“Not Today, Antifa”

It wasn’t combustion, that’s for sure:
Paris (and much of France) has become dangerous for Jews since the rise of Muslim immigration.– Geller Report

Florida gun dealer has “zero apologies” for threatening antifa

“We offer zero apologies to anyone that is offended by this advertisement that depicts armed, but peaceful, patriotic Americans standing up against socialist, anarchist, and communist rioters,” the companies wrote. “We apologize to no one. If we were to make an apology, that would suggest that we have done something wrong or regret our actions, which is not the case.”

A Florida weapons retailer isn’t even a little bit sorry for running an ad showing heavily-armed men in a standoff with black-clad protesters, with the slogan: “NOT TODAY ANTIFA.” A banner running at the top of the vignette says “Berkeley, Portland, Charlottesville, Boston.”

Love it. Only in America. In Europe & in Australia our deceitful governments have disarmed us & banned free speech. Antifa rules. But not in the U.S.

Watch: Muslims Children go on live TV, openly tell what they will do to Jews and Christians
This is what the Muslims who call themselves “Palestinians” teach their children.
Just imagine the media coverage in the West if this TV children’s program is broadcast in Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Finland or Germany.
The Muslims who call themselves “Palestinians” are waging a jihad war against Israel.
The Western world has abandoned Israel and stands with the Muslim world against the only democratic Western country in the entire Middle East.


The solution to African gangs terrorising Melbourne is to crack down on far-right racial hatred

“Fatty” is a genius. He worked it all out: blacks should police themselves and white Aussies are despicable racists who don’t appreciate cultural enrichment from Africa.

Victorian chief police commissioner Graham “Fatty” Ashton recently took six weeks of leave due to self diagnosed strain and mental fatigue; which is curious when you consider that in order to have mental fatigue in the first place you need to actually have a brain; but now he’s back and declaring that there is nothing to see in Melbourne regarding supposed African gangs and it’s all just a feature of bad racists’ imaginations.

“Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton, in his first public appearance since returning from a six-week period of sick leave on Monday, also revealed people of African origin had been subject to racially motivated death threats amid a political storm regarding youth crime.”

At his press conference he was surrounded, sorry – “flanked”, by members of the local African communities.

From TheAge.

It’s a pity that he chose not to flank himself with some people from the communities that are being terrorised by these African street gangs. Instead we get representatives from the thugs who are causing all the trouble in the first place. They get to stand up there and put on the good old ‘poor me’ looks that signify that even though old women are being beaten up in their own homes by South Sundanese diversity hires, the real victims here are the black communities. It makes sense only if you have a deep and religious need to continually double down on the supposed blessings and joys of the phrase, “diversity is our strength”.

“Victoria is one of the safest places in the world to live … and the sort of concept that somehow it’s unsafe to go out for dinner … how long since you’ve been out for dinner?” Continue reading The solution to African gangs terrorising Melbourne is to crack down on far-right racial hatred

Italy considers closing its ports to boats carrying migrants

Please note that no one calls them ‘refugees’ or ‘asylum seekers’ anymore. ‘Migrants’ means they are children of the world who have a natural entitlement to settle anywhere they like. The degenerates who are encouraging these savages to invade Europe must be called out and punished.

The Italian government is considering blocking boats carrying migrants from landing at its ports after nearly 11,000 refugees arrived on its shores in five days.

It has been reported that the government has given its ambassador to the EU, Maurizio Massari, a mandate to raise the issue formally with the European commission to seek permission for a drastic revision of EU asylum procedures. One idea being discussed is denying docking privileges to boats not carrying Italian flags that seek to land in Italian ports, mainly in Sicily or Calabria.

Italian border police with crowd of men
Italian border police officers escorting men to a relocation centre after they arrived at the port of Augusta in Sicily. Photograph: Emilio Morenatti/AP

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Don’t mention the African crims: Melbourne top cop calls African gang fears “complete rubbish”

He should say that to his mother & father.

