Facebook blocks Pamela Geller (again) for reporting accurately on Islamic anti-Semitism in Germany

Facebook Blocks Pamela Geller (Again!) for Sharing AP Report on Muslim Anti-Semitism in Germany

If Congress is looking for a pattern of bias against conservatives, they don’t have far to look.

Pamela Geller posted an accurate news story, accompanied by a genuine photo of two niqab-wearing Muslimas carrying a sign saying “God Bless Hitler” — a vivid, and sickening, illustration of Islamic antisemitism. For doing this, she has been blocked from posting at Facebook yet again, in what is just the latest indication of the social media giant’s determination to silence all voices that dissent from its hard-Left agenda.

Mark Zuckerberg recently claimed, risibly, that Facebook’s censors had no political bias. He actually had the audacity to say this in a Congressional hearing. No one asked him why Facebook’s Vice President Joel Kaplan traveled to Pakistan in July 2017 to assure the Pakistani government that it would remove “anti-Islam” material. That endeavor had already started before Kaplan’s trip. In mid-February 2017, traffic to Jihad Watch from Facebook dropped suddenly by 90% and has never recovered. And there are so many other sites that have experienced a similar dropoff.

This was no accident. It has happened to counter-jihad sites and others that oppose the hard-Left agenda across the board. Either Zuckerberg perjured himself, or has no control over his company.

If Facebook is not broken up by anti-trust initiatives or stopped in some other way, the First Amendment freedom of speech will soon be a completely dead letter.

“Facebook Blocks Pamela Geller (Again!) for Reporting on Muslim Anti-Semitism in Germany,” by Allum Bokhari, Breitbart, April 27, 2018:

Days after Facebook, along with Google and Twitter, refused to attend a congressional hearing on social media censorship, the social network banned the account of author and free speech activist Pamela Geller for 30 days after she posted an article about Muslim anti-Semitism in Germany.

In other news:

Judge Says Conservative Student Groups Can Sue UC Berkeley over Speech Restrictions

“Human Rights Nothing But Mumbo Jumbo”

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei Urges Muslims to Stand Up Against ‘U.S. Bullying’

Iran’s Khamenei Urges Muslims to Stand Up Against ‘U.S. Bullying’
  • “For us the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is nothing but a collection of mumbo-jumbo by disciples of Satan”. — ‘Ali Khamene’i, Iran’s current Supreme Leader.
  • The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) itself has become a prime motivator and enforcer of the rejection of human rights.
  •  Anything that falls within Islamic shari’a law is a human right; anything that does not fall within shari’a is not a human right.–Continue Reading Article


A study conducted by the German Federal Police (BKA) on migrant crime has found that African asylum seekers are far more prone to criminality than their Middle Eastern counterparts.

Hugh Fitzgerald: In Germany Now, Wearing the Kippah Can Be Dangerous

Jews in Germany now are so worried about assaults by Muslims that some — many — of them are afraid to wear their kippahs in public. It has come to this.

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Syria Bombs Refugee Camp for 220th Time…
Saudis Ban Drug Peddlers and Pregnant Women from Haj…
Islam Party in Belgium: Gender Segregation ‘Protects’ Women…

“Single young men are more prone to committing crimes. It’s the same everywhere…”

First, the good news:

Norwegian ruling party aims to ban ‘annoying’ Islamic call to prayer

Cultural censorship

The covering up of a marble statue of a muscular, half-naked Greek warrior for a conference on Islam in Italy has drawn accusations of overly-zealous cultural censorship.

The statue of the ancient Greek general was covered up during an Islamic conference in Italy's Liguria region
The statue of the ancient Greek general was covered up during an Islamic conference in Italy’s Liguria region
Integration Chief: ‘Refugees’ Cheating Denmark Dry…

Inger Støjberg has lashed out against what she claimed to be widespread cheating among migrants and refugees, which is aimed at securing various benefits and often goes unpunished.

German Police Study Finds Africans Most Criminally Prone Asylum Seekers

A study conducted by the German Federal Police (BKA) on migrant crime has found that African asylum seekers are far more prone to criminality than their Middle Eastern counterparts.

