Do you appreciate the “contributions of (Muslim) migrants?”

Pope Francis: All Are Called to Appreciate the ‘Contribution’ of Migrants

Pope Francis plugged World Refugee Day on Sunday, reiterating his appeal for a streamlining of international migration and a greater appreciation for the positive contribution provided by immigrants.

Some positive contributions follow:

‘ISIS-supporting’ Uber driver ‘attacked police with 4ft Samurai sword outside Buckingham Palace after plotting suicide terror attack because of his hatred for the Queen’

Heavily-Guarded Malala Lets Her Hijab Down (a Bit) at Oxford…

Her life as a normal student is restricted by two armed plain-clothed Metropolitan Police officers who guard her 24 hours a day, with one stationed in a room next to her in college. (Just wondering who pays for that?)

Muslim Passenger Curses Out Airline Hostess over Ham Sandwich…

Woman Killed for Rejecting Marriage Proposal…
Italians Overwhelmingly Support Government Block of Illegals…
Theresa May ‘s Genuflection Not Enough for Young Muslims…
Quran Found in Van that Rammed Police in Paris…
Muslim Passenger Curses Out Airline Hostess over Ham Sandwich…
‘Part and Parcel’: Woman w/ Knife Chases Jewish Kids in London…
Laptop Ban on US Flights Traced to Devotee Wanting to ‘Hurt the Kuffar’
Soccer Player Snubs Beer-Sponsored Trophy…
Maine Man Dies after Beating at Park…
Woman Murders Her Own Child after Reading Quran…
Religious Group Declines to Extend Ceasefire: Afghan Killing to Resume
Dutch Police Puzzle over Deadly Van Attack at Concert…
Turkey Replaces Secular Schools with Islamic to Raise ‘Pious Generation’
Buckingham Palace Sword Attacker: Queen was “Enemy of Allah”…
Jewish Artifacts Disappear in Syria…


Vehicle Terror in Russia: Muslim terrorist rams taxi into World Cup fans in Moscow

The Muslim terrorist, who attempted to flee the scene, was arrested. He has a Kyrgyzstan driver license.

Quran Found in Vehicle Purposely Rammed into French Police

395410 05: A student reads a textbook at the Islamic religious school, Tajdal Quran madrassa, October 5, 2001 in Quetta, Pakistan. Like most Islamic school students in Pakistan they memorize the Qu-ran (Koran) but they don''t understand much of the contents of the Koran since it is in Arabic which …Police in Paris discovered a Quran along with texts in Arabic in a car which was used to ram a police vehicle twice before the suspects fled on foot.

The attacks on the Paris police van occurred on Wednesday at around midnight on the Avenue de la Porte d’Aubervilliers in the northern part of the city bordering the 18th and 19th arrondissements, BFMTV reports.

Initially, the men in the car were asked to slow down as they were speeding. Following the warning, the car rammed the police van and sped away with the police in pursuit. When the vehicle was stopped by traffic, the driver attempted to ram the police van a second time and then the four occupants got out and ran, abandoning the car.

Police searched the car finding a copy of the Quran inside along with Arabic texts and noted that the vehicle had not been reported stolen at the time. Shortly after, a bomb squad team was dispatched to the scene to search the car for any potential explosives but none were found, according to investigators.

Farage throws the towel when it comes to Islam

Robert Spencer: Nigel Farage Warns “We’ll Lose” A Battle Between the West and Islam

Farage has decided that if he can’t beat them, he’ll join them.

At a recent dinner of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), which he formerly headed, Farage said: “If dealing with Islamic fundamentalism becomes a battle between us and the entire religion, I’ll tell you the result: we’ll lose. We will simply lose….We absolutely have to get that Muslim majority living in many of our towns and cities on our side, more attuned to Western values than some pretty hardline interpretations of the Qur’an.” (More below the fold)

Thanks to RT

Is Nigel Farage woke? Ex-UKIP leader warns party off supporting Tommy Robinson

On the issue of Islam and how UKIP should conduct the debate around the issue, Farage told activists that the party was right to oppose Islamic extremism “but if dealing with Islamic fundamentalism becomes a battle between us and the entire religion, I’ll tell you the result: we’ll lose. We will simply lose.”

You have lost your country, Farage. If you lost your will to fight,  move over and let Tommy Robinson take charge.

