Say women have penises, or else…!

Ignore the global jihad. We have real problems:

Angelos Sofocleous, 24, was pushed out of his role with Critique, Durham University’s philosophy journal, after his retweet of an article in The Spectator outraged students on social media, who claimed he was harming the transgendered.
Student Editor Fired for ‘Transphobia’ After ‘Women Don’t Have Penises’ Tweet

Student Editor Fired for ‘Transphobia’ After ‘Women Don’t Have Penises’ Tweet

After being forced to resign as President-elect of @HumanistStudent and fired as Assistant Editor of @DUPS_Critique, I have now been fired as General Editor of @DurhamBubble, simply for believing that ‘women don’t have penises’. Has the world gone mad?

Iran's Revolutionary Guard vows to avenge Ahvaz attack

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard vows to avenge Ahvaz attack


Rudy Giuliani Predicts Overthrow of Iran Regime

A ‘deadly and unforgiving revenge’ for attack that killed 29 people, says Iranian elite force as UAE denies involvement.

Swiss region votes to ban face veil in public places


The Swiss region of St Gallen has voted in favour of a “burqa ban”, prohibiting all face-covering garments in public spaces, a decision that a local Islamic organisation has termed “Islamophobic”.

Austria face veil ban ‘criminalises Muslim women’

That’s a dumb argument. Islam is a criminal cult. It must be stopped.

Denmark  already banned  the burqa in public spaces

Swedish Populists Win So Many Seats They Have Difficulty Filling Them


The populist Sweden Democrats won so many votes in the country’s recent elections that they won more seats in local governments than they had candidates to fill them.

Swiss-Flagged Cargo Ship Attacked by Pirates off Nigeria’s Coast, 12 Crew Kidnapped

Pirates Attack Swiss Cargo Ship Off Nigeria Coast, 12 Crew Kidnapped

Needless to mention that these pirates are Moslem pirates, like back in the days of Thomas Jefferson & the Barbary wars….

UKIP leader Gerard Batten dares to link Muslim rape gangs to Islam

Robert Spencer:

Why is this even remotely controversial? Because the denial and willful ignorance regarding the Muslim rape gangs’ connection to Islam is nigh universal in Britain today. In reality, however, the connection is obvious. One survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK said that her rapists would quote Quran to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam.

The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” (33:59) The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified.

“UKIP leader Gerard Batten links sexual grooming of girls to Islam,” Sky News, September 21, 2018:

UKIP leader Gerard Batten has linked Islam to the “industrialised sexual exploitation” of girls across the country.

“The ideology of the religion does actually traditionally throughout its history make sex slaves legitimate. Their prophet had sex slaves,” he said.

Challenged by Sky News presenter Gillian Joseph, he replied: “It’s in the Hadith and the Koran. It’s a tradition that that’s okay to do that.

“People take their prophet as the model for all time and the perfect human being, so if he did something then it’s okay for other people to do it.

“The problem is with the ideology, not individuals. I have never attacked individuals. I always talk about the ideology, and the ideology is the problem.”

Questioned again by the presenter that he was attacking the entire religion of Islam, he said: “It does allow their followers to take sex slaves who are not of the same religion.

“It is no good telling me and the world it doesn’t happen because everybody knows it does happen.

Mr Batten was asked why he isolated the sexual grooming of victims in areas such as Rotherham in south Yorkshire as a Muslim crime – and did not condemn other sexual crimes such as those committed by members of the Catholic Church.

Mr Batten said: “It is predominantly people who follow that religion who are causing this problem – on a national scale – which is the industrialised sexual exploitation for money and for their own perverted purposes. That happens to be a fact.

“I am happy to condemn paedophilia and child abuse and sexual abuse wherever it occurs – it is reprehensible whoever commits it.”

Asked if he still stood by his opinion that Islam is a “death cult”, he added: “Study its history for the last 1,400 years and take an impartial look at it and you might come to that view as well.”…

SBS Journaille Promotes Shiite Islam Downunder

Shiite muslims, covered in their own blood, carrying swords and knives, marching through the streets of Nabatieh, Lebanon, commemorating the Day of Ashura (November 14, 2013). On Ashura Day, shiite muslims commemorate the death of Husayn Ibn Ali, grandson of the prophet Mohamed.

Shitties down under are using their bloody  Ashura spectacle to talk proselytise to the general public about their faith and dispel any negative misconceptions.

Islam, the most “misunderstood faith” the world has ever known.

One of the Sydney event organisers, Basim Al Ansari, speaks to SBS

“We have an Australian message, social justice, peace,.. and multiculturalism, and tolerance and inclusiveness,” Mr Al Ansari said.

