Ex-Mossad Agent Backs Germany’s AfD

Ex-Mossad Agent Who Helped Capture Eichmann Backs Far-right Germany Party With Nazi Past as ‘Great Hope’

Onetime cabinet minister praises extremist group in video, saying he hopes AfD party’s ideology spreads throughout Europe

This is hysterical slander on steroids from an unhinged Haaretz scribbler. As usual, the leftist journaille from Haaretz doesn’t know left from right. The Nazis were SOCIALISTS,  leftist totalitarians, not conservative “right wingers”. Ignore the false labels and cut to the chase:

Former Mossad agent and cabinet minister Rafi Eitan
Tomer Appelbaum

Former cabinet member and Mossad agent Rafi Eitan has expressed support for the far-right Alternative for Germany party, saying he hopes its ideology expands to the rest of Europe.

Ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Eitan praised the controversial German party (known as AfD) for coming out against anti-Semitism and supporting Jewish life in Germany. In his video message to the party, published on his Facebook page on Saturday, Eitan said: “If you work wisely, powerfully and, most importantly, realistically confronting a situation and deciding to act according to given circumstances, I’m sure that instead of an alternative to Germany, you’ll become an alternative to Europe.”

Eitan’s Facebook page contained a German translation of some of his words. Among these he says that “the Muslim world and its culture are very different from those of the West. Anywhere there are Muslims today, in any European country, one can expect violence and terror because of these differences.”

Rafi Eitan voices support for AfD

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Geller: Meanwhile, Western Feminists Impose ‘World Hijab Day’

Geller: Iran Arrests 29 Women for Appearing in Public Without a Hijab While Western Feminists Impose World Hijab Day

The Daily Mail reported Thursday that “Tehran police have arrested 29 women for appearing in public without a headscarf as protests against the dress code in force since the Islamic revolution of 1979 intensify,” citing Iranian police.

“Those arrested were accused of public order offences and referred to the state prosecutor’s office, Iranian nnews [sic] agencies reported without elaborating,” the report noted.

Thursday was also “World Hijab Day,” which its organizers say is designed to “fight discrimination against Muslim women through awareness and education. It is a day on which women of diverse backgrounds and persuasions are encouraged to wear the Islamic head veil in solidarity with Muslim women.”

In other news:

The UK’s anti-terrorism watchdog wants to see the term “Islamist terrorism” stamped out, saying it is “fundamentally wrong” to associate religion with terrorism. Max Hill QC wants the term “Daesh-inspired terrorism” used instead. … Hill, the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, said that the word ‘terrorism’ should not be attached “to any of the world religions.”

This is not just complicity & stupidity. This is high treason in the guise of brazen ignorance.

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Indigenous funding: so little to show for $33bn

In 2015-16, $33.4 billion of our taxes went on indigenous matters. This was $44,886 for every indigenous Australian.

Dtarneen Onus-Williams addresses the crowd at Parliament House in Melbourneduring an Invasion Day rally.
Dtarneen Onus-Williams addresses the crowd at Parliament House in Melbourneduring an Invasion Day rally.

In the photo, the young woman wears a black T-shirt that says “Destroy white supremacy”. Her head is bowed, and with a half-smile she gazes reverently down at a cardboard box in her hands. The box has no lid and is tipped towards the camera. Inside, a large doughnut, iced in the colours of the indigenous flag.

This picture is on the WAR Facebook page. WAR stands for Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, “a collective of young Aboriginal people committed to the cause of decolonisation and the philosophy of Aboriginal nationalism — resistance and revival”.

After hours of research on the topic, it is impossible to say what would occur during an Australian decolonisation event. Nevertheless, should a sudden, mass eviction of anyone non-indigenous occur, it will be unlikely that sugar doughnuts would be available. Perhaps this is why the photo has been posted, as a hint to WAR’s 22,000 followers: victory is nigh, eat these now while you still can.

WAR came to our attention because of the group’s association with “invasion day” rally organiser Dtarneen Onus-Williams, she of the “F..k Australia, hope it burns to the ground” vibe.