Adding: “We absolutely have to get that Muslim majority living in many of our towns and cities on our side, more attuned to Western values than some pretty hardline interpretations of the Qur’an.”

Never. That “Muslim majority with Western values” will always stand with their Muslim brothers, not with kafir politicians like Farage. 

In other news:

Two kinds of justice: Muslim protester terrorist who hit police officer at Tommy Robinson rally spared jail

Omar Mohamad, 62, left Sergeant Guy Rooney with a severely bruised face

A Muslim  activist fanatic who hit a police officer with his walking stick at a Tommy Robinson rally in Hyde Park has escaped with a suspended sentence. Omar Mohamad, 62, scuffled with Sergeant Guy Rooney and left him with a severely bruised face at a counter protest in Hyde Park in March 2018. The officer suffered from post traumatic stress and his injury was so bad his children refused to walk to school with him.

‘Given your poor health and your previous good character it will be a suspended sentence,’ the judge added. Defending, Sarah Robinson, told the court how Mohamad suffers from multiple illnesses that require a walking stick, and explained he is currently living in sheltered accommodation.

Mohammedans are a protected class in England. Above the law. Does your heart bleed already for the poor sod?

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Eurabian Breakfast

Italy Demands Migrant NGO Boats Leave Mediterranean, Mocks Leftist Crew Members

Salvini Crack Down on Migrant Ferries… Italians Mock Leftist Crew Members…

Nearly 70 Per Cent of Italians Back Salvini’s Stand Against EU on Migrant Ferries

~70% Italians Back Stand Against EU
Italy’s Migration Policy Opens Up Battle Lines Within the EU

Outrage as Thousand Muslims Pray in French Street Following End of Ramadan

British Muslim Bomb-Maker Triggered Laptop Ban on Flights

“British” as camel droppings in Kensington High Street…

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 27: A traveler walks past a newly-opened TSA Pre-check application center at Terminal C of the LaGuardia Airport on January 27, 2014 in New York City. Once approved, travelers can use special expidited Precheck security lanes. They can also leave on their shoes, light outerwear …

A British Muslim terrorist known as a “master bomb-maker” for the Islamic State triggered the U.S. laptop ban on flights last year, a former MI6 spy has revealed in a new autobiography.

41-year-old Hamayun Tariq plotted to smuggle bombs “disguised as laptop batteries” claims Aimen Dean, a former al-Qaeda explosives expert recruited by secret services to infiltrate UK jihadist circles, The Sunday Times reports.

According to Dean, the terrorist twice evaded British authorities to travel abroad, and is now thought to be creating bombs to attach to drones that can strike football stadiums and other large public events.

The radical Islamic extremist, who used the alias “Abu Muslim,” is described as a “psychopath” and possibly the most accomplished terrorist to emerge from the United Kingdom. He previously worked as a car mechanic.

UK: Knife-wielding Muslima chases children down street, screaming “I want to kill all you Jews”

More Than 1,000 Europeans Murdered, Maimed in Attacks by Islamist Asylum Seekers Since 2014

1k+ Europeans Murdered, Maimed in Attacks by Islamist Mohammedan Asylum Seekers Since 2014

Trump Congratulates Hungary’s Orban on Election Triumph

“Islamophobia and racism” to blame for the failure of British Muslims to find jobs

Always cracks me up when the press uses terms like “British” Muslims. They are about as ‘British’ as the Ebola virus.

Some news first:

Ramadan Roundup, 2018

Ramadan, a major topic for public discussion in Europe this year, received considerable media coverage, a reflection of Islam’s rising influence.

Marine Le Pen, said that “it is unacceptable that the Ministry of the Interior organizes the arrival of 300 foreign imams in our country for Ramadan; it is a violation of the principle of secularism (laïcité).”

FBI staff actively worked to keep Donald Trump out of the White House? You won’t hear about that on Their ABC.

Another swamp that needs to be drained 

Did you know that the Inspector General, the United States Justice Department’s watchdog for the FBI, released his report yesterday into that august body’s investigation of the Hillary Clinton| The Spectator Australia
YOUNG Muslims are being shut out of British society with just one in five adult Muslims in work, a report said today.

For fucks sake! Who is paying for this outrageous agitprop?

The report blamed “Islamophobia and racism” for the failure of British Muslims to progress in the workplace.

