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UK Media Blackout – Veterans march Against Terrorism and Islamization

Why niqab is being worn by more Muslim women in Indonesia, and a secular nation’s sometimes hostile response to full-face veil

Wearing a full-face veil in a country where most Muslim women choose either a hijab or no headscarf at all is as much a cultural as a religious choice, and one being promoted and defended by groups such as the Niqab Squad.

Its not a “choice”. These poor women are indoctrinated, bashed & beaten into the Mohammedan shrouds by “Niqab Squads”. Its also a falsehood to proclaim Indonesia a “secular nation”, something it never was. Indonesia has been in the grip of Islam for centuries.

Depressing Developement. Growing number of women in have started wearing the full-face cover or when none ever did for 100s of years. The curse of Saudi-funded wahhabi Islam hits the “largely secular” nation.

Germany: Mass protests against Merkel and Mohammedan migration

Germans are not planning to stop protesting against Angela Merkel and her migration policy. Several demonstrations have already taken place and the next one will be on 24 February.

Most of Germany’s protests started after the shocking murder of the 15-year-old Mia, by an Afghan refugee. The girl was attacked and murdered with a knife in a drug store in the town of Kandel.


Sweden is changing its constitution to CENSOR journalists who criticize government policy.

Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayeb: People say terrorism is Islamic, but if not for Israel, there would be no problem

Translation: if only we could destroy Israel…..

1,400 years of jihad violence worldwide before there was a State of Israel. What about all the jihad violence happening today all over the world? Yet al-Tayeb will no doubt deceive those who very much want to be deceived.

“Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayeb: People Blame Us for Terrorism, But If Not for Israel, There Would Be No Problem, the Region Would Have Prospered,” MEMRI, January 26, 2018
Clip No. 6438

Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayeb in a recent TV interview said that “a most devious and malicious plot was hatched to plunge this dagger [i.e., Israel] into the body of the Arab world.” Sheikh Al-Tayeb said that we have recently “had to swallow a dose of poison” manifest in Arab and Muslim infighting, ultimately “[serving] the interests of the well-known [Zionist] entity.” He warned that it would not end with the Al-Aqsa Mosque, but that “they will march on the Kaaba and on the Prophet’s Mosque [in Medina].” The interview with the Sheikh of Al-Azhar aired on Egypt’s Channel 1 on January 26.


Sometimes “what’s in a name” really, really matters.

“We must have more children than the Christians because it’s the only way we can destroy them here.’”

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at David Horowitz Freedom Center.

If Muhammad cannot beat the infidels on the battlefield, he’ll outbreed them—literally: “Mohammed most popular name for newborn boys in the Netherlands for second year in a row,” is the title of a recent reportMuhammad is apparently also the most popular name in England. In fact, Muhammad is one of the most popular names throughout Northwest Europe.

While this may seem innocuous enough—what’s in a name?—the fact is many Muslims see their offspring as their contribution to the jihad—literally, the “struggle” to make Islam supreme—since more numbers equate more influence and power.   Nor is the naming of “Muhammad” a coincidence but rather a cryptic reminder from the parents (usually father) of whom they most revere and hope their sons emulate—namely, the founder of Islam/jihad.

Although the original, historic jihad was straightforward warfare on the infidel to make Islam supreme, the ulema articulated a variety of other jihads, all of which work to the same end: as with jihad al-lisan (literally tongue, meaning propaganda, apologias, polemics, etc.), jihad al-mal (monetarily or materially supporting jihadis, including through zakat), jihad al-wilada (or childbearing) is seen as a way to contribute to the “struggle” to make Islam supreme.


Muslim Brotherhood founder’s grandson Tariq Ramadan hospitalized while facing rape charges

Tariq Ramadan Hospitalised with Sudden Onset Slippery Bastard Disorder


Medical report: Muslim “reformer” and accused rapist Tariq Ramadan’s health compatible with his continued detention

No surprise here. “War is deceit,” said Muhammad. Ramadan was denied bail, so his lawyers attempted a subterfuge of ill-health to get him sprung. If he is released eventually on whatever pretext, he will likely leave France and get himself beyond the reach of the law.

Muslim academic and rape-accused Tariq Ramadan will remain in custody following the emergence of new details related to the charges against him, according to Agence France-Presse.

Two Muslim women have accused Tariq Ramadan, a 55-year-old Oxford University professor whose grandfather founded Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood movement, of rape. (AFP)
PARIS: Prominent Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, who was remanded in custody in France on rape charges earlier in the month, has been hospitalized due to multiple sclerosis, his support group said Saturday.

Ex-Muslim runs away from home after being forced to wear the ‘dehumanising’ face covering

‘I hate the niqab’: Ex-Muslim who runs an atheist blog says she ran away from home after her mother forced her to wear the ‘dehumanising’ face covering
  • Ex-Muslim woman told a Melbourne conference of being forced to wear niqab
  • She spoke of how her mother forced her to wear the Islamic facial covering
  • The apostate endured being called a whore when she asked to removed it 

An ex-Muslim woman has described how she ran away from home after her mother had spent years forcing her to wear a niqab.