  • Translation: “Social justice” = communism,
  • “peace” comes when Islam rules, uber alles.
  • multiculti means replacement of whites by third world savages,
  • “tolerance & inclusiveness” means we will be absorbed or eliminated if we don’t submit.

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UN Refugee Chief Denies Migrant Crisis in Europe, Declares Mass Migration a ‘Source of Progress and Prosperity’

Mass-migration from unassimilable third word savages brings prosperity?

It’s unbelievable that anyone would utter such nonsense. It is as foolish as saying that spending more money will get you out of debt.

In that case please explain why no europeans are moving to Africa?

View image on Twitter

Globalists have weaponised mass migration & turned it into a weapon of mass destruction, which they are using to destroy the West.

HEGYESHALOM, HUNGARY - SEPTEMBER 22: Hundreds of migrants who arrived on the second train today at Hegyeshalom on the Hungarian and Austrian border, walk the four kilometres into Austria on September 22, 2015 in Hegyeshalom, Hungary. Thousands of migrants have arrived in Austria over the weekend with more en-route from …

Debate in Europe framing illegal immigration from the third world as a problem is “dangerous”, the United Nations (UN) refugee chief has warned, insisting that the mass movement of peoples has been “a source of progress and prosperity since people first began to migrate”.

“Distorted” political debate on the subject has led to Europe becoming “obsessed” with a migrant crisis that “does not exist”, Filippo Grandi said, urging EU politicians to stop squabbling “over a few boats” [of illegal immigrants].


In an interview published in the German press Thursday, he dismissed plans backed by Austria and Italy among other member states which would see asylum processing offshored and immigrants blocked from reaching European soil.

“As the United Nations High Commissioner [for refugees], I cannot support a proposal that would deprive people of the right to seek asylum in Europe. There are people who have very pressing reasons for asking for protection in EU nations,” he told Handelsblatt.

Speaking with the German daily, Grandi denounced recent comments by Interior Minister Horst Seehofer branding the massive immigration influx which resulted from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open the border as having become “the mother of all problems”.

“Migration has been a source of progress and prosperity since people first began to migrate,” claimed the Italian, stating that the tendency of politicians to frame the phenomena as a “major problem” was “unfortunate” because it boosts the argument of people opposed to mass, third world migration.

The obvious solution is to relocate politicians who are proponents of mass immigration to the ‘communities’ they apparently represent – as it certainly is not their own kind.

Macron can be deported to Morocco, Merkel to Somalia – without the security to which they are so accustomed.

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Imam Deported from Italy After Celebrating Terror Attacks in Prison

News flash:

UKIP blasted after putting forward Muslim-only prisons plan ‘to stop extremists converting fellow inmates’
UKIP leader Gerard Batten, pictured in Birmingham yesterday, denied that he was steering the party to the far right, after he said Tommy Robinson would be allowed to join the party

UKIP has called for Muslim-only jails to stop extremist prisoners devout Muslims converting fellow inmates to their ideology. 

  • Policy document also called for screening of Muslim migrants to stop extremism 
  • Activist Maajid Nawaz said proposal could lead to ‘Muslim concentration camps’
  • Gerard Batten denied he was lurching far right amid criticism from Nigel Farage

prison cells

A Tunisian imam has been expelled from Italy after it was revealed that he had celebrated the Berlin Christmas Market terror attack in December of 2016 from his prison cell.The 32-year-old imam, who had been convicted of robbery and drug dealing, was serving his sentence at the Rebibbia prison in Rome where he praised Islamic State and terrorist acts, Il Giornale reports.One of the attacks the imam celebrated was the 2016 Berlin Christmas Market attack in which fellow Tunisian Anis Amri used a truck to run over multiple innocent people, killing a dozen and injuring 56 others. After the attack, it was revealed that Amri was said to have been radicalised in an Italian prison.

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Killing Free Speech

Gatestone Institute

  • The OIC’s media strategy encourages “accurate and factual portrayal of Islam. Emphasis should be directed at avoidance of any link or association of Islam with terrorism or the use of Islamophobic rhetoric… such as labeling criminal terrorists as ‘Islamic’ fascists, ‘Islamic’ extremists.”
  • That part of the strategy has already had much success across the Western world, where authorities and media do not want to label Muslim terrorists as Islamic, but routinely describe them as “mentally ill.”
  • The OICs highly ambitious plans to do away with freedom of speech go severely underreported in the West. Mainstream journalists do not appear to find it dangerous that their freedom of speech should be supervised by the OIC, while Western governments, far from offering any resistance, appear, perhaps for votes, to be cozily going along with everything.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is trying to curb your freedom of speech — yet again[1].

In June, the first “I 1st Islamic-European Forum for examining ways of cooperation to curb hate speech in the media,” initiated by the OIC, ironically but sadly took place at the Press Club Brussels Europe.

