam and free speech cannot coexist. Jacqueline Maley knows that, otherwise the Moonbat Herald would print Larry Pickerings cartoons, rather than attack the cartoonist, who is merely defending it.

They estimate their defence bill will be $1 million.

“Australia is much further down the path of political correctness than most people realise,” Q Society president Debbie Robinson told the 160-odd guests, gathered at the North Ryde RSL.

“People are beginning to wake up. Brexit and recent results in the US and Europe are indicative of the rise of conservatism.

Former Liberal MP and Sky News host Ross Cameron. Photo: Wolter Peeters

“What we are doing is right and we are righteous.”

On Friday night, another fundraiser will be held in Melbourne, where the VIP guests slated include Liberal Party defector Cory Bernardi and LNP MP George Christensen, who remains in the Turnbull government tent.

Cartoonist Larry Pickering at the fundraiser.

Cartoonist Larry Pickering at the fundraiser. Photo: Wolter Peeters

Supporters of the movement believe they speak for a silent majority who fear the impact of Islam on Australian society, and are fed up with political correctness.

They associate strongly with the rise of Donald Trump – one man seated near Fairfax Media wore a “Deplorable” T-shirt which he pointed to proudly whenever the US president was mentioned by speakers, which was frequently.

The event was emceed by singer Angry Anderson, who kept the crowd amused with a constant patter about his ex-wife (“She said I was a violent man because I ate red meat, but that’s a story for my next book…”).

Other VIP speakers included former Liberal MP Ross Cameron and crime fiction author Gabrielle Lord.

Mr Cameron, who has a television show on Sky News, constantly mentioned homosexuality in his speech.

He spoke about the classical philosophers, who valued reason over orthodoxy, and said Socrates “might have had a bit of same-sex attraction”.

He said the Roman emperor Hadrian had a young male lover who “fell off the back of a barge”.

“I’m sure he was snorting coke at the time,” Mr Cameron said.

“The NSW division of the Liberal Party is basically a gay club,” he told guests.

“I don’t mind that they are gay, I just wish, like Hadrian, they would build a wall.”

In a rambling speech, Mr Cameron moved onto Marcus Aurelius, who “said it was better to exist than not exist – that’s one of the reasons I’m quite attracted to heterosexuality”.

Mr Cameron said too often debate is shut down by people who say “the person who doesn’t agree with me is a bad, evil, bigoted, redneck, racist xenophobe”.

He likened Kirralie Smith to Copernicus, who took on the orthodoxy of the time “supported by a big propaganda machine of largely taxpayer-funded money”, and said we needed leaders who wanted something more than to be “applauded on the stage” – a comment which drew applause.

“That, in the end, is what I admire most about Kirralie and Debbie and [cartoonist] Bill Leak …and  Larry Pickering, Cory Bernardi,” he said.

“There could not be a more authentic expression of the goodness of Australian than Kirralie Smith.”

Novelist Gabrielle Lord, whose latest novel is about forced marriage in a Muslim community, said she had met many Muslim women who had been abused and persecuted.

“Brothers and sisters, there is a war on and unfortunately…we are caught a little unaware because they were better prepared than we are,” Lord told the crowd, apparently referring to Muslims.

Her publishers had asked her to include “more attractive Muslim characters” and more about the “positives” of Islam.

She took this as a sign people are too frightened to speak the truth about Islam – something she could understand as offending Muslims could lead to “bricks thrown through windows and rioting”.

Lord spoke lovingly of the institutions built by Western society and said “the other mob only build one kind of building, as you know”.

Another Larry Pickering cartoon auctioned depicted an imam as a pig, being roasted on a spit, with a “halal certified” stamp on its rump. A case of wine called “72 Virgins” was also up for grabs, along with a signed photograph of Dame Joan Sutherland.

Ms Smith addressed the dinner briefly at the end, passionately detailing stories of people persecuted by Islam around the world.

She said she was anti-Islam, not anti-Muslims, and said she did not incite violence, but exposed the people who incited violence.

The prophet Mohammed was violent, and “five times a day Muslims are praying to be like him and that is unacceptable”.

In keeping with the tactics of Mr Trump, the media was derided by many of the speakers. The ABC was referred to as “the enemy station” and Mr Cameron made special mention of reporters present from the “Sydney Morning Homosexual”.

“Trigger warning for the Herald, there are heterosexuals in the room…I have to warn you there are some males who are attracted to females in this room.”

Mr Cameron also joked the Herald’s editorial board would have not objected to the Carthaginians’ practice of child burning, for reasons of political correctness.

When contacted Friday morning, Ms Smith said she did not know how much money the dinner had raised for the cause.

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Paris spending $22,000,000 to build wall around Eiffel Tower to stop jihad terror attacks

“It’s not a wall, it’s an aesthetic perimeter.”

Sadly, no wall will keep the French or anyone else safe from the global jihad.   France is financially and morally bankrupt; they have already lost their country.

“Sadly, the risk of terrorism hasn’t gone away,” deputy mayor Jean-François Martins said.

Of course it hasn’t, because you and your colleagues keep importing more people among whom are certain to be jihad terrorists. You have brought this problem upon yourselves, and continue to do so.

“It’s not a wall, it’s an aesthetic perimeter.”

Uh huh. It’s a wall. Hope Pope Francis doesn’t get wind of this.

Apropos Pope: 

Pushing Mexico to Pay for Border Wall Is ‘Not Christian’, Says Pope

Once again, Pope Francis appears to be criticizing President Donald Trump and his plans to build a wall on the country’s southern border. While not naming Trump directly, the pontiff called for building bridges and not walls, adding that it was not Christian to ask someone else to pay for it.