The apostate, who writes an atheist blog, courageously told her story at the Secular Party of Australia’s Losing Your Religion conference in Melbourne earlier this month.

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous to protect her identity, told the audience her Muslim-convert mother removed her from school when he was in her early teens.

An ex-Muslim woman has described how she ran away from home after her mother had spent years forcing her to wear a niqab (stock image not of actual woman in story)

‘She did not deem the school environment as an Islamic one and it was time for me to learn how to be the perfect Muslim wife and mother,’ she said in her speech, which was also posted on her blog site The Nullifidian.

‘At thirteen she “encouraged” me to put on the niqab which I wore until the night I left home.’

After years of being forced to cover her face, she detests the Islamic garb which originated in Saudi Arabia.

‘I hate the niqab. It is one of the most dehumanising and alienating pieces of clothing a woman can wear,’ she said.

In other news:

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Baroness Warsi: “Islamophobia” is `widespread´ in Britain

Again, Britons are told to ignore the blood in the streets, ignore the mass-rapes of hundreds of thousands of native British girls by Paki cultural enrichers:  according to David CamMorons curry princess the real problem is “Islamophobia”.

Baroness Warsi: Islamophobia is `widespread´ in Britain

Islamophobia is “widespread” in Britain, a former Tory cabinet minister has said.

Baroness Warsi said the situation was “far worse” now than in 2011, when she argued prejudice against Muslims had “passed the dinner-table test”.

She described Islamophobia as the country’s “bigotry blindspot” as she gave evidence to the Commons Home Affairs Committee.

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French Children Taught Migration Is a Human Right, ‘We’re All Africans’

This is it. The White Genocide Project in its vilest form.

France is safe and prosperous only thanks to a ‘lifetime of open borders’, while mass migration is a “universal right”, according to literature being handed out in French classrooms.

Intended for distribution to children between the ages of eight and 16, the new booklets are produced by ‘Secular Solidarity’, an organisation which receives around half of its funding from French taxpayers, in conjunction with other groups including SNUIPP-FSU, the major teachers’ union in France.

“Immigration is a fundamental human right”, according to the taxpayer-funded body’s document, which tells children that “mass migration is the very essence of humanity”, and argues they have no right to secure the French border because “the most recent research shows the first humans were all from Africa”.

“To migrate is to move, it is natural in human beings,” it states, claiming that “the world we live in today: our countries, our cultures, our languages” have all resulted from millennia of open borders, the document alleges occurred.

That’s entirely false. European nation states always defended their borders. There has never been a time when black Africans or Arab Mohammedans were allowed to waltz in. Our ancestors would be turning in their graves over this idiocy.

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Fat man with the blues: Isa KocogluFat man with the blues: Isa Kocoglu

Tim Blair, The Daily TelegraphFebruary 20, 2018 

“If the shooter is Muslim,” claims Yousef Munayyer, “you almost never hear about the possibility of a mental disorder.”

If the shooter is Muslim you almost never hear about the possibility of a mental disorder. If it’s a non-muslim that’s always part of the discussion. What are Muslims doing to maintain such consistent mental stability? Is it the kabob? The hummus?

Almost never? Try almost always. Here are numerous example from just the past few years:

  • The lawyer for a U.S. Army sergeant charged in Hawaii with trying to provide material support to Islamic State extremists said on Thursday his client suffers from mental illness.
  • It seemed the mental health problems he suffered, resulting from years of drug abuse in Sydney, were still plaguing Sharrouf in the jihadist’s new life as he fell out of favour with IS.
  • Hampton Park man Isa Kocoglu appeared before Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday charged with providing support to a person engaged in hostile activity in Syria … At the time of his arrest, Mr Kocoglu was on a disability support pension due to his obesity and mental health.
  • The would-be terrorist who admitted to plotting with two other men to attack concerts, subways and Times Square has a history of mental health issues and drug use, according to documents unsealed on Monday.
  • Lindt Café attacker Man Haron Monis, who had criminal and mental health issues
  • Archer was taken into custody soon after the shooting, and police said that during an interrogation with homicide detectives he professed allegiance to the Islamic State … Whether mental illness plays into his defense strategy remains an open question.
  • Anti-terror authorities will keep tabs for two years on a West Wollongong man who collected ISIS paraphernalia and called on Allah to destroy Australia – “this filthy country” – in the lead-up to Anzac Day … Kalantzis’ lawyer [said] that his untested mental health may have contributed to his actions or reduced his moral culpability.
  • Ms Merhi’s lawyer Mona El Baba argued her client should be given bail as she was suffering from poor mental health in prison.
  • Federal prosecutors have filed a new criminal charge against a Palm Beach County man accused of trying to join Islamic State … he was kept in solitary confinement despite concerns about his mental health.
  • Gardai have found no evidence that yesterday’s attack by an Egyptian teenager is related to terrorism … Gardai are concerned about the man’s mental health.
  • A man accused of attempted murder in a knife attack on a police officer has been found fit to stand trial, but an assessment on his mental stateat the time of the alleged assault is not yet complete.
  • An indictment charges Jameson with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, specifically the Islamic State of Iraq, or ISIS … court records say Jameson suffers from mental illness.
  • Victoria Police said the incident was not related to terrorism — saying it is related to mental illness.
  • One of four men arrested in connection to an alleged terror plot to down a passenger plane is suffering mental health issues as a result of his treatment by police during raids last year, a Sydney court has been told.
  • A mentally ill Afghan refugee accused of mowing down 18 pedestrians in Melbourne has been charged over the attack.
  • A Sydney man, disturbed from time spent in Australian immigration detention as a child, has been jailed for financing Islamic State.
  • Dimitrious Gargasoulas was charged with six counts of murder and 28 counts of attempted murder. He was not charged with terrorist ­offences … Police say Gargasoulas had ­mental health and drug-related ­issues in the past.A number of these cases are still before the courts, so comments are closed.