The study shows that migrants from countries which are far less likely to receive a positive asylum claim are also far more likely to engage in crime while in the country, Stuttgarter Zeitung reports.

“Single young men are more prone to committing crimes. It’s the same everywhere,  Police union head Rainer Wendt said.
France Discovers Hundreds of Muslims Sent Money to ISIS…Migrants

Financing the jihad with infidel taxpayer money:

Paris prosecutor François Molins stated that they have confirmed 416 donors who participate in the financing of ISIS gangs. Hundreds more are in Turkey and Lebanon.

Muslims Bring Sex Attacks to Spain’s Tourist Spots…

Spain’s increasing migrant sex attacks rock the nation:

There are so many cases of immigrant violence in these regions which go almost completely unnoticed – understandably so, as tourism is one of Spain’s biggest industries.

Importing a massive amount of mostly young, male immigrants into Europe, disrupting the population gender-balance of the host countries, is a recipe for certain disaster.

Germany, Sweden, France and the UK have already found out. Spain’s problems are just beginning.

Mahmoud rubs it

Shams Mahmoud, who is of no fixed address but is originally from Afghanistan, was sentenced on Monday, April 23 to three years and ten months after pleading guilty to attempted rape and two sexual assaults in the town.

Detective Constable Matthew Sharp said: “The offender in this case demonstrated no humanity to the three victims.”

“Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and those with him are forceful against the disbelievers, merciful among themselves.” (48:29)

Juncker: Europe has a “clear need” for mass migration from Africa

UN: Islamic State ‘Partnering With Extremists Devout Muslims in Africa to Push Millions More Migrants to Europe’

Europeby VIRGINIA HALE26 Apr 2018

The director of the UN World Food Programme has warned that jihadists leaving Syria are working with Islamists in Africa to push a massive new migration wave towards Europe.

David Beasley urged leaders in Europe to “wake up” to the fact that Islamic State fighters forced out of the Middle East are now in sub-Saharan Africa and plotting with local militants from radical Islamic groups to exploit food shortages and create further instability in the region.

“What we are picking up is that they are partnering with the extremist groups like Boko Haram and al-Qaida to divvy up territory and resources and to continue to infiltrate and destabilise in the hope of creating migration into Europe where they can infiltrate and cause chaos,” he told The Guardian.


“My comment to the Europeans is that if you think you had a problem resulting from a nation of 20 million people like Syria because of destabilisation and conflict resulting in migration, wait until the greater Sahel region of 500 million people is further destabilised.”

Continue reading Juncker: Europe has a “clear need” for mass migration from Africa

Rotherham Child Rape Scandal: 100 Investigations into Police, ‘Potential Misconduct’

But don’t worry, the most important thing is taken care of:

Rotherham Police Increase Patrols To Protect Muslims From ‘Islamophobia’

Almost 100 police officers under investigation for “potential misconduct” in Rotherham. Why is this taking so long? Senior officers should have been sacked immediately; only when police are accountable to the public, will they truly be held to account.

UK: Muslim rape gang repeatedly raped and exploited 13- and 14-year-old girls

Why does this keep happening?

One survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK said that her rapists would quote Quran to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam.

More on that below the fold.

by LIAM DEACON, 26 Apr 2018545

The number of investigations into the police response to allegations of child abuse and Muslim grooming gangs in Rotherham has increased to nearly 100, the police watchdog has revealed.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) said they had identified “potential misconduct”, and at the beginning of April, they were overseeing 98 investigations into the response of South Yorkshire Police, compared with 62 at the same point last year.

In a statement released Wednesday, they add that 33 current and former police officers were still under investigation, with a further 45 completed inquiries.

Among the investigations is one into former South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright for allegedly committing perjury when giving evidence to the home affairs select committee in 2014.

The police have been accused, in a government report, of ignoring sex abuse claims because of political correctness and fear of accusation of racism, as well as allegedly blaming some child victims.


Hussein Obama Takes His Act to Africa

No longer in a position to inflict heavy damage on the USA, Hussein Obama has taken his community organizing act to Africa:

More than 200 emerging African leaders are set to be mentored by former United States of America President Hussein Obama. …

According to a statement released by The Obama Foundation, the ‘Obama Foundation Leaders: Africa’ project will help “develop the next generation of leaders” in Africa.

