Trump: ‘these are people who hate our country’

From the (totally biased) Australian:

Donald Trump has dramatically stepped up his attack on four minority liberal Congresswomen accusing them of hating America, being anti-Semitic and embracing terrorists.

The president denied his attacks on the Democrat Congresswomen were racist and said many Americans agreed with his views.

“These are people who hate our country, they hate it I think with a passion,” he said, referring to four Democrat women of colour — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley.

“All I’m saying is, if they’re not happy here, they can leave. There will be many people who will be happy,” he said.

They’re very unhappy. I’m watching them. All they do is complain. So all I’m saying is if they want to leave they can leave.” –

TRUMP Triples Down at Press Conference

Trump: Omar ‘Hates Jews’…

Hammers #TheSquad: ‘These are people who hate our country’

The word “racism” is like ketchup. It can be put on practically anything — and demanding evidence makes you a “racist.”

Democrat Squad Insists: We Love America!

We Bring ’Extreme Love’

-Trump Inflicting Trauma on Kids in Cages
-Who have to drink from toilet
-And we won’t call him ’President’
-And He’s a Racist
-And He Colluded with Russia

-And We Must Impeach!

US Representatives Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) speaks as, Ilhan Abdullahi Omar (D-MN)(L), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) (2R), and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) hold a press conference, to address remarks made by US President Donald Trump earlier in the day, at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on July 15, 2019. - President Donald …

Freshman Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) are holding a press conference Monday evening to respond to taunts from President Donald Trump.

Hollywood Erupts over Trump’s ‘Go Back’ Tweet, but “motherf*kcer” is okay:

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is complaining about President Trump’s rhetoric despite the fact that she literally referred to him as a “motherf**ker” during her first week in office.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley: We Are More Than Four People — ‘Our Squad Is Big’

Not as big as her a$$.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley: We Are More Than Four People — ‘Our Squad Is Big’


“somebody did something… giggle”

Ilhan Omar on Al-Qaeda Sympathy: ‘I Will Not Dignify That with an Answer’

Ilhan Omar on Al-Qaeda Sympathy: ‘I Will Not Dignify That with an Answer’…

Trump Tweets: ‘We will never be a Socialist or Communist Country. IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY HERE, YOU CAN LEAVE!’

Trump Won’t Stop: ‘We will never be a Socialist or Communist Country…


Thanks to Vlad:

This is a must-read twitter thread. Click through so you can see it all in order.  

UK or France: which one is first to fall to Islam?

Khan’s Londonistan: Algeria Fans Block Streets, Hurl Fireworks, Trash Police Cars After Football Win

“Algeria fans” means Mohammedans. Doing what they do best: terrorising the kuffars who allowed them to settle behind enemy lines.

UK poll: 31% believe Islam poses a threat to the British way of life, Mirror laments rise of “Islamophobia”

These polls are as useless as a pimple on a camels ass. They are also as fake as fake news can be.

UK: Muhammad cartoons absent from Media Freedom Conference’s display of censored political cartoons

Same  (or worse) in France:

French President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron stood up in his vehicle and waved at the crowd during yesterday’s parade down the Champs Elysées on Quatorze Juillet. The crowd responded by booing him. Well, strictly speaking, they whistled, which is the equivalent of booing in Continental Europe.

“Killing Jews is worship to Allah”

(JTA) — A Muslim man who killed his Jewish neighbor in Paris while shouting about Allah is not criminally responsible for his actions because he had smoked marijuana beforehand, a French judge ruled.

Sammy Ghozlan, a former police commissioner and founder of France’s Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in May that the handling of the Halimi case has made him “no longer have full confidence that anti-Semitic hate crimes in France are handled properly.”

4 Christians Singled Out for Wearing Crosses, Executed in West Africa

According to Open Doors, a group that monitors persecution of Christians globally, the attack happened when “unidentified armed men” entered a village.

More from the Religion of Peace: Continue reading UK or France: which one is first to fall to Islam?

Iran huffs & puffs

But surely, there must be some Iranians who like us, no?

U.S. Grants Iranian Foreign Minister Visa for U.N. Visit

Iran: U.S. Sanctions Have ‘Led to the Death of Many Innocent’ Iranians

Iran: U.S. Sanctions Have ‘Led to the Death of Many Innocent’ Iranians

Hardly. I daresay that the ‘Islamic revolution’ & sharia law killed way more innocent Iranians than any U.S. sanctions. 

Donald Trump: Iran Is ‘Playing with Fire’

Iran Claims Violating the Nuclear Deal Conforms to the Nuclear Deal

Iran announced on Monday it had amassed more low-enriched uranium than permitted under its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.

‘Seriously?’ Iran Snipes at Trump Nuclear ‘Playing with Fire’ Taunt


Mohammad Javad Zarif his response to a White House statement late on Monday when the U.S. government claimed: “There is little doubt that even before the deal’s existence, Iran was violating its terms.”

