French Flee To Hungary To Escape Mohammedanism

Democrats have given Americans an ultimatum:

Either vote for them to destroy America or else they will destroy America

In other news:

French Flee To Hungary To Escape Effects of Mass Migration


French citizens are now joining Germans and others seeking a new life in the Hungarian capital of Budapest in order to escape the negative effects of uncontrolled mass migration.

More and more French are seeking to escape to what they see as the safety of Budapest according to a new documentary called Hungary: the Promised Land that was broadcast on French television this week, France Info reports.

The 20-minute documentary examined the lives of several French citizens who now call Budapest home including a young woman named Elsa who came to the city two years ago after living in the notorious, heavily migrant-populated suburbs of Paris.


Perhaps not as weakened as we’d hoped and been told: 

ISIS has taken nearly 700 people hostage including several European and US Nationals in Syria and has vowed to kill 10 a day, Vladimir Putin has claimed. The Sun reports that the jihadi group is holding their prisoners captive somewhere south of the Euphrates River in the war torn nation.

Huddersfield Asian sex gang jailed for more than 200 years 

Will Pakistan execute Asia Bibi for being Christian?

Supporters of Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP), a hardline religious political party are demanding Asia Bibi’s execution. Picture: AFP.

Supporters of Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP), a hardline religious political party are demanding Asia Bibi’s execution. Picture: AFP.

Does Pakistan’s Supreme Court have the courage to free Asia Bibi, an illiterate 53-year-old Christian woman on death row since 2010 for “blasphemy,” while thousands of Islamic extremists across the country bay for her blood?

If the court releases Ms. Bibi, the best-known victim of a cruel blasphemy law often used to target religious minorities, it will represent a rare victory in the Islamic republic for compassion over religious passion. Should the judges uphold the death sentence against her, it will mark another victory for Pakistan’s strident antiblasphemy agitators and another setback for both non-Muslims and moderate Muslims.

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Farraklown’s Termites & Hate Filled Comics Causing Offence

Louis Farrakhan: ‘I’m Not An Anti-Semite. I’m Anti-Termite.’

Farrakhan: ‘I’m Not An Anti-Semite. I’m Anti-Termite.’

“To the members of the Jewish community that don’t like me, thank you very much for putting my name all over the planet … I’m not mad at you, ’cause you’re so stupid,” Farrakhan said.

“So when they talk about Farrakhan, call me a hater, you know they do, call me an antisemite — stop it! I’m anti-termite! I don’t know nothing about hating somebody because of their religious preference.”

Caroline Glick: Jewish Democrats Increasingly Anti-Israel

Germany Claims McDonald’s Attack by Syrian ‘Not Terrorism’…

Cars with Turkish Elite Police Markings Patrol Berlin

Report: Immigration Controls Failing to Deter Illegals, Many Go Underground, Border Staff Morale Low

Britain: Immigration Controls Failing to Deter Illegals

Italy: Salvini Celebrates as Libyan Coast Now Free of NGO Ships

Minister Salvini celebrated the news saying: “Thanks to our actions no NGO ships are in front of Libya, so the smugglers have finished doing their dirty work.”

Man who delivered ‘hate filled comics’ to Muslim families’ homes claiming ‘Islam is bringing England to her knees’ says he meant no offence

  • ‘Independent Christian’ Michael Davis sent out offensive booklets to Muslims 
  • The booklets claimed that the ‘Islamic religion is bringing England to her knees’
  • Mr Davis sent the booklets to 15 homes in the Blackpool Road area of Lancashire 
  • Police are investigating whether a hate crime has been potentially committed 
  • WARNING: Some readers may find extracts from the book offensive  

The man responsible for sending leaflets accusing Islam of plotting to ‘bring England to her knees’ to Muslim family homes has claimed ‘no offence’ was intended.

Six of the hate-filled booklets containing Islamophobic cartoons were sent to Muslim families in hand-addressed envelopes in Preston, Lancs.

Lancashire-based ‘independent Christian’ Michael Davis, who admitted sending the booklets, said around 15 homes in the Blackpool Road area of the city had the leaflets delivered.

 Pav Akhtar, 40, holds one of the hate-filled booklets that was delivered to his house 

 Pav Akhtar, 40, holds one of the hate-filled booklets that was delivered to his house

Lancashire Police have confirmed they are investigating if a hate crime has been committed.