The program will provide African rabble-rousers with “the skills they need to create change,” according to the statement.

The Moonbat Messiah is too late. Change already hit the Dark Continent. The former Breadbasket of Africa Rhodesia has been reduced to the starving socialist basket case Zimbabwe, and Obama’s brand of politics has put South Africa into a death spiral.

True story:

Women in Sweden are NOT allowed to carry pepper-spray in case they cause harm to their rapists. (Fact not fiction)

Think before you talk:

“By criticizing Islam, what you’re really saying is that you want all Muslims dead.” “Well, If you weren’t an imbecile, I’d ask: what do you think Islam is “really saying” by telling Muslims to “Kill the infidels wherever you find them”?

Give generously:

A Turkish-German charity will organize a campaign next week to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis of Rohingya Muslims fleeing violence in Myanmar, the group said on Friday.

Comedy Central Attacks Paul Joseph Watson, Gets Schooled

Left-wing “comedy” is created with a simple formula. Create a strawman by moronically mischaracterizing the position of countermoonbats, then crap in your hand and throw it at the strawman. For example, Comedy Central has launched an attack on Paul Joseph Watson after obtusely refusing to grasp what he means by countermoonbattery being the new punk rock. Here he explains it again, so clearly that even Comedy Central moonbats will have a hard time not understanding: (Moonbattery)

Believe the EUSSR Ministry of Truth, or else:

EU Commission proposes new measures to tackle fake news and disinformation posing ‘serious’ security threat online.

Australians, Turks commemorate Anzac ancestors

Australians, Turks commemorate Anzac ancestors

Participants at memorial service for those fallen at Gallipoli express deep respect for Turkish soldiers, people

Turks and Australians in Melbourne gathered to remember the fallen Anzac troops of the Gallipoli campaign of 1915 at a memorial service on Sunday.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott:  “There is a deep respect for Turkish soldiers and Turkish people. And there is a deep respect for Australians and New Zealanders in Turkey.”

Lets call it what it is: bullshit. Cringeworthy bullshit.

Teenagers with Armenian Flag Shot at on Anniversary of Armenian Genocide

Armenian flags (Harout Arabian / Flickr / CC)by ADELLE NAZARIAN

Two Armenian-American teenagers were allegedly shot at on Tuesday evening — the 103-year anniversary of the Armenian genocide — while driving on the 14 Freeway in Santa Clarita in what the driver claims was a hate crime.

Harry Nalbandyan, 19, said he and his 17-year-old sister Christina were on their way home from their uncle’s birthday party around 11:30 p.m. when the driver of a silver Honda CRV came up behind their car, flashed its headlights, rolled down his window and started shooting at them.

According to the local CBS affiliate in Los Angeles, their truck was hit at least eight times by 45-caliber rounds that were lodged in the car’s seat and head rest.

Worse than the Nazis…?

Oppose Islamisation, oppose the white genocide project, oppose the NWO and they’ll destroy you.

Small Town Mayor Forced to Quit for Following Kassam, Steyn, Wilders on Social Media


The mayor of a small British town quit his post for “personal reasons”, reportedly after a single complaint was made about his social media activity, including expressing concern about mass migration, and being subscribed to right-wing personalities on Facebook.

Councillor Peter Lucey stood down from his post as Mayor of Wokingham and resigned from the Conservative Party Wednesday after a fellow Councillor from the left-wing Labour Party wrote a letter of complaint about the Mayor’s online activity, reportsthe Wokingham Paper.

According to the report, the Mayor had expressed concern about mass migration and subscribed to right-wing personalities on Facebook, including Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam, Dutch populist Geert Wilders, and New York Times-bestselling Canadian author Mark Steyn, which the Wokingham Paper described as being “controversial” and holding “anti-Islamic views”.

The report also made specific mention of Kassam’s newly released book on mid-20th century conservative political giant Enoch Powell, Enoch Was Right: ‘Rivers of Blood’ 50 Years On in the context of Lucey’s resignation.