Latest update:

Armed African thugs rob two Melbourne petrol stations in minutes

African thugs armed with hammers and knives robbed two Melbourne petrol stations within minutes of each other, hitting one of the cashiers in the face…
In other news:
Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen speaks during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, January 31, 2017. REUTERS/Chris Wattie
Canuckistan’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen on irregular migration 

Ahmed is a Mohammedan. A soldier of allah. He believes that the infidels must submit to Islam or else… His religion allows him to deceive, to lie and to do whatever is in his powers to further the cause of Islam. Is there anything you don’t understand about that?

London is lawless: “At least” 6th fatal stabbing in 10 days 
Rabbnawaz Ali.

UK: Muslim tells teenage army cadets “Better be careful because me and my ISIS brothers will kill you all”

A problem too tiny to mention: Top cop slams African gang fears

Community taskforce to combat street gang violence in Melbourne

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton announces the creation of a taskforce to tackle youth crime in Melbourne.
Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton announces the creation of a taskforce to tackle youth crime in Melbourne.
Police chief Graham Ashton has rubbished claims that Victorians are too scared to go out at night, slamming as “complete garbage” claims that Melbourne isn’t safe.

At a joint media conference this afternoon, Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton unveiled a new, dedicated community taskforce made up of African community leaders as its next step in battling a wave of violent crime committed by street gangs.

Mr Ashton said Victoria Police had been working with its African community for some time to get a handle on issues including drug use and crime, but escalating public disorder in December had warranted a new approach. He described the new development in street crime as “public misbehaviour in large groups” by young people.

“I’ve heard people say that Victoria is not a safe place to live, that’s complete and utter garbage,” Mr Ashton said.

“What’s changed over recent weeks has been further, I guess an increase in public disorder and public misbehaviour in public by groups of young people.”

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Open your hearts for the children of the Islamic state!



“Returning fighters are Canadians who have not been charged with a crime”. –Chris Bittle, Liberal Party MP

Children of ‘Islamic State’ struggle to integrate in Germany

Absolute insanity. Their children will murder our children. These mothers from hell will make sure these children are raised as murderous killer zombies, whether in Syria or in Germany. The German government is committing an act of treason to allow these vile creatures to return and to fleece taxpayers with their upkeep.

With the “Islamic State” on the verge of total defeat in Syria and Iraq, authorities in Germany are debating how to deal with returnees from the terrorist militia. Many of them are children who know nothing but war.

The appeal on our compassion is despicable.

Syrien Frau und Kind eines vermeintlichen IS Kämpfers in Rakka (Getty Images/AFP/B. Kilic)

Many women who left Germany to join the so-called Islamic State (IS) married fighters from the terrorist militia and had children. Some were pregnant when they traveled to Iraq or Syria or brought older children along with them.

Now the German public has urged that those who return have their children taken away. But it’s not that simple, according to Nora Fritzsche, who specializes in preventing radicalization at the Working Group for the Protection of Children and Youths (AJS) in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia. “There must be a concrete threat to the child,” she said, adding that it’s not enough to say the parents are Islamists. “We look at the best interests of the child, not at the parents’ beliefs.”

Of course not. There is certainly “no threat to the child”, but these children will be  threatening German children who remain unprotected from the likes of Nora Fritzsche.

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Without freedom of speech, without the right to bear arms and up against a relentless, state-run propaganda machine dumbing down the population, Germans are doomed.

Bojidar Marinov

When two years ago a Texas father beat his daughter’s rapist to death, no one in Texas had any doubts as to what the decision of the Grand Jury would be. The law in Texas not only allows but specifically authorizes the use of lethal force to prevent sexual assault. In this, the state gives more power to individuals than it reserves to itself and its courts, because the same law doesn’t prescribe death penalty for rapists when they are brought to court. Now, in my personal opinion, this is a flawed approach: the Biblical Law specifically says that rape is like murder (Deut. 22:26), and therefore the same penalty should apply; the state should execute proven rapists just as it authorizes individuals to execute rapists caught in the act. Either way, under the law in Texas, a rapist should be more afraid of being caught by private citizens than of being taken to court.

If Germany had Texas’ laws, and if Germany had Texas’ men, the Western world wouldn’t be now talking about the barbaric lust of the Muslim men. Rather, the Muslim world would be talking about the terrible wrath of the Western men.