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Two of them could be sikhs. But they could also be converts to Islam.

Huddersfield rape gang

Huddersfield rape gang

Andrew Bolt Blog Posts

Yet another mainly-Muslim rape gang is jailed in Britain, the latest of an incredibly long list:

Twenty men have been found guilty of being part of a grooming gang that raped and abused girls as young as 11 in Huddersfield.

The men were convicted of more than 120 offences against 15 girls.

Victims were plied with drink and drugs and then “used and abused at will” in a seven-year “campaign of rape and abuse” between 2004 and 2011…

During the three trials, jurors heard how the men – who are all British Asians mainly of Pakistani heritage – preyed on young, vulnerable girls, one of whom was described as having the mental age of a seven-year-old.

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Burn the Archbishops & save Europe from the Mohammedans!

Welcome Young Migrants to Replace ‘Dying’ Europeans and ‘Begin a New History’, Says Archbishop

A prominent archbishop has told Italians they need “young people who come from elsewhere in order to begin a new history”, as the native population ages.

Archbishop Gian Carlo Perego resides in Ferrara-Comacchio, an ancient settlement in the Emilia-Romagna region — long a stronghold of the left, but now a hotbed of rapidly increasing support for Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini’s populist, anti-mass migration League (Lega) party.

The clergyman is himself described as “the most left-wing politician in town, and a courageous man” by supporters, and wants to persuade his ageing parishioners that migrants are Italy’s future, La Croix reports. Continue reading Burn the Archbishops & save Europe from the Mohammedans!

Beautiful China: Muslim Uighur Internment Camps Promote ‘Interfaith Harmony’

Chinese State Media: Muslim Uighur Internment Camps Promote ‘Interfaith Harmony’

Interesting that the muslims are objecting to the strong arm tactics that were used to convert them in the first place.

Correction: the muslim conquerors didn’t offer re-education camps, they presented the choice of convert or die.

The Chinese state-owned Global Times suggested this week that the internment camps established by Beijing to torture, harass, and imprison hundreds of thousands of members of the Asian country’s Uighur Muslim actually encourage “interfaith harmony.”

Citing the CPC-affiliated Qiushi Journal, the Global Times argued on Wednesday that the internment camps, also known as re-education centers, are trying to preserve the “interfaith harmony” that “has been the mainstream between different religions” in the Muslim Uighur (or Uyghur)-majority Xinjiang region, the largest province in China.

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Victor Orban: “They want to take away from us the keys to the gate…”

[T]hey were unable to persuade Hungary to let migrants in, flood the country with African/Mohammedan savages, [so] the plan now is that they will take border protection rights away from us,” he told Hungarian radio.

Orbán Warns EU Planning to ‘Open the Gate’ with New Brussels Border Force 


Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán has described the EU’s latest migration proposals as “like a collection of horror stories”.

In a post on the Hungarian government’s official About Hungary website, Orbán spokesman Zoltán Kovács describes a looming battle of “globalists versus defenders of the nation”, with an EU establishment facing serious electoral reverses in the European Parliament elections in 2019 in the former camp and Prime Minister Orbán very firmly in the latter.

“On the one hand, the pro-migration forces continue their relentless drive to push for more immigration and denigrate anyone who dares to oppose them. On the other hand, we see the battle lines being drawn in the conflict between globalists and nationalists and, in particular, a clear picture of who stands where,” Kovács said.

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“Baroness” Warsi & the mad mullah of Londonistan

That fuggly Warsi thing

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has said the UK must not “become a country that polices thought” and speech, and Muslims who say potentially “extreme” things should be forgiven.

“Islamophobes” however must be punished according to sharia. “The spread of this disease is now a serious threat to the survival of Muslims”

There is no equivalence between antisemitism and “Islamophobia.” The former is a deranged demonisation of a Jews; the latter is used to shut down debate & to vilify critics of Islam.

UK Proposes Six Year Prison Sentences for Online Posts Against Religion, Transgender

Once great Britain goes straight down the abyss to protect Mohammedans from criticism. There will be a huge price to pay for this folly. 

UK Police Raid

People promoting “hostility” towards a religion or the transgendered online could get much harsher sentences, of up to six years in jail, especial if they have a large online audience according to new proposals.

The Sentencing Council for England and Wales has drafted changes to public order offences, including anyone perceived as targeting online a “protected characteristics” including “race; sex; disability; age; sexual orientation; religion or belief; pregnancy and maternity; and gender reassignment.”