It is claimed in addition to the personalities followed by Lucey, he also followed the now largely dormant street-marching group the English Defence League, and think-tank the Gatestone Institute. Continue reading Worse than the Nazis…?

Mustards are the real victims of the Toronto vehicle jihad

Toronto attack: rightwingers point to Islamist terror before police cite motive

Jason Wilson/  Thu 26 Apr 2018/ The Guardian (of course!)

“Whenever we have an incident like this, the cottage industry of Islam haters try to pin it on Islam and Muslims,” he said. “Their goal is to demonize Islam and marginalize Muslims, and they’ll seize on anything.”

A woman pays her respects at a makeshift memorial following the Toronto attack.

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Trump messing with the mad mullahs of Iran

Donald Trump: Iran Not Messing with Me like It Did Barack Obama

Trump: Iran Not Messing with Me like It Did Obama

Rouhani to Trump: ‘You Are a Businessman’ and Know Nothing About Politics

Rouhani to Trump: ‘You Are a Businessman’ and Know Nothing About Politics

Yes, Trump is a businessman,  he means business. Trump is getting things done. Something the mad mullahs of Iran cannot be accused of.

Iran’s top dog Khamenei: “All Muslim nations should stand united against America and other enemies”

Islamic entities keep telling us this is a religious war. Policy analysts in Washington keep telling us it isn’t. Who is right? The evidence of the last seventeen years ought to establish that well enough for any neutral observer, but if you know someone who is still on the fence, preorder a copy of The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS for them here. The record of the last fourteen centuries speaks for itself, and clearly, but this record is almost completely unknown in the U.S. today.

“Iran’s Khamenei urges Muslim nations to unite against U.S.: state TV,” Reuters, April 26, 2018:

ANKARA (Reuters) – …”The Iranian nation has successfully resisted bullying attempts by America and other arrogant powers and we will continue to resist… All Muslim nations should stand united against America and other enemies,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said.

Iran’s top authority criticized Trump for saying on Tuesday some countries in the Middle East “wouldn’t last a week” without U.S. protection.

“Such remarks are humiliation for Muslims … Unfortunately there is war in our region between Muslim countries. The backward governments of some Muslim countries are fighting with other countries,” Khamenei said….

Pro-Refugee Moonbat Raped by Mohammedan Savages

The journaille from the fake news media calls them “refugees”. No Moslem is a refugee. All Moslems are soldiers of allah.

Swedish woman who accompanied two Afghans to prove that xenophobes are wrong, is raped and abused

A middle-aged Swedish woman was raped and abused by two Afghan asylum seekers in their asylum accommodation, Fria Tider reports. The woman, who was a member of a Facebook group against migrant deportations, tried to prove that xenophobes are wrong about the fact that Afghans are dangerous.


One of the suspects

It would be nice to think that Elin Krantz’s horrific death was not for nothing; that at least people learned from it. But a Swedish woman who was recently raped by refugees sure didn’t: Continue reading Pro-Refugee Moonbat Raped by Mohammedan Savages

Europe’s political leaders have fundamentally changed their societies without the permission of the people

Douglas Murray: Orban was right, not Merkel – He fulfilled the will of his people

The author of The Strange Death of Europe, Douglas Murray, spoke about the European elites and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro.

He stressed that political leaders have fundamentally changed their societies without the permission of the people, or even against their will.

“Many are criticising Viktor Orban. But the question is very simple: who was right in 2015? Orban or Merkel? The latter was punished by her voters and now AfD is Germany’s biggest opposition party,” he said.

According to the British author, it shows the incredibly arrogance of European elites that politicians and pundits are criticising Viktor Orban, while he only fulfilled the will of his people.

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Hungarian PM happy with Soros’s Open Society Foundations leaving the country
Somali migrant tries to set Swiss church on fire and causes at least 16,000 euros in damages

Snake Soup With Prime Number Noodles

Posted on April 25, 2018 by Baron Bodissey

The following op-ed by Zsolt Bayer discusses the aftermath of the recent general election in Hungary, in which disappointed and angry Progressives have taken to the streets to bring down the “regime” of the victorious prime minister, Viktor Orbán.

Continue reading Europe’s political leaders have fundamentally changed their societies without the permission of the people