What happened in Cologne was a real disaster, there’s no doubt about it. And the reaction of the government was weak, there’s no doubt about it. And the German police showed their real face, which, in the final account, is no different than the face of any other occupation army charged with the task to fight civilian population: soft on the dangerous criminals and tough on the harmless, law-abiding, productive members of the society, whom the cops are supposed to “protect.” We all knew that the cops – whether in the US or in Germany – never had any intention to protect the taxpayers; to the contrary, it’s the taxpayer who is to be robbed and harassed at will, and when he protests, to be treated as the enemy and murdered at will. That’s the nature of police as it was envisioned by the ideologues of the French Revolution, and that’s what it continues to be today, in both Europe and the US. Expecting the police to protect law-abiding citizens is naïve. Contrary to all the mythology about government, the government’s standing armies can’t provide any safety, and were never meant to provide any safety for the ordinary citizen. The only safety they were ever meant to provide was for the government against its own citizens. They can’t maintain order either; social order is never the product of government action but of the social beliefs and habits of millions of citizens. When the citizens are willing to maintain social order, there is order, even if there is no police. When there is a group – even a small group – that rebels against order, there will be disorder, no matter what the police does. And only individual citizens who are protecting their own life, property, and liberty can stop the disorder.

All in all, when it comes to safety, security, and social order, cops are useless; and Cologne should be a good warning to Europeans about the dangers of transferring social power to the government for the purposes of safety, security, and social order.


Islamic taqiyya gigolo Dean Obeidallah tries a little gaslighting

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, hoping to make them question their own memory, perception, and sanity.

In this article, Islamo-agitprop Dean Obeidallah tries to gaslight gullible readers that up is down, that water is not wet & that Islam is not what it is. In other words, he does what all taqiyya gigolos do.

“If you hate Muslims, love guns, and are giddy at the prospect of a holy war pitting Christians versus Muslims, then there’s only one logical thing to do: Run for governor of Arkansas.”

We don’t hate. We care. We care for our culture, our society, our civilisation. We didn’t declare holy war, it was Muhammad, profit of Islam, who said “I have been commanded to wage war till all the people say there is no god but allah and Muhammad is his profit”.

I really hope Jan Morgan will be governor of Arkansas.

Jan Morgan owns a gun range that she declared a ‘Muslim-free zone.’ Now she’s running for governor of Arkansas.

If you hate Muslims, love guns, and are giddy at the prospect of a holy war pitting Christians versus Muslims, then there’s only one logical thing to do: Run for governor of Arkansas.

Actually, there are other things you could do with that pedigree, such as appear regularly on Fox News or write for Breitbart. And Jan Morgan has done all that and more. And now this Republican activist wants to “Make Arkansas Great Again!”

B*tches who who trash the victims of Muslim rape gangs

UK Labour Leader ‘Admires’ Lily Allen’s Trashing of Rape Victims…

There is a photo on the web of some Swedish women out holding signs, ‘Better Rapists than Racists’.

These people are insane, there is no question of it. There is a reason why the syndrome is named after Stockholm.

There’s a reason why they used to burn witches.

Lily Allenby JACK MONTGOMERY. 8 Jan 2018

Labour MP Jess Phillips has come to the defence of singer Lily Allen, after she claimed grooming gang victims would have been “raped or abused by somebody else at some point” if Muslim groomers were not present in the United Kingdom.

Asked if the victims, who were overwhelmingly white working class, would have been groomed if their abusers were not present in the country, Allen claimed that, “Actually, there’s a strong possibility they would have been raped and abused by somebody else at some point. That’s kind of the issue.”

The celebrity then tried to divert attention from the subject of grooming gangs by saying people should be concerned with another type of abuser — “men that have sex with their stepdaughters twice a week for years at a time … neighbours, uncles, gardeners, priests, fast food restaurant managers that do it over and over again” — who she characterised as 100 per cent “British white males”.

Allen’s comments prompted a substantial backlash on social media which saw her lock her Twitter account — but Jess Phillips said her “stand” was “inspiring”.