Trump: By Not Striking Iran Over Drone, ‘We’re in a Position to Do Far Worse’

Trump: By Not Striking Iran Over Drone, ‘We’re in a Position to Do Far Worse’

Somali Entitlement Whore Unpunished For Making an A$$ of Herself on Flight

Don’t bother disabusing me that she’s a Sudanese or something. Just don’t call her an ‘Australian’.

Out with Trashida & #TheSquad!

Trump: if you don’t like America you can leave!

Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Somali cultural enricher in the U.S., just called Pali killer movements like Hamas & Fatah “non-violent” and called all Americans hypocrites. Someone has to pull the plug. Sooner is better:

President ‘s comments on are not racist. They’re true.

On Sunday, President Trump spoke more bluntly than he ever had before, and for good reason. He finally, and rightfully, called into question the patriotism and the loyalty of several members of Congress, who have used their time in office to espouse racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-American language.

“These are people who hate our country, they hate it I think with a passion,” he said, referring to four Democrat women of colour — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley.

“All I’m saying is, if they’re not happy here, they can leave. There will be many people who will be happy,” he said.

This is an evil creature:

Look how desperately Omar tries to avoid answering where her loyalties lie, claiming support from “every Moslem”:

Omar :

Wears a hijab, screams for women’s rights

Claims to be Muslim for full term abortion

Claims to be American, denigrates America

Says she’s patriot, brags about Somalians killing our soldiers.

Shame on all of you lunatics who cheer this sicko. Omar committed immigration fraud, disparages this country, dishonours its people, and gives comfort to the enemies of America.

Newt Gingrich on Fauxcahontas:

So Senator Warren would lock up the government agents who are trying to protect us while legalizing those who are breaking the law. The world is turned upside down in the Democratic Party-America is bad, anti-Americans are good, obeying the law is bad, breaking the law is good.

The border crisis is as organic as a plastic straw. Caravans, fraudulent asylum claims, anti- judicial activism, protests, violence — all orchestrated or encouraged by the Left with the goal of overwhelming and destroying our border with Mexico.


Sharia justice in the UK

Robert Spencer

“Britain has become a shabby little police state in which it is illegal to criticize Islam and mass Muslim migration in Britain today. Its death as a free society is by its own hand.”

As Tommy Robinson headed into court for his sentencing Thursday, he wore a t-shirt that read: “Convicted of Journalism.” And it’s true. Tommy Robinson is heading back to jail for doing what journalists routinely do: ask questions of defendants heading into courtrooms. The gaggle of establishment media journalists who peppered Tommy himself with questions as he entered the court have not been arrested.

British authorities claimed that Tommy Robinson had prejudiced the outcome of the trial of several members of a Muslim rape gang. This is arrant nonsense: the trial had been completed, and Tommy was asking them what they thought of their having been convicted. There was, however, a gag order on the proceedings, and it was on the basis of the claim that Tommy violated that gag order that he is now back in prison.

Why was the gag order put into place? The obvious reason is that the British government and law enforcement authorities are deeply embarrassed by their abysmal record in dealing with Muslim rape gangs. In just one city, Rotherham, British officials “described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.” Continue reading TOMMY ROBINSON AND THE DEATH OF BRITAIN

‘Killing Free Speech’ Documentary Exposes Far-Left Propaganda in Schools

Everywhere in the West Gramscian whores have infiltrated the schools. Leftist teachers have been indoctrinating students with leftist politics. They have lost the meaning of education and have gone into mind control of our students. Education needs to be overhauled and privatised. Marxist teachers need to be sacked.


Independent filmmaker Michael Hansen has a new documentary out titled Killing Free SpeechIt features internal emails from a New Jersey school showing teachers pushing political propaganda in the wake of President Trump’s travel ban.

The documentary shows a teacher encouraging colleagues to wear hijabs and/or burkas, and distribute pamphlets in solidarity with Muslims to protest Trump’s policies — even though the White House’s restrictions on travel from countries, erroneously described as a “Muslim ban” by his opponents in the media, includes North Korea, a non-Muslim country.

Hansen interviews the school principal who claims to know nothing about the agitation, even though Hansen obtains staff emails showing she had been made aware of it.

“Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion on this issue, however, the administration is using this school as a platform to push their political agenda,” explains Hansen.

Killing Free Speech is the second documentary released by Hansen, the first being Killing Europe, a feature about mass migration from Muslim countries into Europe. A planned screening of Killing Europe was canceled by the Ottawa Public Library last year following pressure from left-wing activists.

Killing Free Speech: Part 1 depicts the rise of street violence by the extremist “Antifa” movement in the United States, as well as campaigns of pressure by CAIR and other groups to shut down political expression they disagree with.

Part Two of the documentary, which features an interview with this reporter, will be released later in the year.