Just 19% of UK Muslims are in full time work. Immigrants are a net drain on our taxes. So why are a net 240,000 immigrants walking in to the UK each year? is the only party that wants to freeze immigration.

Viktor Orban: There is no document that says EU countries must accept migrants

Orban: Hungary could assist Europe in returning migrants back home

Orban said that Hungary could help common European policies in several areas such as “offering a good example in economic reforms or assistance in returning migrants back home”.

A compromise cannot be made in the dispute over migration, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Saturday, and added that “there is no need for such a compromise”.

Orban addressed a conference marking the first anniversary of the death of German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, and said we know of no such document that says “if you join the European Union, you must become a country for migrants”.

More offerings:

At least 18 people die in Jalalabad, a day after suicide bomber kills 36 at an Eid gathering in Nangarhar province.

More from the Religion of Peace:

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Geert Wilders: “We are invaded in our own countries”

In the next 48 hours we could see the fall of the Merkel regime in Germany and thereafter the fall of the unelected EUSSR.

According to Geert Wilders, the chairman of the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV), the recent cultural, ideological and security developments in Europe are “catastrophic”.

Wilders told Hungarian news channel Echo TV that the majority of European leaders can’t resist the policy of open borders, while “we are invaded in our own countries”.

He highlighted that the millions of asylum seekers who come to Europe are economic migrants, who replace Europe’s original culture and people.

“Not all, but most of the leaders of the EU pursue cultural relativism, they don’t believe in their own identity. They say that all cultures are equal and should be mixed.”

Wilders said that cultural relativism and open borders are poison, but the Hungarian government’s immigration policy is a positive example.

He said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was an example for the people in Austria and Italy, he made them realise that there is another opportunity against immigration.

Merkel-regime on the way out

“Isolated incidents” & “mental illness” cause stabbing & vehicle jihad

Muslim deliberately plows car into Moscow crowd, eight injured

The “accident” of a Mohammedan cabbie from Kyrgyzstan today in Moscow.

BREAKING: This appears to be a video of the taxi running over people in Moscow.–

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said: “The driver lost control of the vehicle.”

Watch the video. This driver didn’t lose control. He clearly plowed deliberately into the pedestrians.

Merkel crash & burn

Germany is braced for a political earthquake tomorrow as a deep rift within its conservative alliance threatens to topple the government and bring an abrupt end to Angela Merkel’s 13 years as chancellor.

Continue Reading/Andrew Byrne The Times June 17, 2018

The Marrakech Declaration, the ultimate deceit….


7News: A gang of African youths thugs has trashed another short-term rental house in a wild all-night party.

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Interior Minister refused two more migrant boats to dock in Italian ports. The NGO boats, sailing under the Dutch flag did not receive permission to enter Italy.
Woman dressed in black shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ wounds two as she stabs shoppers in French supermarket
  • A woman dressed in black allegedly shouted ‘Allahu akbar’ before stabbing two 
  • The attack occurred at a supermarket  in La Seyne-sur-Mer, France, on Sunday 
  • A customer and a shop worker were said to be injured by a box cutter  
  • Suspect is said to be aged 24 with history of mental illness, according to reports
Officials said it was an ‘isolated incident’ and cited the woman’s history of mental illness, but admitted terrorism could not be ruled out.
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, ocean and outdoor


When Peter came home from serving in Iraq he was forced to live in a tent. Seven News has found Australia’s cities and towns are filled with thousands of homeless veterans.

The stupid is spreading than  the Ebola virus in once great Britain

Non-Muslim police officers take part in 18-hour Ramadan fast

Northamptonshire Police said the move was to ‘show unity’ and ‘gain a better understanding’ of the local community during the Muslim holy month.
Got that? Mohammedans are “the local community”. Nobody, nothing else matters.
Aquarius in Valencia: Spain welcomes migrants illiterate African savages from rejected ship

“It is our duty to help avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and offer a safe port to these people, to comply with our human rights obligations,” Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said earlier this week.

Bio-weapon of arrested Tunisian “asylum seeker” could have killed hundreds of Germans.

German Special Forces stormed the apartment of the 29-year-old Allah H. in Cologne-Chorweiler. During the subsequent search, the highly toxic ricin was found.

The city is placing bulletproof glass and high walls around the tower to guard against terrorism.
Facebook’s censorship is systematically removing from our page pictures and videos they deem offensive –to Muslims, some of them even without warning or notification.