There is not a single successful black nation anywhere on earth

But don’t take my word for it. You can always go to the movies to escape reality… and the oppression of white people:

Wakanda: The only black civilisation. Ever.

Giant Rats Are Taking Over South Africa

As fiction, the symbolism would be too heavy-handed. But this is real life. Giant rats are taking over South Africa:

Johannesburg’s environmental health department said it is concerned by how quickly the rats are breeding, while the report stated an abundance of food for the rodents means their numbers are thriving.

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‘Modest Australian fashion’ does not represent us


DFAT exhibition showcasing ‘modest Australian fashion’ does not represent us

Modest fashion as per the DFAT website.
Modest fashion as per the DFAT website.
  • The Australian, 

How did you dress your little girl for school this morning? Shorts, and a short-sleeved polo?

A sunhat, to wear outdoors?

And what about your good self, what do you have on? A cute off-the-shoulder number? A shirt, with the second button undone?

Do you think that makes you a little immodest? Synonyms for which include immoral, and indecent?

I ask because Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, otherwise known as DFAT, or else as Australia’s face to the world, has this week launched a thrilling new exhibition, in both Malaysia and Indonesia, showcasing, wait for it, “modest Australian fashion.”

In case you don’t know what that is, it’s skirts to the floor, ladies.

It is full body suits at the beach. It’s covering up your hair, and draping yourself in heavy fabric as you go about your day.

When did this become something the Australian government wanted to promote, and celebrate?

In 2018, apparently.

A media release announcing the exhibition, titled “Fashion Diplomacy in Action: Showcasing Australian Modest Fashion” went up on DFAT’s social media pages on 22 January. You can find it here.

It starts in a cheery way: “You may not have even heard of the modest fashion market but it is booming.”

A screengrab of DFAT's campaign to showcase 'modest' Australian fashion.
A screengrab of DFAT’s campaign to showcase ‘modest’ Australian fashion.

Yes, it is. Depressingly, it is booming, as the corruption of Sharia in the name of Islam, and its attendant misogyny, expands around the globe, sweeping all before it in an orgy of violence and terror.

In other news:

Australia: Ex-Muslim forced to wear niqab for years says “I hate the niqab”
“‘I hate the niqab’: Ex-Muslim who runs an atheist blog says she ran away from home after her mother forced her to wear the ‘dehumanising’ face covering,” by Stephen Johnson, Daily Mail Australia, February 20, 2018

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Mosqueteering “Misconceptions” in the UK

Theresa May in full blown dhimmi-mode, babbling incoherent nonsense in submission to the killer cult of Islam:

Theresa May Among Thousands Who Visited UK Mosques To Dispel Misconceptions About Islam

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

2017 was a rough year for the United Kingdom, as the country had to endure multiple extremist attacks such as the London Bridge, Westminster, Manchester and Finsbury Park attacks that resulted in many innocent deaths.

Muslims in the country were facing increased persecution and harassment following the attacks, especially by the far-right nationalists. …

So here’s our Prime Minister wearing a symbol of female oppression while reassuring the imams that she’s on their side. Nothing to concern ourselves with here.

Brilliant to see our Prime Minister @theresa_may attend a mosque in Maidenhead (@islamic_trust) for the day facilitated by the @MuslimCouncil h/t @MrSimonDudley. Thank you!    

Over 200 UK mosques open doors for all: UK PM visits masjid, says “Islam preaches peace”

Prime Minister of UK, Ms. Theresa May visited Maidenhead Mosque and told that Islam preaches peace and affection. The UK has people of all religions and races. All of them should build a positive character of British Society.


The good Muslim delusion

Western powers have been trying—and failing—to dictate what Islam should be for centuries. It’s time for them to stop

(The Islamic paradise is just around the corner, infidel. Read it and weep!)

Every Western nation that has opened its borders to mass migrants from 3rd world countries & normalized Islam along the way has been or currently is being rocked to its core with CHAOS, high level CORRUPTION & CRIME. ‘Diversity is our strength’ MY ASS.

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