German Court Cracks Down Hard On Dissenters

‘Refugees’ in Germany Demand Everything, Contribute ‘Nothing’

When you import large numbers of unassimilable savages you end up with multitudes of problems….

Resistance will be crushed:

German woman receives large fine for criticising refugees on Facebook

A German cleaning lady received a fine of 1,650 euros for criticising refugees and the country’s asylum policy, news outlet Wochenblick reports.

The woman commit her ‘Orwellian thought crime’ on Facebook, as she said this about refugees:

“Sh*t on the state, steal from people, rape, swirling the eggs, demand money from us and sue the state. That’s what they can. They’re more valuable than gold, our super-skilled people.”

The cleaning lady’s plea for help to the German judiciary was not heard. On the contrary, the district court of Dachau fined the cleaning woman because of “sedition” (§ 130 StGB).

She was given a 1,650 euro fine, as the court’s opinion was that her comment against (Mohammedan) refugees “scared people”.

‘National Disgrace’ – UK Home Office Rejects Syrian Christians, Refugee Intake 100 Percent Muslim

‘National Disgrace’: UK Rejects Christians, Refugee Intake 100% Muslim

Underage Migrants Pimped, Raped by Smugglers for Passage Across Italian Border


Looks like the ‘authorities’ are still pretending to do something about a problem, that has long gone out of control….

Italy’s Salvini Wants More Babies, Fewer Migrants: ‘A Country Which Does Not Create Children is Destined to Die’

Salvini Calls for More Babies, Fewer Migrants…

…‘A Country Which Does Not Create Children Destined to Die’

Pope Admits Illegal Migration Linked to Organ Trafficking, Prostitution, Begging Rackets…

Hungary’s Orban: If I Governed Like Merkel, I’d Be Kicked Out of Office
9 Times Globalists Claimed Mass Immigration Necessary to Increase GDP

How our governments lied: Mohammedan Migrants are NOT good for the economy

Egypt Sentences 75 to Death, Including Muslim Brotherhood Leaders

Egypt Sentences 75 to Death, Including Muslim Brotherhood Leaders

But first they must get the blessing of the mufti….

Israel Intercepts Far-Left Flotilla Attempting to Breach Blockade of Hamas-Controlled Gaza

Israel Intercepts Far-Left Flotilla Attempting to Breach Blockade of Hamas-Controlled Gaza

The Freedom organizers said that the ship was “hijacked by Israeli forces” and added that it contained 13,000 euros worth of medical supplies bound for the Gaza Strip on board.

However, according to another report by Iran’s Press TV UK, there wasn’t much aid on board to begin with.

Putin: Christianity Foundation of Russian Nationhood and Cultural Identity

More from the Religion of Peace:

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Illegal Migrant Sea Crossings to Europe in 2018 Break 55,000

Boatloads of Illegal Migrants African Savages Storm Spanish Tourist Beaches and Scatter


>Pressure on Spain’s maritime border is increasing, with videos showing boatloads of illegal migrants crashing into busy tourist beaches circulating online as the country overtakes Italy and Greece as the EU’s major weak point.Footage shared by Diario de Cádiz on Twitter shows an entire boatload of migrants landing in the middle of the packed tourist beach of Zahora on Saturday, July 28th, and disgorging onto the sand, before scattering into the interior unregistered and unvetted.Where are the babies & the women?

Migrant sea crossings to Europe in 2018 have broken 55,000, with Spain outstripping Italy and Greece as the number one point of arrival for the first time following the installation of a Socialist government in Madrid.

Numbers overall are down from 2017, 2016, and 2015, when German chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door invitation to ‘refugees’ from Syria saw hordes of illegal migrants from a host of different countries surge across Europe’s poorly guarded maritime and internal borders.

The measures which have been deployed to bring the external border under control — namely deals with the Islamist government in Turkey and Libya’s precariously positioned authorities to stop more boats from departing — do not offer long-term solutions to the migrant crisis, with the EU’s security depending largely upon the goodwill of erratic and unstable third countries. Continue reading Illegal Migrant Sea Crossings to Europe in 2018 Break 55,000

Lauren Southern: Islam Is Winning Because The West Has Lost Its Identity

The tipping point for Islamic domination is not 50%. It takes no more than 16% of Mohammedans to bring a nation to its knees. It also won’t take two generations before Swedes become a minority in their own country. That will happen within one decade.

Thought for the Day: Lauren Southern on our governments’ betrayal


Last Friday, July 20 at the speaking event in Melbourne’s north, Lauren Southern responded to a question on why our governments are giving foreign aid to countries when farmers can’t afford fuel to transport hay, with words to the following effect:

“There has been a great betrayal of our people by our governments, due the bizarre belief that it is more moral to help someone outside our own community than inside it.”