Reza Aslan: Colleges Should Have Rules on Who Can’t Speak on Campus

Reza Aslan: Colleges *Should* Ban Speech on Campus

Can’t climb Uluru & the ‘dreamtime’ is a thing

Pauline Hanson slams Uluru climbing ban

Why should a pagan superstition about a big rock be allowed to deny Central Australia jobs + tourists an iconic experience? We must always put civilisational values first: especially economic progress

‘I don’t get it’: Pauline Hanson says Australians SHOULD be able to climb Uluru – and compares the ‘ridiculous’ ban to shutting down Bondi Beach
  • One Nation leader Pauline Hanson calls for Uluru to remain open to climbers 
  • The sacred Indigenous site will close to climbers on October 26, 2019 
  • Senator Hanson said the site provides a boost to local economy 

‘People have been climbing the rock all of these years and now all of a sudden they want to shut it down?,’ Ms Hanson told Deb Knight on Channel Nine’s Today.

‘I really don’t get it. And how are they going to pay back the Australian taxpayer?’ 

The answer is of course never.  

A few facts.

1. Welcome To Country is a recent invention by Ernie Dingo (at an event in 1976 welcoming Maoris – he just made it up.)

2. Climbing Uluru has no ‘cultural interest’, according to Paddy Uluru the eldest custodian of the rock.

3. Aboriginal dot painting was introduced in 1971 to aboriginal kids by Geoffrey Bardon who was assigned as an art teacher in Papunya, near Alice Springs.

It’s all BS.

University bans ‘inappropriate’ scientific data about the arrival of humans in Australia because it is offensive to Aboriginals who believe they have been here ‘forever’

Right. We can’t have science because it could hurt the tender feelings of our protected species. Who needs science anyhow when you got progressive religions like “climate change” & new age gobbledegook?

  • UNSW lecturers told to not teach date Indigenous people arrived in Australia 
  • The language guidelines were sent out staff and approved by a working group 
  • Told more appropriate is that Indigenous Australians here ‘since the Dreaming’ 

Science lecturers at the University of New South Wales have been told to stop telling students that Indigenous people’s arrived in Australia 40,000 years ago.

In a letter sent to staff, the lecturers were told that it is ‘inappropriate’ to teach dates and they should say Aboriginals have been here ‘since the beginning of the Dreamings’ because that is what indigenous people believe.

A set of classroom guidelines were circulated in the science faculty this month which alerted the scientists to the existing language advice, according to The Weekend Australian.

“Foreign” means Muselmaniacs

Daily Mail scribblers blame all foreign-born doctors for the behaviour of Mohammedan rapists. The rape of infidel females is not a crime under islamic law. But to mention that would be worse than… rape. So they rather blame… all foreign doctors.

Foreign doctors are revealed to be behind 60% of all sex assaults on patients – but NHS wants fewer of them taken to disciplinary hearings

Because they don’t want to wake the British bulldog up.

  • Foreign-trained doctors accounted for 23 of 38 incidents in the past three years
  • The allegations said to include indecent behaviour, sexual assault and even rape
  • Figures on sexual misconduct obtained under the Freedom of Information Act
  • After high-profile case of Czech-trained Anush Babu who filmed female patients

Foreign-trained doctors commit six in ten cases of sexual misconduct with patients, even though they make up only a third of NHS medics, shock new figures reveal.

They accounted for 23 of 38 proven incidents in the past three years, according to figures obtained by The Mail on Sunday. Allegations include indecent behaviour, sexual assault and even rape.

The alarming statistics have emerged just as the NHS has introduced targets to reduce the numbers of black and ethnic minority staff – almost two-thirds of whom trained abroad – being hauled before disciplinary hearings.

Britain’s 95,000 doctors from black and minority ethnic backgrounds (BME) are more than twice as likely to be referred to the GMC as their white colleagues. There is a similar pattern with other staff such as nurses.

The figures on sexual misconduct were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act following such high-profile cases as Czech-trained Anush Babu (pictured), who spent years secretly filming female patients

The figures on sexual misconduct were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act following such high-profile cases as Czech-trained Anush Babu (pictured), who spent years secretly filming female patients

Continue reading “Foreign” means Muselmaniacs

Go back!

I lock my doors because I love my family, not because I hate my neighbors. Ask the Dems why they’re so supportive of illegal immigration!

Trump says four liberal congresswomen should “go back” to the “crime-infested places from which they came”

The fact that some of these infil-traitors are born in the U.S. doesn’t make them American. 

Because there’s nothing American about them. Every day you can watch these ingrates engage in subversive activities and the WashPoo blames Trump?

So what did Trump really say? Here:

So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly……

Trump keeps on twittering and leftoids go apeshit:

In other “fake news”:

“Man.” Man dies. No mention of Antifa. No reference to domestic terrorism. Imagine the headline if the perpetrator had been a Trump supporter

Police: Man dies after attacking immigration prison 

A 69-year-old man notorious Antifa-loon armed with a rifle threw incendiary devices at an immigration jail in Washington state early Saturday morning, then was found dead after four police officers arrived and opened fire, authorities said.