Councillors and police accused of having sex with Rotherham victims

Louise Casey, who is director-general for troubled families at the government’s Communities Department, was asked to investigate the council by…

Catholics of Ireland warned not to blame Islam for terror after Islamic terror attack

Crack me up:

“Better than nothing”

Republic of Ireland: Islamic dress code should be accommodated in schools – group

Having got what looked to most people like Ireland’s first lone wolf jihad attack immediately declared “nothing to do with terrorism”, and having implored the Catholics of Ireland not to blame Islam for terror (which the attack was nothing to do with, you MUST understand this…) the Irish Muslim Board has issued some of their requirements for happier and expeditious islamisation of the Republic. From the Irish Times

A Muslim campaign group says school uniforms should accommodate Islamic dress codes by allowing girls to wear full-length skirts, long-sleeved shirts and headscarves. The Irish Muslim Board has also called for school uniforms which have crucifix symbols or images of saints to be made optional in the interests of creating greater inclusivity.

The recommendations are contained in the board’s submission to a Department of Education consultation process over school admission policies. The group, chaired by Dr Ali Selim, was formed in 2016 to encourage Muslims to become more politically active.

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Viktor Orbán: “We do not view these people as Muslim refugees. We view them as Islamic invaders.”

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Interview with Viktor Orbán in the print edition of BILD

Viktor Orbán to the German press: “We do not view these people as Muslim refugees. We view them as Islamic invaders.”

An original translation of the interview in today’s print edition of Bild:

Bild Deutschland

January 8, 2018 — page 2

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in an interview with BILD

“It Was You Who Wanted The Migrants — Not Us”

By N. Blome, Ch. Stenzel and D. Biskup (photos)

He is controversial in Europe, but the guest of honor in Bavaria, at the CSU convention in Seeon. Bild interview with the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (54).

Bild: Mr. Orbán, the Social Democrat chief Martin Schulz demanded that the CSU chief Seehofer put you in your place.

Viktor Orbán: I have always had great respect for Martin Schulz, because he is a good fighter. But to be amusing as a fighter, and to carry the responsibility for shaping the politics of a country are two different things. What was fine and nice in Brussels — where there are no visible consequences — is a different story from being the chief of a party in Germany and communicating with other countries. We think we deserve more respect.

“We do not want to be coerced”

Bild: For what?

Orbán: Hungary is one of the few success stories of the last decade. Successful West, poor East — those times are over. In 2010, when I entered office, the unemployment rate was 12 percent. Now it is 4 percent. Economic growth is more than 4 percent; in 2009 it was still minus 6 percent. The household deficit is notably lower than 3 percent. If you fairly assess us, we are doing quite well.

Bild: But that is not what the criticism was about. How fair is it to be a member of the EU but not to stick by the rules? Hungary was supposed to accept just 1294 refugees. You refused, went to the European court, lost, called the verdict “a shame”, and still refused.

Orbán: More than 20 states did not adhere to the quota, yet it is only we who are being criticized; this is a case of applying double standards. The fact is that the verdict only referred to the EU resolution that basically expired at the same time… there must be new discussions.

Bild: Would you otherwise have accepted the verdict and accepted the refugees?

Orbán: Yes. We stand on the basis of the rule of law.

Bild: But the EU is not only based on law, but also on solidarity. Why can Germany accept 2 million refugees, while Hungary can’t accept 2,000?

“Christian and Islamic society will never blend”

Orbán: The difference is: It was you who wanted the migrants. Not us. We do our job by protecting the outer Schengen border with Serbia. This has cost us about 1 billion additional Euros since 2015, and Brussels is not paying a single cent of that. The solution to the problem certainly isn’t to distribute people, who reside in the EU illegally, across the entire EU territory. We think one should help where the problem lies, and not take immigration here.

Bild: Why don’t the Hungarians want refugees?

Orbán: We do not view these people as Muslim refugees. We view them as Islamic invaders. For example, in order to arrive in Hungary, from Syria, you have to cross four countries, all of them not as rich as Germany, but stable. So, already there, they aren’t running for their lives. This, too, proves that they are economic migrants, looking for a better life.

Bild: You say that you represent the will of the Hungarian people.

Orbán: I can only speak for the Hungarian people, and they don’t want migration. According to my understanding, it is not possible for the people to have an opinion on such a profound topic, while the government refuses to act accordingly. We are talking about the sovereignty and the cultural identity of the country. We need to reserve the right to decide who can live on Hungarian territory.

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