This is a succinct articulation of the importance of in-group preference; the idea that we are naturally drawn to those with whom we share close familial ties, and naturally favour them over people who are more distant.  A nation based on common ancestry is essentially a very large extended family, and it is natural for us to preference the needs of those with whom we share a common ancestry.  Ultimately in-group preference is how a group survives and maintains its ethnic and cultural identity.  Without it, we would dissipate away into nothing.

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Valley of the Islamic Dolls: The Weird World of Adnan Oktar (Video)

The Erdogan regime just cracked down on this bizarro cult leader and arrested him along with his top lieutenants, on charges of  forming a criminal gang, fraud and sexual abuses.

Adnan Oktar is the most notorious cult leader in Turkey. In addition to introducing the world to his bizarre take on Islamic religion, the Muslim creationist credits himself with introducing his followers to feminism.

Oktar refers to his cadre of devoted women as “kittens.” At his behest, the “kittens” shirk hijabs and traditional dress. Instead, they wear designer outfits, apply heavy makeup, and undergo plastic surgery. They also happen to be wealthy socialites.

Together, Oktar and his followers are ushering in what they call the new face of modern Islam. Oktar and his kittens even have their own television network to broadcast their views, which include discrediting evolution.

Broadly spends three strange days with the cult leader and his “kittens” to see what life in Oktar’s cult is really like for women.

Turkish televangelist Adnan Oktar

Ambassador of Islamic Creationism

The incarceration of televangelist Adnan Oktar has made headlines in Turkey. Since the early 1980s, Oktar, a controversial figure in his native Turkey, has been spreading his views of Islam, a brand of Islamic Creationism. He has promoted his theories by distributing thousands of copies of his book “The Atlas of Creation” and, until recently, on his own television channel. Hakim Khatib takes a closer look at an outlandish character who has been described as the “most notorious cult leader in Turkey”

On 11 July 2018, Turkish police detained the cult leader televangelist Adnan Oktar along with 234 people associated with him over accusations including forming a criminal gang, fraud and sexual abuses.

The Istanbul police raided 120 residences and offices after criminal complaints filed by multiple plaintiffs, whose ages range from 11 to 40 years old.

Turkish televangelist Adnan Oktar has blamed the “British deep state” over his detention in Istanbul along with dozens of his followers.

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Orban, Europe’s Rising Star As Open-Border Backlash Grows

Orban Predicts “Illiberal” EU Christian Democracies As Open-Border Backlash Grows

Zero Hedge

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has called for a united front between Europe’s “Illiberal” right-wing parties, and has predicted that Europe will shift toward a “Christian Democracy,” claiming that the “big goal” of EU leaders is to transform Europe into a “post-Christian era,” reports Reuters.

Unlike liberal democracy, he said, Christian democracy rejects multiculturalism and immigration while being anti-communist and standing for Christian values. –Reuters

There’s a general shift toward the right in the whole of Europe,” Orban said in front of an ethnic Hungarian audience in Baile Tusnad, Romania, on Saturday, referring to various populist movements throughout Europe. “We must focus all our attention on the European elections of 2019. It’s high time the European elections were about one serious common theme, immigration.”

Orban, a member of Hungary’s conservative nationalist and populist Fidesz party, has been a vocal critic of forced multiculturalism throughout Europe, along with perhaps its largest private supporter George Soros.

“Their big goal to transform Europe, to ship it into a post-Christian era, and into an era when nations disappear – this process could be undermined in the European elections. And it is our elementary interest to stop this transformation,” Orban said of EU nations which promote and accommodate open-border migration.

Orban also took shots at the Western political “elite,” accusing them of failing to protect European nations unchecked migration primarily from North African countries.

The Hungarian premier renewed his attack on the European Commission after similar remarks in a radio interview on Friday, where he dismissed the bloc’s executive as a lame duck. He said the commission’s concerns about Hungary’s migration and non-government organization policies will soon cease to be relevant as its mandate expires. –Bloomberg

We are facing a big moment: we are saying goodbye not simply to liberal democracy … but to the 1968 elite,” said Orban, referring to an international wave of leftist, liberal protests which ended the ruling conservative order in several European countries. Continue reading Orban, Europe’s Rising Star As Open-Border Backlash Grows

Muslims and Their Islamophile Allies Spin Toronto Terror Attack by Faisal Hussain


So the ‘authorities’ tell us Feisal was a mental patient. He wasn’t. He was a jihadist:

Feisal was a trained assassin. He’d traveled to Pakistan & Afghanistan.