“Paris Builds Barrier Around Eiffel Tower to Limit Terrorism,” by Gregory Viscusi, Bloomberg, February 9, 2017:

Paris is spending 20 million euros ($22 million) to build a protective barrier around the Eiffel Tower to replace temporary structures that were put up after a series of terror attacks.

“Sadly, the risk of terrorism hasn’t gone away,” deputy mayor Jean-François Martins said at a Paris press conference. “It’s not a wall, it’s an aesthetic perimeter.”

Martins wouldn’t confirm a report in Thursday’s Le Parisien newspaper that a clear glass structure would be built around the tower’s esplanade. The form the new structure takes will depend on solutions proposed in response to the city’s call for tenders, he said.

Temporary and movable metal barriers were sporadically thrown up in 2015 and have been in place continuously since France hosted the Euro 2016 soccer championships last summer.

The new perimeter will include the space under the tower, as well as two ponds on either side of it, an area roughly 200 by 300 meters. It must be able to stop bullets and vehicles, he said. Tourists will be free to enter the area after a security check, with payment required only to go up the Tower itself.

Martins said he didn’t think the site of yet another security measure in Paris — where fully armed soldiers on patrol has become a common site — will deter tourists. “What scares tourists is lack of security, not security,” he said. The new structure will be the most visible and permanent change to the Paris landscape in response to terrorists.

Australia: Islamic conference flyer covers women’s faces, organizers blame “Islamophobia”

“Muslim women are particularly (being) humiliated and targeted in our streets, threatened and abused on social media. Due to the growing Islamophobia our campaign team wanted to be extra cautious with female guests so they wouldn’t be targeted in the streets.”

This is palpable nonsense. The women’s faces were covered in accord with Islamic belief. Note that when al-Qaeda published a hit list of foes of jihad terror a few years ago, it pictured all the men but did not picture the women, for the same reason: so as not to tempt men.

Here is the Australian conference poster”:

“Women’s faces hidden on Australian Islamic Peace Conference flyer, sparking outrage,” Herald Sun, February 8, 2017:

A CONTROVERSIAL Islamic peace conference has sparked outrage after hiding the faces of three women advertised on a flyer to promote the event.

The Australian Islamic Peace Conference posted the pamphlet on Facebook last week with the leaders who are set to speak at the event next month.

But three female speakers — psychologist Monique Toohey, social worker Nina Trad Azam and Islamic teacher Umm Jamaal ud-Din — had their faces replaced with black ink.

The faces of all other 12 male speakers are displayed.

Organisers have been slammed on social media with one user posting: “I came across the flyer earlier and was shocked. I couldn’t articulate myself or write something about it. Seeing sister Monique’s name made me sure that it’s not their choice and also made me feel sick”.

A spokesman for organisers the Islamic Research and Education Academy said they were trying to protect the women from right-wing extremism.

“Muslim women are particularly (being) humiliated and targeted in our streets, threatened and abused on social media,’ he told the Daily Mail.

‘Due to the growing Islamophobia our campaign team wanted to be extra cautious with female guests so they wouldn’t be targeted in the streets.”…


Things are bad in Sweden. But you’re not supposed to know.

By Vincent van den Born/Gatestone Europe

Long time Swedish police officer Thomas Åsenlöf, who came to the assistance of his colleague / Facebook

Yesterday Gatestone wrote about courageous policeman Peter Springare, who decided to blow the lid of the cesspool that hides beneath Sweden’s political correctness:

“I’m so f***** tired. What I’m writing here isn’t politically correct. But I don’t care. Our pensioners are on their knees, the schools are a mess, healthcare is an inferno, the police is completely destroyed. Everyone knows why, but none dares or wants to say why.”

In response, Swedish newspapers have published on the issue, and a Facebook page called “Stand up for Peter Springare” has gathered the support of over 85.000 people from all over the world. One of many people leaving a message of support is fellow policeman Tomas Åsenlöv:

I have worked in the field for more than 43 years. I share Peter’s infectious question for 100%. Our managers do not dare to take up a position in any direction. As you can see, there is no senior manager who has dared to give Peter backing. Instead, they introduced Code 291, which is meant to keep a lid on all immigrant-related crime. 

Just look at the photo ban at the police station. It is appalling that this is happening in today’s Sweden. To top it all off, the chief of police has complete authority over the police. Instead of supporting his people, he will order them to be transferred if they do not dance to his tune. 

The Swedish public should be told all of the facts now. I understand younger officers do not dear speak out, criticise the police’s leadership, or openly support Peter. Because that would be the end of their career. Because when they would seek a transfer, they’d be known as ‘unloyal’. 

As I am close to retirement, I can be critical to my heart’s content. I have previously been called in by my superiors for opinions I have stated on this medium (Facebook). Now I believe the ball has been made to roll, and maybe we can get our leadership to open their eyes and no longer deny the truth. LIVE STRONG. Tomas Åsenlöv, Greater Gothenburg Bicycle Police.”

The Code 291 Åsenlöv mentions is a special ‘refugee code’, used when the police are called for anything related to refugees. Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet has an article on the topic, which reveals the code (R291) has been used since October 2016 to effectively hide 5000 incidents, ranging from illness and missing persons, to cases of assault, rapes and deaths. And what is most shocking, is that all these cases were deliberately kept secret:

The National Operational Department (NOA) of the Swedish Police wrote in a document this newspaper noticed that each and every notification ‘in which the victim, the suspect or anyone questioned is a migrant, must be labelled with the specific code 291’. And that the same has to be done to to crimes or events linked to buildings or places where refugees are received.”

Things are bad in Sweden. So bad, nobody is allowed to know.