The director of the information department of the OIC, Maha Mustafa Aqeel, explained that the forum is part of the OIC’s media strategy[2] to counter “Islamophobia”:

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The Napoleonic arrogance & allures of France’s toyboy Macron

French toyboy Macron  seems to believe he’s a born-again Napoleon. He certainly has the allures:

Macron Vows Punishment for States Refusing Third World Migration


Emmanuel Macron has said funding should be withdrawn from pro-sovereignty nations reluctant to hand more power over to Brussels, and that countries which refuse to welcome third world migrants must be thrown out of the Schengen area.

“Europe is not a menu à la carte, it’s a political project,” the French president declared, speaking at the end of an EU mini-summit on migration in Salzburg Thursday evening.

At a press conference following the meeting of European leaders, Macron acknowledged there was “a crisis and tensions” over the topic but, crying out, “Who generates them?” the former investment banker launched a broadside at nations which reject asylum seekers and those which “refuse to let boats dock on its ports”.

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The UN’s Global Compact on Migration is a sinister globalist ploy

The war of the world

Its not just a jihad. Its an all out war against the civilised world. And we’re not winning.

22 September 2018

To properly understand the trend of world political events in recent years, it is essential to appreciate that a titanic struggle for supremacy between two implacably opposed ideologies is raging right across the Western world. It is an undeclared war waged largely behind the scenes.

The attackers are powerful globalist and multi-national interests such as the EU and the UN, supported by many leftist groups funded, paradoxically, by mega-rich financiers. Their ultimate aim is the abolition of borders, migration between countries at will, the dismantling of national identity, the transfer of power to supra-national bodies, and eventually the imposition of a post-democratic unitary world government. The defenders are those who believe that Western-style democracy based on the nation-state remains the least-worst way yet devised of safe-guarding the life, liberty and prosperity of its citizens.

Public awareness of the struggle is almost non-existent because, with very few exceptions, the free world’s mainstream media long ago aligned themselves with the globalists and have shamefully failed to report even the existence of this battle. But once you start to look at world events through this prism, it’s amazing how clear and easy to understand they become.

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Le Pen Won’t Submit, Tells French Court To Get Stuffed

Marine Le Pen ordered by French court to undergo psychiatric test over anti-Islam tweets

Far-right leader presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.
PHOTO: Ms Le Pen’s party is trying to regroup after election loss to Emmanuel Macron.


Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

A form of persecution straight from the playbook of the Soviet Union:

The French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has refused to undergo court-ordered psychiatric tests for posting pictures on social media of Islamic State atrocities.

Le Pen is correct in damning her state presecutors as malevolent and dangerously overpowerful:

She later argued on BFM TV, a French 24-hour news broadcaster, that totalitarian regimes use such methods against opponents to “make them look like they’re crazy”. She told reporters she would skip the test. “I’d like to see how the judge would try and force me do it,” she said.

And they are so dishonest:

The 50-year-old leader of the Rassemblement National (National Rally) party, formerly known as the Front National, is under investigation for “distributing violent images” in December 2015.

She shared the images – including pictures of the killing of the American reporter James Foley – a few weeks after jihadists killed 130 people in attacks in Paris in November 2015.

Le Pen’s immunity as a lawmaker was lifted in order for her to face prosecution in France for posting images considered to “incite terrorism or pornography or seriously harm human dignity”.

She is accused of “inciting terrorism”? By actually exposing its horror and the deceit of those trying to relativise it away?:

Le Pen has argued that she shared the images in response to a French journalist who drew a comparison between IS and her party.

The tyranny of the “tolerant”. And you are deemed mad if you resist.

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Every Day a Little More Islam

Muslims push for two public holidays for Eid and want the day to be taken more seriously by people who don’t follow Islam

  • A petition asking the Australian Government for two public holidays is launched
  • Muslims want two holidays for annual celebrations Eid Ul-Fitr and Eid Al Adha
  • They want the festivals to be recognized by the wider community in Australia

Muslims in Australia are asking for two public holidays for their two annual Eid celebrations.

A petition has been submitted to the Parliament of Australia asking for Eid Ul-Fitr and Eid Al Adha to be publicly recognized.

The petition says the Muslim community would like more time to celebrate. Thus far it has 2,468 signatures and is expected to be presented on October 15.

Thousands of Muslim men women and children gathered in western Sydney in June to celebrate the end of Ramadan with the Eid-al-Fitr festival

Thousands of Muslim men women and children gathered in western Sydney in June to celebrate the end of Ramadan with the Eid-al-Fitr festival

Muslims petition Parliament for Islamic public holidays, want non-Muslims to also recognise Islamic celebrations.

Tommy Robinson warns Australia, ‘You must learn from Britain’s mistakes… All of this is on its way…’

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