Degenerates rule:

How would you expect the Mayor of Toronto to react to a lethal Islamic terror attack carried out with a weapon that was acquired illegally if not by calling for more gun control? In the wake of the Toronto attack by ISIS “soldier” Faisal Hussain, John Tory stays true to progressive form:

Tory made an impassioned statement to his City Council on Monday following the deadly shooting in a popular Toronto neighborhood the night before.

CANADA, Toronto: Mayor John Tory calls for disarming law-abiding citizens because a Mohammedan assassin shot a bunch of people with an illegally acquired gun.

“I have said for some time that this city has a gun problem and that guns are far [too] readily available for far too many people,” Tory said.

Evidently, even Canada is too respectful of the fundamental right of self-defense.

Our progressive rulers import Muslims. The Muslims kill innocent people. The progressives exploit the carnage as a pretext to infringe on our fundamental liberties. Then they import more Muslims. Round and round it goes until either we get angry enough to do something about it or there are no more of us left.

Yelps Tory,

“Why does anyone in this city need to have a gun at all?”

The Hill piece goes on to mention at the very end,

The Sunday incident follows another tragedy in Toronto in April, when a driver of a van plowed onto a sidewalk, killing 10 people and injuring 14.

Does that answer your question, Tory? Maniacs will murder people regardless. Law-abiding citizens require guns to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, a professional Islamic activist named Mohammed Hashim helps the media spin the murder of 10-year-old Julianna Kozis and 18-year-old Reese Fallon and the wounding of 13 others so that insanity is blamed instead of Islam and the Hussain family is seen as the victims. These days you need Dramamine to read the news.

Paul Joseph Watson sums up the story:

Bannon Sets Up For EU Showdown With George Soros

This is important. If you read nothing else today, read this.

Steve Bannon plans to lead a populist revolt throughout Europe which, if successful, will crush George Soros and his network of open-border NGO’s to smithereens, according to the Daily Beast.

And just how does the former White House chief strategist and Goldman Sachs alum plan to do this?

Bannon will set up a Brussels-based non-profit NGO called “The Movement” which will go head to head with Soros – with the goal of uniting like-minded European parties and various conservative think tanks along with other support structures.

The non-profit will be a central source of polling, advice on messaging, data targeting, and think-tank research for a ragtag band of right-wingers who are surging all over Europe, in many cases without professional political structures or significant budgets.

Bannon’s ambition is for his organization ultimately to rival the impact of Soros’s Open Society, which has given away $32 billion to largely liberal causes since it was established in 1984.

Zero Hedge

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More “migrants” means more Islamic terror

Germany: Islamic State Supporting Migrant on Trial for Alleged Bomb Plot

The trial of a 20-year-old Syrian asylum seeker, accused of plotting to detonate explosives in a crowd in Germany, started at a court in Hamburg this week.

Half of terror plots in Germany were planned by asylum seekers and refugees. 

That doesn’t make the resident Mohammedans less dangerous. It just proves that more Mohammedans means more Islamic terror.

A ‘Duty to Hate Britain’

Rejecting the Freedom Sack is “Racist” in Denmark

If its racist to object to someone wearing a cloth across their face, then its racist to object to an open or concealed carry. In fact, carrying a gun is more tightly a part of American culture than is wearing a face cloth in islamic culture. So how can one be racist and the other not?

Of course the answer is neither is. A culture has a right to set standards for itself in law. If Saudi Arabia can mandate a face cloth, then we can mandate not having one. Especially when the islamic culture insists on moving here and not the other way around. (Vlad Tepes)

We’ve heard these lies before:

Please don’t let his name be a Muslim-sounding one
Faisal Hussain was a very well trained shooter. He was a soldier of allah & a member of ISIL.

In the Danforth shooting, it has been clearly stated the shooter had a lengthy history of mental illness. But will this stop the haters from hating?

No. It will not stop the Mohammedans from hating us. And the lies of the lame stream media & their Mohammedan agitprops will not pull the Islamic wool over our eyes & ears.

‘Allah ou Akbar’ Graffiti Found in French Church Partially Set On Fire
It is this church where Joan of Arc is honored every year with a religious concert.

‘Allah ou Akbar’ Graffiti Found in French Church Partially Set On Fire

Its either arson or the wrecking ball. Other than that, they turn them into mosques.

Pope Francis Praises Theological Conference for Focus on ‘Ecology,’ ‘Immigration’

Pope Francis Praises Theological Conference for Focus on ‘Ecology,’ ‘Immigration’

Always the lunatic. Always the same NWO BS.

