Anyone claiming that there is a moderate form of Islam is either ignorant or a liar

Muslim apologists will tell you what you want to hear, but their goal is the conquest of the world for Islam

When  Muslims claim that Islam is a religion of peace and love, they are consciously lying to the non-Muslim world.


By Howell Woltz, Warsaw, Poland

Our women are ‘infidels’ under the Quran, so raping or even murdering them is not only specifically approved but encouraged by the clerics and imams.

If you find that shocking after the nonsense our own leaders have spouted about this ideology, read on….

Appeasing the murderous Mullahs at Israel’s expense.

The German government, under the leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel, is aiding and abetting the theocratic regime of the Ayatollahs, also known as the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose declared goal is to obliterate the Jewish state.  As a fresh reminder to Merkel of Germany’s role in providing Israel’s enemies with the means to potentially destroy the Jewish state, Iran launched missiles into Syria which carried the meter-long inscription “Death to Israel and Death to the USA.

Students in Germany are now called ‘Nazis’ for criticising the Islamic invasion

This has been going on for a long time, but its getting worse. Those who are complicit in aiding the Islamic agenda will have to answer to a higher authority.

Leftist suppression of freedom of speech becomes increasingly worse in Germany. Many students no longer dare to openly voice their opinion on migration policy, the Epoch Times reports.
The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party received several reports from students who have been called Nazi for criticising Angela Merkel’s migration policy.

One thought on “Anyone claiming that there is a moderate form of Islam is either ignorant or a liar”

  1. Re: “Students in Germany are now called ‘Nazis’ for criticising the Islamic invasion” – wait, what?!

    They should be called ‘Nazis’ for ENCOURAGING and enabling islam, just as Hitler himself did by fielding SS muslim regiments to exterminate the Christian Serbs in Kosovo!

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