Lithuania: Pope Gets History All Wrong, Demands Baltic Nations Import Islamic Savages


Pope Francis: Virgin Mary Stands by the ‘Deported’

Hmm, he must have a direct line to the virgin Mary. He must be talking to her. Or could it be that he’s hearing voices?

Pope Francis has continued pushing his pro-immigration message in his trip to the Baltic states, urging his hearers to “receive” the stranger even when he threatens our security and well-being.

From the Gates of Vienna:

Estonian Interior Minister Andres Anvelt said that he supports Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the building of a wall to keep migrants out of Europe. The Pope, however, told the Baltic republics that they needed to admit more migrants.

Pope Francis Stresses Anti-Populist Message in Trip to Lithuania

Pope Francis Stresses Anti-Populist Message in Trip to Lithuania

The pope claimed “Lithuania’s greatness comes from its ability to accept and integrate immigrants.”

Throughout its history, “Lithuania was able to shelter, receive and accept peoples of various ethnic groups and religions,” Francis said in his address. “All found a place to live in this land – Lithuanians, Tartars, Poles, Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Armenians, Germans.”

“Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Old Catholics, Muslims, Jews – lived together in peace until the arrival of totalitarian ideologies that, by sowing violence and lack of trust, undermined its ability to accept and harmonize differences,” he said.

Lithuania’s welcoming spirit must spread to the rest of Europe, the pope proposed, which is threatened by a populist spirit that places a premium on national security.

Meanwhile, the Spanish maritime rescue service “rescued” 440 more migrants in the Mediterranean.

In other news, an Italian general said that the problem of African immigration needs to be solved with birth control.

Italian General: No Military Option in Libya, Solve African Mass Migration with Birth Control

Italian General: Solve African Mass Migration with Birth Control

China Investigates Top Uighur for Unspecified ‘Serious Violations’


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4 thoughts on “Lithuania: Pope Gets History All Wrong, Demands Baltic Nations Import Islamic Savages”

  1. The UN project is for a syncretistic religion achieved via a Luciferian unification. The chance for a single pontiff perceived as the Messiah of each participating religion is in this way possible. Because Islam seems very exclusive in its terminology and thecratic expectation… a high degree of appeasement seems inevitable – Alxxh appears anyway the best candidate as the unifying god of the UN.

    Knowing my stock… I do not think the Pope/Vatican has missed the proportion of such epochal shift. Therefore the idea of becoming “also” the Mahdi must have been evaluated and we’ll pondered, if not designed and well promoted. In this way you put an alt to the expanding conservative evangelicals too, who have taken from Islam and the Vatican massive slices of souls.
    Such strategic opeeations of globalistic nature are well known ab ancient – we are not caught by surprise at all. In the prophecies we can see also the vast amount of traitors involved in great apostasy necessary for the Luciferian shift leading to a planetary dictatorship of Plutocratic stock.
    Yes… the Socialist are in a alliance with the most extreme version of financial capitalism and playing with the Devil while they don’t believe he exists.

  2. “….All found a place to live in this land – Lithuanians, Tartars, Poles, Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Armenians, Germans.””

    The Pope should have known that all these different ethnic groups were in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were there solely because of orders from the Supreme Soviet to divide and Russify the native Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians and as fodder for the industries in those countries.
    They’re all sick of being told to accept people that have nothing to do with the societies.

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