Merkel Regime About to Fall!

Tick tock, tick tock… (what a blessing that would be!)

The era of Angela Merkel may be coming to an end as longstanding disagreements on migration policies between her and her Bavarian allies threaten to come to a head and potentially unseat the German leader former Stasi apparatchik, who has been at the country’s helm since 2005.

Angela Merkel believes that immigration curbs backed by her Bavarian allies would breach European law
Angela Merkel believes that immigration curbs backed by her Bavarian allies would breach European law

Good Lord, please make a quick end to this:

Angela Merkel’s three-party coalition is at risk of collapse in the next 48 hours after her Bavarian allies refused to back down over threats to impose border controls on asylum seekers.

Neither side in the stand-off between the German chancellor and her interior minister, Horst Seehofer, were in a mood to compromise as an opinion poll for the broadcaster ARD indicated that 62 per cent of Germans backed his tougher approach.

German media have painted a grave picture for the future of Chancellor Merkel, with the Mannheimer Morgen writing that she “has been plucked like a hen after slaughter,”and that her power now merely existed on paper.

Without Merkel the days of the EUSSR are numbered.

The fall of the U.K.

This is the Mohammedan who put Tommy behind bars:

Has Mr Javid has been telling porkies again.

He said that he was non-practising and that his house was Christian. Would he lie to us?

Congressman Gosar: U.S. Should Intervene over ‘Persecution’ of Tommy Robinson


Speaking just days after he entered a Congressional statement on the treatment of UK activist-journalist and former street organiser Tommy Robinson, Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar (R) told Breitbart London that he hopes the U.S. government will intervene over the case, which has been subject to reporting restrictions and widespread speculation in the United Kingdom.

Congressman Gosar expressed his concern about the arrest of Mr Robinson on Tuesday, noting “I am well aware that England does not share our free speech values” and calling the English court system “part of the problem” in comments that have gone viral on Twitter.

Why is Theresa May dragging her hijabbed ass from mosque to mosque?

Theresa May wants Britons to give thanks for the presence of Mohammedans.

This woman is batshit crazy. The Mohammedan contribution to the world is entirely negative. Islam has no redeeming features.

“The end of the holy month of Ramadan is a time for Muslims to come together with family, friends and neighbours. It’s an opportunity for spiritual renewal.” PM @Theresa_May on Eid al-Fitr

WTF is a UK leader  doing giving a speech celebrating a Mohammedan Holiday? It’s one thing to acknowlege the holiday, but to give a speech about it? The world has gone insane.

Especially when Eid al-Fitr actually celebrates the 624 Battle of Badr, 1st time a Muslim army defeated non-Muslims on field of battle – why would we commemorate such an event?!

ADF invites Taliban & other Afghanis to invent and submit rumours about our troops

Another traitor wants to replace the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat:

Federal Government MP Andrew Broad is calling for a tenfold increase in Australia’s sponsored refugee resettlement program.

Talibandit who ordered  attack on Malala Yousafzai meats virgins

A US drone strike killed the leader of the Pakistani Taliban, Mullah Fazlullah, the elusive militant who ordered the assassination attempt on then-schoolgirl and future Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, Afghan and Pakistani officials said on Friday. Not that I give a  shiite for the bloated little hijab promoting Malala, but in any case: nothing lost by taking him out.

Group of Asylum Seekers Attack German Police During Attempt To Relocate Migrant

A group of between a dozen and twenty asylum seekers armed with various weapons launched an attack on police officers attempting to move a 20-year-old Liberian to another facility.

The incident took place at an asylum shelter in the city of Göttingen in Lower Saxony earlier this week when officers attempted to remove the 20-year-old and he refused to co-operate, Die Welt reports.

According to a spokesman for the city government, the asylum seeker had been causing trouble among other residents of the shelter including intimidating others and disturbing them by making a lot of noise.

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Britain submits; will now work with ‘Tell Mama’ to punish imaginary disease called ‘Islamophobia’

“The Qur’an says the highest dignity man can attain is that of making war in person against the enemies of his religion”

…Immigration and Terror Top Issues for Public in Every E.U. Member State

Immigration is now seen as the most important issue facing the European Union (EU) by people in every member state apart from seven countries, where the top concern is terrorism, an official survey has found.