The most severe punishments will be handed to those “in a position of trust, authority or influence and abuses their position to stir up hatred,” such as political leaders or figureheads and anyone whose offences are “persistent.”

More from Londonistan:

Saudi Newspaper reports: “London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries put together,” they even call British capital “Muslim London”

423 New Mosques, 100 ”Official” Sharia Courts, British universities promote Sharia, 500 Churches Closed…

Tales from the ‘mad mullah Khan of Londonistan’

Conservative mayoral candidate for London accused of using ‘grotesque language’ about Muslims and Hindus. 

The Muslim Council of Britain criticised Mr Bailey describing his language as ‘grotesque’ and calling on him to distance himself from ‘this divisive bigotry’.

The MCB also highlighted the fact that Mr Bailey shared a Tweet last year that described London mayor Sadiq Khan as the ‘mad mullah Khan of Londonistan’. …

EU CRISIS: Shock poll sees half of Europeans brand EU IRRELEVANT ‘we’ll see more Brexits’

A SURPRISE poll this week has sent shockwaves to EU chiefs after two-thirds of European citizens questioned said they do not believe life would be worse without the bloc – and half regard the EU as “irrelevant”.

Pat Condell:

The people of Europe are turning against the because they see it for what it is, a cabal of elitist political gangsters who despise the voting public. The sooner it collapses, the better.

Turkey is Enabling Mass Illegal Migration into Greece

Can’t wait for some leftist university prof to queer the Quran…

College Offers Credit Course on ‘Queering’ the Bible

Can’t wait for some queer uni to queer the Quran…. but I won’t hold my breath…

A worshiper holds a small Bible at an outdoor Sunday service 04 September 2005 at the East Howard Baptist church which was badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina in Biloxi, Mississippi.

A college course that plans to teach students how the Bible can be interpreted through “queer theory” will be offered at Pomona College in the 2019 spring semester.

The private college in Claremont, California is offering the one-credit “Religious Studies” course, titled “Queer Theory and the Bible,” by instructor Erin Runions, the chair of the Religious Studies department at Pomona College.

“This course will look at how the Bible can be read productively through queer theory,”

More from the Religion of Peace:

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“Palestinian” Sharia judge: “The war is not only over this strip of land”

All the world and everything in it belongs to allah, so why fight over this particular patch of dirt? Maududi explains, at the bottom to the page.

“Palestinian” leaders keep telling the world that their jihad against Israel is based on Islam and is not over land. Western policymakers continue to refuse to listen.

Note also Muhannad Abu Runi’s projection: “They want to subjugate us.”

Actually it’s Islam that has an imperative to subjugate nonbelievers: “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or the Last Day, and do not forbidden what has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, and do not acknowledge the religion of Truth, even if they are of the People of the Book, until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” (Qur’an 9:29).

“Jews ‘dance and live on the body parts of others’ and are behind ‘global corruption,’ says PA Islamic Judge on PA TV,” by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, Palestinian Media Watch, October 17, 2018:

A judge in the Palestinian Authority’s Islamic court system taught that Jews “dance and live on the body parts of others, and on the blood of others,” and that “there is no global corruption that their rabbis did not allow.” The Antisemitic Shari’ah Judge, Muhannad Abu Rumi, spouted this hatred on official PA TV earlier this month.

Muhannad Abu Rumi: “[Khan Al-Ahmar is] holy land. We know its value, and not them [Jews], the foreigners, the fabricators of history, who dance and live on the body parts of others, and on the blood of others. Read their history: There is no global corruption that they are not behind. There is no global corruption that their rabbis did not allow…” Continue reading “Palestinian” Sharia judge: “The war is not only over this strip of land”

Shaking Mohammedans with breathing problems…?

Migrant family that Mohammedan invaders beat Dutch police officer who was hospitalised, claim they are ‘the victims’

A Moroccan family that heavily fought with two Dutch police officers have asked for a counselling trajectory, newspaper De Telegraaf reports.

But now the Moroccan family claim that they are the victims and want a mediation trajectory, because they are suffering shock.

The younger brother of EL O. says: “If I see a police van I feel that I have trouble breathing and I start shaking.” …

In a viral video, the family is seen fighting with police officers with one officer being knocked to the ground. He had to be hospitalised