After her original comments, and while the storm raged, Onus-Williams doubled down. The comments were “a metaphor, not actually a statement to be taken literally”, however, “I just want everything, all the governments, to fall apart because our people are dying and nobody cares and the whole system needs to change. The leaders of this country continue to ignore and oppress us. I am sick of our people getting locked up and dying in custody, of our young people suiciding.”

WAR chimed in on Facebook: “In response to the attacks on WAR members and the call to burn Australia to the ground at the Naarm Abolish Australia Day Rally, we would like to issue the following statement:

“F..k Australia.

“F..k your land theft, your child stealing and your state sanctioned murders.

“F..k your governments, your military and your police.

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Australian Nurses and Midwives to Undergo White Privilege Brainwashing


No field of endeavor is left unmolested by moonbattery — not even nursing and midwifery. From Australia:

Peak nursing and midwifery governing bodies will adopt existing international codes to guide ethical behaviour and decision making in March this year, including guidelines for car for minority groups.

A section of the new code describes how nurses and midwives should “de-colonise” care practices for patients of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.

“Cultural safety represents a key philosophical shift from providing care regardless of difference, to care that takes account of peoples’ unique needs,” the code which comes into effect on 1 March 2018 reads.

Physical safety is part of the racist old world that saw patients as individuals. That world must be destroyed. In utopia, we will have cultural safety instead.

“It requires nurses and midwives to undertake an ongoing process of self-reflection and cultural self-awareness, and an acknowledgement of how a nurse’s/midwife’s personal culture impacts on care.”

In other words, at the expense of focusing on the technical aspects of their trade, nurses and midwives are to have their noses rubbed in their supposed “white privilege.”

In relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, cultural safety provides a de-colonising model of practice based on dialogue, communication, power sharing and negotiation, and the acknowledgment of white privilege.

Maybe instead of providing Aborigines with advanced medical care, nurses should wave bones over them and pronounce them cured. That way they can die of their ailments in a condition of cultural safety, as if wicked white people had never come along to spoil everything with their colonizing ways.

The new code of conduct will be adopted by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, Australian College of Midwives (ACM), Australian College of Nursing and Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation.

Robert Conquest’s second rule of politics comes to mind once again. Any organization that is not explicitly right-wing, eventually becomes left-wing, even if it should have nothing whatsoever to do with politics.

Tommy Robinson Tracks Down Muslim Who Threatened to Kill His Family After Police Fail to Act

Rebel Media correspondent and former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson was forced to take his family’s defence into his own hands this week following a litany of threats against his children, wife, and mother.

Robinson, 35, was subjected to streams of abuse, harassment, and violent threats after a court was reportedly misled into believing he exchanged direct Twitter messages with Finsbury Park mosque terrorist Darren Osborne. Britain’s media then spread the fake news story with no regard for Robinson or his family’s safety.

Following multiple threats in messages and in video, Robinson reported the matters to the police, who insisted they had officers working on the case. But the Rebel Media correspondent soon found out that Britain’s police were scarcely interested in the matter.

Having witnessed Muslim YouTuber Ali Dawah allegedly attempt to share his address with the public, Robinson took the matter into his own hands, as he describes in the video above.

“I look in and find things out about [the man who threatened my family]… he goes to the mosque every single day, Mitcham mosque. I then pay a reward and I find out where he lives and his real name, all of which I give to the police…”

Upon finding the man sending him threats before morning prayers in London, Robinson confronts him in the street in extraordinary scenes and realises he is mentally ill.

When asked why he was sending the threats, the young Muslim man replied that he was being “brainwashed” by YouTuber Ali Dawah — the same man allegedly attempting to share Robinson’s home address, which Robinson says he has got wrong twice now, endangering innocent families.

Finally, before the end of the video, the threat-maker tells Robinson: “Why does [sic] people show hatred in you [sic]? Because first I didn’t know you, that’s why I was doing it. When I knew you [sic], you’re a good person, you’re not a bad person”.

Ali Dawah has since taken to YouTube to accuse Robinson of poor conduct for confronting the young man, stating that he himself was trying to talk him down from making violent threats, citing a tweet he copied the Metropolitan Police into as proof that he was not attempting to radicalise anyone.

Dawah maintains that despite telling Robinson that he knew where he lived, he never intended to visit him or release his full address.

Watch the full video above.