The revelation comes from the Eurobarometer, a series of public opinion surveys conducted for the European Commission, the bloc’s executive branch, and corroborates the results of a YouGov survey from May.

Once great Britain submits; will work with discredited’TellMama’ to punish imaginary diseases like”Islamophobia”

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 12: Home Secretary Sajid Javid had been forced to deny accusations of Islamophobia within Conservative party ranks (Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)
Home Secretary Sajid Javid had been forced to deny accusations of Islamophobia within Conservative party ranks

UK’s Conservatives clamp down on Islamophobia

Ruling party deny accusation of anti-Muslim bias and put new procedures in place

All paid for by Theresa May’s hapless government. If you believed the creep had his funding pulled you’re wrong.  Mughal is back in business and pretends he is a snowflake in need of protection.

Mendacious grievance monger Fiyaz Mughal is now firmly back in business, financed & with the blessing of Theresa May’s treacherous gov’t.

Britain’s ruling Conservative party has pledged to “stamp out” anti-Muslim abuse within its ranks, working with a prominent community group to set up a framework to address any future incidents.

Party chairman Brandon Lewis insisted there would be “zero-tolerance” of any reported abuses under his watch. Following investigations, a number of members were immediately suspended and some have been expelled, he said.

“Such prejudice destroys society from within. That is why I believe discrimination of any kind has no place within the Conservative Party,” Mr Lewis added. “Britain would be a poorer place without British Muslims.”

France: Police Foil Islamist Terror Plots to Bomb Swingers’ Club, Attack Homosexuals

France: Police Foil Islamist Terror Plots to Attack Swingers’ Club, Homosexuals

Moroccan Asylum Seeker Gets Life Sentence in Finland’s First Terror Trial

Brexit: May Un-Surrenders to Tory Remainers, Faces Parliamentary Rebellion

80% of Italians Support Populist Govt. Blocking Migrant Transport Vessel from Ports

A very mediocre finale for this years blood-month: well under one thousand.

More from the Religion of Peace:

Two Christians Hacked to Death…
Iran Bans World Cup Scrrenings over Fear of Gender-Mixing…
Copts Attacked after Protesting Naked Muslim Men…
US Professor Demands Students Remove Shoes or “Get the Hell Out”
UK: Non-Muslim Police Take Part in Ramadan Fasting…
British Royal Navy Celebrates Ramadan in Bahrain…
Christian Mother Still in Jail 9 Years after Trumped Up ‘Blasphemy’…
Syrian “Refugee” Rapes German Woman…
‘Mohammad’ Most Popular Baby Name in German State…
Mullah Who Shot Malala is Killed in US Drone Strike…
South Africa Finds Body of British Botanist Murdered with Husband…
California Restaurant Chain Atones with Freebies for Ramadan…
Twitter Urged to Close Accounts for Mideast Terror Groups…
Finland Sentences ‘Asylum Seeker’ for Deadly Terror Attack…
Iran Changes Billboard to Include Women in Response to Criticism…

Copts’ homes attacked after they protest Muslim men swimming naked in front of them

The strangest thing: Continue reading Britain submits; will now work with ‘Tell Mama’ to punish imaginary disease called ‘Islamophobia’

Melbournistan: Officeworks Censors Criticism of Islam Because “Holy” Ramadan

Officeworks ‘will not print anything that is offensive to Muslims and especially not in the holy month of Ramadan’

‘Absolutely I’ve been discriminated against’: ALA Activist claims Officeworks refused to let him print posters criticising Islam because it’s ‘the holy month of Ramadan’

  • Activist from the Australian Liberty Alliance was refused service by Officeworks
  • Avi Yemini and Ralf Schumann were attempting to print out anti-Islamic flyers
  • Store manager told them they were not allowed to, especially during Ramadan  
  • The activists insist they’re facing discrimination and denial of free speech

An activist who was refused service at Officeworks for attempting to print out anti-Islamic posters has hit out at the chain store, claiming his right to freedom of speech has been violated.

Avi Yemini and Ralf Schumann of the Australian Liberty Alliance are both regular customers at the Officeworks branch in South Melbourne: printing and laminating any materials there that are too large to print in their own office.

Like, for example, an armful of flyers for an upcoming rally they’ve organised in support of free speech and defense of Sonia Kruger. Continue reading Melbournistan: Officeworks Censors Criticism of Islam Because “Holy” Ramadan