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Europe turning into EUrabia fast….

The Spanish coast guard says that it is overwhelmed, and can’t cope with the huge influx of migrants crossing the Mediterranean. Its vessels had to rescue more than 600 migrants in just one morning.

WTF does Spain have border guards when they are not allowed to use their weapons against the invading African savages?

In other migration news, Hungary has just imposed a tax on NGOs that advocate for mass migration. Meanwhile, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has drastically reduced the benefits paid to asylum seekers, and plans to use the savings to pay police who work overtime shifts.

Jews have fled France, Christians will be next:

‘Christianophobia Observatory, a Paris-based Roman Catholic non-profit org. that tracks attacks against Christians, reported 128 incidents of church vandalism or other anti-Christian attacks in France during first 5 months of 2018’

French Judge: Jew Killer Needs ‘Protection’ From Jewish Hostility

Italy Slashes Asylum Seeker Benefit Payments

Italy Slashes Asylum Seeker Benefit Payments…

There shouldn’t be any at all. None of them qualifies as an asylum seeker.

Papal Adviser Slams Proposed Italian Crucifix Law

These clowns may just as well put themselves out of business…

Turkey Hits Back at Trump over U.S. Pastor Captive

“Noone dictates Turkey. We will never tolerate threats from anybody. Rule of law is for everyone; no exception.”

By “law” he means sharia law, of course….

 Al-Qaeda Group Funded by Obama Admin Supported Bin Laden, Hamas, Afghan Terrorists
CNN continues to push for censorship of others…

‘s definition of is speech they hate.

Catholic Church: The “loudest opponent” of Italy’s “anti-migrant” policy

Catholic Mag. Compares Italy’s PM to Satan over Migrant Policy…

The Washington Post suggests that the “loudest opponent of Italy’s new anti-migrant policy” is the Catholic Church, with some leaders going so far as to say that those who oppose open borders “cannot call themselves Christian.” In this case, the WaPo is right despite what its intention might be. The Catholic Church has become an unprecedented and powerful advertising tool for the globalist and Islamization agenda.

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The “Global Compact for Immigration” is the Death of Australia as We Know it

The Turncoat gov’t is complicit in concocting  the UN “Global Compact For Migration”

Rowan Dean:

The news that, behind our backs,the team that signed us up to the greatest betrayal of this nation by its own government since federation –the Paris Agreement on climate change– has been secretly co-authoring a “compact” that will rob Australia of its sovereignty and border security is beyond belief. Yet that is what has been happening: the Global Compact for Immigration is officially in the works. It will hand ultimate control of our borders to UN mandarins.

Tellingly, the US and Hungary (whose leaders have closely copied Tony Abbott’s border policies) refuse to sign.

This Global Compact on Migration issue won’t go away.

Let’s explore where this has come from. Who is responsible?

Has the Government been found out?

We’ve now got our own Brexit.

Energy policy determined by Paris and now a global compact on migration which the Turnbull Government has co-authored.

See more

This is exactly the reason why Turncoat knifed Abbott.

‘Not in its current form’: Immigration Minister rules out global migration deal… sort of

The Immigration Minister insists Australia will not sign a global migration deal… in its current form.

The government has been involved in authoring the Global Compact for Migration, signed by every UN member state except for the US and Mexico.

The agreement’s final draft, released this month, says countries should agree to “review and revise” laws that sanction irregular entry and allow the use of immigration detention “as a deterrent”.

Agreeing to it could force a revision of the Coalition’s successful border protection laws that have stopped boats arriving on our shores.

Minister Peter Dutton tells Alan Jones, “it’s not going to happen for our country”, but refused to rule out negotiating terms.

Alan: “Are you going to sign a global migration deal?”

Dutton: “We’re not going to sign a deal that sacrifices anything in terms of our border protection policies. We’ve fought hard for them.”

Alan: “Will Australia be signing a global compact on migration?”

Dutton: “Not if it’s not in our national interests.”

Alan: “Well what are we doing negotiating the compact, helping write the bloody thing?”

Dutton: “We’re happy to negotiate in good faith but we’re not going to sign any document that’s not in our national interest and it’s not in our national interest to sign our border protection policy over to the UN.”

Alan: “I come back to the question… there is a global compact on migration. Will you or your government be signing it?”

Dutton: “Not in its current form. We’ve been very clear about that.

“We’re not going to surrender our sovereignty. I’m not going to allow unelected bodies to dictate to us, to the Australian people.”

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